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    Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd is a joint venture between Oman Insurance Company UAE, Leading NRIs and an Indian company being a special purpose vehicle formed by a group of business tycoons. In April 2013,Star Health Insurance became the first Insurance company to launch a specialty policy for people suffering from Cardiac ailments, Star Cardiac care the one of its kind policy for persons who had undergone Heart Surgeries

    STAR HEALTH & ALLIED Health Insurance at a Glance

    Coverage for your most loved ones

    Total members covered

    Coverage for a maximum of 4 family members with up to 2 adults and 2 children

    You get a choice of coverage tenure

    Pre and Post Hospitalization cover

    Medical expenses covered for 30 days before your hospitalization and 60 days for post hospitalization for related medical expenses

    The next best thing to having a doc in the family

    Health Check-ups

    Cost of Health Check-up once after a block of every four claim-free years.

    * For a family health cover product.

    Critical Factors of the Plan

    Not a paisa goes from your own pocket!


    No copay , but 20 % of each and every claim in respect to the insured person age between 61- 65 years at entry level

    You?re covered for any future medical expenses

    Life long renewable

    Plans are lifelong renewable and covers you for your entire lifetime.

    Get essential cover for existing ailments

    Pre-existing Diseases

    Any pre-existing condition will be covered after a waiting period of 4 year

    Hospital room rent determines your treatment bill

    Room Rent

    room rent Expense @2 % of sum insured,subject to a maximum of Rs. 4000/- per day

    *These Features may be included as part of different products and are subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.

    Additional Features of STAR HEALTH & ALLIED Health Insurance

    Good health offers multiple rewards

    No Third party Adminstrator, direct in-home claims settlement

    The world is your healthcare oyster

    Network of more than 5400 hospitals across India.

    So you have time to focus on more important stuff

    Bonus calculated at 5% of the basic sum insured for every claim-free year subject to a maximum of 25% is allowable.In the event of the claim the bonus will reduced by 5%.

    *These add-ons may be included as part of different products and are subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.


    An Insight Into The Company

    Star Health and Allied Insurance, formed through the combined efforts of the UAE-based Oman Insurance Company and prominent Indian businessmen, is one of the largest private health insurance providers in India. Presence across the country, it services a wide range of individuals through it's 6,000 strong hospital network. The company is known for it's standout claim-settlement process.

    The company also has diverse plans, customised to meet the assurance needs of individuals, families, senior citizens, students, travellers and rural customers.

    Why Compare Star Health Insurance Plans on BankBazaar?

    Protecting Health, Protecting Wealth

    Star Health Insurance Plans

    Star Health and Allied Insurance has an impressive number of differentiated policies to safeguard a person's financial position in the event of medical adversity. The company recognises the economic fallouts of rising medical costs and has accordingly devised products through which customers can avail adequate and cost-efficient medical treatment.

    Each of these plans serves to meet varied medical costs in unique ways. They boast of advantages such as quick, easy and direct settling of claims (i.e. no third party involvement), cashless facilities and free telephonic medical advice at any time

    The following features/terms are common to all plans on offer:

    • Inpatient hospitalization/treatment which includes hospital expenses* incurred for a minimum of 24 hrs. (unless otherwise mentioned).
    • Pre-hospitalization Expenses: Generally up to 30 days.
    • Post-hospitalization Expenses: Generally up to 60 days; usually met through a lump sum payment @7% of the expenses or Rs.5,000, whichever is less.
    • Pre-existing diseases are included subject to prior coverage by a domestic insurer; usually for the four years preceding policy inception (3 years where specified).
    • Floater Basis: Family includes the primary policyholder, husband/wife and children who are dependent on the parent (generally subject to an age cap of 25 years); Sum assured is equally apportioned among insured members.
    • Individual Basis: The sum assured is per person insured
    • Reinstatement of sum assured: Normally allowed after a specified number of claim-free years

    *(Room, Nursing, Boarding, Surgery, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultation, Specialists, Oxygen, OT charges, X-ray, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Diagnostic Materials, Blood, Medicine, Drugs etc. depending on the plan chosen. This is not a restrictive list)

    The eligibility, coverage basis, costs and other benefits relating to each plan are outlined below:

    Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

    A plan that covers inpatient as well as certain outpatient treatments. It also considers the health care needs of new/expectant mothers.

