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    Daily Diesel Rates
    Date Diesel ( / liter)
    12 Dec 2018 ₹ 70.24
    11 Dec 2018 ₹ 70.24
    10 Dec 2018 ₹ 70.47
    09 Dec 2018 ₹ 71.26
    08 Dec 2018 ₹ 71.26
    07 Dec 2018 ₹ 71.26
    06 Dec 2018 ₹ 71.71
    05 Dec 2018 ₹ 72.17
    04 Dec 2018 ₹ 72.17
    03 Dec 2018 ₹ 72.47

    Diesel Price in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad, one of the metropolitan cities in India, is the capital city of two states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. After the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh from Telangana, Hyderabad became part of the latter state.

    With the increasing number of people migrating, the city has been experiencing an increase in the number of private vehicles especially two wheelers and four wheelers. In just five years, the number of vehicles plying on the city roads increased manifold.

    Public transport in Hyderabad is composed of state-run diesel buses, autos run on diesel/CNG, private cabs and a sub urban rail line.

    Fuel consumption, especially diesel consumption in the city is likely to be high with most of the public transport vehicles depending on diesel.

    The city has enough number of fuel stations majorly operated by state-owned fuel companies such as Indian oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum.

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    Factors Affecting Diesel Rate in Hyderabad

    Diesel Price in Hyderabad, similar to other Indian cities, is composed of various components.

    The primary components that make up the diesel price include price of crude oil bought from international market and the US dollar to Indian rupee exchange rate.

    Diesel is typically bought in its crude form from the international oil companies in barrels. Each barrel is equivalent to 159 litres of oil.

    The base price of diesel thus includes the rate of a litre of diesel, calculated from the barrel price, along with the freight charges. Therefore, whenever there is a fluctuation in the global crude oil price, the retail selling price of diesel in India changes.

    As oil trading usually happens in US dollars, any change in the dollar to rupee exchange rate would impact the diesel price in Hyderabad.

    The other prime factors that would impact the diesel rate are the state and central taxes levied by the respective governments. While the central government charges excise duty on diesel, which is same across the states, the state government levies value added tax (VAT), which is different for different states.

    Whenever there is a change in the tax rate, the diesel price will get affected. For instance, the recent excise duty cut on diesel by the central government reduced the price of diesel in Hyderabad, along with other Indian cities, by Rs. 2/Lt, effective from 4 October 2017.

    Similarly any fluctuation in VAT, as decided by specific state governments, will also affect the diesel price.

    Other factors that would marginally impact the diesel price are the dealer’s margin, fuel transportation charges, oil company’s profits and other charges like cess.

    Diesel Price Trend in Hyderabad between July and September 2018

    July August September
    Opening date price Rs.73.24 a litre Rs.73.93 a litre Rs.76.60 a litre
    Closing date price Rs.73.80 a litre Rs.76.42 a litre Rs.81.35 a litre
    Highest price Rs.74.47 a litre Rs.76.42 a litre Rs.81.35 a litre
    Lowest price Rs.73.24 a litre Rs.73.93 a litre Rs.76.60 a litre
    Trend Upward Upward Upward
    % Change +0.76% +3.36% +6.20%

    Diesel Price Trend in Hyderabad in July 2018

    • Instead of revising fuel prices once a fortnight, the oil selling entities will reprice both diesel and petrol every day and announce the revised fuel rates at 06:00 am.
    • As India imports crude oil or unrefined oil from the overseas market, dynamic fuel pricing ponders the selling price of crude oil and the INR-USD exchange rate.
    • For all the 31 days of July 2018, dynamic fuel pricing was used to review diesel rate at all the diesel supply centers in Hyderabad, the common capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
    • Diesel prices neither reduced nor stayed stable in the first half of July. Instead, they kept increasing since the dollar gained versus the currency of India.
    • In the last fifteen days, the fuel rate showed a mixed reaction since the crude oil price and the exchange rate were highly volatile. Even though diesel rates have increased in July, the growth rate was minimal.
    • The lowest price stood at Rs.73.24 a litre. It was also the opening date price for the month. Other prime cities in Andhra Pradesh have also reported the same trend.

