Diesel Price In Pondicherry Today

Daily Diesel Rates
Date Diesel ( / liter)
17 Dec 2018 ₹ 66.84
16 Dec 2018 ₹ 66.94
15 Dec 2018 ₹ 66.94
14 Dec 2018 ₹ 66.94
13 Dec 2018 ₹ 67.03
12 Dec 2018 ₹ 67.03
11 Dec 2018 ₹ 67.03
10 Dec 2018 ₹ 67.24
09 Dec 2018 ₹ 67.99
08 Dec 2018 ₹ 67.99

Diesel Price in Pondicherry

Diesel has turned out to be an essential commodity, which can be used for multiple purposes. Majorly, it is utilised by industrial units. Despite the quantum of consumption, the pricing of diesel is connected with global aspects. Thus, diesel prices throughout India have broken their earlier highs. The city of Pondicherry is no different. In Pondicherry, the capital city of Puducherry, diesel rates are unstoppable. They have now touched a price offer of Rs.70.06 per litre. This is very close to the prices offered in metro cities such as Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

A Comparison of Current Diesel Price in Pondicherry

Fuel price in Pondicherry was up 6.66% to Rs.66.10 per litre in January 2018. The lowest and highest fuel prices were reported at Rs.61.70 per litre and Rs.66.10 per litre respectively. It was down 3.13% to Rs.64.20 per litre in February 2018. In March 2018, since crude oil costs have recovered, fuel rate in Pondicherry was up 3.31% to Rs.66.51 per litre. On the closing date, the highest rate was registered at Rs.66.51 per litre. Even in April 2018, there was a 2.03% up. Considering these trends, we can say that the prediction of fuel rates precisely is a tough job.

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Introduction to Fuel Companies

As we know, India has three state-owned fuel companies, which manage the business of fuel extraction and selling. They include Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum. Indian Oil is a renowned fuel company. It is a market leader with a massive number of fuel dealers across the country. Bharat Petroleum is one of the leading brands of oil and gas. Hindustan Petroleum is also a natural gas and oil company. Like Indian Oil, even Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum operate through a vast number of retail dealers.

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Revision of Diesel Price in Pondicherry

Yesterday, the price of diesel per litre was Rs.69.81. Today, it is Rs.70.06 per litre. You can observe a price upsurge of 25 paise. The price may increase by 30 paise a litre tomorrow. It is a clear indication of dynamic fuel pricing. According to dynamic fuel pricing, fuel enterprises are required to reset fuel prices every day in sync with crude oil expenses. It is a commonly used fuel revision practice, which is also used in Australia, Japan, etc. The practice gained popularity at a global level.

Prime Attributes of Dynamic Fuel Pricing

  • In Pondicherry, revised fuel rate is displayed at each supply point.
  • Diesel buyers in the city of Pondicherry will no longer face problems related to inventory.
  • Dynamic fuel pricing enables fuel enterprises to provide the best services to fuel buyers.

Offline and Online Methods to get Today’s Diesel Price in Pondicherry

HPCL, IOCL and BPCL have released a few useful tips to get the latest diesel price in your city. You have two choices: online and offline. If you are a user of Apple operating system, you can use mobile applications such as SmartDrive, My HPCL and Fuel@IOC. SmartDrive helps you find the diesel rate offered at BPCL whereas My HPCL helps you track the current rate offered at Hindustan Petroleum. Similarly, Fuel@IOC can be used to obtain the price range offered at Indian Oil.

Mobile applications cannot be used if you don’t have a smartphone. In that case, what you can do is dial the customer care number of your favorite fuel company. Customer care service professionals will help you get the latest diesel price in Pondicherry. SMS requests can also be sent to the respective fuel company to obtain the details you required. Mobile applications are used by most fuel consumers today.

