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Daily Diesel Rates
Date Diesel ( / liter)
17 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.79
16 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.89
15 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.89
14 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.89
13 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.99
12 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.99
11 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.99
10 Dec 2018 ₹ 65.21
09 Dec 2018 ₹ 65.98
08 Dec 2018 ₹ 65.98

Diesel Price in Assam

Assam is an Indian state. The capital city of Assam is Dispur, a locality of Guwahati. Like other Indian states, Assam uses diesel extensively. The state is said to have a good number of diesel users. Most fuel customers not only in Assam but also in other Indian states have expressed concerns over uninterruptedly increasing diesel rates. The increased cost of unrefined oil or crude oil and heavy taxes have caused a steady rise in diesel rates, which can be controlled. According to official reports released in June 2018, the government shall reduce both diesel and petrol rates by implementing a long-run solution before the 2019 elections.

What is the Diesel Price Trend in Assam?

As we all know, a price trend of any product or service shall rely upon several factors, but the case of diesel price is different. Diesel price trends throughout India are sensitive to both indigenous and overseas elements. Assam is no different. Let’s consider Dispur to understand the price trend of diesel in Assam from January 2018 to May 2018. Diesel rate on the first day of the year was Rs.62.26 a litre. It increased to Rs.66.81 a litre on the last day of the first month, January 2018. The second month of the year began with diesel being priced at Rs.66.90 a litre, but the closing price for the moth fell to Rs.64.82 a litre.

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March 2018 started with a rate of Rs.64.93 a litre and concluded with a price of Rs.67.21 a litre. The fuel was sold at Rs.67.40 a litre on 1 April 2018 and at Rs.68.83 a litre as on 30 April 2018. Similarly, on 1 May 2018, diesel rate in the city of Dispur stood at Rs.68.83 a litre. The last day of May 2018 recoded a price of Rs.72.31 a litre. Diesel prices were increased by 6.81%, 3.39%, 2.08% and 4.81% respectively in January 2018, March 2018, April 2018 and May 2018.They were cut by 3.21% in February 2018. Between January 2018 and May 2018, at Indian Oil, the highest diesel rate was 72.37 a litre on 29 May 2019.

What is the System Followed to Revise the Diesel Price in Assam?

A few products shall be sold at the similar price for a longer period. With respect to diesel, fuel companies cannot retain the same price. Prior to 16 June 2018, diesel prices in all cities of Assam used to be steady for a period of 15 days. In other words, there used to be two revisions in a month. Since 16 June 2017, Indian fuel companies have been updating diesel rates under dynamic fuel pricing. What does it mean? Dynamic fuel pricing is defined as a fuel pricing system used to revise fuel rates (diesel and petrol rates) taking into account crude oil rates and the INR/USD exchange rate. Under this system, in lieu of revising fuel prices in Assam once a fortnight, fuel companies (Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil and Hindustan Petroleum) shall update each day at 06:00 a.m.

What are the Benefits of Dynamic Fuel Pricing?

In five cities in India, dynamic fuel pricing was tested for 40 days. Later on, it was considered as a common fuel pricing system for the whole country. Dynamic fuel pricing provides significant benefits to fuel brands and customers who are considered to be the prime industry stakeholders. Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) and Indian Oil (IOCL) are allowed to minimise their working capital, which is the net difference between liquid assets and current liabilities. They can also manage cash receipts and cash disbursements effectively. Dynamic fuel pricing makes diesel customers in Assam pay transparently fixed diesel rates.The system instantly transmits even the smallest variation in crude oil rates and the exchange rate to diesel customers in the state.

Quarterly Diesel Price Trend in Assam between July and September 2018

July August September
Opening date price Rs.70.41 per litre Rs.70.99 a litre (As of 2 August) Rs.73.42 a litre
Closing date price Rs.70.87 a litre Rs.73.42 a litre Rs.77.91 a litre
Highest price Rs.71.52 a litre Rs.73.42 a litre Rs.77.91 a litre
Lowest price Rs.70.41 a litre Rs.70.99 a litre Rs.73.42 a litre
Trend Increasing Increasing Increasing
% Change +0.65% +3.42% +6.11%

