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Diesel price in Andhra Pradesh today is computed based on the daily ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ mechanism. Check the current diesel price in Andhra Pradesh. Find todays diesel price and the quarterly price trend in Andhra Pradesh. It may be noted that new diesel prices in Andhra Pradesh are updated by oil companies daily at 6:00 am IST.

Find out how diesel prices in Andhra Pradesh are computed and how prices are compared to other states. Also, find the current Andhra Pradesh diesel price and factors which affect diesel prices in India. Also, find out the highest and lowest price recorded during a month.

  • Today's Diesel Price ( 21 Sep 2021 )

    ₹ 96.7
    Current Diesel Price Per Liter

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    Diesel ( / litre) ₹ 96.7 ₹ 96.7 ₹ 0 ↑

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    Date Diesel ( / litre)
    20 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    19 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    18 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    17 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    16 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    15 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    14 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    13 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    12 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7
    11 Sep 2021 ₹ 96.7

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    Diesel Prices in Andhra Pradesh

    What is the overall trend in diesel prices in Andhra Pradesh? Are they decreasing or increasing? Are they steady? Andhra Pradesh is one of the largest states in India. Thus, it is ideal to consider the four major cities in the state to gauge the overall performance of diesel rates.

    Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. In October 2017, the average rate of diesel in the city was Rs.61.90. In September 2017, diesel prices were up by 2.96%. The highest rate in the month was Rs.64 while the lowest rate was Rs.62.06. The growth rate reduced to 2.58% in August from 2.96% in September 2017.

    Visakhapatnam is an industrial center and port city in Andhra Pradesh. Diesel was sold in October 2017 at an average rate of Rs.63.10 per litre. Between April 2017 and May 2017, the diesel rate in the city was up by Rs.1.87. On the first day of July 2017, the rate slashed to Rs.57.81 from Rs.62.47.

    Vijayawada is the second most populous city in Andhra Pradesh. The average price of diesel in October 2017 was Rs.63.60 in the city. Prices were not consistent throughout the year. The average price in Guntur was over Rs.63.90 per litre in October 2017. The consolidated price of diesel in Andhra Pradesh was Rs.62.96 per litre according to the latest reports.

    Mechanism used to Determine Diesel Prices in Andhra Pradesh

    The daily revision is the mechanism used to determine the price of diesel in all parts of Andhra Pradesh currently. India joins Australia and the United States of America (USA) wherein fuel rates are revised on a daily basis. The daily revision is also called dynamic fuel pricing.

    India introduced the new system in June 2017 in order to bring transparency in fuel pricing. Under the new pricing system, all diesel bunks in the state whether automated or non-automated will revise diesel rates every day. Fuel pricing is automatically done in automated bunks. In non-automated bunks, it is manually done.

    Dynamic Fuel Pricing method considers the daily fluctuations in worldwide crude oil rates and the exchange rate. As we know, the exchange rate and crude oil prices fluctuate recurrently. Therefore, any variations in these two determinants can be easily transmitted to end consumers. This is the biggest advantage of dynamic fuel pricing. Dealers will be able to deploy the best inventory management practices.

    How to Trace the Current Rate of Diesel in Andhra Pradesh?

    The current diesel rate in the state can be traced through the following ways:

    • Consumers can send a text message in the prescribed format.
    • Consumers can dial the customer care number of oil marketing companies.
    • The current rate can also be checked online.

    Note: All the three state-owned oil marketing companies will offer the aforementioned services.

    Process of Computing Diesel Prices in Andhra Pradesh

    Step 1: Computation of Cost of Crude Oil

    Crude oil is the primary raw material. It is also called unrefined oil. The following formula is used to compute the cost of crude oil:

    Cost of crude oil = exchange rate X cost of crude oil per barrel

    Let’s assume that the cost of cost crude oil per barrel is $50 and the value of the USD against the INR is Rs.60. Then the cost of crude oil will be Rs.3,000. To compute the cost of crude oil per litre, the cost of crude oil is divided by 159.

    Step 2: Refinery Transfer Price

    The refinery transfer price (RTP) is the price charged by refineries to convert unrefined oil into diesel. RTP is incurred by oil marketing companies.

    Step 3: State Levies and the Central Tax

    State levies and the central tax account for more 50% of the retail selling price (RTP) of diesel in Andhra Pradesh. As per the data released by Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, the state VAT imposed on diesel in Andhra Pradesh was Rs.30.86% and the central excise duty was Rs.17.33 per litre.

    Step 4: Other Expenses

    Other expenses include the profit margin of oil marketing companies, the commission charged dealers, transportation expenses, pollutions cess and customs duty. The retail selling price (RTP) of diesel per litre comprises of all the aforementioned cost elements.

