• Allahabad Bank Car Loan Customer Care

    Allahabad Bank is a public sector bank that provides a diverse range of financial services to its customers. The bank focuses on meeting the requirements of its customers through its diverse range of products and services. The bank operates a dedicated customer care department to cater to the specific needs of its customers. There are different ways in which you can reach out to the customer care department of Allahabad Bank. Let’s check out the different aspects of customer service offered by the bank.

    Toll-Free Number and Email ID

    In case of queries or complaints, customers can reach out to the customer care department using the toll-free number provided by the company. There are no charges for contacting the bank using the toll-free number, which is given as follows:

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    Toll-free number: 1800 5722 000

    Customers can also send a detailed email to customercare@allahabadbank.in

    Allahabad Bank Head Office Contact Details

    The contact information of Allahabad Bank’s head office is given as follows:

    Address: 2, Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata – 700 002

    These are the customer care numbers for Allahabad Bank head office:

    2242 0863/ 2242 0915/ 2242 0869/ 2210 3777/ 2242 0900 / 2242 0883

    Allahabad Bank Customer Care Numbers- City Wise

    Take a look at the below table to find out the city-wise phone numbers and email addresses of the branches in the following metros: Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.

    Details of Allahabad Bank Branches in Bengaluru are Listed Below:

    Bengaluru Branch Details Contact Details
    BENGALURU KG ROAD Br Code: 210217 IFSC: ALLA0210217 Phone No: 08022262064 Email: br.kgroad@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU SERVICE BRANCH Br Code: 211944 IFSC: ALLA0211944 Phone No: 8026622581 Email: br.serbrbangalore@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU BTM LAYOUT Br Code: 212029 IFSC: ALLA0212029 Phone No: 08026781875 Email: br.btmlayout@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU KALYANNAGAR (U) Br Code: 212106 IFSC: ALLA0212106 Phone No: 08025454186 Email: br.kalyannagar@allahabadbank.in
    FIO BENGALURU Br Code: 212179 IFSC: ALLA0212179 Phone No: Email: fio.bangalore@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU IFB Br Code: 212292 IFSC: ALLA0212292 Phone No: 080-255909 Email: br.ifbbangalore@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU BANASHANKARI Br Code: 212314 IFSC: ALLA0212314 Phone No: 08026798444 Email: Br.banasankari@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU H.S.R. LAY OUT Br Code: 212350 IFSC: ALLA0212350 Email: Br.hsrlayout@allahabadbank.in
    ZO BENGALURU Br Code: 212383 IFSC: ALLA0212383 Phone No: 08025590985 Email: zo.banagalore@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU VIJAYA NAGAR Br Code: 212459 IFSC: ALLA0212459 Phone No: 08023408893 Email: br.vijayanagar@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU KORAMANGALA Br Code: 212522 IFSC: ALLA0212522 Email: Br.Koramangala@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU RAJAJI NAGAR Br Code: 212547 IFSC: ALLA0212547 Phone No: 0477 22383 Email: Br.Rajajinagar@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU SAHAKAR NAGAR Br Code: 212671 IFSC: ALLA0212671 Email: Br.Sahakarnagar@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU R T NAGAR Br Code: 212672 IFSC: ALLA0212672 Email: Br.Rtnagar@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU YELAHANKA, BENGALURU Br Code: 212674 IFSC: ALLA0212674 Email: Br.Yelahanka@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU CHAMRAJPET Br Code: 212717 IFSC: ALLA0212717 Phone No: 08026700181 Email: Br.Chamarajpet@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU J P NAGAR SARAKKI Br Code: 212728 IFSC: ALLA0212728 Phone No: 08026581823 Email: Br.JPnagar@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU MALLESWARAM Br Code: 212729 IFSC: ALLA0212729 Email: Br.Malleswaram@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU CPH II Br Code: 212828 IFSC: ALLA0212828 Phone No: 8023217129 Email: cph2.bangalore@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU INDIRA NAGAR Br Code: 212831 IFSC: ALLA0212831 Email: Br.Indiranagarblr@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU NAGARBHAVI Br Code: 212865 IFSC: ALLA0212865 Email: Br.Nagarbhavi@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU KAMLANAGAR Br Code: 212866 IFSC: ALLA0212866 Email: Br.Kamalanagar@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU K R PURAM Br Code: 212867 IFSC: ALLA0212867 Email: Br.Krpuram@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU BANNERGHATA Br Code: 212940 IFSC: ALLA0212940 Email: Br.Bannerghatta@allahabadbank.in
    BENGALURU HENNUR ROAD Br Code: 212941 IFSC: ALLA0212941 Email: Br.Hennur@allahabadbank.in
    SOMNAHALLI Br Code: 213258 IFSC: ALLA0213258 Email: Br.Somnahalli@allahabadbank.in

