Samajwadi Pension Yojana

Samajwadi Pension Yojana was launched by the government of Uttar Pradesh in the hope of encouraging people who are below the poverty line to save money for the future. The plan focuses on providing financial assistance for close to 40 lakh people.

Samajwadi Pension Yojana is one of the pension schemes launched by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to encourage savings among people living below the poverty line and provide them financial assistance. The scheme is also known as Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi Pension Yojana which was launched on 28th February, 2014. The new pension scheme aims at providing financial assistance to nearly 40 lakhs rural people. The Samajwadi Pension Pension scheme is expected to replace the existing pension scheme in Uttar Pradesh namely Rani Laxmibai Pension Yojana.

Poverty being a major social issue in Uttar Pradesh, the Uttar Pradesh Government introduces this new pension scheme and strives to provide financial assistance at least to one family out three poor families with the help of this scheme.

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Who are eligible for Samajwadi Pension Yojana?

The eligibility criteria for Samajwadi Pension Yojona include:

  • Any family living below the poverty line can apply for this scheme.
  • The family should be based in Uttar Pradesh.
  • A valid proof of residence in Uttar Pradesh is required.
  • The main beneficiary should have a bank account either with SBI or any other nationalized banks.

Apart from the above-mentioned eligibility conditions, there are some additional terms and conditions a family needs to fulfill in order to be eligible for this scheme which include:

  • If a family has children falling in the age group of 6 to 14 years, those children must be enrolled in any government school so as to avail the benefit of Samajwadi Pension Yojona.
  • Children should have minimum 70% attendance at school every month. Attendance will be tracked on daily basis via SMS.
  • The beneficiaries who enjoy the benefits of this scheme should get enrolled in Rashtriya Saksharta Mission. They need to be educated, if they are illiterate.
  • Children below the age 5 years need to be vaccinated regularly at government hospitals.
  • Children must participate in medical tests held in School at a gap of 6 months.
  • Birth of a child should take place in government hospitals. Mothers should hospitalized for delivery at government hospital.

Who can not apply for Samajwadi Pension Yojana?

As the Samajwadi Pension Yojana is particularly designed for the economically weak section of society, the benefits of this scheme cannot be availed by all people. Mentioned below is the list of categories who cannot apply for the Samajwadi pension yojana:

  • Income taxpayers can’t apply for this scheme.
  • Government employees are not eligible.
  • Employees of private firms.
  • Families whose members are enrolled for other pension scheme such as Old Pension Scheme or any other scheme.
  • Families who own motor vehicle.
  • Families who possess properties such as land amounting to 0.5 hectare.

Features & Benefits of Samajwadi Pension Yojana

Any family enrolled under the Samajwadi Pension Yojana can enjoy the following benefits and a number of attractive features:

  • The scheme provides a monthly pension of Rs. 500 each rural family.
  • The pension amount increases by Rs. 50 in the subsequent financial years.
  • The maximum pension limit offered by the Samajwadi Pension Yojana scheme is Rs.750 per month.
  • The selection of the families would be done at the Gram Panchayat level.
  • The scheme is particularly designed for families living below the poverty line in Uttar Pradesh.
  • A bank account is mandatory to avail the benefits of this scheme.
  • The pension will be paid to the head of a family. It will transferred electronically to bank accounts of concerned individuals.
  • The Samajwadi Pension Scheme is available online.
  • All districts of Uttar Pradesh are covered under this scheme.

How does Samajwadi Pension Yojana function?

Any family who participates in the Samajwadi Pension Yojana will receive a monthly pension of Rs.500. All citizens of UP who belong to BPL (below poverty line) are eligible for enrolling in this scheme, provided they fulfill the required eligibility conditions. All the districts of Uttar Pradesh will be listed under this newly launched pension scheme which aims to improve the condition of poor people living in UP. The government will issue a Samajwadi Pension Yojana Card which will act like a bank passbook and contain all records of the scheme. The scheme would select families at the gram panchayat level.