Diesel Price Trend in July in Assam

  • In all cities in Assam, the price of diesel, a widely used fuel, was fixed according to the mechanism of dynamic fuel pricing in July, the first month of the quarter.
  • Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum, which are the leading players in the Indian fuel segment, shall factor the USD’s conversion rate against the INR and a barrel’s crude oil price when revaluing diesel each day.
  • Diesel prices in Dispur, which is the capital city of Assam, had been consistent in the first four days of the month, travelled upwards between 7 July and 15 July, and moved downwards in the last few days of the month.
  • The commodity was retailed at a maximum price of Rs.71.52 on 16 July 2018 and a minimum price of Rs.70.41 a litre in the capital city of Assam.
  • As of 2 July, the price of the Indian Crude Basket was $75.89 a barrel. It slid to $73.91 per barrel on 31 July 2018. It means there was price drop of almost $2 per barrel of oil.
  • The domestic currency kept depreciating versus the base currency. Thus, diesel price in Dispur and other towns in the state produced a 0.65% rise in July.

Diesel Rate Trend in Assam in August

  • From 1 August to 31 August, the fuel corporations kept updating the price of the commodity according to the same mechanism.
  • On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of August, the retail selling price of diesel was raised at all the retail fuel stations across the state of Assam.
  • Like other states in India, diesel rates in Assam also had been consistent, especially during the second week.
  • On the closing day of the month, the fuel was purchased by paying Rs.73.42 per litre. This was the maximum price offered this month.
  • As the price of unrefined oil rebounded and the INR weakened versus the prime currency this month, diesel rates in Assam were up by over 3%. This was a big jump from the stance of fuel consumers.
  • Like July 2018, the central levy was not changed by the Central Government of India. Even the State Government of Assam did not change the state levy, which is also called the VAT.
  • Other aspects involved in the price structure of diesel such as the commission collected by dealers and OMC overheads remained unmodified.

Diesel Price Trend in Assam in September

  • In September, fuel pricing was done the way it was done in the first two months of the quarter. It cannot be changed as well.
  • On 1 September, a liter’s diesel rate stood at Rs.73.42 in the capital city of Assam. The price was almost the same in Guwahati, Jorhat, Silchar, Nagaon, etc., as of 1 September 2018.
  • It has to be noticed that the price went up by Rs.2 a litre between 1 September and 7 September across the state.
  • It was because of a drastic drop in the exchange rate of the local currency, which is the INR, against the USD, which is the prime currency.
  • In the second, third and fourth weeks of September, fuel rates in Assam were stable and also increased noticeably.
  • The growth rate jumped almost by 200% this month caused only by the external factors. The excise duty and the VAT were not revised just like the previous months.
  • The countrywide bandh, which was summoned by the opposition political parties on the 10th September, did not impact the price revision.
  • Unlike Rajasthan, Karnataka, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, the state government of Assam did not decline its tax imposed on diesel. Fuel consumers continued to fight against the Centre.
  • The Centre did not decrease the excise duty on diesel and petrol instantly since it wanted more funds.

Quarterly Diesel Price Trend in Assam between April and June 2018

April May June
  April May June
Opening date price Rs.67.40 a litre Rs.68.83 a litre Rs.72.29 a litre
Closing date price Rs.68.83 a litre Rs.72.34 a litre Rs.70.33 a litre
Highest price Rs.68.86 a litre recorded on the 24th Rs.72.41 a litre recorded on the 29th Rs.72.29 a litre recorded on the 1st
Lowest price Rs.67.40 a litre recorded on the 1st Rs.68.83 a litre recorded on the 1st Rs.70.33 a litre recorded on the 27th
Trend Upward Upward Downward
%Change +2.12% +5.09% -2.71%

Diesel Price Trend in Assam in April 2018

  • The selling price of diesel includes various cost elements such as sales tax, excise duty, the commission paid to dealers, OMC overheads, crude oil prices, etc.
  • Since June 2017, the fuel marketing companies have been revising the prices of both diesel and petrol under a system called dynamic fuel pricing.
  • Like other Indian states, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited and Indian Oil Corporation Limited reset the petrol rate per litre in the state of Assam under this system.
  • The trend is based on the movements of the crude oil price and the USD/INR exchange rate. In April 2018, diesel rates in Assam kept increasing throughout the month in synch with these two aspects.
  • During the last week of April 2018, the fuel per litre was sold at a price of Rs.68.83 in Dispur, which is the capital city of Assam.
  • If the government revises excise duty, the fuel price is reset accordingly. But, in this month, excise duty was not revised. Even sales tax in the state remained the same.
  • It clearly indicates that the domestic forces had no impact on the revision of diesel prices in Assam. Caused by the slightly increased crude oil cost per barrel, the closing date price increased to Rs.68.83 a litre from Rs.67.40 a litre.

