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    ₹ 98.86
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    18 Oct 2021 ₹ 98.86
    17 Oct 2021 ₹ 98.86
    16 Oct 2021 ₹ 98.86
    15 Oct 2021 ₹ 98.86
    14 Oct 2021 ₹ 98.53
    13 Oct 2021 ₹ 98.2
    12 Oct 2021 ₹ 98.2
    11 Oct 2021 ₹ 98.2
    10 Oct 2021 ₹ 97.86
    09 Oct 2021 ₹ 97.53

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    Diesel Price in Thanjavur

    Diesel is a commodity. It is sold at a price. Unlike other commodities, diesel rate will differ in each state. For instance, diesel price in Thanjavur, a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is different from diesel price in Delhi. The difference is because of Value-added Tax. As on 27 June 2018, diesel rate in Thanjavur was Rs.71.82 a litre while in Delhi it was Rs.67.38 a lite. We can notice a price difference of Rs.3-4 per litre. On diesel per litre, VAT was 17.28% in Delhi and 24% in Tamil Nadu.

    Revision of Diesel Price in Thanjavur

    State-run fuel companies will review the rate of diesel under dynamic fuel pricing, which is a fresh mechanism used today. The mechanism will consider the variations in the exchange rate and the rate of unrefined oil on a daily basis. According to changes, a new price will be released at 06:00 a.m. The revision of fuel rates is done automatically at automated fuel stations. It has to be done manually at non-automated fuel stations. This is the reason why the price of diesel in the city of Thanjavur is changing every day. For instance, on 24 June 2018, diesel rate in Thanjavur was Rs.71.99 a litre. On 25 June 2018, it was down 7 paise to Rs.71.92 a litre. Fuel rate was further reduced by 10 paise per litre on 27 June 2018.

    Prime Features of Dynamic Fuel Pricing

    • It is a daily revision system.
    • Many countries have deployed it, including India.
    • Dynamic fuel pricing makes fuel pricing transparent.

    Benefits of Dynamic Fuel Pricing to Fuel Consumers

    • Customers will pay market-determined prices.
    • Fuel companies will ensure the constant supply of diesel to end buyers in Thanjavur.
    • Minute variations may also be shifted to customers.

    Benefits of Dynamic Fuel Pricing to Fuel Companies

    • Fuel companies can reduce the amount of working capital required to manage regular business activities.
    • Stock or inventory can be effectively maintained.
    • Dynamic fuel pricing allows the mechanisation of fuel companies.

    Tips for Tracing Diesel Rate in Thanjavur

    Diesel customers in Thanjavur can make use of offline and online methods in order to trace the latest fuel price. Usually, consumers will visit the nearest supply station to get the price details. They can now use mobile applications developed and provided by Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil. Mobile applications have gained popularity within a short period of time. Each application is easy to use. BPCL customers may use SmartDrive while IOCL customers may use Fuel@IOC. Likewise, HPCL consumers may use My HPCL.

    You should have a smartphone so that you can download the mobile application of your choice and use. Or else, you may use SMS services to quickly get the price details. To make an SMS request, you should have a dealer code. Fuel supply stations of BPCL, IOCL and HPCL will display the dealer code for you. The format for sending the SMS request for IOCL customer is, RSP DEALER CODE to 9224992249. For HPCL customers, the format for sending the SMS request is, HPPRICE DEALER CODE to 9222201122. The format for forwarding the SMS request for BPCL customers is, RSP Dealer Code to 9223112222.

    Evaluation of Diesel Price in Thanjavur

    Fuel retailers will use the following equation to compute the fuel price in Thanjavur:

    Crude oil costs + excise duty + Value-added Tax (VAT) + commission for dealers + OMC expenses + pollution cess

    Oil companies need crude oil to extract diesel and petrol. They import crude oil from overseas markets in a bigger scale since the domestic production will not meet the oil requirements of the country. Crude oil is of two categories, which include Brent crude oil and WTI crude oil. In India, the benchmark price is considered. The benchmark price is the average price of WTI crude and Brent Crude. It will change every day. Reliable sources confirmed that the crude oil price as of 3 June 2018 was $78.3 per barrel or Rs.5,245 per barrel.

    Excise duty is a central tax imposed on diesel by the Central Government. It can be increased or decreased whenever required. Excise duty cannot be the same on petrol and diesel since diesel is a subsidised fuel in the country. When the BJP formed the government in the year 2014, excise duty on diesel was Rs.3.46 per litre. Over the next three years, it was increased to Rs.17.33 per litre. The government reduced it by Rs.2 per litre in October 2017.

