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    ₹ 97.4
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    25 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.4
    24 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.4
    23 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.2
    22 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.2
    21 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.2
    20 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.2
    19 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.2
    18 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.2
    17 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.2
    16 Sep 2021 ₹ 97.2

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    Diesel Price in Visakhapatnam

    Fast becoming a major tourist destination in South India, Visakhapatnam is also the financial capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city has been selected to be a part of the country’s ‘Smart City Mission’ to be developed with modern infrastructure to make the city citizen friendly and sustainable.

    Commuters’ preferred mode of transport are buses, auto rickshaws and taxis. Two-wheelers and four-wheelers are increasingly adding to the vehicular density of Visakhapatnam or Vizag. The port city of Visakhapatnam has witnessed an increase in vehicular population and the consumption of diesel has inclined.

    Diesel is mostly used by the public transport system, while private cars have been utilising the fuel extensively in the recent past. Diesel prices in Visakhapatnam fluctuate daily based on international and domestic elements. The city is well supported by fuel stations by State-owned oil companies such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum.

    Diesel Price Breakup in Visakhapatnam

    The diesel price breakup includes several components which make up the Retail Selling Price (RSP). Here’s the breakup of each of these component which form the final selling price of diesel recorded on 3 June 2018.

    Sl.No. Component Price
    1 International Crude Oil Price + Freight Charges $78.30 per barrel = Rs.32.98/Litre (considering $1=66.96 and 1 barrel oil = 159 litres)
    2 Profit margin of Oil Companies, transportation, refining, and operational costs Rs.7.60/Ltr
    3 Central Excise Duty + Road Cess Rs.15.33/Ltr
    4 Dealer Commission Rs.2.53/Ltr
    5 Value Added Tax (VAT) + 25p Pollution Cess with surcharge Rs.16.72/Ltr
    Total Retail selling price of diesel in Visakhapatnam Rs.75.15/Ltr

    Influencers of the Diesel Price in Visakhapatnam

    Diesel prices are dynamic in nature and are revised on a daily basis in India. Due to the change in the price of the global crude oil, diesel prices are updated daily in sync with the international oil rate. Apart from the crude oil price, the US dollar exchange rate, taxes and operational costs influence the diesel price. Let’s review each of these elements to understand how diesel prices are influenced by external and internal factors.

    • Global Crude Price: India imports more than 70% of crude oil from oil-producing countries. Crude oil is the largest imported commodity in India which makes it an expensive product. Hence, any fluctuation in the crude oil prices impacts the diesel price in the country. Crude or unrefined oil price changes due to the trend in the demand and supply, geopolitical tensions, increase or decrease in production. Any production cuts or shortage in supply leads to the rise in crude oil rate, subsequently the diesel price in the city.
    • US Dollar Exchange Rate: Trading of crude oil in the global market happens in US dollars, therefore, any variations in the exchange rate of the dollar tends to revise the crude oil price in the market. If the US dollar appreciates, the value to purchase crude oil increases and vice versa. When oil companies purchase a barrel of crude oil, if the Indian Rupee is weaker over the US dollar, the cost to buy oil rises thereby increasing the diesel price in Visakhapatnam.
    • Tax on Diesel in Visakhapatnam: The biggest component in the pricing structure of diesel are the taxes levied by the Centre and the respective State. While the excise duty is uniform across the country, charged at Rs.15.33 per litre, the sales tax or Value Added Tax levied by the state of Andhra Pradesh is 28.60%. Therefore, any changes to the tax rates leads to a revision in the diesel price.
    • OMCs’ Profit Margin & Dealer Commission: Oil companies transport crude oil from oil-producing countries, refine it to diesel and transport it to fuel stations across the country. These companies include their profit margins and other operational costs to the retail selling price of diesel. Also, they add commission to dealers or fuel station owners to the final selling price of diesel in the country. Any revision in these charges leads to fluctuations in the diesel price in Visakhapatnam.

    Methods to Track the Current Diesel Price in Visakhapatnam

    Now that we understand why diesel prices are dynamic in nature, there are several methods to track the current diesel price in a city. OMCs have introduced several innovative methods to find the latest fuel prices.

    • Mobile Apps: Indian Oil’s Fuel@IOC, Bharat Petroleum’s SmartDrive and Hindustan Petroleum’s MY HPCL apps help in tracking the current diesel price in cities such as Visakhapatnam.
    • SMS: Consumers can take advantage of the SMS service offered by oil companies. Follow the process below to get the latest fuel price in a city.
      • IOC: SMS RSP Dealer Code and send SMS to 9224992249.
      • BPCL: SMS RSP Dealer Code and send SMS to 9223112222.
      • HPCL: SMS HPPRICE Dealer code and send SMS to 9222201122.
    • Oil-Companies’ Online Portal: Oil companies update their respective website with the latest diesel price in Visakhapatnam and in across cities in the country.

    Why does Diesel Prices Change Daily in Visakhapatnam?

    Currently, diesel prices are revised under the ‘dynamic fuel pricing’ mechanism. Under this mechanism, fuel retailers include the previous day’s crude oil price and the US dollar exchange value to arrive at the final selling price of diesel. Prior to the new method of pricing, oil companies used to revise diesel rates on a fortnightly basis. However, this led to losses by the fuel companies as they were unable to pass on the changes, if any, to the consumer.