Diesel Price Trend in Assam in May 2018

  • For this month, the opening date price stood at Rs.68.83 per litre. The same price was extended until the 11th of May 2018 caused by Karnataka state assembly election.
  • Compared to the earlier month, the growth rate in crude oil rates was higher this month. Diesel rates, therefore, started moving upwards.
  • Under dynamic fuel pricing, the fuel rate per litre stood at Rs.69.05 on the 14th. The fuel rate slowly increased to Rs.70.83 a litre on the 21st.
  • For the last week of May 2018, according to Indian Oil Corporation Limited, the average diesel rate per litre was Rs.71.73.
  • The highest fuel rate was registered on 29 May 2018. When revised on 30 May 2018, the fuel price in Assam decreased by 63 paise per litre. The closing date price increased by 56 paise per litre compared to the previous day.
  • In May 2018, the fuel companies reported an increasing trend. It was caused by the cost of unrefined oil per litre, which increased by $6 per barrel this month.
  • Fuel rates in Assam remained unaffected by domestic influencers in this month also.

Diesel Price Trend in Assam in June 2018

  • On the 1st, the selling price of diesel per litre in the city of Dispur stood at Rs.72.29. In the following day, the price slid to Rs.72.16. On 03 June 2018, the fuel price remained unchanged at Rs.72.16 per litre.
  • By the end of the second, third and fourth weeks of June 2018, diesel rates were Rs.70.82, Rs.70.68 and Rs.70.33 respectively.
  • The fuel was sold at a price of Rs.70.82 a litre on the 13th. The same price was extended by the Indian oil marketing companies on the 14th and the 16th.
  • Similarly, for the last four days of the month, the fuel was retailed at a price of Rs.70.33 per litre in the state.
  • Throughout the quarter, excise duty was charged at Rs.15.33 on diesel per litre and sales tax was levied at 22.71% on diesel per litre.
  • Though the Indian currency slightly depreciated against the currency of the USA, the pricing of diesel across the state remained unaffected by the exchange rate.
  • According to petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, in overseas markets, the rate of crude oil per barrel fell.
  • Because of this fact, diesel prices in Assam were down by 2.71 in June 2018. The downward trend was also observed in the month of February 2018.

What are the Ways to Obtain the Current Diesel Price in Assam?

The latest diesel price in parts of the state can be gotten using any of the following options:

  • Mobile applications such as SmartDrive, Fuel@IOC and My HPCL can be used. SmartDrive is offered by BPCL whereas Fuel@IOC by IOCL. HPCL offers My HPCL.
  • Visit the website of your favorite fuel brand and spot a tab called Pump Locator.
  • Send an SMS request following the prescribed format.

What is the Procedure Followed to Assess the Diesel Rate in Assam?

Diesel is priced by fuel enterprises. Diesel price is the sum of the overall amount of expenditures incurred by fuel companies, taxes, dealer commission, crude oil costs and pollution cess. If crude oil costs, taxes and OMC expenses are Rs.21 a litre, 30 a litre and Rs.10 a litre respectively, the cost of a litre of diesel is Rs.61. Taxes include excise, which is collected by the Central Government; and VAT, which is charged by the State Government of Assam. Until June 2018, excise duty was Rs.15.33 a litre and VAT was 22.71% on a litre in Assam. The NAD Government, which was formed in the year 2014, has revised the central tax (excise duty) many times.

What are the Factors Impacting Diesel Price in Assam?

Diesel price in Assam is impacted by crude oil expenses, excise duty, the exchange rate, Value-added Tax, production cuts in crude oil-exporting nations, seasonal variations, international politics, demand for crude oil, etc. let’s understand how these elements can impact the pricing of diesel, a widely used fuel across the globe. Current fuel rates in Assam will increase when the USD falls against the local currency. They will also increase if the Central Government increase excise duty. Similarly, fuel prices in Assam will fall if the USD gains against the domestic currency. The same result is expected when oil marketing countries unveil a production cut.

Does GST Impact The Diesel Price in Assam?

