Voter ID in Uttarakhand

Voting, or exercising your franchise, is one of the most important rights provided to every Indian citizen. Casting one’s vote gives every citizen a say in choosing their representative, who would go on to legislate on behalf on his/her representatives.

A free and fair electoral process is the backbone of a democracy, and voting is the means towards that end.

With India being the largest democracy in the world, conducting elections for various forms of government is under the purview of the Election Commission of India.

To ensure that every Indian citizen who is eligible to vote is granted the right to do so, the Election Commission of India has made provision for the issuing of voter identity cards to individuals.

Each State Election Commission is tasked with issuing voter ID cards to eligible individuals who apply for the same, and ensuring that the process is a smooth and hassle-free one.

Colour Voter ID Card in Uttarakhand

The Election Commission has introduced colour voter ID cards to eligible individuals as an upgrade on the previous voter ID cards, which were black and white. These voter ID cards, also known as EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card), serve as identification during elections and permit the holder to exercise his franchise under the system of ‘one person, one vote’. The new voter ID cards are also printed on plastic and resemble PAN Cards in their stylization.

The colour voter ID card, like its monochrome predecessor, contains the holder’s name, address, date of birth, constituency as well as the signature of the issuing authority.

Given below are the ways to apply for a voter ID card in the state of Uttarakhand.

Online Application Process for Voter ID in Uttarakhand

Individuals can apply for a voter ID card online in Uttarakhand by following the below process:

  • Visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Uttarakhand and click on the ‘Online Services for Voters’ tab on the homepage.
  • Select the ‘Online Registration of New Voter’ tab from the options provided onscreen.
  • Form 6 will be displayed on screen. Fill in the details as requested after reading through the instructions on filling in the form.
  • If you wish to continue filling the form at a later date, click ‘Save’, otherwise fill in all details and click ‘Submit’.
  • A verification code will appear, which has to filled in, after which an acknowledgement will appear on screen.
  • Take note of the reference number that is mentioned in the acknowledgement as it can be used to track your application status.
  • Once the form is processed, a Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit your home to verify the details submitted, at which time you will have to produce the necessary documentation.
  • After the verification is completed, the voter ID card will be sent to the address mentioned in the form by post.
Uttarakhand Elections 2019
Uttarakhand Elections 2019

Offline Application Process for Voter ID in Uttarakhand

Individuals who do not have access to online services can also apply for a voter ID card in Uttarakhand through the offline method, details of which are given below:

  • Visit an electoral office and collect a copy of Form 6, which is the form for inclusion of a new voter in the electoral roll.
  • Fill in the details as requested and submit the form along with the necessary documents and fee to the electoral office.
  • Once the form has been submitted, a receipt with a reference number will be handed over, which can be used to track the application status.
  • After the form has been processed, a Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit your home to verify details mentioned in the form.
  • Once successful verification, you will receive the voter ID card via post.

Documents to be Submitted When Applying for Voter ID Card

The following documents are to be submitted when applying for a voter ID card in Uttarakhand:

  • Recent passport sized photographs.
  • Proof of identity (copy of passport/PAN/Aadhaar Card/driving licence/bank passbook etc.)
  • Proof of residence (copy of ration card/passport/Aadhaar Card/driving licence etc.)

How to track status in Uttarakhand

Tracking Voter ID Status Online

The facility to track your voter ID application is not available on the Uttarakhand CEO website( You can search for your name in the electoral rolls to ensure that your name has been included.

  • Visit the Search page( on the website.
  • You can search District wise or Assembly Constituency wise.
  • Enter either your name or EPIC number.
  • Click on “Search” to get your results.

Tracking Voter ID status via SMS

This facility is currently unavailable in Uttarakhand but may be rolled out in the near future.

Calling on the Dedicated ECI Helpline Number

You can call the ECI Helpline number 1950 toll free. The helpline is available on all working days between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

How to Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card in Uttarakhand

In the event you have lost or misplaced your voter ID card, you can apply for a duplicate one by following the below process:

  • Visit the nearest police station and file an FIR (First Information Report) to report the theft/loss of your voter ID card.
  • Download Form 002 or collect a copy of the form from an electoral office and fill in the particulars as requested, such as name, address, date of birth, voter ID card number etc.
  • Submit the FIR, form and identity documents to the electoral office along with the fee (Rs. 25) for the duplicate card.
  • Once the application is reviewed, the duplicate voter ID card will be dispatched shortly.