    Entry Age 5 months to 65 years; only renewals allowed after 65 years.
    Basis Floater
    Sum Assured Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs; chosen amount can be increased on renewal
    Premium Charges Rs.9,180 to Rs.2,56,770; depends on sum assured, age and family size
    Reinstatement of sum assured Up to 100%
    Bonus up to 50% on minimum sum assured of Rs.5 lakhs
    Covers Delivery / New-Born Cover (Includes C-sec deliveries and vaccinations for newborns), Out-patient treatment (Dental and Ophthalmic), Pre-Existing Diseases, Daily cash for hospital expenses (as per limits), Health-check expenses, Ambulance charges, Day-care treatments

    Medi Classic Insurance

    A complete package to meet varied medicare needs including non-allopathic treatment. It provides the option of enhanced coverage at enhanced premium charges.

    Entry Age 5 months to 65 years; only renewals allowed after 65 years
    Medical Screening Required for customers above 50 years at authorised centres
    Co-payment 10% of all claims for insured members above 60 years
    Policy Period 1 year
    Discounts 5% for 2 years advance premium payments
    Sum Assured Individuals: Rs.1.5 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs;Family Package Plan: Rs.2 or 3 lakhs
    Annual Premium Charges

    Family Package Plan

    Rs.2,510 to Rs.88,170;depends on sum assured, age and zone
    Rs.4,460 to Rs.7,805 depends on sum assured, age and family size i.e. 2 adults or 2 adults with 1 child or 2 adults with 2 children
    Two-Year Premium Charges:

    Family Package Plan

    Rs.4,769 to Rs.1,67,523; depends on sum assured, age and zone
    Rs.8,474 to Rs.14,830;depends on sum assured, age and family size i.e. 2 adults or 2 adults with 1 child or 2 adults with 2 children
    Reinstatement of sum assured Up to 100% (individual basis only)
    Bonus 5% - 25% of basic sum assured for every year following one in which no claim is made
    Covers Non-allopathic treatment, Pre-existing diseases, Pre and Post- hospitalization expenses, Day-care treatment, Health-Check Expenses
    Optional Covers Hospital Cash: Extra premium Rs.350 (annual); Rs.665 (two-year);
    Patient Care: Extra premium Rs.580 (annual); Rs.1,102 (two-year);
    New-Born Baby Cover (only under Family Package Plan): Extra premium = 10% of the premium applicable in the year of birth

    Star Family Health Optima

    A policy to cover the entire family

    Entry Age 5 months to 65 years; only renewals allowed after 65 years.
    Sum assured Rs.1 lakh to Rs.15 lakhs
    Premiums charged Rs.3,890 to Rs.34,700;Depends on sum assured, age, family size and zone; based on age of oldest insured member
    Bonus 15% to 35% depending on the sum assured
    Reinstatement of sum assured 100% for coverage of Rs.3 lakhs and above
    Co-payment 20% of all claims for insured members of ages 61 to 65 years
    Covers Cataract surgery, Ambulance charges, Pre-Existing diseases, Pre and Post-hospitalization expenses, Day-care expenses

    Senior Citizen's Red Carpet

    Senior citizens are an oft-ignored segment of the health insurance industry given their limited incomes and high susceptibility to age-related illnesses. Star Health has addressed this group's protection needs through this plan which provides affordable and adequate coverage along with attractive features.

