Star Health Insurance

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd started operations in the year 2006 in an effort to provide health insurance solutions at affordable rates, to all individuals. The insurer has launched a range of unique Mediclaim policies, health insurance plans, and personal accident policies.Star Health Insurance also became the first insurance company to launch a specialty policy called Star Cardiac Care for people suffering from cardiac ailments.

STAR HEALTH & ALLIED Health Insurance at a Glance

Coverage for your most loved ones

Total members covered

Coverage for a maximum of 4 family members with up to 2 adults and 2 children

You get a choice of coverage tenure

Pre and Post Hospitalization cover

Medical expenses are covered for 30 days before your hospitalization and 60 days for post hospitalization for related medical expenses

The next best thing to having a doc in the family

Health Check-ups

Cost of Health Check-up once after a block of every four claim-free years.

* The features mentioned above may vary from plan to plan, and are subject to the insurer’s terms and conditions.

Critical Factors of the Plan

Not a paisa goes from your own pocket!


No co-pay, but 20% of the claim will have to settled by the insured if he/she is between 61- 65 years of age, unless otherwise specified

You?re covered for any future medical expenses

Life long renewable

Plans are lifelong renewable and covers you for your entire lifetime.

Get essential cover for existing ailments

Pre-existing Diseases

Any pre-existing condition will be covered after a waiting period of 4 year

Hospital room rent determines your treatment bill

Room Rent

room rent Expense @2 % of sum insured,subject to a maximum of Rs. 4000/- per day

*These Features may be included as part of different products and are subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.

Additional Features of STAR HEALTH & ALLIED Health Insurance

Good health offers multiple rewards

No Third party Adminstrator, direct in-home claims settlement

The world is your healthcare oyster

Network of more than 8200+ hospitals across India.

So you have time to focus on more important stuff

Bonus calculated starts at 5% of the basic sum insured for every claim-free year subject to a maximum of 100% is allowable.In the event of the claim the bonus will reduced by 5%.

*These add-ons may be included as part of different products and are subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.

Star Health Insurance Highlights Updated on 27 Oct 2018

Features Specifications
Network Hospitals 11000+
Waiting Period for Pre-existing Disease 4 years
Renewability Lifetime

Overview of Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd:

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd launched health, overseas Mediclaim, and personal accident insurance plans, since their inception in 2006. The insurance company uses its resources to provide excellent services and customised products to meet the varying needs of their customers. Star Health and Allied Insurance has a capital base of Rs.1,050 crore, and is one of the largest private health insurance providers in India.

With a presence across the country, their products service a wide range of individuals through their 11,000+ network hospitals. The company offers a wide array of health insurance policies products at reasonable prices to make health insurance affordable for all. Star Health and Allied Insurance is focused on making health insurance coverage available to all segments of the population.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Benefits:

Star Health and Allied Insurance offers health insurance policies for individuals, families, and senior citizens. The insurer also offers accident care and critical illness policies. Listed below are the benefits of Star Health Insurance plans.

*Note: Benefits mentioned below might vary from plan to plan, and are subject to the insurer’s terms and conditions.

Benefits of individual health insurance plans offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

  • Individuals aged 18 to 65 years are eligible for the plan.
  • There is no sub-limit on room rent and treatment costs.
  • Insurance cover includes hospital cash benefits and free health check-up facility after the completion of a certain number of consecutive, claim-free years.
  • Insurance policies from Star Health cover several day-care procedures.

Benefits of family health insurance plans offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

  • Affordable health insurance cover is available on a floater basis.
  • For a claim-free renewal, you can get up to 100% increase in sum insured.
  • No sub-limit on room rent and treatment costs.
  • Your policy will cover dental and ophthalmic treatments on Out-Patient Department (OPD) basis.
  • Insurance benefits include air ambulance facility and second medical opinion.

Benefits of senior citizen health insurance plans offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

  • Senior citizens aged 60 to 75 years can apply for the plan.
  • No-pre insurance medical test is required.
  • Insurance covers pre-existing diseases from 2nd year onwards.
  • Policy comes with a guaranteed lifetime renewability option.
  • Medical consultations can be availed as an outpatient in a network hospital.

Benefits of accident care individual health insurance plans offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance:

  • Insurance cover for accidental death, permanent disability, and temporary disablement.
  • Get enhanced weekly compensation up to Rs.15,000 per week for up to 100 weeks.
  • Get educational grant for dependent children.
  • Get 5% cumulative bonus per annum up to a maximum of 50%.
  • Get up to 150% of the sum insured as compensation for permanent total disablement.

With accident care insurance from Star Health Insurance, you can be prepared for the worst.

Protecting Health, Protecting Wealth:

Star Health Insurance Plans

Star Health and Allied Insurance has an impressive number of differentiated policies to safeguard a person's financial position in the event of medical adversity. The company recognises the economic fallouts of rising medical costs and has accordingly devised products through which customers can avail adequate and cost-efficient medical treatment.