    Diesel Rate Trend in Hyderabad in August 2018

    • Diesel price movements were interesting to notice in August 2018 since the pricing strategy of the oil companies was completely different.
    • State-run oil retailing enterprises increased the price of diesel by 13 paise per litre on 2 August and 10 paise a litre on 3 August.
    • This month also, the price of crude oil slid. But, no impact was seen on the pricing of diesel. Under dynamic fuel pricing, fuel price was Rs.74.55 per litre and the commodity continued to retail at the same price until the completion of the second week.
    • In August 2018, the price of diesel was also stable at Rs.75.30 per litre, Rs.75.22 per litre and Rs.74.94 a litre.
    • The opening and closing date prices stood at Rs.73.93 a litre and Rs.76.42 per litre. We can notice a price rise of Rs.3.50 per litre in August 2018.
    • The revision of the central tax and the sales tax has a direct impact on fuel rates. But, these two forms of taxes were not revised.

    Diesel Price Trend in Hyderabad in September 2018

    • Fuel pricing is currently controlled by the OMCs, which can either decrease or increase the fuel price. Sometimes, they can retain the same price.
    • In July and August, the trends were not alike despite a fall in the crude oil rate and the dollar-rupee rate.
    • Even in this month, diesel prices in the city of Hyderabad were on an upward trend until the last day.
    • Fuel consumers and even the political leaders voiced their concerns related to expensive diesel and petrol. The Bharat Bandh was successful in Hyderabad on 10 September.
    • Compared to July and August, the speed at which the rates of diesel went up has been higher in September. This is because of the degree of downfall in the price of petroleum per barrel.
    • While the growth rate in July was 0.76% and 3.36% in August, the growth rate in September was higher than the previous two months.
    • Diesel rate in Hyderabad increased by Rs.8 per litre this quarter. In other prime Indian cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Gujarat, the fuel retailing companies increased the price by Rs.8 per litre.
    • The price offered on the last day of September 2018 was the highest fuel rate for the whole quarter. Likewise, the price offered on the first day of July was the lowest fuel price for the same period.
    • Fuel marketing companies, while revising the price, also take into account the changes in refining costs, OMC costs, the commission charged by dealers, etc.
    • All these domestic influencers were steady in July, August and September.

    Note: In India, the price of Indian crude oil is taken into account for revising the prices of both diesel and petrol.

    Quarterly Diesel Price Trend in Hyderabad Between April and June 2018

      April 2018 May 2018 June 2018
    Opening date price Rs.70.16 a litre Rs.71.63 a litre Rs.75.26 a litre
    Closing date price Rs.71.63 a litre Rs.75.31 a litre Rs.73.24 a litre
    Highest price Rs.71.67 a litre registered on 24th Rs.75.38 a litre registered on 29th Rs.75.26 a litre registered on 1st
    Lowest price Rs.70.16 a litre registered on 1st Rs.71.63 a litre registered on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Rs.73.24 a litre registered on 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th
    Trend Upward Upward Downward
    %Change +2.10% +5.14% -2.68%
    Diesel Price Trend in Hyderabad

    Diesel Price Trend in Hyderabad in April 2018

    • On the 1st of the month, diesel was supplied at Rs.70.16 per litre, this was also the lowest diesel price of the month.
    • Diesel prices remained steady during the first week with an average price of Rs.78 per litre. State-run oil companies continued to revise diesel prices under the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ mechanism.
    • By mid-April, diesel prices in Hyderabad increased by 27 paise per litre in tandem with the rise in the global crude oil price.
    • The highest diesel price in the month stood at Rs.71.63 per litre registered on the 24th of the month.
    • By the end of the month, diesel prices reflected an upward trend of 2.10% mainly influenced by the slight increase in the crude oil price.

    Diesel Price Trend in Hyderabad in May 2018

    • The diesel price in Hyderabad on 1st stood at Rs.71.63 a litre, kept unchanged from the previous day.
    • Fuel companies kept diesel prices unchanged till the 11th of the month due to the steady rate of crude oil prices in the global market. This price was also the lowest diesel price recorded for the month.
    • Post the 11th, diesel prices were increased as the crude oil rate inclined significantly.
    • With the crude oil rate touching $80 per barrel, diesel prices touched a new high of Rs.71.63 per litre in Hyderabad as well as other cities in the country, which is also registered as the highest diesel price of the month.
    • Diesel prices are influenced by the external factors such as the crude oil and the currency exchange rate, while internal factors include taxes, profit margin and operational cost of oil companies as well as a commission to dealers.
    • The rise in diesel prices during May 2018 was not influenced by internal factors, but that of external factors.
    • The considerable incline in crude oil rate is attributed to geopolitical tensions of a possible trade war between the US and China.
    • By the end of the month, diesel prices grew by 5.14% largely impacted by the significant rise in crude oil rates.