    VAT stands for Value-added Tax. It is a state level tax. Each state has a different VAT structure. It was imposed at 24% in Tamil Nadu in June 2018. VAT is always expressed in terms of percentage. On the other hand, excise duty is expressed in terms of rupees. Like excise duty, VAT can also be revised if required. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have reduced it by Rs.2 per litre in October 2017. It was not changed in Tamil Nadu.

    OMC expenses are a part of the retail selling price of diesel in Thanjavur. They include refinery transfer price, entry levies, landing overheads, operational costs, freight expenses, profit margin of Oil Marketing Companies, transportation overheads, etc. In June 2018, the total amount of expenses spent by OMCs was Rs.8 per litre. These expenses are revised whenever required.

    Forces Affecting Diesel Price in Thanjavur

    Both external and internal factors will influence the pricing of diesel. External factors include crude oil costs and the exchange rate. Crude oil is supplied globally by OPEC and other nations. Crude oil suppliers will fix the price considering various aspects. The factors affecting the price of crude oil include production cuts, political conditions in oil exporting countries, the supply and demand for crude oil, etc. Production cuts are declared if there is bad weather. When the production cuts are declared, the extraction of unrefined oil shall be affected. Finally, the changes in the rate of unrefined oil will directly affect fuel rates in Thanjavur.

    Another external factor affecting the fuel price is the exchange rate, which depends on several aspects. The USD/INR is a volatile currency pair. It is one of the most traded currency pairs in the world. Crude oil rates and the USD/INR exchange rate are inversely related. On a daily basis, the exchange rate will be revised. A weaker dollar will boost the price of crude oil while an appreciated dollar will reduce the crude oil rate. In the end, any changes in the exchange rate will directly impact fuel prices in Thanjavur.

    Internal factors affecting the fuel rate include excise duty and Value-added Tax. When the Central Government increases excise duty, diesel price will increase. When the Central Government decreases excise duty, diesel rate will decrease. Similarly, when the State Government of Tamil Nadu increases VAT, fuel rates in Thanjavur will increase. If VAT is decreased by the State Government of Tamil Nadu, then fuel prices will fall.

    Effect of GST System on Diesel Price in Thanjavur

    Will the government accept the proposal of implementing GST on diesel? Market watchers are of the opinion that if the Central Government implements GST on diesel, diesel rate will reduce. Let’s consider the case of New Delhi. If diesel is taxed at 12%, diesel shall be priced lower than Rs.37 per litre in the national capital. When GST is levied at 28%, the fuel rate will be lower than Rs.40 per litre. Similarly, the imposition of the present tax framework on diesel will also reduce diesel price in Thanjavur. It is not only diesel but also petroleum products are currently not taxed under GST. According to recent reports, the government may impose GST on diesel by retaining the existing VAT structure. If this is the case, diesel price in Thanjavur will remain unaffected by the imposition of GST.

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    News About Diesel Price In Thanjavur Today

    • Petrol Prices Hiked by 6 Paise Today

      State-owned oil companies hiked petrol and diesel prices today across major metro cities of the country. While petrol prices were increased by 6 paise, diesel prices inclined by 7 paise per litre. After the hike, the petrol price in Delhi stands at Rs.72.92 per litre and diesel is being sold at Rs.66.26 per litre. In the financial capital of Delhi, petrol costs Rs.74.94 per litre and diesel is available at Rs.69.35 a litre. In Kolkata and Chennai, petrol is available at Rs.78.49 and Rs.75.68 per litre and diesel is available at Rs.68 and Rs.69.96 per litre, respectively. Petrol and diesel prices are proportional to international crude oil prices and considers the 15-day average price of crude along with the rupee-dollar exchange rate. New prices are effective from 6:00 am IST and may differ from city to city and fuel station to fuel stations due to local sales tax and logistics.

      16 April 2019

    • Rise in the Prices of Petrol and Diesel

      On Friday, the prices of petrol and diesel were increased by state-controlled oil marketing companies. While the price of petrol shot up by 7-8 paise a litre, the price of the diesel was increased by 6-7 paise per litre in major cities of the country. As a result of the latest hike, the revised price of per litre of petrol in Delhi stands at Rs.70.46 and that of diesel at Rs.65.73. In the eastern city of Kolkata, per litre of petrol is being retailed at Rs.72.57, a growth of 7 paise compared with yesterday’s rate.