    Entry Age 60 to 75 years
    Renewals Guaranteed after 75 years
    Sum assured Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5 lakhs
    Premium charges Rs.4,450 to Rs.18,000 depending on sum assured chosen
    Discount 5% upon meeting certain criteria relating to Stress Thallium, BP, Sugar and Blood and affirmation of no prior history of heart, brain or cancer surgeries.
    Medical screening Not required.
    Treatment Provided at any network hospital
    Co-payment 50% for pre-existing disease claims; 30% for other claims
    Covers All types of pre-existing diseases effective from first policy year or from the second year if treatment was availed in the year preceding inception, ICU/Nurse/Specialist/Consultation/Surgeon charges (as per limits), Cardiovascular diseases/Cancer/Bone breakage/Cerebrovascular accidents/Renal Complications and other major surgeries, Post-hospitalization expenses, Ambulance charges

    Star Super Surplus

    Provides greater protection than that offered by the average run-of-the-mill plans. It can be availed by individuals for themselves or on a floater basis to include their families as well.

    Entry Age 5 months to 65 years; only renewals beyond 65 years
    Basis Individual or Floater
    Sum assured Rs.7 lakhs / Rs.10 lakhs
    Premium charged Rs.3,000 / Rs.4,000 (individuals);Rs.5,700 / Rs. 4,300 (family floater)
    Mandatory deductibles Rs.3 lakhs (individuals);Rs.3 lakhs or Rs.5 lakhs (family floater)
    Cover Unlimited for ICU/diagnostic/medicine/consultation charges

    Star Super Surplus ‘Gold’ Plan

    A plan which caters to any unforeseen event, offering enhanced protection to policyholders. Designed primarily to offer enhanced protection, this is ideal for individuals who wish to avail the best in health insurance. Provisions of air-ambulance, absence of room rent cap, lifelong renewal and affordable premiums have made the Gold Plan a perfect ally for people accustomed to a certain way of life.

    Entry age

    Minimum – 18 years

    Maximum – 65 years

    Children can avail protection under this plan, subject to the parent being a policyholder. Children aged between 3 months and 25 years can be protected under this policy


    Individual or Floater

    Sum assured

    Minimum – Rs 5 lakhs (Floater and Individual)

    Maximum – Rs 25 lakhs (Floater and Individual)

    Premium charged

    Ranges between Rs 800 and Rs 30,450, depending on the entry age and sum assured


    10% of claim amount for policyholder with entry age over 60 years


    Hospitalisation charges (including room and nursing fees), air ambulance cover, surgeon/consultant fees, medicine costs, operation theatre expenses, second opinion costs, etc.

    Star Health Gain

    Entry Age 5 months to 65 years
    Basis Individual or Floater
    Medical screening Required for insured members above 50 years
    Premium charged Rs.15,000; standard payment.
    Discount Maximum 10% no-claim bonus upon renewal.
    Covers Outpatient treatment within limits (unused amounts can be rolled over for one year), Ambulance charges, Pre/Post-hospitalization expenses, Day-care procedures as specified, Pre-existing diseases.

    Star Criticare Plus

    A policy that aims at covering a number of medical fallouts including major diseases.

    Entry Age 18 to 65 years, only renewals beyond 65 years
    Basis Individual
    Sum assured Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs
    Premiums charged Rs.3,750 to Rs.35,350
    Discounts: 5% for 2 members and below; 10% above 2 members
    Medical screening Required for persons above 50 years at authorised centres
    Co-payment 30% of claims for insured parties above 60 years; applicable to sub-limits
    Covers A number of major diseases are covered in addition to the regular plan; Non-allopathic procedures within given limits, Pre-existing diseases, Ambulance charges, Pre/Post-hospitalization expenses, Day-care treatment as specified

    Star Cardiac Care

    Going to the heart of it's customer-base, this plan is geared towards compensating insured parties for expenses incurred on cardiac ailments in addition to comprehensive health benefits.

