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If you have decided to join driving classes, there must have been multiple questions you have thought of. It is understandable that you must be excited to learn driving, but don’t forget to research and choose the right driving school before you join. Bangalore being a big city relies heavily on cars as a regular mode of daily commute. Owing to the heavy demand of learning driving, the city boasts of a huge number of driving schools.

To understand this better, one must be aware of the driving programs offered by driving schools. Driving schools in Bangalore usually offer two types of programs. Driving schools in Whitefield and adjoining areas provide 10 days course. This means 1 hour every day. But Koramangala and areas in and around have a program where driving courses are offered for 15 days with half an hour a day.

For enrolling into the ten day class with an hour a day, the driving course will include the following (this has been described day wise) -


You will be taught driving in a car especially customised for beginners. It will have pedals even on the passenger, unlike a regular car. Your instructor will sit next to you on the passenger seat. He will have control on the car using those pedals. He will also give you a basic information about the car and its mechanics. The functions and operations of accelerator, break, clutch, steering, gears, and indicators – everything will be taught to you. You instructor will also make you to set the side and rear view mirror as per your best view and convenience. On the first day you will be familiarised with the accelerator, clutch and break. Remember that your instructor will have control over the gears for the first day

Half clutch is a crucial mechanism of driving. As per this technique you will be asked to stop, start and move the car various times. This is required to learn half clutch mechanism. You will have to cross over speed breakers and you must remember to use the horn at turnings/while taking turns.

When you learn driving it is acceptable to honk as it prevents the risk of accidents, but once you master the art of driving please avoid honking as it creates a disturbance and noise pollution. People honking near hospitals, schools, and at a red signal is completely unacceptable.


You will repeat all your learnings from the previous day with few important and extra things. On this day you can control the gears also. You have to be fast and vigilant at these controls. This will ensure a safe drive for you and others on the road. Expect to drive on rough and bumpy roads today. Try asking you instructor if you can reverse your reverse your car a few times. You are likely to drive on ascent and descent. Be sure to practise the half-clutch technique as it will be repeated. Your speed of driving will obviously be more than day 1.


On this day you will just practice your learnings of first two days. This will enhance your driving skills.


Today also you will practice the previous learnings with more rounds of driving reverse, going on ascents and descents. Remember that the driving speed of today will increase considerably today. It is recommended to start practising on your own car side by side. Please ensure that you have a friend or family member who knows driving sitting next to you. You could also try driving at night.

Don’t overdo any tactics when driving you own car. Keep to the basics and stick to only whatever you have learnt. Choose an empty or less crowded road to drive on.

Day-5, 6

By now you must be feeling confident as a decent driver especially as you are halfway through your training. You definitely have good and more control on the car by now. Remember that the speed limit has increased by now and you are brushing up your past learnings at an enhanced speed. This will give your more confidence and ensure that you become a good driver and hit the roads with your own car soon.

Day-7, 8, and 9

Now you will learn and drive in proper traffic. You can accelerate too, but it depends on how much you have learnt up till now. Remember that you are going to practice all the basic techniques you have learnt so far. Some instructors can also take you on highway to drive. Be sure to practise reverse, driving through traffic and crowded roads. All this while you will also get instructed about traffic signals and their functions.


Your last day, and you can apply for permanent driving licence post 31 days of holding a learner’s driving licence. To get a permanent driving license have to appear for a driving test and make sure the RTO officer is convinced with your driving skills to give you permanent driving license. Driving schools tell you to keep this class for later for revision of things you have learnt and practise it right before your driving test for permanent driving license. It’s your call to save it for later or learn on 10th day.

If you save this class for later (i.e. before going for your driving test then you will be revising your past learnings). This class will concentrate on things that RTO officer might want to know from you. Remember, officer may refuse to give you your licence if he thinks you aren’t good enough.



News About Driving Classes In Bangalore

  • Bengaluru Traffic Police Starts Accepting Soft Copies of Driving Licenses

    In a major relief to motorists and riders in Bengaluru, Traffic Police will now start accepting soft copies of driving licenses in the city. People will no longer need to carry physical copies of their vehicle registration papers and driving licenses. Abhishek Goyal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Traffic, East confirmed that no fine will be imposed if people will show scanned copies of their driving license. The DCP further added that they have a system to validate fraud and real documents as their system is linked to Regional Transport Office (RTO) database. However, scanned copies will not be accepted in case of drunk driving or accidents.

    7 February 2018

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