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  • Today's Diesel Price ( 19 Oct 2021 )

    ₹ 103.41
    Current Diesel Price Per Liter

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    Diesel ( / litre) ₹ 103.41 ₹ 103.41 ₹ 0 ↑

    Diesel Price in Rajasthan - Last 10 Days Data

    Date Diesel ( / litre)
    18 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.41
    17 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.41
    16 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.41
    15 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.41
    14 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.03
    13 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.65
    12 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.65
    11 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.65
    10 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.28
    09 Oct 2021 ₹ 101.9

    Diesel Rate Trend

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    Trend of Diesel Price in Rajasthan for August 2019 (rates per /litre ):

    Parameters Rates/litre
    1st August Rs.71.05
    31st Auguste Rs.70.23
    Highest Rate in August Rs.71.05 on 1, 2, and 3 August
    Lowest Rate in August Rs.70.09 on 20,21,22 and 23 August
    Overall Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -1.15%

    Monthly Diesel Price Trend in Rajasthan for August 2019:

    • Diesel prices in Rajasthan opened the month of August at Rs.71.05 per litre, unchanged from the closing price of the previous day. This was the highest recorded price for a litre in the month.
    • The rates plummeted after remaining constant for the next few days due to the trade was between the United States and China. The rates stabilised on 12 August at Rs.70.42 per litre.
    • With no improvement in the relations between the countries as well as poor demand for oil in the local market, the rates dropped further recording the lowest on 20 August at Rs.70.09 per litre.
    • In the final week, the diesel rate in Rajasthan increased slightly before closing at Rs.70.23 per litre. The overall performance of diesel in Rajasthan for the month was -1.15%.

    Monthly Diesel Price Trend in Rajasthan for July 2019 (rates per litre):

    Parameters Rates/litre
    1st July Rs.66.63
    31st July Rs.71.05
    Highest Rate in July Rs.71.41
    Lowest Rate in July Rs.66.63
    Overall Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 6.63%
    • Diesel in Rajasthan opened at Rs.66.63 per litre, the lowest for the month of July. However, diesel prices increased slightly on the next day. However, prices shot up soon afterwards, with the fuel closing at Rs.71.28 per litre on 7 July. The substantial hike was due to the Finance Minister’s declaration of imposing excise duty of Re.1 per litre and the road and infrastructure of Re.1 per litre on fuel. The announcement was made during Union Budget 2019.
    • Diesel dropped slightly on July 8, recording Rs.71.19 per litre. After dropping again albeit marginally, it peaked at Rs.71.41 per litre on 11 July, the highest price recorded for the month of July. However, on the very next day, prices dropped. Meanwhile, in the international oil industry, fuel gained owing to Middle East skirmishes, which outweighed OPEC and Russia’s plan to extend supply cuts till March 2020.
    • In the third week, diesel prices in Rajasthan remained unchanged, standing at Rs.71.30 per litre. In the global crude market, after speculations over China’s slow economic growth that brought the prices down a bit (internationally), prices shot up after US Navy reported of shooting down an Iranian drone, thereby further escalating tensions in the Middle East.
    • Diesel remained unchanged during the last week before recording a slump of 6 paise on 24 July. The fuel closed the month at Rs.71.05. The drop was primarily due to weak demand of oil among investors coupled with OPEC and Russia agreeing to extend supply cuts till March 2020.?

    Trend of Diesel Price in Rajasthan for June 2019 (rates per litre) 

    Parameters  Rates/litre 
    2nd June  Rs.68.52 per litre 
    30th June  Rs.66.53 per litre 
    Highest Rate in June  Rs.68.52 per litre on 2 June 
    Lowest Rate in June  Rs.66.11 per litre from 20-23 June 
    Overall Performance  Decline 
    Percentage Change  -2.90% 
    • Diesel was priced Rs.68.52 per litre when the month began, inclining marginally over the previous day’s price. This was also the highest price recorded during the month. 
    • Prices of diesel in Rajasthan fell in the first and second week owing to the slump in crude oil prices in the market as the OPEC and its allies continued to limit supplies in the market despite tensions in the Middle East with Iran shooting down a US military drone. 
    • Diesel rates fell to its lowest on 20 June when a litre was sold at Rs.66.11 per litre and remained unchanged until 23 June; however, it rose in the third and fourth week marginally 
    • Overall, diesel prices in Rajasthan declined by 2.90% amid decline in crude oil prices in the market due to supply cuts by the OPEC and investors’ expectations of the rate cut by the US Federal Reserve to boost the slowing global economy. 