Process followed to Compute Fuel Rate in Pondicherry

Today’s diesel rate in the city is Rs.70.06 per litre? How was that computed? The process used to compute the fuel rate is very simple. The RSP of diesel is the total of excise duty, crude oil expenses, Value-added Tax (VAT), commission collected by retail fuel suppliers and overheads incurred by OMCs. According to a report released in May 2018, crude oil rate per litre was Rs.31; central tax was Rs.15.33 per litre; and dealer’s commission was Rs.2.52 per litre. On diesel and petrol, the VAT is fixed by the concerned local government. In Puducherry territory, VAT was imposed at 17.51% in May 2018.

Forces Influencing Current Fuel Prices in Pondicherry

  • USD/INR exchange rate: On a daily basis, the value of our currency changes against the greenback. The exchange rate has to be considered while importing something from another country and exporting something to other nations. As far as fuel prices in India are concerned, it has a direct impact.
  • Taxes: What will happen if the Central Government reduces excise duty by Rs.2 per litre? Fuel rates also have to be reduced by Rs.2 per litre. What will happen if the Central Government increases excise duty by Rs.1 per litre? Needless to say, fuel rates should be increased by Rs.1 per litre. The changes in VAT have the same impact.
  • Crude oil costs: Crude oil costs are impacted by production cuts, the demand for the commodity, seasonal variations, etc. The cost of crude oil is expected to increase when the demand for crude oil increases globally and oil exporting countries declare a production cut.

Impact of GST on Diesel Price in Pondicherry

GST, as we all know, is a current tax system. Every customer has to pay GST. Diesel buyers do not pay GST presently. After the implementation of GST, prices of all kinds of services and goods were revised. Diesel rate in Pondicherry was not revised. It was because of the exclusion of diesel under GST. The execution of GST on diesel will bring down the fuel rate by Rs.24-30 per litre and will increase the compliance overheads by 100%. Therefore, it has to be wisely implemented to keep the revenues of the Central Government unaffected.

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News about Diesel Price In Pondicherry

  • No Revision in Petrol and Diesel Prices Today

    Fuel prices were kept unchanged on Wednesday after they were cut for six consecutive days following the decline in oil prices and the appreciation of the rupee against the U.S. dollar. Yesterday, fuel prices were cheaper by 12 to 15 paise per litre across four major metro cities. In Delhi, petrol is being sold at Rs.76.38 per litre and diesel at Rs.71.27 a litre. In the financial capital of Mumbai, petrol costs Rs.81.90 per litre, while diesel is available at Rs.74.66 a litre. Similarly, in Chennai, petrol costs Rs.79.31 and diesel at Rs.75.31, while in Kolkata, petrol was being sold at Rs.78.33 and diesel at Rs.75.31. Benchmark Brent crude was trading at $66 per barrel after it touched a four-year high early October when it was at $80 per barrel. Prices have declined by nearly Rs.3 per litre for petrol and by Rs.2 for diesel amid softening of oil prices in the global market.

    27 November 2018

  • Fuel Prices Slashed in Major Cities

    Here’s a good news for the people living in metro cities of the country. The prices of diesel and petrol have been cut down across all these cities. While the capital, New Delhi, has enjoyed a 21 paise drop on per litre of petrol, the price of diesel has been slashed by 11 paise. So petrol is now being retailed at Rs.82.62 per litre and diesel at Rs.75.58 per litre.

    Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai have also received the same cut in fuel rates. This means that the new retail price for per litre of petrol and diesel in Kolkata is Rs.84.44 and Rs.77.54 respectively. The corresponding rates in Mumbai are Rs.88.08 and Rs.79.35. The new rate of petrol is Chennai is Rs.85.88 per litre and that of diesel is Rs.79.93.

    On Wednesday, the Delhi Petrol Dealers Association declared a one-day strike from 6:00 am on 22 October 2018 to 5:00 am on 3 October 2018. Its demand is a cut in the VAT over the prices of fuel. As a consequence, petrol and CNG stations in Delhi won’t be operating for the day.