    Diesel Price Trend in Hyderabad in June 2018

    • With the concerns over the potential trade war between the US and China declining, crude oil prices slightly fell and thereby diesel prices were reduced by oil companies.
    • On the 1st of June 2018, diesel was sold at Rs.75.26 per litre in Hyderabad, a reduction of 7 paise per litre compared to the preceding day.
    • The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its key ally Russia decided to meet on 22nd to address the concerns of a rising crude oil price.
    • Diesel prices in the second and third week declined marginally and fell by Rs.1.59 per litre by the 20th of the month.
    • The OPEC and Russia agreed to increase the output of crude oil to increase the supply to tackle the rise in fuel prices across the globe.
    • By the end of the month, diesel prices declined to its lowest at Rs.73.24 per litre which was kept unchanged for the last four days of the month.
    • Overall, the diesel price trend in Hyderabad in June 2018 reflected a downward trend of 2.68% largely due to the increase in output and the decline in concerns over a potential US-China trade war.

    Trend in Diesel Price in Hyderabad between January 2018 and March 2018

      January February March
    Opening date price Rs.64.92 per litre Rs.69.63 per litre Rs.67.68 per litre
    Closing date price Rs.69.53 per litre Rs.67.50 per litre Rs.69.97 per litre
    Highest price Rs.69.53 per litre registered on 31 Rs.69.75 per litre registered on 6 and 7 Rs.69.97 per litre registered on 31
    Lowest price Rs.64.92 per litre registered on 1 Rs.67.49 per litre on 25 Rs.67.68 per litre registered on 1
    Trend Increasing Decreasing Increasing
    % Deviation 7.10% up 3.05% down 3.38% up

    Trend in Diesel Price in Hyderabad in January 2018

    • The lowest and opening date prices stood at Rs.64.92 a litre at Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum and Indian Oil, which later on hiked the fuel rate pondering the movements in the crude oil price and the currency translation ratio.
    • Every day, a revised price offer was made in Hyderabad and it is something unusual to observe. The growth rate in the fuel price was 0.92% in the week 1, 2.38% in the second week, 1.75% in the third week, and 1.62% in the week 4.
    • This steady growth rate ought to be attributed to the constant crude oil’s demand and the major variations in the USD/INR exchange rate.
    • The highest rate was logged at Rs.69.53 a litre on 31 since the fuel uninterruptedly gained the value for 30 days this month.
    • The Government of India retained the same level of excise duty in January 2018. Moreover, the VAT on diesel was also retained unaffected at 28.60% a litre in the city.
    • Transnationally, no production cuts were declared by oil-producing nations due to poor weather conditions or maintenance. Crude oil was distributed at the anticipated level to oil-importing nations, including India.

    Trend in Diesel Rate in Hyderabad in February 2018

    • On 31 January, the crude oil rate (Indian Basket) was $66.40 per barrel that further enlarged to $66.03 per barrel on 8 February. Therefore, the fuel reached its highest price at Rs.69.75 a litre on 7 February.
    • Fascinatingly, the diesel rate stirred downwards continually until the end of the month in sync with the falling crude oil rates and a gaining USD.
    • Within the first 15 days, a 4.17% drop in the crude oil cost led the diesel rate to diminish to Rs.68.77 a litre. The move was slightly affected by the disparities in the exchange rate as well.
    • Even though the BJP-led Government declared the Union Budget on 1 for the FY 2018-2019, the opening date price of Rs.69.93 a litre was announced under dynamic fuel pricing, a fuel price revision system adopted in India on 16 June 2017.
    • As the cost of crude oil (Indian Basket) dropped to $63.27 per barrel from $65.04 per barrel in the week 4, the month ended with the lowest price of Rs.64.29 a litre.
    • No domestic forces should be accounted for a price drop of 3.05% this month. The central tax on diesel remained unchanged at Rs.15.33 per litre and also the VAT at 28.60% in Hyderabad.