    Diesel Rate in Rajasthan:

    Rajasthan is the third largest state (in terms of area) and the second most populous state in India.

    It is also the wealthiest state in the country with its economy majorly driven by industrial output. The state contributes about one fourth of India’s industrial output and more than 23% of the GDP.

    Rajasthan has a huge multi-modal transportation system. The road transportation in the state is operated by the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), which provides economical public road transport service. The state-run buses called State Transport (ST) are the preferred mode of transport for most of the people residing in various cities and districts in the state. Private transport in the state is composed of taxis, auto rickshaws and private vehicles.

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    With more population depending on road transportation and people in major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur using private vehicles for their day-to-day use, the demand for diesel in Rajasthan is likely to be high.

    Discussed below are the various factors that affect diesel rate in the state, the taxes levied by state and central governments on diesel, the daily revision of diesel prices in Rajasthan and other interesting facts about the fuel.

    Factors Affecting Diesel Rate in Rajasthan

    Diesel price in Rajasthan, just like in other Indian states, fluctuates on a daily basis. There are many components that factor into diesel pricing in India. While few of them affect diesel cost on a daily basis, others affect it once in a while.

    Factors that affect diesel price on a daily basis are the international crude oil prices and the US dollar to Indian rupee currency exchange rate.

    India imports 70% of its oil requirements from other countries. Hence, diesel prices in India are directly linked to the global crude oil prices. As the crude oil prices are volatile in nature and change every day, diesel prices in India are updated accordingly.

    The second factor that impacts diesel price on daily basis is the currency exchange rate. As crude oil trade usually happens in US dollars, the daily fluctuating dollar value impacts diesel price.

    Besides the daily impacting components, there are these other components such as the state and central government taxes, marketing costs, transportation costs, dealer’s margins and commission and other operating costs that are factored into diesel pricing.

    Among others, state level taxes affect the diesel price in Rajasthan. All the 29 states in India levy value added tax (VAT) on diesel. The tax rate varies from each states as the respective governments are free to decide the taxes. Hence, the tax levied by Rajasthan government makes the diesel price in the state different from other states.

    Similar to state government, the central government also levies tax on diesel, called excise duty. The excise duty on diesel remains same across the states. Any revision in the tax would affect the diesel prices in all the states. The recent cut in the excise duty on petrol and diesel in October 2017, is one such move that affected the diesel prices in all the Indian states.

    Other factors that marginally impact the diesel price include the profit margins, commission and other operating charges. Though these charges are relatively low, any revision in these may also impact the diesel price.

    Quarterly Diesel Price Trend in Rajasthan Between January and March 2019

    January February March
    Opening date price Rs.65.07/litre Rs.67.95/litre Rs.69.41/litre
    Closing date price Rs.68.13/litre Rs.69.26/litre Rs.68.58/litre
    Highest price Rs.68.33/litre recorded on 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th Rs.69.26/litre recorded on 28th Rs.69.93/litre recorded on 5th, 6th and 7th
    Lowest Price Rs.64.53/litre recorded on 7th, 8th and 9th Rs.67.75/litre recorded on 5th and 6th Rs.68.58/litre recorded on 29th, 30th and 31st
    Trend Upward Upward Downward
    % Change 4.70% 1.92% -1.19%

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    News About Diesel Price In Rajasthan Today

    • OMCs keep diesel prices constant across the major cities on Monday

      State-run Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) on Monday decided to keep diesel prices constant across the major cities of the country. The move to keep the rates static was taken even though the futures of Brent crude, the global gauge of oil prices continued its downward slide given concerns over its demand following the outbreak of coronavirus.

      Following Monday’s revision in the prices, a litre of diesel cost Rs.64.70 in the national capital. So far this month, the rates have declined by Rs.1.52 for every litre in the metropolitan city. In the other three metropolitan cities i.e., Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai, a litre was retailed for Rs.67.80, Rs.67.02, and Rs.68.32 respectively. In non-metropolitan cities like Noida and Gurugram, OMCs charged Rs.65.01 and Rs.64.12 for a litre. The rates of diesel are the cheapest in New Delhi among all metropolitan cities and most state capitals due to lower taxes.

      It must be noted here that the rates of fuel are revised in the country as per the dynamic pricing scheme. As per the mechanism, the rates are dependent on international oil prices on a 15-day average and the rupee-dollar exchange rate. OMCs adopted this scheme because India imports 80 percent of the total crude requirements.

