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Daily Diesel Rates
Date Diesel ( / liter)
17 Dec 2018 ₹ 63.21
16 Dec 2018 ₹ 63.31
15 Dec 2018 ₹ 63.31
14 Dec 2018 ₹ 63.31
13 Dec 2018 ₹ 63.4
12 Dec 2018 ₹ 63.4
11 Dec 2018 ₹ 63.4
10 Dec 2018 ₹ 63.6
09 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.33
08 Dec 2018 ₹ 64.33

Diesel Price in Jammu

Diesel price in Jammu, the largest city in north-western Indian, is made-up of various elements, both domestic and international. A few elements affect diesel price in the city on a daily basis, while some others may not show continues affect. In whichever case, diesel rate in Jammu, just like in other Indian cities, changes on a daily basis. Continue reading to know why the price changes every day and how the price is computed.

Various Elements of DieselPricing in Jammu

Diesel pricing in Jammu, just like in any other Indian cities, is composed of various domestic and international elements. International elements include crude oil price in the global market and Indian rupee to dollar exchange rate. Domestic elements include state and central government taxes, profit margins of oil marketing companies and dealers commission. Let’s us look at each and every element in detail.

  • Crude Oil Prices: More than 70% of India’s crude oil requirements are imported from other countries. Hence, the price of crude oil in the international market becomes the base price of diesel in Jammu.

The crude purchased by Indian oil marketing companies (OMCs) is known as Indian crude basket. The price of Indian crude basket varies every day with respect to international crude oil price. Since crude oil price forms the base price of diesel price in India, any change in the price of Indian crude basket would affect diesel price.

  • Currency Exchange Rate: Currency exchange rate is another factor that affects diesel price in Jammu on a daily basis. As crude oil is typically traded in US dollars, Indian rupee to US dollar exchange rate plays a key role in deciding every day’s diesel price in India. Whenever the value of rupee declines against US dollar, the price of diesel at domestic level increases and vice versa.
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  • State Level Taxes on Diesel: One of the elements that affect diesel price at domestic level are the taxes levied by the state government. The Jammu and Kashmir state currently collects value-added tax (VAT) of 17.12% on every litre of diesel sold in the state. Hence, the same rate is applicable to the diesel sold in Jammu city.
  • Central Government Taxes on Diesel: Similar to state government taxes, the centre also collects excise duty on every litre of diesel sold in the city. The government currently levies an excise duty of Rs.15.33 per litre of diesel. The tax rate is applicable in Jammu and all other Indian states.
  • Profit Margins of Oil Companies: After purchasing crude oil from other countries, the Indian OMCs refine it to extract diesel. They thus add refining costs and profit margins to the cost price of diesel before selling it to the petrol dealers. The element, however, does not affect diesel price in Jammu on a daily basis.
  • Dealer’s Commission: Petrol dealers purchase the refined fuel from OMCs. They then add oil transportation cost, station maintenance cost, etc., in the form of dealers commission to the cost price of diesel. The commission is usually revised once every year.

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News About Diesel Price In Jammu Today

  • Fuel Prices Continue to Rise, Subsidy cuts Fail to Have any Impact

    Fuel prices continued on its month-long upward turn on Friday as demand kept ticking up as crude oil prices continued to rise as well. In Delhi, petrol prices reach Rs.82.48 per litre - a Rs.0.12 per litre rise as demand surged while in Mumbai, prices went up by the same Rs.0.12 per litre margin to trade at Rs.87.84 per litre.

    Petrol rates in both the cities had hit Rs.85+ and Rs.90+ per litre respectively and further increases were expected. However, the central government came to the aid of the people and cut fuel prices by Rs.1.50 per litre while urging state-run oil companies to cut rates by Rs.1 per litre.

    But, events and the day-to-day increases after this has shown that the subsidy is having little effect on the rising fuel rates. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had also said that he is writing to state governments to cut Rs.2.50 VAT on fuel and soon after the announce all the BJP-led states including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Tripura, Chhattisgarh, and Tripura governments announced the rate cuts.

    A worrying news, however, is that the government will lose up to Rs.14,000 crore for every Rs.1 they cut on fuel and offer subsidy for the same.

    15 October 2018

  • Petrol Rate Increased Again After a Day’s Respite

    After a day’s respite, oil companies hiked petrol prices across four major metro cities in the country today. Petrol price has been hiked by 6 paise per litre in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, while it was increased by 7 paise a litre in Chennai. After the changes, petrol is being sold at Rs.82.22 a litre in Delhi, while in Kolkata it costs Rs.84.70. In Mumbai, petrol costs Rs.89.60 per litre - a new high in the city, while in Chennai it costs Rs.85.48. However, prices of diesel were kept unchanged today in all four major metro cities in the country. Diesel is available at Rs.73.87 a litre in Delhi, Rs.78.42 in Mumbai, Rs.75.72 in Kolkata and Rs.78.10 in Chennai. Prices vary from state to state due to local sales tax or VAT. Fuel prices are cheapest in Delhi due to lower taxes, while petrol attracts the highest tax in Mumbai. Oil companies have been hiking fuel prices as the global crude oil price have been on the rise coupled with a weak rupee, the cost of petrol has been touching new highs in the country.

    21 September 2018

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