    Factors Impacting Diesel Prices in Andhra Pradesh

    Diesel Rates in the state are impacted by the following aspects:

    Exchange Rate: Being a global commodity, crude oil is traded in the USD, which is the base currency. The cost of crude oil decreases if the base currency depreciates against the INR, which is the local currency. If the base currency appreciates against the INR, the cost price of unrefined oil will increase. Any variations in the cost price of crude oil will ultimately impact the retail selling price of diesel.

    Cost of Crude Oil: There are several factors that impact the cost of crude oil. The most common influencers include seasonal fluctuations, weather conditions, the demand for crude oil in overseas markets and political moves in oil-producing economies. The variations in the cost price of unrefined oil will directly impact the final selling price of diesel.

    The Central Tax and State Levies: The state VAT imposed on diesel by the government of Andhra Pradesh is comparatively high. Therefore, the cost of diesel per litre in the state is high. The central excise duty also affects the final selling price of diesel.

    How does GST Impact Diesel Prices in Andhra Pradesh?

    The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a common tax structure for Indian taxpayers. It is levied on all categories of goods and services, which are sold within the country. Diesel has been kept outside the regime of GST. Thus, diesel rates will remain unaffected by GST. If GST is imposed on diesel, diesel rates will be lowered by 20-30%. It may not be a feasible move from the viewpoint of the state and central governments.

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    News About Diesel Price In Andhra Pradesh

    • Andhra Pradesh Sees Rise in Petrol and Diesel Prices

      The VAT charges on fuel products such as petrol and diesel were increased by the government on Andhra Pradesh on Thursday last week. The price of both fuels in the south Indian state have risen marginally due to the decision made by the government. The government had released a circular on Wednesday last week, announcing that VAT on petrol and diesel will increase. The reason for the increase in the same is attributed to the state’s efforts to increase tax revenue in the state. The government is set to levy 35.20% VAT on petrol. Previously, the government charged 31% VAT + Rs.2. Diesel has also seen an increase in VAT, with an increase from 22.25% + Rs.2 to 27%. The government of Andhra Pradesh is expecting to generate an extra Rs.500 crore through the increase in VAT. As a result of the increase in VAT on both fuel products, the price of petrol in the state has increased by a margin of Rs.0.50 to Rs.0.70. Diesel, on the other hand, has seen prices rise by Re.1 in Andhra Pradesh. According to market experts, the increase in fuel prices is due to the fact that both the state government as well as the Centre are facing prolonged slowdowns and having a hard time with the collection of tax revenue.

      31 January 2020

    • Fuel Prices Rise by 70-80 paise per litre in the Last Nine Days

      Prices of petrol and diesel have begun to rise after the end of the Lok Sabha elections on 19 May 2019. While petrol prices have inclined by 83 paise per litre in the last nine days, diesel rates have risen by 73 paise. This is expected to rise in the coming days and months as crude oil prices have increased by about 23%; however, fuel prices have not increased in the same percentage. Crude oil prices were trading around $56 per barrel is currently trading around $70 per barrel. Fuel prices in India are proportional to international crude oil prices and the rupee-dollar exchange rate. State-owned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) determine the retail price of petrol and diesel by considering the 15-day average price of crude and the rupee-dollar exchange rate. The rise in crude oil prices comes amid supply cuts led by the OPEC and its allies as well as the declining oil production in Venezuela and US sanctions on Iran.

      13 June 2019

    • Jet Fuel Rates Hit a 7-month Low After Indian Oil Reduces The Price

      Indian Oil Corporation is one of the leading fuel retailer in the country. Recently, Indian Oil reduces the jet fuel prices for both international and domestic carriers. According to a statement releases by Indian Oil, on 01 December 2018, the jet fuel price for domestic airline in Delhi was reduced to Rs.68,050.97 per kiloliter. This is an 11% reduction compared to the previous month. The data also revealed that this is the lowest jet fuel price since 01 May 2018. However, in November 2018, jet fuel prices hit a 5-year high.

      6 December 2018

    • Petrol Price Touch 90 Rupees in Maharashtra

      Petrol prices rose to touch Rs.90 per litre in Maharashtra on Tuesday. In a city located in eastern Maharashtra, Parbhani petrol costs Rs.90.05 a litre, while diesel costs Rs.77.92. In Mumbai, fuel prices were hiked as well with petrol being sold at Rs.88.26 a litre, up by 14 paise. Diesel prices were increased by 15 paise to cost Rs.77.47 in the financial capital. In Delhi, petrol prices were hiked as well with the fuel being sold at Rs.80.87 per litre, while diesel is available at Rs.72.97 per litre, a hike of 14 paise on both fuels. Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh cut taxes to reduce fuel prices in their cities, while Andhra Pradesh decreased prices by Rs.2 a litre, Rajasthan reduced it by Rs.2.5 per litre on both petrol and diesel. Fuel prices are fixed by State-run oil companies and are revised every day under the dynamic fuel pricing mechanism. Oil companies fix petrol and diesel prices based on the global crude oil price and the exchange rate of rupee over the US dollar. Petrol and diesel prices have been on the rise since 15 August 2018 with the petrol price risen by Rs.3.73 a litre and diesel by Rs.4.25 since then.