      The price of diesel in Kolkata has been raised by 6 paise and the current price of per litre of diesel in the city is Rs.67.51. In Mumbai, while petrol is being retailed at Rs.76.10 a litre, the corresponding price for diesel is Rs.68.83. The current prices of petrol and diesel in Chennai, after a price hike of 8 paise and 7 paise respectively, are Rs.76.14 and Rs.69.44. In Noida, the current prices of per litre of petrol and diesel are Rs.70.35 and Rs.64.94 respectively. In Gurugram, petrol is being retailed at Rs.71.31 per litre and diesel at Rs.65.47.

      21 February 2019

    • Demand for crude oil in China rebounding

      With independent refiners pushing to buy crude oil before the prices climb, the demand for crude oil in China is rebounding. The appetite from the independent refiners has driven up spot premiums of oil from Oman, Europe, Russia, and Africa with prices of some grades hitting multi-month highs. It needs to be mentioned here that the increase in the demand for crude oil by the independent refiners, who are known as ‘teapots’ comes at a time when crude purchases for delivery slows down. It is noteworthy to mention here that the prices of global benchmark Brent crude which are had fallen by more than 30 per cent to be just above 50 dollars a barrel by the end of 2018.  

      With the increased demand for crude oil by teapots, spot premiums for crude grades popular with Chinese buyers are between 50 cents and more than 1 dollar per barrel higher than the price quotes seen at the start of the month. The demand, however, is expected to fall as would-be buyers set to leave the office for the week-long Lunar New Year break.  

      As per Lin Chen, Nomura's head of greater China energy global markets research China's refined product consumption could only see a growth of only 0.5 per cent in 2019 while diesel use will continue to contract on weaker industrial output. Crude imports could rise to 9.5 million barrels per day, an increase of 4 per cent from the previous year. 

      30 January 2019

    • Petrol and Diesel Prices are like to Increase Further as Saudi Arabia Announced another Production Cut

      Fuel consumers in India may expect further increase in petrol and diesel prices as the biggest producer of petroleum, Saudi Arabia, is planning to cut the production of crude oil. It has been a major issue for the Centre to address before the 2019 Lok Sabha election. The Energy Minister of Saudi Arabia, Khalid Al Falih, said that Saudi Arabia has decided to cut the fabrication of crude oil by 500,000 barrels per day in December 2018.

      The Minister further said that the decision of cutting the fabrication of petroleum is official taken in a meeting of the oil ministers of the members of the OPEC and non-OPEC to be held in December Vienna. The oil-producing have to make the required changes in order to balance the market.

      After reducing the excise duty on diesel and petrol in the month of October this year, petrol and diesel rates started rising again in sync with the INR’s fall and a sharp increase in petroleum rates. Fuel companies are required to reset fuel prices in line with market dynamics.

      15 November 2018

    • Petrol Rate Witness Decline Today

      State-owned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) further reduced petrol rates, while diesel prices were kept unchanged in Delhi and Mumbai on Wednesday. With the revision in rates, the petrol price in Delhi stands at Rs.81.25 per litre, while in Mumbai it’s available at Rs.86.73 a litre. Diesel is being sold at Rs.74.85 per litre, while in Mumbai it’s available at Rs.78.46 per litre. Burning a hole in the common man’s pocket, petrol and diesel rates have been hiked relentlessly since the last couple of months. With the rise in crude oil prices coupled with the sharp decline in the exchange rate of rupee over the U.S. dollar, petrol price rose to touch record levels in September. On 4 October, the Centre announced a cut in excise duty of Rs.1.50 per litre and asked oil firms to subsidise further Rs.1 towards fuel offering some respite to the common man. Fuel prices are based on the global crude oil price and the exchange rate of the rupee which prompted petrol prices to rise to its highest levels in the past two months. The new rates are applicable from 6:00 am IST.

      24 October 2018

    • Fuel Prices Increased Because of External Forces, Says Dharmendra Pradhan

      Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister, on Sunday said that it is because of the external forces both diesel and petrol prices have soared, but a fall in fuel prices is temporary. At a conclave conducted in the city of Surat, the minister said that a fall in the production of crude oil has influenced fuel prices to go up. Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) promised to boost the production of unrefined oil but it did not increase the production of petroleum as promised.

      Another external factor that caused an upsurge in fuel rates is the crises faced by Iran and Venezuela. An appreciated USD against the major currencies of the world has also caused an upsurge in diesel and petrol rates. Dharmendra Pradhan was in Surat to inaugurate a conclave of plastic and textile investors. He addressed industry participants, entrepreneurs and professionals belonging to the textile and plastic industry there. Fuel prices are on the rise since 16 August 2018. They were up almost by a rupee a litre within 15 days previous month.

      11 September 2018

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