    Entry Age 10 to 65 years; for those who have been Stenting or Bypass patients in the 4 years preceding policy inception.
    Sum assured Rs.3 or 4 lakhs
    Premiums charged Rs.19,000 to Rs.30,000 (new policies);
    Rs.29,900 to Rs.37,000 (renewals)
    Discounts 5% for 2 member and below; 10% above 2 members
    Medical screening Required for all entrants
    Co-payment 10% of claims for insured parties above 60 years.of age
    Covers Pre-existing cardiac diseases - cover effective from 91st policy day;
    For cardiac ailments:
    Gold Plan: Medical treatment for illnesses/accidents; cardiac surgeries and cardiac medical management
    Silver Plan: Same as Gold Plan but does not cover cardiac medical management Pre-existing diseases Ambulance charges, Pre/Post-hospitalization expenses, Day-care treatment

    Star Unique Health

    Entry Age 18 to 65 years; only renewals allowed beyond 65 years
    Basis Individual.
    Policy period 2 years; sum assured and the sub-limits are per policy year
    Sum assured Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3 lakhs
    Sub-limits Rs.50,000 to Rs.1.5 lakhs
    Premiums charged Rs.4,900 to Rs.26,540
    Premium payment 2 installments; one at inception and then at start of 2nd policy year
    Medical screening Not required
    Covers HIV + persons (subject to conditions), Non-allopathic treatment, Pre/Post-hospitalization expenses, Pre-existing diseases, Ambulance charges, Day-care procedures as specified

    Star Wedding Gift

    A plan developed to ensure a healthy married life, the foundation of a successful future.

    Entry age (for couples) 18 to 40 years; renewable till 45 years; followed by optional policy migration
    Basis Floater
    Premium payment:
    One-year cover
    Two-year cover

    Rs.10,305 to Rs.15,310
    Rs.18,550 to Rs.27,650 depending on cover chosen, age and family size i.e. 2 adults or 2 adults and 1 child
    Policy period 1 or 2 years.
    Medical screening Not required.
    Covers Delivery/New-born cover: Up to 2 deliveries; pre-post natal expenses, Non-allopathic treatment, Pre-existing diseases, Pre and Post-hospitalization expenses, Ambulance charges, Day-care procedures as specified.

    Diabetes Safe

    Usually treated as an exclusion to health contracts this plan makes diabetics the main feature.

    Entry age 18 to 65 years
    Basis Individual or Floater
    Medical screening Required if coverage chosen is effective from inception
    Reinstatement of sum assured Up to 100% (on individual basis)
    Covers Those already diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and related ailments, Costs of artificial limbs post-amputation, Pre and post-hospitalization expenses, Day-care treatment

    Star Family Delite

    Entry age 5 months to 65 years, only renewals allowed beyond 65 years
    Basis Floater
    Sum assured Rs. 2 or 3 lakhs
    Premium charged Rs.2,800 to Rs.33,100;depending on the cover chosen, age and family size i.e. 2 adults or 2 adults and 1 child or 2 adults and 2 children; Extra premium for one more child under Rs.3 lakhs cover is Rs.1000
    Medical screening Required for entrants above 50 years at authorised centres
    Covers Specific diseases subject to limits, Pre-existing diseases, ICU charges, Ambulance charges within limits, Day-care treatment as specified, Pre and Post-hospitalization expenses

    Star Netplus

    In a move towards inclusion, the company has introduced this policy to extend the benefits of insurance to ostracized members of society. While most policies exclude HIV positive persons, this plan reaches out to them. Details are provided by the company when contacted.

    Star Micro Health Insurance Policy

    The micro health insurance offered by Star Health Insurance offers its customers the opportunity to take a policy that will provide them with cover for hospital expenses at an affordable price. The maximum sum assured under this policy is up to Rs. 30,000 per year and it will cover things like hospitalisation for more than 24 hours and even pre-existing diseases. The benefits that this policy also offers include things like the income tax benefit and covering even the charges for the ambulance need for transportation. The premium for this policy can range from Rs. 95 for a cover of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 500 for policies that offer Rs. 30,000 worth of cover and anyone between the ages of 5 months and 65 years is allowed to take this policy.