    18 October 2018

  • Fuel Prices Increase to Go Further up, Still No End to the Hike Expected

    On the Wednesday, the 3rd of October, both petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged. However, the next day it was back to the usual increasing trend with petrol prices hitting yet another high. In the national capital, petrol rates went up by Rs.0.15 per litre to sell at Rs.84 per litre in the city. In the economic capital, Mumbai, petrol prices went beyond the Rs.91 mark and looked to knock on the Rs.92 per litre door. Petrol traded at Rs.91.34 per litre on the day in the city.

    The situation was much the same in other metro cities as well, with petrol selling at Rs.85.80 per litre in Kolkata and Rs.87.33 per litre in Chennai. Oil prices are the reason behind this increase, the government claims, and it also says that markets are largely focussed on the US sanctions on OPEC member Iran, to dissuade them from having nuclear arsenal of their own.

    As the sanctions looks unlikely to be lifted, crude oil prices are likely to reach further higher in the coming weeks and will soon surge significantly in November.

    12 October 2018

  • Diesel Prices Close to Hitting the Rs.80 per litre Mark in India

    Fuel prices endured another day of rises as there was no end to be seen with regards to the rises. The central government has already been facing significant flak for its inaction and as prices go up, the pressure is only set to increase.

    In Delhi, diesel was trading at Rs.73.97 per litre, while in Mumbai it was Rs.78.42 per litre - the highest in India. In Kolkata and Chennai, diesel prices rose and trading at Rs.75.53 and Rs.78 per litre respectively. The government, however, has taken a back seat and has suggested that all the rise in fuel prices in vastly due to a variety of external factors including the rising crude oil prices as well as the rising demand and the declining supply, particularly from Iran and Venezuela, where inventories are falling on a daily basis.

    The rise in fuel prices have hit the farmers significantly with their regular operating costs rising considerably which is also causing inflation.

    20 September 2018

  • Petrol Price Updates

    Petrol price per litre was costlier than diesel by Rs.9.13 at Rs.83.70 on Tuesday, 21 August 2018. A litre of speed petrol was sold at Rs.87.45. Trade sources accredited the falling gap between diesel prices and petrol prices to the fact that petrol rates increased and decreased, while diesel prices exhibited only an increasing trend over the last few days.

    According to Prabhat Kumar Sinha, who is president of Bihar Petroleum Dealers Association, said “petrol prices decreased throughout June 2018. They registered an upward trend once again in the first week of July 2018. When we compare the present rates with the previous highest price in May 2018, petrol rates fell by 21 paise per litre.”

    D M Diwakar, who is a professor at A N Sinha Institute of Social Studies, said “Over the last two weeks, the prices of crude oil reduced by $7. On Tuesday, 21 August 2018, crude oil rate per barrel was $72.77 as against $80 per barrel two weeks before. According to an economist, a decrease in crude oil rates must lead to a downfall in the retail selling price of petrol.

    23 August 2018

  • Petrol and Diesel Prices Cut Amid G20’s Warning on Geopolitical Tensions

    Petrol and diesel prices were reduced across metro cities on Monday according to the data available on the official website of India’s leading oil company, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). This is the fourth consecutive reduction in fuel prices in metro cities except for Delhi, where the cut is for the fifth consecutive day. Petrol is available today in New Delhi at Rs.76.30 per litre, while in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, the fuel is being retailed at Rs.83.75, Rs.79.15 and Rs.79.25 respectively. Diesel prices stood at Rs.67.89 a litre in New Delhi, Rs.72.07 in Mumbai, Rs.70.56 in Kolkata and Rs.71.70 in Chennai. Fuel prices in India are based on the international crude oil rate and the currency exchange value. The market reacted to the rising tensions of demand for fuel after the finance ministers along with the central bank governors of the G20 countries warned that the global economic growth will be affected from the increasing trade and geopolitical fears.

    26 July 2018

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