How to Make Corrections in Voter ID Card in Uttarakhand

If there are errors in your voter ID card that you want corrected, you can get the mistakes corrected in the following way:

  • Collect a copy of Form 8 from an electoral office or download it from the Chief Electoral Officer’s website and fill in the details.
  • Submit the form along with documents mentioning the correct information to the nearest electoral office.
  • After reviewing the application, a voter ID card with the corrected information will be dispatched.

How to Apply for Change of Address in Voter ID Card Online in Uttarakhand

Applicants who have moved residence are required to update the same on their voter ID card. The process to change the address as mentioned on the voter ID card for Uttarakhand is given below:

  • Visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Uttarakhand and click on the ECI Homepage link.
  • Select ‘Correction of Entries in Electoral Roll’ from the options on screen.
  • Select Form 8A, fill in and submit the form.
  • Remember to upload documents mentioning your new address (such as utility bills) when submitting the form.
  • Once the application has been processed, a new voter ID card will be dispatched to your new address.

How to Apply for Change of Address in Voter ID Card Offline in Uttarakhand

To apply for a change of address in your voter ID card offline, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Collect a copy of Form 8A from an electoral office and fill in the details requested.
  • Submit the form along with proof of the changed address to the electoral office.
  • Once the application has been reviewed and processed, the voter ID card with the changed address will be dispatched.

CEO, Uttarakhand

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Uttarakhand functions within the purview of Election Commission of India (ECI). The CEO's website provides information related to electors of Uttarakhand and the Department of Elections. The website facilitates the voter's applications and gives details of elections. You can also find details of Uttarakhand voter list by accessing the CEO, Uttarakhand website.

In Uttarakhand, the 201 election will take place in a single phase. The voting will be held on the 15th of February and the votes will be counted on the 11th of March. In order to download the draft electoral roll in PDF format, follow these steps:

  • Visit - (website for the CEO, Uttarakhand).
  • Choose the 'Electoral Rolls (PDF's)' listed under 'Useful Information' on the right side.
  • Click on the 'A.C. Segment Wise Draft Electoral Roll for 2017'.
  • A pop-up or a new web page will open with the list of 70 assembly constituencies.
  • Click on a constituency to download the electoral roll in PDF format.
  • By using the file, you can find the details of the electors, booths, and voting venue including geographic location.

Uttarakhand Elections 2019

The Lok Sabha elections in Uttarakhand are scheduled to be held in a single phase on 23rd May, 2019. In the general elections that were held in 2014, the results were as follows:

Name of the political party Number of seats won
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 5
Indian National Congress (INC) 0

Facts about politics in Uttarakhand

TThe major political parties in Tamil Nadu are AIADMK, DMK, and PMK. In the last legislative assembly elections in the state in 2016, the coalition of AIADMK emerged as the largest party winning 134 out of 232 seats. The coalition of DMK won only 98 seats.

Chief minister Fof Uttarakhand

The chief minister of Tamil Nadu is Edappadi K Palaniswami

Name of the political party Number of seats won
Nityanand Swami 9 November 2000 to 29 October 2001
Bhagat Singh Koshyari 30 October 2001 to 1 March 2002
Narayan Datt Tiwari 2 March 2002 to 7 March 2007
Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri 8 March 2007 to 26 June 2009
Ramesh Pokhriyal 27 June 2009 to 10 September 2011
Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri 11 September 2011 to 12 March 2012
Vijay Bahuguna 13 March 2012 to 31 January 2014
Harish Rawat 1 February 2014 to 27 March 2016
Vacant 27 March 2016 to 21 April 2016
Harish Rawat 21 April 2016 to 22 April 2016
Vacant 22 April 2016 to 11 May 2016
Harish Rawat 11 May 2016 to 17 March 2017
Trivendra Singh Rawat 18 March 2017 to present

Election commissioner of Uttarakhand

Chandra Shekhar Bhatt is the current election commissioner of Uttarakhand

Search your Name in Voter List Uttarakhand - 2018

If you want to search for your name in the Uttarakhand Voter List, you can perform a search by your name or the voter's identification number/EPIC number. Follow these steps to check for your name in the draft electoral roll:

  • Visit -
  • Choose Search Type from either District name or Assembly Constituency name.
  • After the selections, you can search by either your name or the EPIC number.
  • Once you have entered your name or the EPIC number and clicked 'Search', it will provide you with your basic details such as house number, father's name/husband's Name, date of birth, age, gender, EPIC No, and the Assembly Constituency details.

