• Car Loan without Credit Check

    Getting a car loan without credit check may not be entirely out of scope. Here is what you can do to get no credit check car loans available in the market.

    Internet Search - The internet can help you locate lenders that are not mainstream financial institutions. There are many small time financial institutions that offer loans without conducting any credit check. Make sure that you find a lender with interest rates acceptable to you.

    Cooperative Banks - There are certain cooperative banks that offer low interest car loans with minimal (or nil) credit checks on the applicant. However, it may come with certain downsides like high interest rates and low loan limit.

    Private Lenders - There are plenty of private lenders who operate in the market. These lenders typically provide secured car loans against the vehicle. The interest rates here will be much higher than that of banks. However, you can avail loans even with poor credit score.

    In this day and age, getting approval for a car loan is possible within mere hours. Most banks and financial institutions take just about 24 hours to 48 hours to verify and approve the car loan applications they get. Loans can be obtained for both new cars as well as used cars. As a part of the application process, lending institutions may require a list of documents from the applicant in order to perform various checks. In addition to establishing the identity, these documents also help companies understand the financial credibility of the applicant.

    Most financial institutions conduct a thorough credit check on the applicant before offering car loans. This check is performed mainly to ensure that the borrower has the financial capability to repay the loan in time. Most banks and financial institutions reject applicants with bad credit history. If you are someone who has poor credit score, it need not necessarily mean the end of the world. There are certain options you can explore to obtain car loan without credit check.

    Car Loan without Credit Check

    It goes without saying that no credit check loans are preferred by people with poor credit score. Most financial institutions operating in the country consider them as credit risk, and they do not entertain loan applications from these individuals. All conventional methods of availing car loan requires credit check no matter who the lender is. People who are in urgent requirement of car loans can try some unconventional methods to find lenders who are willing to take this risk. It is worth noting that no credit check loans typically come with higher interest rates and strict repayment terms.

    One thing you must keep in mind while getting a no credit check loans is that you must know who you are dealing with. There are cases where people got cheated or charged unfair interest rates when they avail these types of loans. Before you opt for this loan, make sure that the interest rates are fair (for a loan without credit check) and the repayment terms are manageable within your budget.

    Secured No Credit Check Loans

    Most of the no credit check loans obtained through unconventional methods are secured loans offered against the property (car). By pledging the car against the loan amount, you can get attractive interest rates and repayment terms from the lender even if your credit score is low. If you fail to repay the loan instalments repeatedly, the lender will possess the car and reclaim the loan amount by selling it in the market.

    Most private lenders in the market operate on this basis. For people with poor credit score, this type of secured no credit check loans can be beneficial to a certain extent since they can enjoy attractive terms even without maintaining a proper credit score. Before you opt for this type of loan, make sure that the terms are acceptable. Also, check the reputation of the lender in terms of flexibility offered in repayment terms.

    Advantages of Car Loan without Credit Check

    One of the advantages of availing car loan without credit check is the ease in obtaining loan with a poor credit score. Most of the mainstream lenders in the market outrightly reject applications from individuals with poor credit score. The number of credit enquires made is one of the factors considered when determining the credit score. Repeated rejections by mainstream lenders will worsen the score even further. In this situation, it is better to opt for a lender that does not perform any credit check on the individual.

    In most cases, loans of these types have a quick approval process. Since there is no credit verification process, loan approval can be done within a few hours. When it comes to car loans, the lender is protected from defaults through the value of the vehicle pledged against the loan. Hence, there is no need for any cosigners when you want to avail this loan. People opt for this type of loans only when there is no other option available. Under these dire circumstances, this loan can be really helpful.

    Disadvantages of Car Loan without Credit Check

    One of the notable disadvantages of no credit check car loan is the high interest rate associated with it. No credit check requirement comes with its own price, and borrowers must be prepared to pay this price. For lenders, offering these loans come with a risk. To offset this risk, they charge high interest rates from borrowers. Another significant disadvantage with this loan is the possibility of unfavourable terms. Typically, lenders dictate the terms for these kinds of loans. Without any other choice, borrowers opt for these loans even with unfavourable terms.

    CIBIL Score and Car Loans

    In the credit market, financial institutions use CIBIL score to understand the credit history of an individual. CIBIL maintains a database with information about a person’s credit card usage and loans taken or applied. Based on the repayment history of the individual, a particular score is assigned to individuals. This score determines the creditworthiness and financial stability of individuals. In order to provide car loans, most financial institutions expect applicants to maintain a CIBIL score of 750 and above. Most of the top lenders in the country reject applicants who do not have the minimum required CIBIL score. However, there are other ways to get a car loan even with poor CIBIL score.

    To Conclude

    Getting a car loan without credit check is a tricky process that may not be commonly available in the credit market. However, there are certain lenders who prefer offering these loans to take advantage of the high interest they can charge. While this is beneficial for people with bad credit, it could also adversely impact them. In certain cases, the terms of these loans may be disastrous for people who are already under financial troubles. Make sure that the repayment terms and interest rates are according to your preference before you think about signing up for this loan.


    Car Loan without Credit Check

    1. Is it possible to improve my credit score quickly?
    2. While it is possible, as shown above, to get a car loan even if you have a poor credit score, it may involve very high interest rates and other unfavorable repayment terms. It may also take longer to get approved. You can still choose to improve your credit score and then apply for a car loan, in which case it will typically take anywhere from 4 to 12 months to improve your score, although this will depend on how low your credit score was in the first place. If your score was low, but still closer to 750, it may take lesser time but if your score is lower than 600, it may take even more time to get it back to a favorable score.

    3. How can I find out what my credit score is?
    4. You can find out your credit score by requesting a report from one of the trusted and leading credit bureaus in India, some of which are CIBIL, CRIF Highmark, Equifax, and Experian. You can get one free credit report in the course of a financial year from each credit rating agency.

    5. How is it possible to improve my credit score?
    6. You can improve your credit score by doing a few basic things regularly, such as paying your loan EMIs and credit card dues on time without any delays, keeping your credit utilisation ration to just 30% of your credit limit, keeping your older but unused credit cards open (if they don’t have high annual fees), check your credit reports every quarter in order to rectify any errors and bring them to the notice of the credit rating bureaus, avoiding applying for too many loans or new credit cards, and keeping your expenses low on your existing credit cards.

    7. What is the advantage of having a good credit score?
    8. A good credit score can open the doors to lower interest rates as well as other favorable terms and conditions on your loan. It can even get you approvals faster than others so you can drive out in your dream car quicker than you thought.

    9. Don’t car loans with a credit check require a collateral or security?
    10. Car loans with a credit check also require security or collateral which is in the form of the car that is being purchased being hypothecated to the bank or lender for the duration of the loan tenure, ie., until the car loan is repaid in full.

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