Each of these plans serves to meet varied medical costs in unique ways. They boast of advantages such as quick, easy and direct settling of claims (i.e. no third party involvement), cashless facilities and free telephonic medical advice at any time

The following features/terms are common to all plans on offer:

  • In-patient hospitalization/treatment which includes hospital expenses*, provided one has been hospitalised for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Pre-hospitalization Expenses: Generally up to 30 days.
  • Post-hospitalization Expenses: Generally up to 60 days; usually met through a lump sum payment @7% of the expenses or Rs.5,000, whichever is less.
  • Pre-existing diseases are included subject to prior coverage by a domestic insurer; usually for the four years preceding policy inception (2 or 3 years where specified).
  • Floater Basis: Family includes the primary policyholder, husband/wife and children who are dependent on the parent (generally subject to an age cap of 25 years); Sum assured is equally apportioned among insured members.
  • Individual Basis: The sum insured under the policy is made available on a per person basis.
  • Reinstatement of sum assured: Normally allowed after a specified number of claim-free years

*(Room, Nursing, Boarding, Surgery, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultation, Specialists, Oxygen, OT charges, X-ray, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Diagnostic Materials, Blood, Medicine, Drugs etc. depending on the plan chosen. This is not a restrictive list)

Types of Health Insurance Policies Provided by Star Health Insurance:

Policies forming a part of the company’s health insurance plans portfolio are listed below:

  1. Star Micro Rural and Farmers Care Health Insurance Plan
  2. Young Star Health Insurance Plan
  3. Hospital Cash Health Insurance Plan
  4. Outpatient Care Insurance Policy
  5. Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Plan
  6. Mediclassic Health Insurance Plan
  7. Family Health Optima (Floater) Health Insurance Plan
  8. Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan
  9. Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
  10. Cardiac Care Platinum Health Insurance Plan
  11. Super Surplus Top-Up Health Insurance (Gold Plan)
  12. Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

The eligibility, coverage basis, costs and other benefits relating to each plan are outlined below:

Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy:

A Star comprehensive insurance policyis an insurance plan that provides an exhaustive coverage to inpatient as well as certain outpatient treatments. It also considers the healthcare needs of new/expectant mothers.

Entry Age
  • Adults: 3 months – 25 years
  • Children: 18 years – 65 years
Basis Individual and Family Floater
Sum Assured Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs; chosen amount can be increased on renewal
Premium Charges Starts from Rs.7,015 Actual premium varies based on sum insured, age, and family size
Reinstatement of sum assured Up to 100%
Bonus Cumulative bonus at the rate of 50% of the sum insured amount is offered for every claim-free year
  • Hospitalisation expenses with the inclusion of pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses
  • Delivery/New-Born Cover (Includes C-sec deliveries and vaccinations for newborns)
  • Outpatient treatment (Dental and Ophthalmic)
  • Pre-Existing Diseases
  • Daily cash for hospital expenses (as per limits)
  • Health check-up expenses
  • Ambulance charges
  • Day-care treatments
*This is not an exhaustive list

Star Medi Classic Insurance Policy (Individual):

The Star medi classic insurance policy is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides a cover against a range of medical expenses. The policy also covers non-allopathic treatments. Further, with this policy, the insured individual can also purchase add-ons plans that will provide him/her a more enhanced level of protection.

Entry Age 5 months to 65 years; only renewals allowed after 65 years Family plan- 5 months to 45 years
Medical Screening Required for customers above 50 years at authorised centres
Co-payment 10% of all claims for insured members above 60 years
Policy Period 1 year or 2 years
Discounts 5% discount can be availed upon paying premiums in advance for 2 full policy years
Sum Insured Individuals: Rs.1.5 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs;Family Package Plan: Rs.2lakhs or 3 lakhs
Annual Premium Charges Individuals Family Package Plan Individual Plan: Rs.2,510 to Rs.88,170, varies based on the sum insured, age, and zone Family Plan: Rs.4,460 to Rs.7,805, varies based on the sum insured, age, and family size i.e. 2 adults or 2 adults with 1 child or 2 adults with 2 children
Two-Year Premium Charges: Individuals Family Package Plan Individual Plan: Rs.4,769 to Rs.1,67,523, varies based on the sum insured, age, and zone Family Plan: Rs.8,474 to Rs.14,83, varies based on the sum insured, age, and family size
Reinstatement of sum assured Automatic restoration of the sum insured, up to 200%
Bonus 5% - 25% of basic sum assured for every year following one in which no claim is made
Covers Non-allopathic treatment, Pre-existing diseases, Pre and Post- hospitalization expenses, Day-care treatment, Health-Check Expenses
Optional Covers Hospital Cash: Extra premium Rs.350 (annual); Rs.665 (two-year); Patient Care: Extra premium Rs.580 (annual); Rs.1,102 (two-year); New-Born Baby Cover (only under Family Package Plan): Extra premium = 10% of the premium applicable in the year of birth

Star Family Health Optima:

A Star family health optima Insurance Plan provides coverage against healthcare-related expenses to the entire family, at an affordable premium rate. Some of the key features of the Family Health Optima Plan are mentioned in the table below.