    Trend in Diesel Rate in Hyderabad in March 2018

    • The USD/INR conversion rate as of 1 March was Rs.65.24 and was down 0.53% to Rs. 64.89 as of 7 March. Thus, within the first week, the fuel rate jumped to Rs.68.45 per litre.
    • Between 8 and 18, the diesel rates have steadily fallen in sync with the Indian Basket average price of crude oil, which decreased to $62.04 per barrel on 14.
    • On 21, it rebounded to $65.08 per barrel. As a result, the fuel companies once again commenced mounting the offer, which reached to Rs.68.37 a litre on 22.
    • Since the crude oil price soared to $66.03 per barrel towards the end of the month, the month closed with the highest price offer of Rs.69.97 a litre on 31.
    • The growth rate in March slid to 3.38% from 7.10%, which was logged in January, primarily due to the decreased cost price of WTI Crude Oil and Brent Crude Oil.
    • The effect of the INR/USD exchange ratio was minimal throughout the quarter but not negligible. A fuel price rise in January and March or a fuel price downfall in February was not triggered by the domestic factors, which were constant.

    Diesel Price in Hyderabad Compared to Other Metro Cities

    Diesel price in Hyderabad is the highest among other metros in the country including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

    The high diesel price in the city can be directly attributed to the high tax levied by the Telangana state government compared to other metro states.

    State Taxes and Diesel Price in Hyderabad

    As discussed earlier, state government levies VAT on diesel and other petroleum products.

    As of October 2017, Telangana government charges 27% VAT on diesel and the same is applicable in the city of Hyderabad.

    Compared to the other states, VAT charged by Telangana government is apparently high as it still collects the entry tax on diesel, which is part of VAT, even after the implementation of goods and services tax (GST) in India.

    As per the new GST regime, all the taxes levied by state and central governments including entry tax should be abolished on all products/services. Neighbouring state governments like Karnataka abolished entry tax on diesel and petrol soon after GST has been implemented.

    However, Telangana government is reportedly charging 8% entry tax, even after it was abolished, leading to high diesel prices in the state.

    How often Diesel Prices are Revised in Hyderabad

    Diesel prices in Hyderabad, just like in any other Indian city, are revised on a daily basis. Also known as dynamic fuel pricing, the new fuel pricing system came into effect in India in June 2017. Prior to dynamic fuel pricing, diesel rates were revised once in 15 days.

    Daily revision of diesel prices is to align the retail selling price of diesel in India to the international markets. This ensures even the slightest reduction in oil prices reach the end customer on a daily basis.

    As per the new regulation, diesel prices in Hyderabad will be updated at all the petrol pumps by 6 a.m. every morning. The same will be displayed high at the fuel stations.

    While the automated fuel stations get an auto update of diesel prices, the non-automated stations have to do it manually by fetching the same details from the oil company’s websites or mobile applications.

    Customers can get the daily revised diesel price by downloading the mobile apps of respective oil companies. For instance, IOCL has an app called Fuel@IOC, BP’s app is called SmartDrive, and for HP, it is MYHPCL.

    Effect of GST on Hyderabad Diesel Price

    Following the implementation of GST in India, many are apprehensive about the petrol and diesel prices as we Indians are already spending much on petrol and diesel compared to other countries.

    The good news is that there is no effect of GST on the diesel price in Hyderabad. And the bad news is that diesel prices would have come down if the commodity is taxed under GST.

    In other words, diesel along with other petroleum products are currently kept outside the purview of the new tax regime. Hence, they are still being charged as per the old tax, which includes both central and state taxes.

    To keep it simple, the effect of GST on diesel in Hyderabad for now is nil. If it is brought under GST in future, the price of diesel is likely to come down as the combined state and central taxes are more than the highest tax charged under GST.

    Diesel Rate versus Petrol Rate in Hyderabad

    Diesel price in Hyderabad is lesser than the petrol price due to less amount of tax being levied on diesel compared to its counterpart.

    Currently, the central excise duty on diesel is Rs. 15.33/Lt and that on petrol is Rs. 19.48/Lt. Also VAT levied on diesel is 27% compared to 35.2% on petrol.

    The difference in taxation is what makes petrol dearer than petrol.

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    News About Diesel Price in Hyderabad

    • A Massive Drop in Fuel Prices as Petrol Prices Reaches Below the Rs.74 per litre Mark

      Due to the fall in prices of global crude oil, the price of petrol and diesel reached a new low on 29 November 2018. Petrol is priced at Rs.73.24 per litre in Delhi indicating a fall in price by 0.33 paise. Similarly, diesel showed a decrease in price by 0.36 paise and is currently priced at Rs.68.13 per litre. In Mumbai, the price of petrol was Rs.79.12 per litre on 28 November 2018. The price of petrol in Chennai was Rs.76.01 per litre and diesel was priced at Rs.71.95 per litre. In Kolkata, the price of diesel was Rs.75.24 per litre and petrol was priced at Rs.Rs.69.98.