    Details of Allahabad Bank Branches in Chennai are Listed Below:

    Chennai Branch Details Contact Details
    Branch Name: CHENNAI MOUNT ROAD Br Code: 210218 IFSC: ALLA0210218 Phone No: 044-285492 Email: br.mountroad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI GEORGE TOWN Br Code: 210407 IFSC: ALLA0210407 Phone No: 044-253401 Email: br.georgetown@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: ZO CHENNAI Br Code: 210512 IFSC: ALLA0210512 Email: zo.chennai@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI JAWAHAR NAGAR Br Code: 210724 IFSC: ALLA0210724 Email: br.jawaharngr@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI MYLAPORE Br Code: 210910 IFSC: ALLA0210910 Phone No: 044-249806 Email: br.mylapore@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI ANNA NAGAR Br Code: 211042 IFSC: ALLA0211042 Phone No: 04426263882 Email: br.anrchni@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI ADYAR Br Code: 211103 IFSC: ALLA0211103 Phone No: 04424917036 Email: br.adyar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI V P COLONY Br Code: 211291 IFSC: ALLA0211291 Phone No: 044-264605 Email: br.vpcolony@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI T NAGAR Br Code: 211529 IFSC: ALLA0211529 Phone No: 044-243466 Email: br.tnagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI THOUSAND LIGHTS Br Code: 211821 IFSC: ALLA0211821 Phone No: 044-282970 Email: br.thoulights@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI SERVICE BRANCH Br Code: 211866 IFSC: ALLA0211866 Phone No: 25345216 Email: br.serbrchennai@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI TONDIARPET Br Code: 211881 IFSC: ALLA0211881 Phone No: 044-259538 Email: br.tondiarpet@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI AMBATTUR-VIJAYALAKSHMIPURAM Br Code: 211909 IFSC: ALLA0211909 Phone No: 04426570852 Email: br.ambattur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI IFB Br Code: 211957 IFSC: ALLA0211957 Phone No: 04428546272 Email: br.ibchennai@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI ARMB Br Code: 211998 IFSC: ALLA0211998 Phone No: Email: br.cherecovery@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI MOGAPPAIR EAST Br Code: 212083 IFSC: ALLA0212083 Phone No: 04426566633 Email: br.mogappair@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI PURASAWALKAM Br Code: 212118 IFSC: ALLA0212118 Phone No: 04426421188 Email: br.purasavalkam@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI SRCM Br Code: 212154 IFSC: ALLA0212154 Phone No: 04422522954 Email: br.srcm@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KRISHNAGIRI Br Code: 212316 IFSC: ALLA0212316 Email: Br.krishnagiri@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI PORUR Br Code: 212395 IFSC: ALLA0212395 Phone No: 044 297213 Email: br.porur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI TAMBARAM Br Code: 212398 IFSC: ALLA0212398 Phone No: 044 -22260 Email: br.tambaram@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI JAFFARKHANPET Br Code: 212412 IFSC: ALLA0212412 Phone No: 04423712099 Email: br.jafferkhanpet@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI K.K.NAGAR Br Code: 212413 IFSC: ALLA0212413 Email: br.kknagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI THIRUVANMIYUR Br Code: 212414 IFSC: ALLA0212414 Email: br.thiruvanmiyur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI MADIPAKKAM Br Code: 212415 IFSC: ALLA0212415 Email: br.madipakkam@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: THIRUVERKADU SA ENGINEERING COLLEGE Br Code: 212490 IFSC: ALLA0212490 Email: Br.Saecollege@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI THIRUVENGADAM Br Code: 212979 IFSC: ALLA0212979 Email: Br.Thiruvengadam@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI NANGANALLUR Br Code: 213044 IFSC: ALLA0213044 Phone No: 04422670727 Email: br.nanganallur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI PALLAVARAM Br Code: 213084 IFSC: ALLA0213084 Email: Br.Pallavaram@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: CHENNAI NOLAMBUR Br Code: 213244 IFSC: ALLA0213244 Email: Br.Nolambur@allahabadbank.in