    Star Care Insurance Policy

    The Star Care is a health insurance policy that can be taken as an individual plan or as a family floater plan. The policy is available to anyone between the ages of 2 years to 65 years and can be renewed for life. This means that after the age of 65 years you can continue to renew it for the rest of your life. The policy will offer benefits like pre and post hospitalisation cover and up to Rs. 1,000 as daily hospital cash for up to 14 days. This policy does not require any medicals prior to the distribution of the policy and covers about 405 day-care procedures.

    Star Health Accident Care Insurance Policy

    It’s important to stay covered under an insurance policy in case something bad happens that could leave you in a financially unstable position. Even if an event occurs that happens to render you incapable of earning an income, you need to ensure that your family doesn’t have to suffer financially. The Star Health Accident Care Insurance Policy health insurance product provides you the peace of mind of knowing that even if you meet with an accident, the expenses for your hospitalization and treatment will be taken care of. In addition, if the accident leaves you disabled and unable to earn an income, the plan will also pay out a sum of money to your dependants and spouse to tide over tough times.

    Features of Accident Care Insurance Plan:

    • Minimum entry age is 18 years and maximum is 70 years.
    • Dependent children can be brought under insurance cover from the age of 5 months.
    • Policy pays hospital cash benefits.
    • Medical expenditure is taken care of to a large degree.
    • One of the few polices that provides coverage for accidents that occur while playing winter sports.
    • Educational grant provided for minor children.
    • Travel expenses will be covered if required for one spouse.
    • Insured amount will be calculated based on the income of the policyholder.
    • Policy tenure can be of one, two, or even three years.
    • Policy has lifetime renewability.
    The following terms and conditions are applicable to all the plans:
    Renewal No age limit; Grace period of 30 days from expiry; Increase in sum assured allowed upon renewal; Renewal premium can vary
    Cancellation Allowed at any time during policy period; Premiums refunded as per company rates
    Termination Upon death of insured, When entire cover is claimed
    Portability Allowed

    Star Health Insurance FAQs

    1. Why do I need health insurance?
    2. Health Insurance helps you to take care of you and your family’s future by paying off your medical expenses. It helps you to save money.

    3. What is cashless hospitalization? Does Star Health Insurance Company provide it?
    4. Cashless hospitalization enables you to save money. This is a facility offered to you by your insurance provider wherein your health insurance provider will pay off your hospitalization bills. Star Health Insurance Company does provide cashless hospitalization.

    5. Can I renew my Start Health Insurance policy? If yes, how?
    6. Yes, you can renew your Star Health Insurance policy. For that, the company will send you renewal notice which will contain the expiry date of your present policy.

    7. What is a health card?
    8. A health card is like an identity card which comes with your health insurance policy. This card enables you to enjoy cashless hospitalization facility at Star Health Insurance company’s network hospitals. You need to show your health card at the time of admission into a network hospital to enjoy all the benefits.

    9. What is the maximum number of claims that I can make in one year?
    10. You can make any number of claims during the tenure of your policy. But the maximum amount of claim you can make is the sum insured in the policy.

    11. What is a family floater plan?
    12. It is a plan that takes care of the hospitalization expense of your entire family.

    13. Will a Star Health Insurance policy help me to get exemption from Income Tax?
    14. Yes, you can get exemption from income tax up to Rs.15,000 under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

    15. Are Star Health Insurance policies accepted across the country?
    16. Yes, Star Health Insurance policies are accepted across the country. If you stay at Bangalore and your family stays at Mumbai, you can cover all of them under the same policy.

    17. Do I need a medical checkup before buying a Star health insurance policy?
    18. If your age is above 50 years and you want to buy a Star health insurance policy, then you need to go through medical checkup. However, medical checkup is not required for the senior citizen policies.

    19. Does Star Health Insurance cover medical cost spent in outpatient treatment?
    20. Generally health insurance companies cover the cost of inpatients. However, Star Health Insurance Company covers the cost incurred as outpatients under specific terms and conditions.

