• New Provision for Verification with Aadhar Card For Online Income Tax Filing

    The income tax department sends out circulars about the upcoming upgrades in the income tax filing system in India. One such circular was sent out everywhere with a fine new upgrade. The circular that had been dated April 15, 2015, introduced a new provision for income tax filing. We all are well aware that the Aadhar card often comes to our aid as an identification or verification proof for official documentations, whether at a bank or during election. Now, the aadhaar card no. can be used for the purpose of verification, when you are filing your income tax returns online. This is an initiative by CBDT which is a government taxation wing. This new provision also makes more sense since people will not have to send the ITR-V separately. Such a provision makes the income tax filing process a little less tedious for the common man in the country.

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    So, if you are taxpayer. which you probably are and are filing your income tax returns online, you will be delighted to know that you do not have to take the extra hassled of send a hard copy acknowledgement by regular post to the CPC in Bangalore which was required of us earlier, with a simple and effective condition. The condition is simply using your aadhar card for verification of the online income tax returns filing. But there is more to it.

    How Is Verification Through Aadhar Card Done For Online Filing of Income Tax Returns?

    This particular circular has some brand new additions which includes a completely automated verification process against the manual one. It has introduced something called the, ‘Electronic Verification Code’, which has been initiated for the purpose of verification of the e-returns. So, this works like your online payment system. Here is how: You enter your aadhar card no., which detects your assigned phone number with the card. An OTP a.k.a. One Time Password is sent to your phone in the form of a simple text. All you have to do, is key in that OTP as the electronic verification code. Once done your verification process is taken care of.

    What Has Been Taken Care of: ITRV1?

    Before this cool new verification process was launched, as mentioned before, people had to mail an acknowledgement by post when filing their e-file tax returns. This was followed further with another copy within a span of 120 days, to the CPC office in Bangalore. The verification process was available online but it was different and highly restricted. People only who had their signatures registered could get the verification process done online. Now, I am a lot us find this absolutely cumbersome, with millions of taxpayers finding it absolutely overwhelming of manually sending the form. Not only was it hassling but it was not at all robust. Several taxpayers have experienced an anomaly which became very common: the IT department notified some people who had mailed their acknowledgements, that it was not received by the department yet. Manual errors were also detected again causing distress for the taxpayer.

    What If you Don’t Have An Aadhar Card?

    The process now is way more simpler and efficient. Filing the tax returns online automatically will send a one time password for verification on their registered mobile number. This has to be used for verification on the website of tax department. Hence, the process of verification would be completed. Incase someone does not have an Aadhar card assessee can send the physical documents to CPC, Bangalore. However for people who enjoy the conventional ways can send their documents even if he/she have aadhar card. This privilege hence is only meant for people with Aadhar cards.

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