If you are not able to see your name in the draft Voter List Uttarakhand, the following forms will help you with the inclusion of your name in the Electoral Rolls:

  • Form 6 is submitted to the District Election Office if the voter is not able to find his/her name in the draft.
  • Form 7 can be submitted to DEO for deletion of any name from the Electoral Roll.
  • Form 8 is submitted for making the Voter ID Correction to the entry.

While going to cast your vote, you will be required to produce any of the following document as proof of identity for confirming the date of birth:

  • A birth certificate.
  • School leaving certificate.
  • Mark card of class 10.
  • For address proof, you can carry either your voter ID (not mandatory), driving license, electricity bills, gas connection, telephone bills, etc.

Facts Related to Uttarakhand Politics:

Assembly Constituencies 70
Parliamentary Constituencies 5
Ruling Party Indian National Congress
Chief Minister Harish Rawat
Opposition Party BJP
Chief Electoral Officer Radha Raturi
Governor Krishan Kant Paul(Additional Charge of Meghalaya and Manipur)

Chief Minister of Uttarakhand - 2017

The current Chief Minister of Uttarakhand is Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat. Mr. Rawat, the former Uttarakhand BJP chief, was sworn in on March 18th, 2017. He secured a landslide victory in his constituency of Doiwalla, making it his third consecutive victory from the constituency.

Mr. Rawat served as Uttarakhand’s Minister for Agriculture following the 2007 State Legislative Assembly elections. He also served as the RSS Pracharak for Dehradun prior to his joining politics.

Election Commission of Uttarakhand

The Election Commission of Uttarakhand has been setup to prepare and conduct free and fair elections in the state. Besides conducting elections, it provides every information related to the elections held in the state. Citizens of Uttarakhand can apply for voter IDs and track their applications on the website of the Commission. Apart from this, there are various videos on the website that make the voters aware of their rights and guide them about the voting process.

Mentioned below are names and designation of officers who work at the Election Commission of Uttarakhand.

Name Designation
Radha Raturi Chief Electoral Officer

Note - The officers may be changed at any time by the Government.

Frequently Asked Questions on Voter ID and Electoral Roll in Uttarakhand

India is the largest democracy in the world and hence it is safe to say that elections are the backbone of this form of government. The government in India is by the people, for the people and of the people. The Election Commission of India is the body that is appointed to oversee and manage elections in India. Citizens of India who have crossed the age of 18 are eligible to vote, unless otherwise disqualified. Applicants will also compulsorily need to have an EPIC which is the Electors Photo Identity Card. Given below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding elections in Uttarakhand.

  1. Who are all allowed to register themselves as voters?

    Citizens of India who have crossed the age of 18 on January 1st of the concerned year, can vote (unless disqualified otherwise).

  2. What are Electoral Rolls in Uttarakhand?

    A list that contains the details of eligible citizens who are allowed to cast votes in elections is an Electoral Roll. Electoral Rolls are prepared based on every Assembly Constituency and are divided into various parts, dependent on the polling booths. Each part is relevant to a particular polling booth.

  3. What does ‘continuous updation of electoral roll’ mean?

    Continuous updation of all Electoral rolls continue even after they have been published. Indian citizens can file applications with the corresponding Electoral Registration Officer for the purpose of addition, deletion, modification and transposition. Candidates can register their name until the very last day of nomination as mandated by the Election Commission of India.

  4. In order to avail a Voter ID Uttarakhand, what proof of address should applicants provide?

    The documents that can be given as proof of address are as follows. Any one of the below can be given:

    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Passbook
    • Aadhaar Card or other government documents.
  5. Can individuals who are not Indian citizens vote in the country ?

    Individuals who are not Indian citizens are not allowed to vote as per Article 326 of the Constitution.

  6. Can citizens of India who do not reside in the country, vote during the elections?

    Based on provisions in the Amended Representation of the People Act, 2010, citizens of India who do not reside in the country can vote, as long as they are not citizens of another country.

  7. Are citizens allowed to enroll themselves in over one location?

    Citizens are allowed to vote for only one candidate one time during a particular election and hence are not allowed to enroll themselves in more than one location.

  8. How can Indian citizens get themselves enrolled in the Electoral roll? What form will they have to submit for this?

    Form 6 will have to be downloaded from the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer of Uttarakhand and submitted. Alternatively, individuals can also avail the same from the Election Commission’s office. This form will have to be duly filled and submitted along with the necessary identity and address proof.