    Details of Allahabad Bank Branches in Delhi are Listed Below:

    New Delhi Branch Details Contact Details
    Branch Name: CHANDNI CHOWK Br Code: 210158 IFSC: ALLA0210158 Phone No: 011-239403 Email: br.del_cchowk@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: HAUZ QAZI Br Code: 210159 IFSC: ALLA0210159 Phone No: 011-232300 Email: br.del_hqazi@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI SADAR BAZAR Br Code: 210160 IFSC: ALLA0210160 Phone No: 011-236726 Email: br.del_sadarbzr@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KAROLBAGH Br Code: 210162 IFSC: ALLA0213475 Phone No: 011-257216 Email: br.del_karolbagh@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI PARLIANMENT STREET Br Code: 210163 IFSC: ALLA0210163 Phone No: 011-233612 Email: br.del_pst@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: ALIPUR VILLAGE DELHI Br Code: 210164 IFSC: ALLA0210164 Phone No: 011-272022 Email: br.del_alipur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI SOUTH EXTN Br Code: 210289 IFSC: ALLA0210289 Phone No: 011-246250 Email: br.del_southex@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: ZO NEW DELHI Br Code: 210296 IFSC: ALLA0210296 Phone No: 1122235620 Email: zo.Newdelhi@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KRISHNA NAGAR Br Code: 210323 IFSC: ALLA0210323 Phone No: 011-220932 Email: br.del_knagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI LAJPATNAGAR Br Code: 210363 IFSC: ALLA0210363 Phone No: 011-246472 Email: br.del_lajpat@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI BODELA Br Code: 210392 IFSC: ALLA0210392 Phone No: 011-285373 Email: br.del_bodella@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI BINDAPUR Br Code: 210393 IFSC: ALLA0210393 Phone No: 011-256351 Email: br.del_bindapur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: TIMARPUR Br Code: 210394 IFSC: ALLA0210394 Phone No: 011-238102 Email: br.del_timar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI TILAKNAGAR Br Code: 210395 IFSC: ALLA0210395 Phone No: 011-259986 Email: br.del_tilaknagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI DHANSA Br Code: 210396 IFSC: ALLA0210396 Phone No: 011-253136 Email: br.del_dhansa@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI NEWADA Br Code: 210397 IFSC: ALLA0210397 Phone No: 011-253515 Email: br.del_newada@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: DARYAGANJ Br Code: 210411 IFSC: ALLA0210411 Phone No: 011-232754 Email: br.del_daryaganj@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: GHAZIABAD DELHI GATE Br Code: 210412 IFSC: ALLA0210412 Phone No: 01202820244 Email: br.del_delhigategzb@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI PAHARGANJ Br Code: 210413 IFSC: ALLA0210413 Phone No: 011-235808 Email: br.del_paharganj@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI PASCHIM VIHAR Br Code: 210506 IFSC: ALLA0210506 Phone No: 01125261145 Email: br.del_pvihar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI TUGHLAKABAD Br Code: 210591 IFSC: ALLA0210591 Phone No: 011-263604 Email: br.del_tughlakabad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI OKHLA INDUSTRIAL EST Br Code: 210592 IFSC: ALLA0210592 Phone No: 011-263878 Email: br.del_okhla@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI NEHRU PLACE Br Code: 210615 IFSC: ALLA0210615 Phone No: 011-264172 Email: br.del_nplace@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI BARODA HOUSE Br Code: 210619 IFSC: ALLA0210619 Phone No: 011-233868 Email: br.del_bhouse@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KISHANGANJ Br Code: 210620 IFSC: ALLA0210620 Phone No: 011-236963 Email: br.del_kishanganj@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI RAJOKHRI Br Code: 210622 IFSC: ALLA0210622 Phone No: 011-250630 Email: br.del_rajokri@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI MANGOLPUR KALAN Br Code: 210648 IFSC: ALLA0210648 Phone No: 011-279225 Email: br.del_mangol@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI ANANDLOK COLONY Br Code: 210707 IFSC: ALLA0210707 Phone No: 011-269620 Email: br.del_anandlok@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI AZADPUR Br Code: 210711 IFSC: ALLA0210711 Phone No: 011-276740 Email: br.del_azadpur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI MAYAPURI Br Code: 210712 IFSC: ALLA0210712 Phone No: 011-281170 Email: br.del_mayapuri@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI WAZIRPUR INDL. AREA Br Code: 211029 IFSC: ALLA0211029 Phone No: 011-273714 Email: br.del_wazirpur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI CHITTARANJAN PARK Br Code: 211083 IFSC: ALLA0211083 Phone No: 011-262770 Email: br.del_crpark@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI GHUMAN HERA Br Code: 211102 IFSC: ALLA0211102 Phone No: 011-280198 Email: br.del_ghumanhera@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI EAST PATEL NAGAR Br Code: 211105 IFSC: ALLA0211105 Phone No: 011-257270 Email: br.del_epnagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MEERUT DELHI CHUNGI ROAD Br Code: 211280 IFSC: ALLA0211280 Phone No: 0121-25139 Email: br.meerut_delhich@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI RAJOURI GARDEN Br Code: 211537 IFSC: ALLA0211537 Phone No: 011-254140 Email: br.del_rgarden@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI SERVICE BRANCH Br Code: 211581 IFSC: ALLA0211581 Email: br.del_serbr@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: FIO NEW DELHI Br Code: 211594 IFSC: ALLA0211594 Email: fio.newdelhi@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI IB Br Code: 211891 IFSC: ALLA0211891 Phone No: 011-233603 Email: br.del_ibl@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI GURU HARKISHAN NAGAR Br Code: 211892 IFSC: ALLA0211892 Phone No: 011-252537 Email: br.del_benclave@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI IFB Br Code: 211893 IFSC: ALLA0211893 Phone No: 011-233668 Email: br.del_ifb@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: BAHADURGARH Br Code: 211948 IFSC: ALLA0211948 Phone No: 01276-2134 Email: br.bahadurgarh@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI ARMB Br Code: 211953 IFSC: ALLA0211953 Phone No: 1123364381 Email: br.del_recovery@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI ANAND VIHAR Br Code: 212004 IFSC: ALLA0212004 Phone No: 011-221614 Email: br.del_avihar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI NEW RAJENDRA NAGAR Br Code: 212086 IFSC: ALLA0212086 Phone No: 011-287413 Email: br.del_nrajnagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI JANAKPURI Br Code: 212132 IFSC: ALLA0212132 Phone No: 011-255980 Email: br.del_janak@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI ROHINI Br Code: 212133 IFSC: ALLA0212133 Phone No: 011-275673 Email: br.del_rohini@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI GREEN PARK Br Code: 212145 IFSC: ALLA0212145 Phone No: 0 Email: br.del_gpark@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI DRM OFFICE Br Code: 212162 IFSC: ALLA0212162 Phone No: 011-233485 Email: br.del_drm@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: RITHANI DELHI ROAD Br Code: 212183 IFSC: ALLA0212183 Phone No: 0121-24413 Email: br.RITHANIROAD@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KAKROLA Br Code: 212233 IFSC: ALLA0212233 Phone No: 011-253301 Email: br.del_kakrola@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI RPC Br Code: 212237 IFSC: ALLA0212237 Email: br.del_rpc@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI DWARKA (SECTOR-6) Br Code: 212274 IFSC: ALLA0212274 Email: br.del_dwarka@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI PITAMPURA Br Code: 212299 IFSC: ALLA0212299 Email: br.pitampura@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: SAMPLA Br Code: 212338 IFSC: ALLA0212338 Email: br.sampla@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI AMAR COLONY Br Code: 212341 IFSC: ALLA0212341 Email: br.del_amarcolony@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI PATPARGANJ, I.P.EXTENSION, DELHI Br Code: 212344 IFSC: ALLA0212344 Email: br.del_ipext@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI LAXMINAGAR Br Code: 212357 IFSC: ALLA0212357 Email: br.del_laxminagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL BR. Br Code: 212367 IFSC: ALLA0212367 Email: br.DPS_Sector4@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI MOOLCHAND HOSPITAL BR. Br Code: 212454 IFSC: ALLA0212454 Email: br.moolchandhospital@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: SWAMI SRADHANANDA COLLEGE , ALIPORE Br Code: 212455 IFSC: ALLA0212455 Email: Br.Ssnc_alipur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI MAYUR VIHAR Br Code: 212456 IFSC: ALLA0212456 Email: br.apsmayurvihar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI NEW FRIENDS COLONY Br Code: 212460 IFSC: ALLA0212460 Email: br.NewFriendsColony@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI ASN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL Br Code: 212470 IFSC: ALLA0212470 Email: br.Asnschool@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI LAXMAN PUB SCHOOL HAUZKHAS ENCL Br Code: 212471 IFSC: ALLA0212471 Email: br.Laxmanps@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI NAJAFGARH Br Code: 212488 IFSC: ALLA0212488 Phone No: 0 Email: br.SPRINGMEADOWS@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI BANARASIDAS CHANDIWALA EYE INSTITUTE Br Code: 212518 IFSC: ALLA0212518 Phone No: 011-268262 Email: Br.Del_Bdcei@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI DWARKA Br Code: 212520 IFSC: ALLA0212520 Email: Br.Dwarka12@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: AGRA DELHI GATE Br Code: 212537 IFSC: ALLA0212537 Email: Br.Agra_Delhigate@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: RUNKATA Br Code: 212538 IFSC: ALLA0212538 Email: Br.Agra_Runukta@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI GADAIPUR Br Code: 212546 IFSC: ALLA0212546 Email: Br.Gadaipur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KHERA Br Code: 212549 IFSC: ALLA0212549 Email: br.del_khaira@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: JAGATPUR Br Code: 212561 IFSC: ALLA0212561 Email: br.del_jagatpur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI MATIALA Br Code: 212565 IFSC: ALLA0212565 Email: br.del_matiyala@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: SOHNA Br Code: 212571 IFSC: ALLA0212571 Email: Br.Sohna@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI MODEL TOWN Br Code: 212649 IFSC: ALLA0212649 Email: Br.Del_Modeltown@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI NANGLOI Br Code: 212653 IFSC: ALLA0212653 Email: Br.Del_nangloi@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KAMLANAGAR Br Code: 212654 IFSC: ALLA0212654 Email: Br.Del_kamlanagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: GURGAON UDYOG VIHAR Br Code: 212657 IFSC: ALLA0212657 Email: Br.Del_UdyogVihar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI DILSHAD GARDEN Br Code: 212685 IFSC: ALLA0212685 Email: Br.DilshadGarden@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: ZO DELHI NCR Br Code: 212691 IFSC: ALLA0212691
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI CPH II Br Code: 212693 IFSC: ALLA0212693