      The price of fuel has been on the decline since 16 October 2018 and with this, the price of petrol has been cut by Rs.10 and price of diesel by, Rs.7.

      Globally, the price of Brent crude futures oil is also hitting new lows and was priced at $59.04 per barrel, however on 26 November 2018, the price was at $59.50 per barrel. The prices of fuel in India are dependant on various factors such as the global crude price as well as the exchange rate of the rupee and the US dollar.

      3 December 2018

    • Every litre of Diesel Costs Rs.79.19 in Mumbai

      The prices of diesel continued to skyrocket in the country as Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) hiked the rates on Monday. The prices of diesel were hiked in the range of Rs.0.8 and Rs.0.9 per litre. Following the increase, every litre of diesel cost Rs.75.46 in Delhi and Rs.79.11 in Mumbai. It needs to be mentioned that the prices of diesel have seen a sharp upward curve in the last few weeks owing to factors like high international crude oil prices, fall of rupee against the US dollar and high excise duty rates imposed by the government on fuel. While the government had cut the VAT by Rs.2.5 recently to bring down the soaring fuel prices, it has failed to provide relief to the common people as prices are being consistently hiked.

      16 October 2018

    • Maharashtra Government Says Cut in Fuel Prices Can Lead to Revenue Loss of Rs.2,200 crore

      The BJP-led Maharashtra government recently stated that it would lose revenue of around Rs.2,200 crore every year if the price of petrol and diesel is cut by even one rupee per litre. The state’s Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar who informed this stated that it was because the government had already cut the taxes on the products to check the ever-increasing prices in the state. The minister added that the state government had cut the taxes on the petrol and diesel in October last year itself while other states have started doing it now. While the minister termed the rising prices of petrol and diesel as a matter of concern, he blamed it on global factors. When it comes to the price of diesel in Maharashtra, the rates in the state falls among the eight states in the country where the rates are the highest. It needs to be mentioned that Maharashtra gets 26% in taxes from the retail sale of petrol and diesel.

      1 October 2018

    • Government of Rajasthan Reduces Value-added Tax (VAT) on Fuels, Fuel Prices to Fall by Rs.2.5 per litre

      The Government of Rajasthan has announced to cut the sales tax (value-added tax) by 4% on fuel prices. With this initiative, diesel and petrol prices are expected to fall by Rs.2.5 a litre from Monday, 10 September 2018. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje said, “Sales tax on diesel shall be reduced from 22% to 18% and on petrol from 30% to 26%. The decision of reducing sales tax is likely to cost the exchequer an amount of Rs.2,000 crore. We already decided to cut the sales tax by 4% so that we can provide some relief to the people of the state.”

      The declaration came at a critical time when the State Government of Rajasthan is gearing up for the upcoming assembly elections. Fuel rates have been on a steady rise since many days. Petrol price already crossed the Rs.80 mark in Delhi, the national capital a day before. The opposition parties had called the Bharat Bandh to protest against the increasing fuel rates. The increase in fuel rates transformed calls for a fall in central taxes. Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, remained non-committal. He just said, ‘Crude oil in international markets are very lithesome in nature.’

      11 September 2018

    • Diesel Price to Retail at Rs.68.50 per litre

      On Wednesday, 8/8/2018, diesel price per litre increased by 6 paise to Rs.68.50%, according to state-run oil marketing companies. In Delhi, the national capital of India, diesel and petrol prices shall be lower compared to Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu; Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra; and Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. Across all Indian cities, diesel prices have been increasing because of the crude oil cost. Since 30 July 2018, diesel price dropped by 88 paise per litre. On 29 May 2018, diesel price per litre was the highest.

      Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and Indian Oil Corporation Limited deployed the system of dynamic fuel pricing to review the price of both diesel and petrol. The revision of fuel prices shall be done on a daily basis based on the variations in the INR/USD exchange rate and unrefined oil prices. These global aspects will determine the trend. The higher the crude oil price, the higher is the fuel price and vice versa. Sales tax and excise duty are a major part of the retail selling price of diesel. More than 50% of the RSP goes towards taxes. As of June 2018, excise duty on diesel per litre was Rs.15.33. On diesel per litre, sales tax is the highest in the state of Telangana.