      24 February 2020

    • Diesel Prices Continue to Remain Constant in the Country

      State-run Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) continued to keep the rates of diesel constant across the major cities of the country on Monday. This was the third consecutive day when the prices remained unchanged. In New Delhi, the national capital of the country consumers was required to shell Rs.66.24 for a litre of diesel. In the other three metropolitan cities i.e., Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai the price required to be paid for a litre of diesel was Rs.69.43, Rs.68.31, and Rs.69.96 respectively. In non-metro cities like Noida and Gurugram, OMCs charged Rs.65.34 and Rs.65.43 respectively for a litre of diesel.

      Globally, crude oil prices dropped on Monday. The fall in the prices was accounted to the fact China recorded its slowest quarterly economic growth in the last 27 years. Brent crude futures were down by 21 cents since the last close to be trading at $66.51 per barrel. It needs to be mentioned here that the rates charged for fuel in the country are dependent on international oil prices on a 15-day average and the value of rupee against the US dollar. This is because India imports around 80 percent of its total crude requirement. It is noteworthy to mention here that as per official figures India imported 83.7 percent of the total crude oil it consumed in the last fiscal year.

      18 July 2019

    • India’s Government Bonds Incline Amid Slump in Oil Prices

      Government bonds inclined today due to the decline in oil prices in the international oil market and as market participants bet on a solid drop in core inflation for May, which would support the case for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to lower interest rate. Today, the 10-year benchmark 7.26%, 2029 ended at 101.70 rupees or 7.01% yield compared to 101.53 rupees or 7.04% yield on Tuesday. After ending largely unchanged at $53.27 per barrel on Tuesday, oil for July delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange dropped significantly today, with contract last at $51.79. Slump in oil prices have a softening effect on India’s inflation and reduce pressure on government finances since India imports more than 90% of its oil requirement. Oil prices have declined over 13% in the last month, which prompted the RBI to reduce the repo rate at its monetary policy review last week. Last week’s rate cut was the third this year. The headline retail inflation is currently below the RBI’s medium-term target of 4%, the downward trajectory of oil prices has given bond traders hopes that RBI would again reduce the repo rate. The RBI last week kept hopes of another cut by changing its stance of monetary policy from neutral to accommodative.

      17 June 2019

    • Fuel Prices Remain Static on Friday

      State-controlled oil firms kept petrol and diesel prices static on Friday across major metro cities of the country. It may be noted that on Thursday, petrol prices were hiked in the range of 6 to 7 paise and diesel prices were increased by 5 to 6 paise. In Delhi, petrol is being retailed at Rs.73.07 per litre and diesel at Rs.66.66 a litre. In Mumbai, petrol is available at Rs.78.64 per litre while diesel is available at Rs.69.77 a litre. It may be noted that fuel prices in Delhi are mouch lower than other metro cities and some state capitals due to lower taxes. In Kolkata and Chennai, petrol is being retailed at Rs.75.08 and Rs.75.84 per litre and diesel costs Rs.68.39 and Rs.70.39 per litre, respectively. In other metro cities such as Noida and Gurugram, petrol is being sold at Rs.72.37 and Rs.72.89 per litre while diesel is being sold at Rs.65.71 and Rs.65.79 per litre, respectively.

      Prices of petrol and diesel in India are proportional to the global crude oil price as well as the exchange rate of the Indian rupee and the US dollar. Since the beginning of the year, international benchmark Brent crude oil futures has increased by about 33% and 5.25% in April alone. On Thursday, crude oil prices in the international oil market declined due to rise in US output and an expected increase in supply of crude from OPEC. Brent crude oil futures were trading at $70.56 per barrel, down by 0.3% or 19 cents compared to its previous close.

      6 May 2019

    • Are Petrol Prices in India not Declining as Much as The Global Crude Oil Prices?

      As the global crude prices are falling, motorists in India are enjoying the declining petrol prices. Since October 2018, petrol price have declined by over Rs.9.49 per litre and the price of diesel fell by Rs.8.02 in a little over a month. However, on the other hand, global crude oil prices, have lost nearly 30% from the peak of $86.70 a barrel hit since on October, 2018. There are two reasons why fuel prices do not fall as rapidly as the global crude oil prices. One, Indian Oil Marketing Companies follow the Gate Pricing to fix fuel prices, and the leading OMCs are in charge of setting the price. Second, domestic fuel prices depend on the international fuel price on a 15-day average.

      3 December 2018

    • Petrol and Diesel Rates Slashed Again

      The prices of petrol and diesel have witnessed a drop for the 5th straight day. The new rate of per litre of petrol in Delhi is Rs.77.56 while the price of per litre of diesel is Rs.72.31. Yesterday, the corresponding rates of petrol and diesel in Delhi were Rs.77.89 and Rs.72.85 respectively.