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI SAKET Br Code: 212697 IFSC: ALLA0212697 Email: Br.Del_saket@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI BURARI Br Code: 212705 IFSC: ALLA0212705 Email: Br.Burari@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI ROSHAN ARA ROAD Br Code: 212708 IFSC: ALLA0212708 Email: Br.RoshanaraRoad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI DELHI CANTT Br Code: 212733 IFSC: ALLA0212733 Email: Br.Delhi_cantt@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI JASOLA Br Code: 212734 IFSC: ALLA0212734 Email: Br.Jasola@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI MAHIPALPUR Br Code: 212742 IFSC: ALLA0212742 Email: Br.Mahipalpur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: HAMIDPUR Br Code: 212756 IFSC: ALLA0212756 Email: Br.Hamidpur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI JANAKPURI D BLOCK Br Code: 212868 IFSC: ALLA0212868 Email: Br.Del_janakpurid@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI VISHNU GARDEN Br Code: 212869 IFSC: ALLA0212869 Email: Br.Del_vishnugarden@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI GUJRAWALA TOWN Br Code: 212878 IFSC: ALLA0212878 Email: Br.del_gujrawala@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI NARAINA Br Code: 212880 IFSC: ALLA0212880 Email: Br.del_narayanavihar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI NEW ROHTAK ROAD Br Code: 212881 IFSC: ALLA0212881 Email: Br.del_newrohtakroad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI YAMUNA VIHAR Br Code: 212882 IFSC: ALLA0212882 Email: Br.del_yamunavihar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI TRINAGAR Br Code: 212902 IFSC: ALLA0212902 Email: Br.Del_Trinagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KHARKHARI ROND Br Code: 213015 IFSC: ALLA0213015 Email: Br.Del_Kharkhari@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KIRTINAGAR Br Code: 213016 IFSC: ALLA0213016 Email: Br.del_Kirtinagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI JAFARPUR KALAN Br Code: 213082 IFSC: ALLA0213082 Email: Br.Del_Jaffarpur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI KANGANHERI Br Code: 213083 IFSC: ALLA0213083 Email: Br.Del_Kanganheri@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI BADARPUR Br Code: 213160 IFSC: ALLA0213160 Email: Br.Del_Badarpur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI BHAJANPURA Br Code: 213161 IFSC: ALLA0213161 Email: Br.Del_bhajanpura@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI GEETA COLONY Br Code: 213162 IFSC: ALLA0213162 Email: Br.del_geetacolony@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI PALAM Br Code: 213184 IFSC: ALLA0213184 Email: Br.Del_Palam@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: FGM(NORTH) NEW DELHI Br Code: 213191 IFSC: ALLA0213191 Phone No: 112336229
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI HNI Br Code: 213220 IFSC: ALLA0213220 Email: Br.del_hni@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI PANDWALA KHURD Br Code: 213262 IFSC: ALLA0213262 Email: Br.Del_Pandawlakhurd@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: LIBASPUR Br Code: 213269 IFSC: ALLA0213269 Email: Br.Libaspur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MORADABAD DELHI ROAD Br Code: 213326 IFSC: ALLA0213326 Email: Br.Delhiroad_mbd@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI PUNJABI BAGH Br Code: 213402 IFSC: ALLA0213402 Email: Br.Punjabibagh@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI SHAHADRA Br Code: 213403 IFSC: ALLA0213403 Email: Br.Shahdara@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: TRANSPORT NAGAR Br Code: 213408 IFSC: ALLA0213408 Email: Br.Del_TransportNagar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI ASHOK VIHAR PHASE II-III Br Code: 213422 IFSC: ALLA0213422 Email: Br.Ashokvihar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: NEW DELHI JAHANGIRPURI Br Code: 213464 IFSC: ALLA0213464 Email: Br.Jahangirpuri@allahabadbank.in

