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Voter ID is an important document that an Indian citizen uses to cast vote. It also works as an identity document. Voters who discover that their name has been misspelt or is incorrect in the list can have it amended by following a simple procedure. They have introduced both online and offline application forms and processes as part of this process. All applicants must do is fill out an application form and send it together with supporting documentation to the electoral office. The following is a comprehensive list of guidelines.

Online Voter Card Correction

Steps for Voter ID Card Correction Online

Individuals who find that their voter ID card has incorrect information pertaining to their name can get it changed online by following a simple procedure, as highlighted below:

  1. Log onto the official website dedicated to providing services to voters, the National Voters Services Portal by clicking here.
  2. Navigate to the section titled “Correction of entries in electoral roll” and click on it.
  3. A new page opens up. Click on “Form 8” in the page.
  4. This will direct you to the actual page wherein you can request for voter card correction.
  5. Enter the following details in the form.Enter the following details in the form. State and Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency to which you belong. Name, part number of electoral roll, serial number, gender, and age. Provide details about your family, including the name of your father/mother/husband.
  6. Enter your complete address.
  7. If you have a voter ID card which has been issued, provide details like the card number, date when it was issued, the state where it was issued, and the constituency it was issued for.
  8. Once these details are entered you will have to upload documents which support them. These include your latest photograph, a valid ID and address proof.
  9. Next, choose the details which need to be corrected/changed. In this particular case you will have to click on the tab which says “My Name” in order to ensure that the procedure changes only the name in your voter ID.
  10. Enter the place you are making a request from (city).
  11. Mention the date on which this request to correct the name in your voter ID is being made.
  12. Provide your contact information (mobile number, email ID).
  13. Verify the information provided by you and click the “Submit” tab.

The ECI will verify the information and incorporate the relevant changes if all information is accurate.

Online process to change or correct name in voter id card

The Election Commission of India has introduced an online application process to change or edit names in a voter’s ID card. The process is listed below:

  1. Visit the website of the Chief Election Officer for your state, where you will find online nvsp forms.
  2. Fill in nvsp Form 8, the form for application to change name in the electoral roll.
  3. Once you have filled in the form, upload the documents required- for change of name, upload official proof such as copy of the government gazette.
  4. For correction of name, upload a document where the name is spelled correctly, such as passport, PAN Card or any official document.
  5. Submit the nvsp form 8 and documents online.
  6. A reference number will be generated, through which you can track the status of your application online.
  7. Once submitted, your application will be processed and information verified by the electoral authorities.
  8. If the verification is successful, you will receive a notification and you can collect the voter ID card from the nearest electoral office.

Form for change or correction of name in voter id card

By completing an application form and supporting papers, you can modify or correct your name as it appears on your voter's ID card. The form to be submitted is Form 8, which can be found on the website of your state's Chief Electoral Officer. It's also available at all of the country's election offices. You can alternatively fill out and submit the form online, which is available on the website of your state's/Union Territory's Chief Electoral Officer. You'll need to supply information including your name and contact information, as well as your voter ID card number, constituency information, and any papers that reference the changed or corrected name.

In how many days voter ID card gets corrected through Form 8?

Form 8 is the application for corrections of particular details on the electoral roll. After you download the application form, make changes and submit it, you will be able to see the changes in the next voter list.

Reason for change/correct name in voter id

A voter ID card is a document that can be used for many purposes. Its primary aim is to serve as an identity document for an individual who is participating in the electoral process. It can also be used as proof of identity as well as proof of address for everything from buying a flight ticket to applying for a home loan or getting a credit card. This makes it a vital document that has multiple uses, making it important for individuals to ensure that all the information it contains is correct and updated.

During the course of processing the voter ID application, there could be errors in the name printed on the document. If there are any errors in your name as mentioned in your voter’s ID card, you should get the same rectified as soon as possible to avoid any difficulty later.

Individuals may also choose to change their names, with women often taking their husband’s name after marriage. This name change should be reflected in the voter’s ID card as soon as possible.

FAQ’s to Change/Correct Details in Voter ID Card

  1. Where can I apply to correct or change the details mentioned in my voter ID card?

    You can apply online on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer for your state or Union Territory to correct or change details as mentioned in your voter ID card. You can also apply offline by submitting your application at an electoral office nearest to your place of residence.

  2. Which form do I have to submit when applying to change the details mentioned in my voter ID card?

    You will have to submit Form 8, known as the ‘Application to Correct Particulars Entered in Electoral Roll’. The form can be downloaded online from the website of the state Chief Electoral Officer or a copy can be collected from any electoral office.

  3. What documents do I have to submit when applying to correct details mentioned in my voter ID card?

    If you are applying for a correction in details, you have to submit the following documents:

    1. Form 8, filled in and signed.
    2. Official document containing the changed or corrected name/other details (such as government gazette copy, passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate).
  4. Can I track the status of my application to change the details mentioned in my voter ID card?

    Yes, you can track the voter id status of your application to change details in your voter ID card. Type in the reference number allotted to you when you submitted your application (either offline or online). You can track the application status online through the website of the Chief Electoral Officer for your state/union territory.

  5. Is there a fee to be paid when applying to change my details on my voter ID card?

    There is a nominal fee to be paid when applying for a change in details on your voter ID card, which is payable when submitting the application.

  6. What do I do with my old voter ID card once I have applied for a new one with the changed information?

    You will have to surrender your old voter ID card with the incorrect information when you collect your new voter ID card.

  7. How long will it take for me to receive my new voter ID card with the updated information?

    It generally takes between 2 to 3 weeks to receive your voter ID card after submitting an application to change or correct details.

  8. How do I submit documentary proof when applying online to change or correct details in my voter ID card?

    You can upload scanned copies of documentary proof (such as passport copy, PAN card, and marriage certificate or government gazette) when applying online to change or correct details in your voter ID card.

  9. Are there any additional costs associated when applying to change or correct information on my voter ID card?

    There are no additional costs other than the application fee when applying for a change in details in your voter ID card.

  10. Will I have to surrender my old voter ID card as I have applied to make corrections in it?

    There is no need to surrender your old voter ID card once you have applied to correct or change details in it as a fresh card will be issued to you.


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