      In Mumbai, petrol is being retailed at Rs 83.07 per litre and diesel stands at Rs 75.76 per litre. In Chennai and Bengaluru, a litre of petrol costs Rs 80.56 and Rs 78.18 respectively. The rates per litre of diesel in the two southern cities are Rs 76.43 and Rs 72.70 respectively.

      The drop in the price of petrol has been due to a low sales tax or VAT of 27%. Earlier, the central government had slashed the fuel excise duty by Rs.1.5. It had also urged the state-run oil companies to introduce a reduction of Re.1 in the prices of per litre of petrol and diesel and pass on the benefit to the common man purchasing fuel.

      14 November 2018

    • Diesel Costs Rs.75.58 in Delhi, Rates Slashed by Rs.0.11

      Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) on Thursday slashed the rates of diesel in the country. While the rates were cut by a mere Rs.0.11, it was enough to bring some relief to the consumers. Following the cut in the rates, diesel prices in the four metro cities of the country were as follows- Rs.75.58 in Delhi, Rs.79.24 in Mumbai, Rs.77.43 in Kolkata, and Rs.79.93 in Chennai. It needs to be mentioned that the cut in the prices of diesel came after the rates increased by over Rs.2.50 in the last 13 days. The central government had on October 4 cut the excise duty rates of fuel by Rs.1.50 to control the unprecedented rise in the fuel prices. Apart from cutting the excise duty rates, the government has also asked state-run oil companies to subsidise fuel by Re.1. However, the reduction in the prices was not able to be sustained as the entire amount was wiped out within two weeks due to rising fuel prices.

      22 October 2018

    • Diesel Rates Keep Soaring

      Petrol and diesel prices have been on a continuous incline in the country. Diesel rates were up 18 paise a litre to Rs.73.72 in the national capital, Delhi and 19 paise a litre to Rs.78.26 in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. When revised under dynamic fuel pricing on Saturday, diesel was priced at Rs.73.54 a litre in Delhi and Rs.78.07 a litre in Mumbai. The revision of fuel prices is done every day in tandem with the exchange rate and global crude oil rates. Fuel rates are cheaper in the city of Delhi since the sales tax in Delhi is lower compared to Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The High Court of Delhi, on Wednesday, said, “The adoption of dynamic fuel pricing is an economy policy decision of the government and the courts are not supposed to interfere.”

      The Congress Party on Monday, 10 September 2018, had called the Bharat Bandh to fight against the Modi-led Government, which has not been able to curb fuel prices. 21 political parties also expressed their support to the bandh. The opposition party leaders demanded the inclusion of diesel and petrol under the realm of Goods and Services Tax (GST). There was no reaction from the government. Instead, it asked the state governments to reduce sales tax to cushion the impact of increasing fuel rates.

      19 September 2018

    • Every litre of Diesel Cost Rs.72.83 in Delhi

      Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) hiked the prices of diesel on a day when the opposition parties of the country called for a Bharat bandh to protest the rising fuel prices. On Monday, the prices of the diesel were hiked by 22 paise in the national capital which saw every litre of diesel cost Rs.72.83. In Mumbai, the financial capital of the country consumers had to pay Rs.77.32 for every litre of diesel. It needs to be mentioned that since mid-August diesel prices have increased by Rs.3.84 per litre. The increase has been accounted to factors like high international fuel prices, rupee hitting a record low against the dollar, high excise duty rates etc.

      11 September 2018

    • Indian Oil Corporation Limited Declares 50% rise in Net Profit in Q1

      Indian Oil Corporation Limited, a state-run oil marketing company, has reported a 50% rise in its net profit in the first quarter. According to sources, the net profit of IOCL stood at Rs.6,831 crore in the first quarter of the present 2018-2019 financial year. It was Rs.4,549 crore during the same quarter previous year. The revenues from operation increased to Rs.1,49,747 crore in the Q1 financial year 2018-2019 from Rs.1,28,183 crore in the conforming quarter of the financial year 2017-2018. Moreover, the oil marketing company earned $10.21 on converting each barre of unrefined oil into fuels in the first quarter of FY 2018-2019.

      The GRM was $5.18 a barrel in the quarter 1, excluding the stock gain. During the same quarter last year, it was $6.44 per barrel. The company reported inventory losses in the first quarter of the present fiscal year 2018-2019. Sanjiv Singh, who is the current Chairman of Indian Oil, said “Our company marketed 21.6 million tonnes of petroleum products in the Indian market during the Q1. The refineries of IOCL processed 17.6 million tonnes of unrefined oil.

      14 August 2018

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