Entry Age Adults: 18 years to 65 years Children over 16th day can be included in the cover Only renewals allowed after 65 years
Sum assured Rs.1 lakh to Rs.25 lakh
Premiums charged Rs.3,890 to Rs.34,700;Depends on sum assured, age, family size and zone; based on age of oldest insured member
Bonus Bonus of 25% can be availed on the sum insured amount for the first claim-free year, and 10% for every subsequent claim-free year
Reinstatement of sum assured Up to 100% reinstatement
Co-payment 20% of all claims for insured members over 61 years of age
  • In-patient hospitalisation
  • Ambulance charges
  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses
  • Day-care expenses
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation
  • Organ donor expenses
  • Cost of health check-up
  • New-born baby cover

Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy:

Senior citizens are an oft-ignored segment of the health insurance industry given their limited incomes and high susceptibility to age-related illnesses. Star Health has addressed this group's protection needs through this Star senior citizen's red carpet plan which provides affordable and adequate coverage along with attractive features.

Entry Age 60 to 75 years
Renewals Guaranteed after 75 years
Sum assured Rs.1 lakh to Rs.10 lakhs
Premium charges Rs.4,450 to Rs.26,550
Discount 5% discount upon purchasing policies online
Medical screening Not required.
Treatment Provided at any network hospital
Co-payment 50% for pre-existing disease claims; 30% for other claims
  • In-patient hospitalisation
  • Pre-existing diseases after first policy year
  • Outpatient consultations
  • Cover for specific diseases
  • Ambulance charges
  • Pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses

Star Super Surplus ‘Gold’ Plan:

A Star super surplus gold plan which caters to any unforeseen event, offering enhanced protection to policyholders. Designed primarily to offer enhanced protection, this is ideal for individuals who wish to avail the best in health insurance. Provisions of air-ambulance, absence of room rent cap, lifelong renewal and affordable premiums have made the Gold Plan a perfect ally for people accustomed to a certain way of life.

Entry age Minimum – 18 years Maximum – 65 years Children can avail protection under this plan, subject to the parent being a policyholder. Children aged between 3 months and 25 years can be protected under this policy
Basis Individual or Floater
Sum assured Minimum – Rs 5 lakhs (Floater and Individual) Maximum – Rs 25 lakhs (Floater and Individual) Maximum- Rs.10 lakhs (Individual)
Premium charged Ranges between Rs 1,950 and Rs 36,360, depending on the entry age and sum assured
Co-payment 10% of claim amount for policyholder with entry age over 60 years
Covers Hospitalisation charges (including room and nursing fees), air ambulance cover, surgeon/consultant fees, medicine costs, operation theatre expenses, second opinion costs, etc.

Star Cardiac Care Insurance Plan:

Going to the heart of it's customer-base, this Star cardiac care plan is geared towards compensating insured parties for expenses incurred on cardiac ailments in addition to comprehensive health benefits. The policy is available in two variants – the Silver Plan and the Gold Plan.

Entry Age 10 to 65 years; for those who have been Stenting or Bypass patients in the 7 years preceding policy inception.
Sum assured Rs.3 or 4 lakhs
Premiums charged
  • Silver Plan: Starting from Rs.18,000
  • Gold Plan: Starting from Rs.26,000
Medical screening Required for all entrants
Co-payment 10% of claims for insured parties above 60 years.of age
  • Hospitalisation cover
  • Ambulance charges
  • Pre/Post-hospitalization expenses
  • Day-care procedures
  • Pre-existing illnesses after 48 months
  • Cardiac diseases after the 90-day waiting period
  • Outpatient expenses
  • Personal Accidents

Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy:

The Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy from Star Health is a unique insurance policy that provides a cover against both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. The policy can be purchased as individual or floater policy. Outpatient expenses such as medical consultation, medicines, and diagnostic tests are covered. Compensation for accidental death of insured member given. Donor expenses for kidney transplant are also covered. Dialysis expenses of Rs.1,000 per sitting covered up to 2 years. Over 400 day-care procedures covered and automatic restoration of entire sum insured.