GST, which stands for Goods and Services Tax, has no impact on diesel rate in the state. It is because of the exclusion of diesel from the GST rule. As we all know, GST was enforced in the year 2017 to subsume various types of indirect levies. The revenues collected by imposing taxes on diesel and petrol make a big difference to the financial health of India. If the government decides to collect GST on petrol and diesel at 28%, diesel price in Assam and other states will dampen by a huge margin. Eventually, it falls short of revenues.

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News about Diesel Price In Assam

  • Fuel Prices Continue to Tumble and Petrol Hits its Lowest since February

    Petrol prices were brought down by state-owned oil companies and continued on the trend of fuel price cuts seen during the last few weeks. In Delhi, petrol prices went down by Rs.71.72 per litre - a Rs.0.21 per litre drop - and went down to its lowest levels since the February of this year. Rates fell in other cities in the country as well with the fuel trading at Rs.74.41 per litre in Mumbai, Rs.74.41 per litre in Chennai, and Rs.73.75 per litre in Kolkata.

    Fuel prices have been on a roller-coaster ride this year, with them trading in the Rs.73 and Rs.74 limit as the year began before stabilising around May and June. This situation changed in August when crude oil prices began to rise. The situation changed through the middle of October as US President Donald Trump waived off some nations allowing them to trade with Iran. Around October, petrol prices had surged up to Rs.84 per litre in Delhi with the same in Mumbai were close to Rs.90 per litre while Thane saw petrol rates go beyond the Rs.90 per litre mark.

    6 December 2018

  • Diesel Prices Go Further Down, Reach Rs.72.31 per litre in Delhi

    Diesel prices have been on the decline for the last month or so and Monday, the 12th of November turned out to be no different. In the national capital, diesel prices were holding at Rs.72.31 per litre - a Rs.0.15 per litre drop, while in Mumbai it fell by Rs.0.16 per litre to trade at Rs.75.76 per litre.

    Fuel prices had hit their highest ever point in the country around the first week of October as crude oil prices had been rising consistently as the US sanctions were supposed to take effect. However, as oil reserves increased and as the Indian rupee mounted on a recovery, crude oil prices dropped.

    The recent fuel price declines have been a major relief for commuters around the country as it has brought down concerns regarding inflation down.

    14 November 2018

  • Diesel is Costlier Than Petrol in this State

    State-run oil companies revised fuel prices across the country based on the dynamic fuel pricing mechanism. With the revision, diesel prices breached petrol prices in Odisha. Diesel prices increased by 12 paise per litre more than that of petrol in Bhubaneshwar with diesel available at Rs.80.69 per litre, while petrol costs Rs.80.57 a litre. This is the first time diesel prices have crossed the price of petrol in Odisha. Since Odisha charges a uniform 26% VAT on both petrol and diesel as against other states where tax rates are different for both. The Centre levies excise duty while states charge local sales tax or VAT on both petrol and diesel. Prices of both the fuel have been on the rise since the last two, even touching a four-year high in September. The rise in fuel rates is being attributed to the increase in the price of crude oil in the international market and the significant decline in the exchange rate of rupee over the U.S. dollar. Oil companies include the global crude oil price and the exchange rate of rupee before fixing the retail price of petrol or diesel.

    24 October 2018

  • Diesel Prices Will Soon Hit the Century Mark, Complain Congress

    Congress, the opposing party in the Indian Parliament recently directed a taunt at the Indian government wherein it said that diesel prices will hit the century mark very soon. Fuel prices have been rising consistently for the last few weeks on the account on increasing crude prices and a falling rupee.

    Spokesperson to Congress, Abhishek Singhvi, spoke to the media and said that crude prices were at $130 per barrel during the UPA rule, fuel prices were still low. However, when crude oil prices are half of what it was, fuel prices been hitting all time-highs in the country, Singhvi said. He also spoke about Rajya Sabha member Ramdas Athawale and his remarks saying it was cruel and insensitive to the people of the country.

    He said that diesel prices are very close to hitting the century mark and further cited the highest petrol rate in two districts of Maharashtra, Rs.91 and Rs.92, he said that this is happening when crude prices are at $68 per barrel.

    3 October 2018

  • India Shouldn’t Take Knee-jerk Reaction to Fuel Price Hike

    Fuel prices have been rising consistently over the last two weeks with petrol and diesel rates hitting their highest ever rates and are soaring on a daily basis.