  9. What are the various forms available for procuring Voter ID?

    There are four main forms available for individuals who wish to avail a voter ID. The forms are:

    • Form 6 which is necessary for customers when they wish to include their names in the electoral roll and apply for voter ID.
    • Form 7 which is meant for objection of inclusion of new names.
    • Form 8 is used when there are changes to be made in the Voter ID, such as change of name, address, etc.
    • Form 8A used for transposition of entry.
  10. In case an individual has shifted residence, what necessary changes will have to be made?

    If individuals, who already have a Voter ID have shifted their residence and the new residence is in the same constituency, they will have to procure, fill and submit Form 8A along with required address proof. If the constituency is different, Form 6 will have to be procured, filled and submitted again which is similar to applying for a Voter ID from the beginning.

  11. In case an individual has lost their Voter ID, what should be done to avail a new one?

    In case individuals have lost their Voter ID, they must first lodge an FIR with the police station in their constituency. They will have to pay Rs.10 after which they will receive a new Voter ID.

  12. How will customers know where to vote?

    EPIC or the Electoral Photo Identity Card will contain details regarding the polling booth that the candidate will have to use.

  13. Who appoints an Electoral Registration Officer?\

    The Election Commission of India consults the State or Union Territory government and appoints a Local Authorities or an Officer of the Government as the Electoral Registration Officer.

    In addition to this, the Election Commission of India also appoints one or more Assistant Electoral Registration Officers who will assist the Electoral Registration Officer.

  14. Who can enroll themselves as Overseas Electors?

    All Indian citizens who have been away from their residence in India for reasons such as education or employment, among others can apply to be Overseas Electors. They should not have previously been included in the electoral roll nor should they be citizens of another country.

  15. How can NRI applicants find out if their name is in the electoral roll?

    The Electoral Registration Officer’s decision will be given to the NRI applicant through post and also by SMS to the applicant’s registered mobile number. In addition to this, the Electoral Rolls are available on the Chief Electoral Officer of Uttarakhand’s website.


Updates on Uttarakhand Election - 2018

  • Election Commission Asks CBDT Re-evaluate The Assets of CM Trivendra Singh Rawat’s

    Raghunath Singh Negi, former member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttarakhand BJP had filed a complaint about Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat’s immovable assets. According to the complaint, the assets that the CM declared in the affidavit filed for the 2017 Assembly polls is not correct.

    The Election Commission has taken this complaint seriously and have requested the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) to re-evaluate the assets of the Chief Minister. In the affidavit filed by the CM, he stated that in 2010 his wife purchased a 833.07 sqm land for just Rs.9.56 lakh. However, Raghunath Singh Negi states that in 2010 the value of the property would have been at least Rs.84 lakh.

    In the affidavit, The Chief Minister also listed his parental property in Dehradun at the value of Rs.50 lakh. However, according to sources, the value of this property is no less than Rs.3.35 crore. One has to wait for the final report from CBDT to get clarity on this issue.

    01 January 2018

  • Raghunath Singh Chauhan Appointed Deputy Speaker In Uttarakhand Assembly

    Raghunath Singh Chauhan has been appointed the Deputy Speaker of the Uttarakhand Assembly. Mr. Chauhan is a member of the ruling BJP and is a two-time sitting MLA. He defeated the Congress’ Manoj Tiwari.

    The Speaker of the Uttarakhand Assembly, Mr. Premchand Aggarwal, is also a BJP member and an MLA from Rishikesh.

    While the Deputy Speaker is generally from the Opposition party, the Congress, who were in power earlier, had appointed one of their own party members to the post in 2012, thus resulting in the ruling BJP doing the same at present.

    3 April 2017

  • Uttarakhand CM Selection Process Initiated by BJP

    BJP senior leaders recently met in Delhi to discuss the government in Uttarakhand. Narendra Singh Tomar (Union Minister) and Saroj Panjey (General Secretary, BJP) will soon meet BJP MLA’s in the state and discuss the CM selection process. BJP’s Uttarakhand Chief, Ajay Bhatt, lost the Ranikhet seat for which he was contesting. According to him, the CM will be decided by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. The new government has to take oath on March 27.

    22 March 2017

  • 33 leaders expelled from BJP for 6 years

    The BJP has taken action against 33 leaders who were allegedly involved in some activities that go against the party's principles. These leaders have been suspended from the party for 6 years.

    The list of leaders who have been expelled includes names like Harish Nautiyal, Bihari Laal Nautiyal, Dinesh Semwal, Ghripal Pokhriyal, Murari Lal Bhatt, and Buddhi Singh Panwar. The announcement was made by Party President Naresh Bansal.

    Talking about the suspended members, party chief Ajay Bhatt said that this move will not affect the party's performance in the upcoming assembly Elections in Uttarakhand. He also termed these leaders to be "over-ambitious."