Entry age 18 to 65 years
Basis Individual or Floater
Medical screening
  • Plan A: Medical screening is mandatory
  • Plan B: Medical screening is not required
Reinstatement of sum assured Up to 100% (on individual basis)
  • Covers hospitalisation expenses as a result of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
  • Covers hospitalisation expenses as a result of other diseases
  • Outpatient expenses
  • Personal accidents
  • Day care procedures

Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Plan:

Entry age
  • 18 to 65 years
  • Dependent children between the ages of 3 months and up to 25 years
Basis Individual or Family Floater
  • Room rent (up to Rs.5,000 per day)
  • Road ambulance
  • Day care procedures
  • Modern treatments
  • Pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses

Outpatient Care Insurance Policy:

Entry age
  • 18 to 50 years
  • Dependent children between the ages of 31 Days and up to 25 years
Basis Individual or Family Floater
Sum assured
  • 25000
  • 50000
  • 75000
  • 1 Lakh
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
Ploicy Term One year
  • Ophthalmic treatment costs
  • Dental treatment costs
  • Non-allopathic treatment costs
  • Outpatient consultation charges at any network hospital

Hospital Cash Health Insurance Plan:

Entry age
  • 18 to 50 years
  • Dependent children up to 25 years of age
Basis Individual or Family Floater
  • Basic
  • Enhanced
Ploicy Term
  • One year
  • Two year
  • Three year
  • Sickness Hospital Cash
  • Worldwide Hospital Cash
  • Child Birth Hospital Cash
  • Convalescence Hospital Cash
  • ICU Hospital Cash (injury or/and sickness)
  • Accident Hospital Cash Certain covers are provided only for the Enhanced Plan

Young Star Health Insurance Plan:

Entry age
  • 18 to 40 years
  • Dependent children between the ages of 91 Days and up to 25 years
Basis Individual or Family Floater
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Nursing, boarding, and room expenses
  • E-medical opinion
  • Day care procedures
  • Pre- and post-hospitalisation cost
  • ICU, Operation Theatre, oxygen, blood, and anesthesia charges

Star Micro Rural and Farmers Care Health Insurance Plan:

Entry age
  • 18 to 65 years
  • Dependent children up to the age of 25 years
Basis Individual or Family Floater
Policy Term 1 Year
  • Nursing, boarding, and room expenses (up to 1% of the sum insured per day)
  • Day care procedures
  • Surgical appliances, Operation Theatre, oxygen, blood, and anesthesia charges

The following terms and conditions are applicable to all the plans:

Renewal No age limit; Grace period of 30 days from expiry; Increase in sum assured allowed upon renewal; Renewal premium can vary
Cancellation Allowed at any time during policy period; Premiums refunded as per company rates
Termination Upon death of insured, When entire cover is claimed
Portability Allowed

Star Health and Allied Insurance Online Renewal:

Star Health and Allied Insurance offers many policies with a lifetime renewability option. Here is a step-by-step guide to renew your Star Health Insurance policy online:

  • Visit the insurer's website for instant renewal.
  • Click on the Renewal button.
  • Fill in the online form with details about your policy such as the policy number, your mobile number, email ID, and date of birth. Click on Proceed.
  • Fill in your address and click on proceed.
  • Post keying-in all the mandatory information, renewal details such as gross premium and service tax will be displayed.
  • You can click on Renewal Notice and a new window will open with the notice.
  • After reading the notice, click on Purchase Policy.
  • Register with your name, phone, email and password to pay the premium using net banking, debit card or credit card.

It is important to check the terms and conditions of renewability before buying a health insurance policy.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Customer Care:

Star Health and Allied Insurance has a dedicated claims helpdesk to resolve the claim-related queries of its customers. The claims helpdesk number and contact person for each location can be found on the insurance company's website. The grievances will be acknowledged within hours of registration of complaint.

  • Address: The Manager - Customer Care, Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd, No.1, New Tank Street, Valluvarkottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034
  • The insurer also has a dedicated email ID and toll-free numbers

Your queries can be submitted online through the insurer’s website. As one of the largest health insurance companies in India, Star Health and Allied Insurance takes special care in redressing the grievances of its customers.

Know More About: Star Health and Allied Insurance Customer Care Number

Star Health and Allied Insurance Mediclaim Premium Calculator:

The online premium calculator available on the insurer’s website makes it easy for insurance premium calculation of your chosen health insurance policy. Visit the official website of Star Health Insurance and click on the chosen plan. For instance, if you have chosen a Family Insurance Plan, enter how many adults and children you want to insure under the scheme, enter the sum insured amount, the date of birth of the eldest member of your family, pincode, etc. Once you have keyed-in all the necessary information, you will get an instant quote of the insurance premium for the chosen policy.