    The government is also been pressured by opposition parties led by Congress to lower the taxes on fuel and also bring it under the ambit of the GST.

    However, Dharmendra Pradhan, Petroleum Minister, has something else to say. He says that the country shouldn’t take knee-jerk reaction, especially against something that is as volatile as crude oil prices. He further stated that the rising US dollar, and the lack of promise fulfillment from the OPEC nations and the ongoing crisis in Turkey, Iran, and Venezuela as the reason behind the hikes.

    Speaking at MOVE, a global mobility summit, Pradhan said that India is a stable and the fastest growing major economy and hence it should refrain from taking knee-jerk reaction against fuel price hike. This comes on the back of report that a Rs.2 decrease in taxes would cost the government Rs.28,000 to Rs.30,000 crore loss in revenue.

    12 September 2018

  • Petrol and Diesel Prices Hiked Across Metro Cities Today

    State-owned oil companies hiked petrol and diesel prices across metro cities on 2 August 2018 which is effective from 6:00 am IST. While petrol prices were increased by 12 paise, 13 paise, 11 paise and 13 paise in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai respectively, diesel prices were hiked by 11 paise per litre in New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, and in Chennai, the diesel price was increased by 12 paise a litre. Petrol is being retailed at Rs.76.43 per litre in New Delhi, while in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, petrol is available at Rs.79.33, Rs.83.87 and Rs.79.39 respectively. Diesel prices, on the other hand, is being sold at Rs.67.93 per litre in New Delhi, Rs.70.69 in Kolkata, Rs.72.12 in Mumbai and Rs.71.74 in Chennai. After oil prices witnessed losses over the last two days it stabilized. With trade friction between the US and China reducing, the global crude oil prices have declined marginally. India revises fuel prices on a daily basis under the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ mechanism by taking into account the international crude oil price and the currency exchange value.

    3 August 2018

  • Diesel Rates soon to Break all-time highs

    Diesel rates may soon break their all-time highs since the government is not willing to reduce taxes and the cost of crude oil increasing. On Monday, 16 July 2018, the price of diesel per litre was Rs.68.61. Since the President of United States of America has called for the tight compliance of US sanctions on Iran, improbabilities in overseas markets has gone up. Last month, the price of Indian basket was $73 per barrel whereas the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil was $75. By post November 2024, crude oil rates per barrel are expected to reach $100.

    Even though diesel rates have increased tremendously over the last few months, the government is reluctant to reduce the excise duty on diesel. In October 2017, the excise duty on diesel per litre was dampened by Rs.2 by government. So far this year, diesel rates in India have increased by Rs.8-9 a litre. The government is troubling the common people by not reducing the fuel rate. Moreover, the diesel users across the country and even the opposition party leaders have voiced their concerns about continually growing diesel rates.

    16 July 2018

  • Check out Diesel Rates Today in Different Cities

    Today, diesel rates have been lower by 10 paise. Non-branded diesel price is Rs.67.38 a litre in New Delhi, Rs.69.93 a litre in Kolkata, Rs.71.52 a litre in Mumbai and Rs.71.12 a litre in Chennai. As on 26 June 2018, diesel price in Agartala is Rs.65.59 a litre, Rs.64.78 a litre in Aizwal, Rs.67.89 a litre in Ambala, Rs.68.35 a litre in Bangalore, Rs.70.39 a litre in Bhopal, Rs.72.22 a litre in Bhubaneswar, Rs.65.43 a litre in Chandigarh, Rs.67.71 a litre in Dehradun, Rs.72.41 a litre in Gandhinagar, Rs.69.20 a litre in Gangtok, Rs.70.33 a litre in Guwahati.

    28 June 2018

  • Cheaper Diesel Rates to Boost Smuggling Activities in India

    Diesel prices in India are more compared its neighboring countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Fuel companies have been continually reporting a rise in diesel prices since the beginning of 2018. Growing diesel prices have overburdened the commoner and industrial customers. The difference between the diesel price in India and its neighboring nations is huge. Thus, there exists an opportunity for fuel smugglers to make a good amount of money.

    According to a recent report, diesel is being smuggled from Bhutan from the people living in the border areas of Assam. Likewise, the people living in the border areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have started smuggling diesel from Nepal, the closest neighboring country. The ruling government has to bring down fuel prices in India by implementing both short-term and long-term solutions.

    29 May 2018

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