    These suspended leaders allegedly stood as Independents even though the party tried to convince them to withdraw. However, more than 10 former significant Congress members have left their party and joined the BJP recently. Bansal claimed that these former Congressmen have quit their party as they felt strangulate

    28 February 2017

  • 65.64% turnout in Uttarakhand Polls

    On February 15, 2017, election was held for 69 out of 70 assembly seats in Uttarakhand. The Chief Electoral Officer of the state, Radha Raturi, released the voter turnout data after 6 days. She said that final voter turnout in the state was 65.64%. The polling percentage this year is lower than the last state elections. In 2012, the voter turnout was 67.22%. According to Radha Raturi, even though the polling percentage is lower compared to 2012, the number of voters increased by 6.5 lakhs. Voter turnout was highest in Udham Singh Nagar (75.79%) and lowest in Almora (52.81%). Out of 10,685 booths in Almora, Uttarkashi and Pithoragarh districts, 7 booths didn’t witness any voters. Election in Karnaprayag seat will be held on March 9, 2017.

    27 February 2017

  • Uttarakhand Political Parties Try to Woo Army men

    Political parties in Uttarakhand are trying to win the votes of army men. The state is known for producing the highest number of army officers and around 30% of the electorate is composed of army men and their family members. Servicemen belonging to some villages are supporting BJP while there are others who support the Congress party. Uttarakhand Elections will be held on 15th February, 2017.

    23 February 2017

  • Uttarakhand registers 68% voter turnout in 2017 elections

    As voting in 69 constituencies of Uttarakhand Elections 2017 came to an end, the state marked a voter turnout of 68%. It is to be noted that the turnout this year was greater than that of the previous general assembly elections held in 2012 when the registered voter turnout was calculated to be 66.8%.

    This year, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been fighting tooth and nail to overthrow Congressman and Chief Minister Harish Rawat who has a series of corruption charges against him. Karnaprayag is the only constituency out of the 70 that will witness voting on March 9. The election in this constituency was postponed because of the demise of Kuldeep Singh Kanwasi, a BSP candidate who passed away recently in an accident. Deputy speaker of Uttarakhand Assembly Anusuya Prasad Maikhuri will be contesting from Karnaprayag which is touted to be an important constituency.

    The arrangements of security have been increased in the state and special arrangements have been made in the areas that share borders with Nepal. Rawat has contested against BJP candidate Swami Yatishwaranand from Garhwal's constituency Haridwar Rural. He banked his votes on Dalit and Muslim voters of the city, which is known for its various pilgrimage sites. The Congress has been accused by the BJP of turning Uttarakhand to the land of corruption.

    20 February 2017

  • Gairsain to become Uttarakhand state capital

    The BJP has pledged to declare the village of Gairsain as the summer capital of Uttarakhand if it is elected during the upcoming Uttarakhand Elections. Gairsain is a small village located in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district. During the agitation for statehood in 90’s this village was considered an ideal choice as the capital of Uttarakhand as it could best represent the hilly state. The Congress held a cabinet meeting and a two-day assembly session at Gairsain and November 17th and 18th last year to show its commitment to the proposed state capital.

    16 February 2017

  • Uttarakhand CM Releases 9 Point Agenda For Polls

    The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Mr. Harish Rawat, has released a 9-point vision document, which is believed to be the precursor to his party’s poll manifesto. The 9 points include the creation of a new ministry to cater to the needs of armed forces veterans and free smartphones to all youth of the state.

    Many of his opponents have criticised the agenda, claiming it to be pure politicking on his part in an attempt to flag the fading fortunes of the Congress party.

    The agenda also lists a proposal that would provide all unemployed individuals with a monthly stipend of Rs.2,500. Another aim is to ensure at least one member of each household be gainfully employed in a government job by 2020.

    8 February 2017

  • Candidate List for Uttarakhand Polls Released by BJP

    The BJP has released the list of candidates who will be contesting the upcoming Assembly Elections in Uttarakhand. Elections will take place on February 15, 2017 in the currently Congress-ruled hill state. Among the names featured on the list are the 9 recent defections from the Congress.

    There was some disagreement among BJP leaders regarding assigning constituencies to the rebel Congress MLA’s, as they fear the BJP’s chances will be sabotaged. In addition, all incumbent MLA’s will be allowed to contest elections from their respective constituencies.

    The list released contains candidates who will be contesting elections for around 62 out of the 70 constituencies in the state, with the rest to be released at a later date.

    19 January 2017

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