Star Health and Allied Insurance for Government Employees:

The Tamil Nadu State Government had launched a new health insurance scheme with a tie-up with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company for government employees and their families in 2008. The premium for the health cover was paid by the employees and in part by the government. The policyholder could avail up to Rs.2 lakh towards medical expenses for 4 years for an annual premium of Rs.495. The state government employee had to pay Rs.300 while the government paid the rest. A sum of Rs.25 was deducted from the monthly salary of the employee enrolled under the scheme. The beneficiaries of the scheme could avail medical services in 52 hospitals across the state.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Health Checkup:

Star Health Insurance covers health checkup for every 1-3 claim-free years under the Family Health Optima Insurance Plan, Star Comprehensive Insurance policy, and Medi-classic Insurance Policy. Regular Health checkup can help identify an illness or prevent the onset of one. Health checkup can be expensive, which is why, an insurance policy that covers your health check-up costs can be beneficial.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Policy Document:

It is important to go through the policy document for inclusions and exclusions when buying an insurance plan so as to avoid any hassle when making a claim. Star Health and Allied Insurance application form, policy document, brochures, pre-authorisation form, and KYC form are available on the insurer’s website. You can download the forms, fill it, and submit it at the nearest Star Health Insurance branch office.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Login:

To log into the Star Health Insurance website, you have to register with your name, phone, email, and password. You can login with your registered email ID and password. By logging into the website, you can carry out the following:

  • Star Health and Allied Insurance mediclaim online payment
  • View your policy renewal notice
  • Make Star Health and Allied Insurance renewal payment

Star Health and Allied Insurance Customer ID:

A new health insurance scheme was launched by the Tamil Nadu state government in partnership with the stand-alone health insurance company, Star Health and Allied Insurance to provide health cover for government employees. The insurance company issued identity cards to the employees and the beneficiaries covered under the new health insurance scheme through the respective pay drawing officers within a period of 60 days from the date of commencement of the scheme.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Network Hospitals:

Star Health and Allied Insurance has tie-ups with over 8,200 hospitals across the country where policyholders with a Star Health Insurance policy can avail cashless hospitalisation as well as reimbursement facility. It is one of the largest base of network hospitals in India. The insurer also offers a hassle-free claim settlement process without the intervention of a Third-Party Administrator (TPA).

To locate a network hospital near your home, select your state and city from the drop-down box on the online Network Hospital Locator. You will get a list of network hospitals with contact details instantly. Star Health also has tie-ups with Agreed Network Hospitals where the insured members can avail cashless transactions and get package rates for identified procedures.

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How to File a Claim with Star Health?

Cashless Claim: Visit a network hospital of the insurer to avail cashless treatment. Intimate the insurer within 24 hours of unplanned hospitalisation and 48 hours prior to your planned hospitalisation by calling the toll-free number of Star Health Insurance.

  • Display your Star Health ID at the network hospital help desk. The hospital will verify your identity details and submit a duly-filled and signed pre-authorisation request form to the insurance company.
  • Star Health will appoint a doctor to verify the pre-authorisation request and send an approval letter to the hospital.
  • The hospital will proceed with the cashless treatment for the insured member.
  • If the cashless claim is denied, the insured member can get treated and file for a reimbursement claim after discharge.

Reimbursement Claim: A field doctor will be assigned by Star Health to make hospitalisation easier for the insured. All claim intimations have to be made within 24 hours of hospitalisation. Reimbursement facility can be availed at network as well as non-network hospitals.

  • Settle all the hospital bills at the time of discharge and collect all the original documents such as discharge summary, prescription, medical bills, hospital bills, pharmacy bills, etc.
  • Submit a reimbursement claim form along with the original medical documents at the nearest Star Health branch office within 30 days of discharge.
  • Upon successful verification and approval, the claim amount will be sent to the insured.

Star Health Insurance FAQ:

  1. Why do I need health insurance?

    Health Insurance helps you to take care of you and your family’s future by paying off your medical expenses. It helps you to save money.

  2. What is cashless hospitalization? Does Star Health Insurance Company provide it?

    Cashless hospitalization enables you to save on out-of-pocket expenses. This is a facility offered to you by your insurance provider wherein your health insurance provider will pay off your hospitalization bills. Star Health Insurance Company does provide cashless hospitalization, at network hospitals across the country.

  3. Can I renew my Start Health Insurance policy? If yes, how?

    Yes, you can renew your Star Health Insurance policy. For that, the company will send you renewal notice which will contain the expiry date of your present policy.

  4. What is a health card?

    A health card is like an identity card which comes with your health insurance policy. This card enables you to enjoy cashless hospitalization facility at Star Health Insurance company’s network hospitals. You need to show your health card at the time of admission into a network hospital to enjoy all the benefits.

  5. What is the maximum number of claims that I can make in one year?

    You can make any number of claims during the tenure of your policy. But the maximum amount of claim you can make is the sum insured in the policy.

  6. What is a family floater plan?

    It is a plan that will help you extend the health insurance cover to all your dependents with a single sum insured that can be utilised by all members enrolled under the policy.

  7. Will a Star Health Insurance policy help me to get exemption from Income Tax?

    Yes, you can get exemption from income tax up to Rs.15,000 under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

  8. Are Star Health Insurance policies accepted across the country?

    Yes, Star Health Insurance policies are accepted across the country. If you stay at Bangalore and your family stays at Mumbai, you can cover all of them under the same policy.