Samajwadi Pension Yojana - Target

The Samajwadi Pension Yojana 2015 aims to improve the financial condition of economically backward sections in Uttar Pradesh who don’t have any sources of income. Under this scheme, the Uttar Pradesh Government decides to include 12 lakh families from the ST/SC group, 10 lakh form the minority group and 18 lakh families from General and Other Backward Classes (OBC). The Samajwadi Pension Yojana is primarily targeted towards categories such SC, ST, OBC and General category of people living below the poverty line.

How to apply for Samajwadi Pension Yojana

Any family can apply for the Samajwadi Pension Yojana online. The online application of this scheme is available on the official website of Samajwadi Pension Yojana namely An applicant needs to first visit the website and follow the following steps:

In the Samajwadi pension yojana online application form, you need to enter the following details:

  • Name of the applicant.
  • His/her Age
  • Father/husband’s name.
  • Place of residence.
  • Block information.
  • Caste information.
  • Post office details
  • Gram Panchayat details.

Once all details are entered and the application form is submitted, the web portal will generate your Samajwadi Pension Yojana account.

Samajwadi Pension Yojana Suchi

The Samajwadi pension yojana suchi is available on the official website of Samajwadi Pension Yojana. The government of Uttar Pradesh recently launched the official website for Samajwadi Pension Yojana where along with the online application form, the list eligible pensioners or the suchi is also available. The only thing you have to do is to log-in to the website ( and get the suchi. The list has been uploaded district wise, block wise and village wise by by the Zila Samaj Kalyan adhikari.

Samajwadi pension list

Like the Samajwadi pension yojana suchi, Samajwadi Pension Yojana list is available on the website of Samajwadi Pension Yojana. On the website, the government of Uttar Pradesh has uploaded the Samajwadi Pension Yojana list 2015 district wise, Samajwadi Pension Yojana list Gram Panchayat wise, Samajwadi Pension Yojana list block wise and Samajwadi Pension Yojana list village wise. If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh and looking out for your name in the list of Samajwadi Pension Yojana, you can get it by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit the website of Samajwadi Pension Yojana which is
  • Click on the link of Samajwadi Pension Yojana
  • It will lead to “Pension Suchi 2014-15” and “Pension Suchi 2015 -16.”
  • When you click on button called “Pension Suchi 2014-15”, it will redirect you to the Samajwadi pension list 2015.

How does Samajwadi pension yojana pay pension?

Rural families living below the poverty line need to apply for this scheme by filling-up the online application form and submitting the required documents. Once verification is done and the account is opened, the head of a family will receive monthly pension transferred to his/her account electronically. As per the scheme rules, the UP Samajwadi Pension Scheme would provide a monthly pension of Rs. 500 to each rural family for the year 2014-15. Upon fulfilling certain conditions, the amount will increase by Rs. 50 every year. The maximum pension amount offered by the scheme is Rs. 750 per month.

Conditions for pension hike under Samajwadi Pension Scheme

A yearly hike of Rs. 50 will be applicable, if a family fulfills the following conditions:

  • If education is provided for each child of a family who fall between the age group of 6 to 14. Also, 70% attendance in school is must.
  • If illiterate adult members of a family get a chance to educate themselves.
  • Timely health checkup and immunization done for children.

Samajwadi pension yojana VS Rani Laxmibai Pension Yojana

With the purpose of helping the economically poor section of our society, the Rani Laxmibai Pension Yojana was launched in 2013-14 by the Uttar Pradesh government. Immediately after this scheme, this new scheme called Samajwadi Pension Yojana came into existence in 2014. Now, it is expected that this newly launched pension scheme will replace the old pension scheme.

Under the Rani Laxmibai Pension Yojana, a family was entitled to receive Rs. 400 as monthly pension which was deposited to the back account of a family head in six-monthly instalments. But, a family head can receive pension up to Rs. 750 under the Samajwadi pension yojana. It offers an amount of Rs. 500 as monthly pension which is higher than the amount offered by the Rani Laxmibai Pension Yojana.

In a nutshell, the Samajwadi pension yojana is a great initiative taken by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to help the financially weak and needy section of Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the most popular social security schemes to be launched so far.

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