      14 August 2018

    • Fuel Enterprises to Increase Petrol Prices after 15 days

      Between 14 July and 28 July 2018, petrol prices remained unchanged. They were reduced on Saturday, 28 July 2018. On Sunday, 29 July 2018, they once again remained unchanged. Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil increased the petrol rate per litre by 9 paise to Rs.79.14 in Kolkata, which is the capital city of West Bengal; Rs.79.20 in Chennai, which is the capital city of Tamil Nadu; Rs.83.70 in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra; and Rs.76.25 in Delhi, which is the capital city of India.

      As the price of Brent crude oil increased by 1.7% in the last week, petrol prices in the domestic market accelerated. The rates of Brent futures dropped in the last week as the inventories in the United States of America fell more than estimated range and one of the vital shipping routes has been closed tentatively. US West Texas intermediate crude futures soared by 15 cents to $68.84 per barrel, while the rate of Brent crude futures dropped by 5 cents on Monday, 30 July 2018.

      2 August 2018

    • Fuel Enterprises to Increase Petrol Prices after 15 days

      Between 14 July and 28 July 2018, petrol prices remained unchanged. They were reduced on Saturday, 28 July 2018. On Sunday, 29 July 2018, they once again remained unchanged. Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil increased the petrol rate per litre by 9 paise to Rs.79.14 in Kolkata, which is the capital city of West Bengal; Rs.79.20 in Chennai, which is the capital city of Tamil Nadu; Rs.83.70 in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra; and Rs.76.25 in Delhi, which is the capital city of India.

      As the price of Brent crude oil increased by 1.7% in the last week, petrol prices in the domestic market accelerated. The rates of Brent futures dropped in the last week as the inventories in the United States of America fell more than estimated range and one of the vital shipping routes has been closed tentatively. US West Texas intermediate crude futures soared by 15 cents to $68.84 per barrel, while the rate of Brent crude futures dropped by 5 cents on Monday, 30 July 2018.

      2 August 2018

    • Steady Downfall in Diesel Prices in Metro Cities

      Fuel prices in all the major cities experienced a drop owing to the alteration in global crude oil prices. Fuel prices in India are majorly shaped by value of rupee against dollar and global crude oil prices. Moreover, the central excise duty of Rs.15.33 per litre of diesel and state-variant VAT comprise the retail price of diesel. Delhi exercises a 17.24% VAT on diesel. According to the Indian Oil Corporation, prices across the major metropolitan cities have come down by 8-11 paise. New Delhi saw a drop from yesterday’s Rs.68.08 to Rs.67.98, meanwhile the other cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata had diesel priced at Rs.72.17, Rs.71.79 and Rs.70.63 respectively. Diesel prices have been witnessing a steady downfall for the past four days.

      24 July 2018

    • Petrol and Diesel Prices Remain Steady for the Seventh Consecutive Day

      Petrol and diesel prices remained steady for the seventh consecutive day on Tuesday. State-run fuel companies kept fuel prices unchanged across most cities for the seventh straight day. In Delhi, the petrol price stands at Rs.75.55 per litre, while in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai petrol is being sold at Rs.82.94, Rs.78.23 and Rs.78.40 respectively as per Indian Oil’s website and its smartphone all ‘Fuel@IOC’. Diesel prices remained unchanged as well with the diesel being sold at Rs.67.38 per litre in Delhi, Rs.71.49 in Mumbai, Rs.69.93 in Kolkata and Rs.71.12 per litre in Chennai. Petrol prices were last revised on 26 June 2018, when oil companies reduced the fuel price in the range of 14 to 18 paise per litre, while diesel prices were cut in the range of 10 to 12 paise. Fuel prices are revised on a daily basis in India and is updated every day at 6:00 a.m.

      3 July 2018

    • Consumers Might have to Pay both GST and VAT on Diesel Prices

      Diesel is likely to be charged with the highest Goods and Service Tax (GST) slab of 28% plus the respective State’s local tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) when auto fuels are brought under the ambit of the GST. The highest GST rate along with the VAT will equal the present tax incidence, which includes the Centre’s excise duty and states VAT. However, prior to the two fuels are brought under the GST, the Central government has to decide if it’s ready to forgo nearly Rs.20,000 crore of revenue generated through current taxes. A government official said that there’s no pure GST on diesel anywhere in the globe and India too might have the combination of GST and VAT on fuels. Currently, diesel is charged Rs.15.33 a litre as excise duty and the VAT levied by the states ranges from 6% to 26% depending on the respective State.

      22 June 2018

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