  9. Do I need a medical checkup before buying a Star health insurance policy?

    If your age is above 50 years and you want to buy a Star health insurance policy, then you need to go through medical checkup. However, medical checkup is not required for the senior citizen policies.

  10. Does Star Health Insurance cover medical cost spent in outpatient treatment?

    Generally health insurance companies cover the cost of inpatient treatments. However, Star Health Insurance Company provides plans that do cover the cost incurred for outpatient treatments under specific terms and conditions.

  11. 11.Does Start Health Insurance take care of my existing diseases?

    Yes, Star Health Insurance takes care of your pre-existing diseases as well. However, you can get it covered after 48 months of continuous renewal with Star Health Insurance.

  12. Can I get reimbursement if I avail treatment at non – network hospitals?

    If you take treatment at non-network hospitals, Star Health Insurance will reimburse you the amount of bills which is subject to the policy undertaken. But, cashless hospitalization is available only if you take treatment at the network hospitals of Star Health Insurance.

  13. Can I avail tax benefits from the health insurance scheme?

    Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the policyholder can get tax deductions for premium paid towards a health insurance policy.

    Description Self, spouse, and dependent children Parents Total deduction under Section 80D
    Assessee and his or her family is below 60 years of age Rs.25,000 Rs.25,000 Rs.50,000
    Assessee and his or her family is less than 60 years of age and parents are above 60 years old Rs.25,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.55,000
    Assessee and his or her parents are 60 years and above Rs.30,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.60,000
  14. Is a medical checkup mandatory before buying a health policy?

    For individuals above 50 years old, a medical checkup is necessary when buying a new health insurance policy. Medical checkup is not necessary for senior citizen health insurance policy offered to individuals between 60 to 69 years of age.

  15. Why is it mandatory to have health insurance?

    With the steady rise in healthcare costs and lifestyle diseases, it is crucial to have a health insurance plan that will cover you and your family in your hour of need. Having a suitable health cover will ensure you get timely and adequate healthcare, without any financial hassles.

  16. How does cashless facility work?

    Insured members will be given an identity card. When availing cashless facility, the policyholder must obtain a pre-authorisation letter from the hospital and intimate Star Health Insurance. The pre-authorisation form has to be submitted to Star Health Insurance by the hospital. Depending on the details furnished, the insurer will process the cashless request.

  17. Can I take health insurance for my 3 year old child?

    Children are not covered under individual policies but can be covered with a parent, as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

  18. I’m a foreigner and I live in India, can I avail health cover from Star Health and Allied Insurance?

    Yes, you can avail health cover from Star Health and Allied Insurance. However, the insurance coverage will be restricted to the treatment received in hospitals in India during the policy term.

  19. How to check Star Health and Allied Insurance claim status?

    Visit Star Health and Allied Insurance’ website, enter the claim intimation number and ID number. Choose the network hospital or agreed network hospital where you received treatment from the drop-down list. Click on ‘Submit’ to view your claim status.

  20. How to get Star Health Insurance agency?

    The list of Star Health insurance branch offices in your location and across the country is available on the insurer’s website along with a list of the Star Health Insurance agents and their contact numbers.

  21. How to apply for a Star Health Insurance policy?

    Visit the insurer’s website, choose a suitable policy, and get an instant quote on the chosen policy using the online premium calculator. Go through the policy brochure, download the application form, fill it up, and submit it online or at a nearest Star Health branch office. Insurance premium payment can be made online if you are buying the policy through the insurer’s website.

  22. How to fill Star Health and Allied Insurance claim form?

    Part A of the claim form has to be filled by the insured member with policy number, personal details, insurance history, details of hospitalisation, details of claim, and bank account details. Guidance for filling the claim form will be given in the form itself. The form can be downloaded from the insurance company's website. Part B of the form has to be filled by the hospital.

  23. How to renew a Star Health and Allied Insurance policy?

    Star Health Insurance plans will be renewed as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy document. Read the policy document carefully. Policy renewal has to be done within the grace period or the policy shall lapse. The insurance premium for renewal can be paid online through the insurer’s website. Click on the Renewal button, enter your policy number and personal details. Click on Proceed, view your renewal notice and gross premium amount, and click on Purchase Policy. You will be taken to the payment gateway for secure online payment.

  24. How to pay Star Health Insurance premium online?

    Visit the insurer’s website, log into the site with your registered email ID and password, pay the insurance premium through the site using net banking, debit card or credit card.

  25. How do I login to Star Health Insurance?

    To log into the Star Health Insurance website, you have to register with your name, phone, email, and password. You can login with your registered email ID and password.