      12 September 2018

    • Mayawati Smashes the BJP Government for not Controlling Fuel Prices

      On Wednesday, 1/8/2018, Mayawati, who is the president of BSP, smashed the NDA government for increasing the price of gas, saying the rich will only be benefited. The President of BSP said in a press release that the NDA Government is concerned only about the rich in lieu of prolonging the relief to the poor. She further said that both diesel and petrol prices have already reached their record highs and the common people are struggling to pay the price. The increased gas price will overburden the common people further.

      3 August 2018

    • Checkout Diesel Rates in Indian Metro Cities

      On Wednesday, diesel rates were not changed by the Indian fuel companies such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum. The fuel marketing companies today follow the system of dynamic fuel pricing in order to reset the price of diesel. The variations in the fuel rates are based on the USD/INR exchange rate and the price of crude oil. As on 25 July 2018, diesel rates stood at Rs.67.79 a litre in Delhi, Rs.70.48 a litre in Kolkata, Rs.71.97 a litre in Mumbai and Rs.71.59 a litre in Chennai respectively.

      27 July 2018

    • The Crude Oil Import Bill for India has Increased by 57% in June 2018

      The crude oil import bill for India was up 57% to $12.73 billion in the month of June 2018. It was caused by a 60% rise in the cost of Brent crude oil. Brent Crude oil is considered as the benchmark for the 50% of the globe’s crude. Energy hungry India will reach in excess of 82% of its unrefined oil requirements via imports. Current Account Deficit and fiscal deficit for indigenous economy have been negatively impacted by the recent increased crude oil costs.

      During the first quarter of the current financial year 2018-2019, the total import bill in India was up 49% to $34.64 billion. It was $23.18 billion in the corresponding quarter last year. The Current Account Deficit of India is expected to hover between @22 billion to $31 billion in the present fiscal year completing on the 31st of March 2019. As per Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, which is the statistical wing of the Oil Ministry, the crude oil bill in India is expected to increase by 24% in the calendar year 2018-2019.

      18 July 2018

    • Diesel Prices Reduced Further by 7 Paise

      Diesel prices were reduced further by 7 paise in Delhi. Country’s largest fuel retailer, on Thursday, announced diesel is sold at Rs.68.73 per litre in the National Capital, while in Mumbai diesel will be sold at Rs.73.17 a litre. Among the metros and most state capitals Delhi has the cheapest diesel price. Diesel prices differ from state-to-state based on the Value Added Tax (VAT) or local sales tax. The depreciation in diesel prices is attributed to lower crude oil prices in the global market and a weaker US dollar over other emerging currencies. Diesel prices have fallen by nearly 60 paise in Delhi in the last nine days. Along with the reduction in diesel prices, petrol price were cut by 9 paise in Delhi falling nearly by 80 paise in the last nine days.

      7 June 2018

    • Diesel Price In India Today Remains Unchanged

      Diesel price in India today remained unchanged compared to the previous day in several state capitals of India. In the backdrop of higher international crude oil prices, diesel prices reached an all time high in the country.

      Supported by a recovery in the equities market and on a technical bounce, on Wednesday, the global crude oil edged up after the largest daily percentage drop in almost a year.

      New Delhi diesel price was available at Rs 64.82 per litre, Kolkata at Rs 67.51 per litre, Mumbai at Rs 69.02 per litre, and Chennai at Rs 68.38 per litre.

      Diesel was available in Bangalore at Rs 65.91 per litre, Bhopal at Rs 68.21 per litre, Bhubaneswar at Rs 69.54 per litre, Chandigarh at Rs 62.93 per litre, Dehradun at Rs 65.17 per litre, Gandhinagar at Rs 69.61 per litre, Hyderabad at Rs 70.43 per litre, Jaipur at Rs 69.12 per litre, Lucknow at Rs 65.01 per litre, Patna at Rs 69.44 per litre, Raipur at Rs 70.01 per litre, and Srinagar at Rs 68.14 per litre.

      3 April 2018

    • Petrol Prices aligned to overseas Crude Oil Rates – says Indian Oil Company

      “The Indian petrol and diesel prices have been interlinked to international prices,” Said Sanjeev Sharma, who is the Chairman of Indian Oil Company. “In overseas markets, prices have been varying. They will be replicated in national prices. We should not take into the current market prices. No product rates should be co-related with international crude oil prices,” he added further.

      In some quarters, the government is said to have alleged that the government recommended state-run oil marketing businesses not to accelerate the rate of petrol. Through a few accounts, an increase of 45 paise justified in the rates of petrol and diesel was not transmitted. Fuel rates at Indian Oil Company, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum were down by 2-4 paise each day in the first 15 days of December 2017.

      2 February 2018

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