    To offset the losses, the dynamic fuel pricing mechanism was introduced. This pricing mechanism helped oil companies to pass the reduction or increase in fuel prices to the consumer instantly and wait till the fortnightly revision.

    GST on Diesel in Visakhapatnam

    Trading of goods and service come under the new taxation regime of Goods and Service Tax (GST). However, petroleum products such as diesel and petrol have been exempted currently. The revenue earned by the government through excise duty and VAT is higher compared to the revenue earned through the GST. Since the current taxes are higher compared to the highest tax slab of GST, the government has not brought diesel under the purview of GST.

    That said, if the government decides to bring diesel under the framework of GST, the diesel price in Visakhapatnam and in across cities will fall significantly.

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    News about Diesel Price In Visakhapatnam

    • Middle East Crude Oil-Benchmarks Declines

      Benchmarks of Middle East crude fell on Monday amid increased trade liquidity in the Platts trading window. Cash Dubai’s premium to swaps declined 67 cents to trade at $1.62 per barrel, while DME Oman’s premium swaps dropped 53 cents to trade at $1.65 per barrel. Fifteen cash Dubai partials traded on Monday and one 500,000-barrel cargo of Upper Zakum crude which Shell sold to BP at 45 cents per barrel above its official selling price (OSP). On Friday, only two August Dubai partials were traded in the Platts window. An August cargo of Upper Zakum to Shell followed the merging of 2o partials in the S&P Global Platts window declared Reliance. P66 declared a similar cargo to Shell after the merging of 20 partials in the S&P Global Platts window. Differentials for light sweet crude in Southeast Asia have increased to multi-year highs with the premium for Kimanis against North Sea Dated moving past $6 per barrel for the first time. This trend has been evident since September last year, when the Indonesian government introduced new measures which requires foreign oil firms to offer oil cargoes manufactured in Indonesia to state-controlled Pertamina first

      26 June 2019

    • Petrol and Diesel Prices Are Now at Their Lowest During the Last Few Months

      Petrol and diesel prices are at their lowest during the last few months following consecutive cuts for over a month. Petrol prices have been cut by 50 paise per litre across major metro cities of the country. With the revision in fuel prices, petrol now costs Rs.73.57 per litre in Delhi, Rs.79.12 in Mumbai, Rs.76.25 in Chennai, Rs.75.57 in Kolkata and Rs.74.15 in Bengaluru. Similarly, diesel prices were reduced with a litre being sold at Rs.68.49 in Delhi, Rs.71.17 in Mumbai, Rs.72.34 in Chennai, Rs.70.34 in Kolkata and Rs.68.85 in Bengaluru. The decline in fuel prices is attributed to the fall in crude oil prices which is down from a four-year high of $80 per barrel early October to $60 per barrel currently. Additionally, the excise duty levied by the Centr have been cut by Rs.1.50 per litre and asked State-run oil companies to further subsidise Rs.1 per litre. Also, several states announced a cut in the local sales tax or VAT on the sale of fuel in the country which has prompted petrol and diesel prices to reduce significantly in the last 30 days.

      29 November 2018

    • Metro Cities to Witness a Steady Rise in Diesel Prices

      While petrol price increased by 6 paise per litre in the national capital, diesel prices remain unchanged on Thursday, 20 September 2018. Conversely, diesel rate was up by 7 paise at Rs.77.06 per litre in Mumbai and 21 paise at Rs.78.31 per litre in Chennai. Diesel price also increased to Rs.75.72 a litre in Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. Across all the four metro cities in India, petrol prices moved upwards triggered by a steep rise petroleum prices.

      If sources are to be believed, diesel price accelerated by Rs.3.57 a litre in the city of Mumbai, while petrol rate by Rs.3.78 a litre since 1 September 2018 caused by a devalued Indian rupee against a USD. The government seems to be not interested in decreasing excise duty even it is facing the criticism from the Congress and other political parties.

      Crude oil prices have crossed the expected level and made petrol and diesel prices higher in India. The government falls short of funds to finance its various renowned schemes if it reduces excise duty, which stood at Rs.15.33 on diesel a litre and Rs.19.48 a litre on petrol as of 20 September 2018. In the international market on Tuesday, the price of WTI Crude oil stood at $71.67 per barrel, while a barrel of Brent crude was valued at $79.65.

      24 September 2018

    • Diesel Prices Cut Across Metros but Petrol Rates Remain Unchanged

      Diesel prices were cut across metro cities on Friday, as per the country’s leading oil retailer, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). Diesel was being sold at Rs.67.72 per litre in the national capital New Delhi, in Mumbai at Rs.71.89, in Kolkata at Rs.70.43 and at Rs.71.52 in Chennai. On Thursday, diesel prices stood at Rs.67.79 a litre in New Delhi, in Kolkata at 70.48, in Mumbai at Rs.71.97 and at Rs.71.59 in Chennai. Implying a cut in diesel prices by 7 paise in New Delhi, in Mumbai by 8 paise, in Kolkata by 5 paise and in Chennai by 7 paise. However, petrol prices were kept unchanged across metros. A litre of petrol was being sold at Rs.76.23 in New Delhi, in Mumbai at Rs.83.68, in Kolkata at Rs.79.10 and in Chennai at Rs.79.18 according to Indian Oil. Crude oil prices edged down on Friday after three days of gains.

      30 July 2018

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