  26. How do I file a cashless/reimbursement claim?

    The process for cashless claims is as follows

    Show your ID card at the insurance desk of the network hospital. Your identity will be verified by the hospital and a pre authorization form will be submitted to the insurer. The insurance company-appointed doctor will assess the documents and process the claim as per the terms and conditions of the policy. In the case of an emergency, the insurance company must be intimated within 24 hours of the accident, illness or hospitalisation. Intimation can be done by contacting the helpline number (1800 425 2255) or visiting the nearest office of Star Health. Mention the Star Health ID number or policy number for easy reference.

    The process for reimbursement claims is as follows

    • The insurer will assign a field doctor to make the hospitalisation process easy for you. After discharge, pay all the hospital bills, and collect the original documents of the treatment undergone and expenses incurred. Fill the claim form and submit it along with the relevant original documents at the nearest Star Health office.
    • The following are the relevant documents required to file a claim
    • Duly filled claim form.
    • Original bills, receipts, and discharge certificate from the hospital.
    • Original bills from the pharmacy along with the prescription.
    • Test reports from a pathologist along with a note from the attending medical practitioner or surgeon prescribing the test.
    • Nature of operation performed and surgeon's bill and receipt.
    • Self-declaration FIR in the case of accident cases.
    • Treating doctor's certificate.
  27. What is Star Health Insurance top up policy?

    Super Surplus Insurance Policy is a top-up policy offered by Star Health and Allied Insurance. The policy provides a high sum insured at an affordable premium. pre-existing diseases are covered after a 3-year waiting period. No pre-acceptance medical test required. This policy can be purchased on individual as well as floater basis.

  28. What is Star Health and Allied Insurance toll-free number?

    Customers can contact Star Health and Allied Insurance on the domestic toll-free number for any assistance. The number will be listed on the insurer’s website.

    Bangalore Columbia Asia Hospital
    Delhi Jain Charitable Hospital
    KOLKATA Columbia Asia Hospital
    Chennai Fortis Malabar Hospital
    Mumbai Hiranandani Hospital

*Disclaimer - This is not an exhaustive list but an indicative representation of hospitals that form a part of the company's wider network.

News About STAR HEALTH & ALLIED Health Insurance

  • Star Health IPO GMP today

    The Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited IPO was subscribed 0.12 times on debut day. The health insurance company aims to raise Rs 7,249 crore from its maiden public issue, which consists of an offer for sale along with fresh issue.

    The price band for Star health IPO is fixed at Rs 870-900 per share, with minimum bid of 16 equity shares.

    3 December 2021

  • Should you apply for Star Health IPO

    The share sale of the insurance company Star Health and Allied Insurance Company opened on 30 November and will end on 2 December. The issue price has been set between Rs.870-Rs.900 per share for its listing on NSE.

    The IPO of Star Health will consist of equity shares priced Rs.2,000 crore. The public issue is expected to raise almost Rs.7,249 crore for the company.

    1 December 2021

  • Star Health Insurance IPO Opens on 30 November 2021

    The Star Health and Allied Insurance Company, which is funded by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, will list on Dalal Street on 30 November 2021. The company said on Wednesday, 24 November 2021 that the price band has been set at Rs.870-900 per share. The IPO will be a combination of a new issue of equity shares and an offer for sale (OFS) by the company's existing shareholders. Safecrop Investments India LLP, WestBridge AIF I, and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala are among the shareholders in Star Health and Allied Insurance Company. The deadline for submissions is 2 December 2021.

    29 November 2021

  • Star Health to launch IPO by end of November 2021

    Star Health and Allied Insurance Company's Initial Public Offering (IPO) is set to launch in the last week of November. This will be the third-largest IPO in the year 2021 at Rs.7,500 crore. Depending on market conditions, the IPO may be opened on 30 November at Rs.900 per share. This would make the valuation of largest private insurer in the country at approximately Rs.51,000 crore.

    24 November 2021

  • Partnership announced between Star Health Insurance and Paytm for sale of insurance policies

    Star Health Insurance has entered into a partnership with Paytm to facilitate the sale of insurance products to the customers of the digital payment platform. Star Health will benefit from Paytm’s expansive distribution network that is also technologically innovative in order to reach more people across the country. Paytm will be able to make affordable insurance products available easily to its customers through the specially customized insurance products and efficient customer service offered by Star Health.

    3 October 2019

  • Star Health Insurance and ICICI Securities partner to distribute insurance products

    Private insurance player Star Health Insurance has partnered with ICICI Securities to distribute insurance products across the country. The strong offline and online presence of ICICI Securities will be leveraged for the distribution of insurance products. Despite the insurance industry in India being pegged at Rs.50,000 crore per annum, the penetration of health insurance is still in single digits. However, due to several factors such as growing awareness and entry of specialized health insurance providers, the segment grew by 20% CAGR over the last 10 years. The Joint Managing Director of Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. was quoted saying, ‘ICICI Securities Ltd. is well recognized by various potential customers in India for its outstanding products and services and we are delighted to announce our association with such a big and reputed brand. We would like to strengthen this relationship in the years to come.’ On the other hand, the Senior VP of ICICI Securities has said that this association is in line with the company’s philosophy of offering seamless transaction experience and will provide a vast range of healthcare solutions that are digitally powered.

