NSC Application Form from Post Office

National Savings Certificates (NSC) come as two variants namely the Issue VIII and Issue IX. The application form for both of these variants. The application form is called Form 1, Form A or NC-71. This form can be downloaded from the post office website.

There are various forms that can be utilized for applying, transferring, nominating, withdrawal and completing other tasks related with your NSC account. These forms are available in the official website of the post office. The forms can be downloaded, filled and submitted as per requirements.

NSC application forms

NSC Issue VIII: To apply for a National Savings Certificate, you need to fill up the application form, called Form A, Form 1 or NC-71 interchangeably. This form is primarily meant for applying to NSC Issue VIII as the Issue IX is a relatively new product that came into existence in the early 2010s and doesn’t have a separate form of its own.

NSC Issue IX

There is no separate form for applying for the Issue IX and a modified version of Form 1 can be used to apply for the longer duration certificates.

NSC application form can be downloaded online from the official post office website. The form is available as NC-71 and can be downloaded in PDF format. The NSC post office form is a small document that asks for basic information about the investment such as name, amount, mode of payment, nominee details etc.

NSC transfer forms

There are two types of NSC transfer forms:

  • NC-32: The NC-32 is to be used for transferring a certificate from one post office to another.
  • NC-34: This form is to be used for transferring a certificate from one person to another, except for the case where the NSC has to be transferred as a form of pledge.
  • NC-41: NSC transfer form for pledging the certificate as security, such as using the certificate as collateral for loans.

These forms are compact and ask for few information such as name, new post office/holder’s name and particulars of the certificate as well as nomination details. Form NC-34 also has a section for declaration by the transferee(s).

NSC nomination forms

Nomination form: You need to provide details of nominees when filling up application forms or transfer forms for different NSC issues. However, if you had not filled the name of nominees while purchasing a certificate, you need to fill in Form NC-51 also called Form 2. This form cannot be used for nominating people for a minor-oriented certificate. Also, more than 1 persons can be nominated only if the NSC certificate denomination is more than Rs.500.

Cancellation or modification of nomination:

Nominations made can be cancelled or modified by filling up NC-53 also called Form 3.

NSC duplicate certificate form

In case the original NSC certificate has been lost, misplaced, spoiled or mutilated, a new duplicate certificate can be issued on satisfying all criteria. Investors will also be required to produce an FIR denoting that the original certificate has been lost or stolen. At the time of redemption, the duplicate certificates can only be used in the post office where the NSC certificate was issued.

  • NC-29: This form is to be used for issuance of a duplicate certificate when the original certificate has been lost, misplaced, spoiled or mutilated.
  • NC-54 (a): This is a Bond of Indemnity form which has to be submitted alongside form NC-29 at the time of application for a duplicate form.
  • NC-54 (b): This is a Bond of Indemnity form along with a Bank Guarantee that should be submitted alongside NC-29 when applying for a duplicate form.
  • NC-61: This Bond of Indemnity has to be executed when the original certificates are to be discharged, or in case of issuance of duplicate certificate if the original has been lost, misplaced, spoilt, destroyed, defaced or mutilated. This form has to be submitted if the original certificate is missing when executing them.

NSC claim form

In case an individual wants to redeem the certificate, he or she needs to produce the following to the post office:

  • NSC certificate in original
  • Identity proof
  • NSC encashment/redemption form available at the post office
  • Signature behind the certificate notifying that the amount has been received

For encashment by minors who have turned adults, they need to sign the certificate along with the signature of a guardian or person known to the postmaster.

In case of death of the certificate holder, nominees may encash the deposit by using the following forms:

  • Annexure 1: This form is to be submitted when claiming the settlement for an NSC certificate where the nomination has been registered with the post office.
  • Annexure 2: This form is to be submitted in case the claim is to be settled on legal evidence of heirship.

Online application for NSC

The post office currently does not allow online application for NSCs. However, you can still download the forms online and submit them at the nearest post office.

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