    21. Does Start Health Insurance take care of my existing diseases?
    22. Yes, Star Health Insurance takes care of your pre-existing diseases as well. However, you can get it covered after 48 months of continuous renewal with Star Health Insurance.

    23. Can I get reimbursement if I avail treatment at non – network hospitals?
    24. If you take treatment at non-network hospitals, Star Health Insurance will reimburse you the amount of bills which is subject to the policy undertaken. But, cashless hospitalization is available only if you take treatment at the network hospitals of Star Health Insurance.

    Examples of Network Hospitals in Major Cities

    Bangalore Columbia Asia Hospital
    Delhi Jain Charitable Hospital
    KOLKATA Columbia Asia Hospital
    Chennai Fortis Malabar Hospital
    Mumbai Hiranandani Hospital

    *Disclaimer - This is not an exhaustive list but an indicative representation of hospitals that form a part of the company's wider network.

    Other Products from Star Health Insurance Group

    News About STAR HEALTH & ALLIED Health Insurance

    • Star Health Insurance Company investors to make an exit from highly competitive venture

      Star Health Insurance Company is a joint venture between ICIC Ventures, Tata Capital Growth Fund, Oman Insurance Company, Sequoia Capital, and Alpha TC Holdings. Investors in this company have put a hold on the block as they are planning to exit a venture that is becoming overwhelmingly competitive. According to sources, at least two local and two international investment banks have pitched to PE investors for a mandate to sell the insurance company. However, investment bankers say that it is becoming difficult to get a single buyer for many holders’ stake because the sale had to be made to a strategic investor or sell PE funds in a secondary sale. As bankers gathered to give presentations to mandate Star Health Insurance Company to sell their business, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Kotak, and ICICI Securities were participating companies. With the company growing at a rate more than 30%, it is unable to meet capital requirement. Indians have been thronging to buy health insurance policies from Star owing to rising health expenditure.

      13th January 2017

    • Target of Rs.3,000 crore premium set by Star Health Insurance

      Star Health Insurance and Allied Insurance (SHIAI) is looking to achieve a 40% growth rate by the end of the current fiscal. After achieving Rs.1,530 crore during April-November 2016, V. Jagannathan, Chairman and Managing Director of SHAI stated that achieving a premium of Rs.2,800-Rs.3,000 crore by the end of the financial year would be a possible goal. Having a predominant presence in the markets of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, Jagannathan said that the company is working on a few new products related to health insurance which can make its portfolio stronger.

      10th January 2017

    • Star Health looking to private equity players to raise Rs 360 crore

      Health insurer Star Health and Allied Insurance are looking to private equity players to raise around Rs 360 crore through a fresh equity issuance, with JM Financial appointed as the arranger of the transaction. Chairman and managing director of Star Health and Allied Insurance, V Jagannathan stated that while the existing partners want to continue in the company, talks are ongoing with domestic and foreign equity firms to rope in new investors.

      The company currently owns 38 crore shares and plans to raise capital via the issuance of fresh shares to investors in order to expand their business.

      4th January 2016

    • Star Health Insurance to increase its capital

      Star Health Insurance is planning to increase their capital with placement in private equity. The plan is to increase a Rs. 300 crore with a private investor by raising fresh shares. The company also is planning to start new schemes for pain therapy, they’ve already introduced a policy related to obesity. The reason Star Health Insurance is now moving towards retail customer health insurance is because their group insurance schemes were not very profitable. Health insurance is now a growing section of the insurance sector, earning the industry almost Rs. 20, 440 crore in 2014-15 and will increase to almost Rs. 55,000 crores by 2020 as an industry.