    25 September 2019

  • Star India offers parental leave and health insurance for those from the LGBT community

    Already giving its employees a host of benefits such as 12 months maternity leave, 1 month paternity leave and no restriction on the number of paid leaves, Star Health Insurance is now offering parental leaves and health insurance for its employees who belong to the LGBT community. According to the head of human resources at Star Health, we believe that our people are happiest when they can bring their authentic self to work. Since our inception, diversity and inclusion have been our biggest strengths. It helps us build enduring characters, rich stories and imagine more possibilities. We respect each individual’s diverse perspectives to foster a truly inclusive culture.

    31 July 2019

  • Government Plans to Start Medical College and Hospital in Every District

    Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has recently stated that his government plans on setting up a hospital and medical college in every district of the country. Additionally, he also mentioned that the government intends on establishing 1.5 lakh wellness centres in the rural areas of the country. These statements were made after the inauguration of a Gujarat Medical and Education Research Society Hospital at Junagadh with a capacity of 300 beds. During the event, Mr. Modi further added that the health segment of the country has witnessed a significant transformation in the previous couple of years owing to the different types of schemes that have been launched by the Central Government. During the 2018 Union Budget, the government has already announced that it will set-up one big hospital along with an affiliated medical college for every three parliamentary constituencies. As per the statements of Mr. Modi, the Central Government aims to start by setting up a big hospital and medical college for each parliamentary constituency before taking it to each of the districts. He further added that he had already started working to establish a big hospital and affiliated medical college in each district of Gujarat when he was the Chief Minister of the state. That project is about to be completed soon.

    Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the government is planning to set up 1.5 lakh wellness centres in addition to the existing ones in order to provide quality healthcare in the rural areas of the country. Catering 6 lakh villages, the government will set up one centre every 10-12 km to be able to make healthcare services more accessible to the rural population. The government will offer a medical insurance offering coverage worth Rs.5 lakh to 10 crore households of the country under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. Mr. Modi also commented that this programme would also increase the private sector investment in healthcare sector for the development of the rural areas of the country. He further added that the Union Government has established Jan Aushadhi stores as well, which will help reduce the price of medicines.

    5 September 2018

  • Star Health Insurance Acquisition: Things to Know

    The acquisition of Star Health Insurance company has come as a huge surprise to all the market leaders operating in the sector. Highlighting the event of the acquisition, it has been reported that ace investor, Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala along with an assortment of multiple private equity organisations such as Madison Capital and WestBridge Capital have agreed on a deal of Rs.6500 crore for the Chennai-based health insurance company.

    India’s leading standalone health insurer, Star Health Insurance was part of the talks about acquisition since a long time. The deal, however, materialised only recently. The assortment of private equity firms along with the investors have signed a deal with the health insurance company’s shareholders, in order to purchase shares that are under their names. The reports in the earlier days also mentioned that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was initially in talks with multiple other investors. According to a recent TV report, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala will own a 35% stake in the company (Star Health Insurance) and will also be its star promoter. Furthermore, the owner of Star Health- Safecrop Holdings henceforth will be Safecrop Holdings.

    Additionally, it has also been reported that earlier ICICI Lombard General Insurance was planning to acquire Star Health Insurance at a total bid of Rs.5,800 crore. However, this amount fell short in front of the offer made by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and the consortium. A noteworthy observation in this case would be that Star Health Insurance has about 10.6% market share in the space of health insurance in the country as of 31 March, 2018.

    23 August 2018

  • Star Health insurance launches health insurance for autistic individuals

    Star Health Insurance has introduced a medical insurance scheme that offers up to Rs.3 lakh coverage for individuals diagnosed with autism. The plan was launched by the insurer on 29 January 2018 and remains one of the few insurance schemes that provides coverage for people having autism spectrum disorder.

    The scheme will cover most of the outpatient and inpatient services offered by hospitals for individuals between the age of 3 years and 35 years. This includes physiotherapy, speech therapy, behavioural therapy, and occupational therapy. Inpatient procedures such as surgical treatment and medication for certain infectious diseases are also covered.

    The plan was welcomed by the Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) and it said that the scheme should only offer coverage for accepted treatments and not that provided by the unorganised sector. The policy premium is 23% higher than the premium for an ordinary health insurance plan, as autism-affected individuals are more prone to fits, injuries, and respiratory infections.

    15 February 2018

GST rate of 18% applicable for all financial services effective July 1, 2017.

Disclaimer: Premiums may vary depending upon factors like age, location and prevailing taxes/GST.

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