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    ₹ 103.25
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    18 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.25
    17 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.25
    16 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.25
    15 Oct 2021 ₹ 103.25
    14 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.87
    13 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.49
    12 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.49
    11 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.49
    10 Oct 2021 ₹ 102.11
    09 Oct 2021 ₹ 101.74

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    Diesel Price in Jodhpur

    Diesel price per litre in Jodhpur was above Rs.70 in June 2018. Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum and Indian Oil, the three state-owned and leading fuel companies in India, offer almost the same fuel rate in the city of Jodhpur. Diesel customers may observe a minute difference in the price of diesel per litre in various cities of the same state. For example, diesel rate in Jodhpur, a prime city in Rajasthan, may vary slightly from diesel price in other cities of Rajasthan owing to carriage overheads, which are incurred to distribute diesel from refineries to supply stations.

    Revision of Diesel Rate in Jodhpur

    The last week of June 2018 has exhibited a growing trend as far as diesel rates in Jodhpur are concerned. On 24 June 2018, diesel was transacted at Rs.71.91 a litre. The fuel rate was down 6 paise to Rs.71.85 a litre on 25 June 2018. It further fell to Rs.71.74 a litre on 26 June 2018. Can you read a different fuel rate every day? Yes. Fuel enterprises have been asked to change/revise the prices of diesel and petrol every day in tandem with the currency translation ratio and international crude oil rates. This daily fuel price revision system is termed as dynamic fuel pricing. Since June last year, dynamic fuel pricing has been in use in India.

    Why Dynamic Fuel Pricing in India?

    Fuel companies will require a certain format to offer a new price. They were asked to revise fuel rates in India using a fortnightly-based model prior to the arrival of dynamic fuel pricing. Diesel was sold at the same rate during the first fifteen days of June 2017. This is not the case now. Each day, the fuel rate is revised and the revised rate is released at 06:00 a.m. India wanted to follow dynamic fuel pricing, which is a global practice, and make the revision of fuel rates translucent to customers. The new system will provide multiple advantages to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

    Obtain Today’s Diesel Price in Jodhpur Following Smart Ways

    Here, we discuss various online and offline options used to get the latest diesel rate in your city. IOCL is a highly competitive oil company in India and has a huge customer base. It has introduced a mobile application called as Fuel@IOC to aid its customer get the latest diesel and petrol rates not only in Jodhpur but also in other Indian cities. Indian Oil also offers the SMS service to get the fuel price quickly. HPCL and BPCL have also launched their unique mobile applications. The fully tailor-made mobile application provided by HPCL is My HPCL and that of BPCL is SmartDrive. HPCL and BPCL diesel prices in Jodhpur can also be traced through SMS services.

    Components of Diesel Rate in Jodhpur

    The components of diesel price in the city of Jodhpur consist of taxes, commission, expenses spent by OMCs, crude oil expenses, pollution cess. Taxes are a common cost aspect in the price structure of most goods and services. They are collected on each litre of diesel sold in India. Value-added Tax (VAT) and excise duty are charged by states and the center respectively. Excise duty will always be expressed in terms of rupees. On the other hand, VAT is expressed in terms of percentage always. On diesel per litre, in Jodhpur, excise duty was Rs.15.33 in June 2018 whereas VAT was 24.28%.

    As on 3 June 2018, crude oil price for a barrel of 159 litres was $78.3, which was equivalent to Rs.5,245. When we divide Rs.5,245 by 159, we arrive at the cost of a litre of unrefined oil, which is Rs.32.98. Crude oil cost per litre is another prime cost factor of the Retail Selling Price of diesel in your city. OMC costs stood at Rs.8.10 on diesel per litre as on 3 June 2018 whereas the commission charged by fuel dealers was Rs.2.53 a litre. Pollution cess was 25 paise per litre when revised recently. Diesel price in Jodhpur is alternatively stated as the sum of excise duty, pollution cess, VAT, cost of unrefined oil, OMC overheads and dealer commission.

    Elements Impacting Diesel Price in Jodhpur

    • Exchange Rate: We consider the impact of exchange rate of the INR versus the USD since unrefined oil is marketed by other countries such as OPEC. If the INR starts falling against the base currency, crude oil costs are comprehended to decline and vice versa. Fuel rates in the city are impacted by such variations.
    • Demand and Supply: The law of demand is also applicable in this context as well. For instance, if a widely traded commodity like crude oil accrues demand, the commodity also gains its price. If the commodity starts losing demand, the price will fall. In the end, the pricing of its sub-products such as petrol and diesel gets impacted.
    • Taxes: Taxes are domestic aspects affecting diesel price in Jodhpur. The lower the VAT and the excise duty, the lower is the fuel rate. Conversely, the higher the excise duty and the VAT, the higher fuel rate in Jodhpur. The State Government of Rajasthan has not restructured its VAT on diesel and petrol recently.