      16th October 2015

    • New packages offered by Star Health Insurance for pain therapy

      Star Health and Allied Insurance Company will be introducing health insurance packages for pain therapies. Earlier this year, the company introduced a scheme for bariatric surgery, which is generally done for obesity reduction. The number of such surgeries are on the rise, in year 2014-2015 over 12,000 such surgeries took place, and the number is likely to grow. Many insurers do not cover such surgeries but it is becoming more necessary for companies to start to cover these procedure said S Prakash, Executive Director, Star Health and Allied Insurance Company. In India the health insurance sector has grown to 15.6% in 2014-15, Star Health was responsible for 37% of that growth.

      15th October 2015

    • Star Health to meet Solvency Margins

      Keeping the geometric rate of growth that Start Health has been achieving, the insurer has decided to get an amount of Rs. 400 crore to ensure a healthy solvency figure. Star Health and Allied Insurance had a collection of INR 1470 crore in premiums during 2014 and had a target of 2000 crore rupees in premiums to meet this year. With a business till now of Rs. 715 crore, the 10 year old private insurer is well on its way towards a successful target achievement.

      The health insurer is staying out of the league of corporate insurance to avoid low-margin business and possible frauds that might be encountered. It is low to the level that almost only 7 rupees out of every 100 of premiums are actually ‘corporate’ insurance funded. With simple rules, stiff goals and steady growth, the recent 400 crore infusion will ensure the insurer has a stable footing regarding its financial scenario.

      21st September 2015

    • Shivalik Co-operative bank ties up with Star Health Insurance

      Going by the latest trend of insurance companies tying up with banks for promotion of their insurance products, Star Health Insurance has tied up with Shivalik Mercantile Co-operative bank. The insurance company has been looking for a good network across the country for product promotion and distribution. This is the first bancassurance Star Health Insurance has made with a bank. This tie-up will specially boost the company’s presence in western Uttar Pradesh and will also help increase insurance penetration in the region.

      29th June 2015

    • Star Health and Allied Insurance record highest private insurance premium collections

      Health insurance major, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd., a leading private health insurance venture, has recorded the highest premiums earned vis-a-vis its peers for FY14-15. With premiums written at Rs.1,439.27 crores, the company beat out over 12 other competitors for the top position. The company felt this was a strong indicator of their success in the market among customers. With 900 outlets covering the country, the company has managed to take its many products to a large customer-base.

      Star Health and Allied Insurance has achieved this success off the back of positive growth in the health insurance sector which is reported to have grown by 30% over the financial year ‘14 - ‘15.

      07th May 2015

    • Revised Version of Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy Launched

      Star Health and Allied Insurance Company launched a revised version of Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy on April 20th 2015. The revised is an upgraded variant of the existing health insurance policy which has a few added inclusions with no extra premium.

      The inclusions include, air ambulance cover up to 10% of sum assured subject to the sum assured being of Rs. 7.50 Lakhs and beyond. The addition also comprises of coverage for bariatric surgical procedure and the expenses of hospitalisation, etc. that the insured incurs thereof. The policy offers covers hospital expenses up to a limit of Rs. 2,50,000 during the policy period.

      Not just that, the updated version of the policy also offers the insured with the facility of soliciting a different opinion from any specialist of the company’s network. The policy also covers outpatient medical consultation expenses except ophthalmic and dental.

      21st April 2015

    • Star Health Insurance Unveils Plans to Raise Rs. 133 Crore

      India’s first standalone health insurance company, Star Health and Allied Insurance, has announced plans to raise more funds in the coming years. The current goal is to achieve a gross written premium base of Rs.2,000 crores and to achieve this they are already in the middle of talks with potential investors who have shown an interest in the venture.

      The company had already raised Rs.93 crores from its current investors and the plan now is to raise another Rs.40 crores by the end of the current financial year through a rights issue. They have also announced that they intend to raise an additional Rs.350 crores by the end of the next financial year through further share sales. They are also looking forward to more clarity on the Insurance Bill as it might allow them to increase their FDI to 26%.

      They have even announced that they will be launching a new product that will be meant to cover surgeries that are done for health reasons.

      9th february 2015

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