    GST’s Impact on Diesel Price in Jodhpur

    Diesel, petrol and petroleum products are outside the structure of GST till date. Dharmendra Pradhan, Oil Minister, recently said “Our government will soon bring petroleum products under the GST framework to cushion the effect of increasing diesel and petrol rates in the country.” The question now is, will the government accept this notion? If the government accepts this proposal, there will be a huge down in fuel rates. Excise and other taxes seem to surpass the true expenses of diesel and petrol in India according to market spectators. Therefore, the government is not willing to execute GST on diesel at 28%.

    Diesel Rates vs Petrol Rates

    Diesel is used for agricultural purposes and commercial activities. It is a subsidised fuel in India. So, diesel prices in India are lower compared to petrol prices. Like petrol, diesel also used for transportation purposes.

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    News about Diesel Price In Jodhpur

    • Government to Rise the Target for the Ethanol Blending Program

      Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on Thursday, said, “The government is willing to further accelerate the target for the ethanol blending program that has been designed to decline the import bill of crude oil for India.” The current target for the program is 5%, whereas the country has targeted a 10% blending of ethanol with petrol by the year 2022. The ethanol production has crossed 140 crore litres this calendar year. By the year 2030, the target for the program can be increased to twenty percent. The oil marketing companies have demanded 329 litres of ethanol for the forthcoming ethanol distribution year.

      The rate of ethanol has already been hiked by more than 3% by the government for the next year. The Union Cabinet has already determined the ex-mill price to be 59.13 a litre from the current rate of 47.13. The Prime Minister further said that the government is planning to invest a sum of Rs.5,000 crore for establishing compressed biogas plants over the next five years and it has also planned to make an investment of 12,000 crore to set up 12 bio-refineries in India.

      27 November 2018

    • Every litre of petrol hiked by 14-15 paise on Thursday

      Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) of the country hiked the prices of petrol on Thursday after a one-day hiatus. The rates were hiked by 14-15 paise per litre. In the national capital Delhi, the cost of petrol crossed the Rs.84 mark for the first time following the increase in the prices. In the other metros of the country i.e., Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, the rates charged for one litre of petrol were Rs.91.34, Rs.87.33, and Rs.85.80 respectively.

      Brent crude, which is the benchmark of international crude has risen by almost 10 percent in the past one month. The high crude oil prices along with the fall of rupee against the US dollar have resulted in petrol prices seeing an upward curve. The fact that consumers are paying a hefty amount as excise duty and VAT for purchasing a litre of petrol has made matters worse. Given the constant hike in the prices of petrol, the rates of petrol have increased by almost 8% in the last one month if Thursday’s hike is considered. It needs to be mentioned that the prices of petrol and diesel are revised on a daily basis by the OMCs as part of the daily price revision system which was put into place in June 2017.

      12 October 2018

    • OMCs Hike Petrol Prices by 10 aise

      The rates of petrol were hiked again on Tuesday by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). The latest hike recorded was 10 paise which saw every litre of petrol cost Rs.82.16 in the national capital. In Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, the price of petrol touched an all-time high of Rs.89.54 while in Kolkata and Chennai the rates were Rs.83.91 and Rs.85.31 respectively. The hike in the prices came after a one-day hiatus. It needs to be mentioned here that the price of petrol has risen by Rs.5.02 per litre since mid-August. The increase witnessed in the prices has been accounted to factors like the dip in the value of rupee and high crude oil prices. As of Tuesday, the price of Brent crude, which is the benchmark for half the world’s oil was around 80 dollars per barrel while rupee traded at Rs.72.8112.

      20 September 2018

    • Petrol and Diesel Prices Decreased Amid G20’s Warning on Global Trade Tensions

      Petrol and diesel prices were decreased across metro cities on Monday according to the data available on the website of the country’s leading oil retailer, Indian Oil. Fuel prices have been reduced for the fourth time in a row in metro cities except for Delhi, where the reduction is for the fifth time. The petrol price in New Delhi stands at Rs.76.30 per litre. In Mumbai, the fuel is being sold at Rs.83.75, while in Kolkata and Chennai, petrol is available at Rs.79.15 and Rs.79.25 respectively. On the other hand, diesel is being sold at Rs.67.89, Rs.72.07, Rs.70.56 and Rs.71.70 in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai respectively. Petrol and diesel prices in India are fixed based on the global crude oil price and the exchange rate of the US dollar over rupee. The market reacted to the rising fears of demand for fuel after finance ministers and the central bank governors of the G20 countries warned that the global economic growth will be impacted from the increasing trade and geopolitical fears.

      26 July 2018

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