    Details of Allahabad Bank branches in Kolkata are Listed Below:

    Kolkata Branch Details Contact Details
    Branch Name: KOLKATA ALIPORE Br Code: 210022 IFSC: ALLA0210022 Phone No: 2479-6267, Email: br.alipore@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA BHOWANIPORE Br Code: 210023 IFSC: ALLA0210023 Phone No: 2475-5016 Email: br.bhowanipore@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA KASBA Br Code: 210024 IFSC: ALLA0210024 Phone No: 033-2405-4039 Email: br.kasba@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA B K PAUL AVENUE Br Code: 210025 IFSC: ALLA0210025 Phone No: 033 25307911 Email: br.bkpalavenue@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA SOUTH KOLKATA Br Code: 210026 IFSC: ALLA0210026 Phone No: 033-2466-1594 Email: br.southkolkata@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA CHITTARANJAN AVENUE Br Code: 210027 IFSC: ALLA0210027 Phone No: 033 223573 Email: br.cravenue@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA BELIAGHATA Br Code: 210028 IFSC: ALLA0210028 Phone No: 033 236301 Email: br.beliaghata@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA COLLEGE STREET MARKET Br Code: 210029 IFSC: ALLA0210029 Phone No: 033 224105 Email: br.college_stmarket@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA DHARAMTOLLA STREET Br Code: 210030 IFSC: ALLA0210030 Phone No: 033 223782 Email: br.dharamtollastreet@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA MAIN Br Code: 210031 IFSC: ALLA0210031 Phone No: 2220-3015, Email: br.kolkatamain@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: HEAD OFFICE Br Code: 210032 IFSC: ALLA0210032 Phone No: 3322309526 Email: ho.premises@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA BURRABAZAR Br Code: 210033 IFSC: ALLA0210033 Phone No: 033 226862 Email: br.burrabazar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA JODHPUR PARK Br Code: 210034 IFSC: ALLA0210034 Phone No: 033-2473-1969 Email: br.jodhpurpark@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA KALIKRISHNA TAGORE ST Br Code: 210035 IFSC: ALLA0210035 Phone No: 033 225907 Email: br.kktagorestreet@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA BRABOURNE ROAD Br Code: 210036 IFSC: ALLA0210036 Phone No: 033 223583 Email: br.brabourneroad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA GARIAHAT Br Code: 210037 IFSC: ALLA0210037 Phone No: 24619726/2 Email: br.gariahat@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA SHYAMBAZAR Br Code: 210038 IFSC: ALLA0210038 Phone No: 033 255548 Email: br.shyambazar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA HAZRA ROAD Br Code: 210258 IFSC: ALLA0210258 Phone No: 2475-3599 Email: br.hazraroad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA PARK STREET Br Code: 210278 IFSC: ALLA0210278 Phone No: 2249-7692/ Email: br.parkstreet@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA LAKE GARDENS Br Code: 210279 IFSC: ALLA0210279 Phone No: 2417-4545 Email: br.lakegardens@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA TOLLYGUNGE Br Code: 210280 IFSC: ALLA0210280 Phone No: 2424-5568 Email: br.tollygunge@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA HARISH MUKHERJEE ROAD Br Code: 210300 IFSC: ALLA0210300 Phone No: 2455-4508 Email: br.hmroad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: BUDGE BUDGE Br Code: 210301 IFSC: ALLA0210301 Phone No: 03324359570 Email: br.budgebudge@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA NEW ALIPORE Br Code: 210324 IFSC: ALLA0210324 Phone No: 2400-0049/ Email: br.newalipore@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: KOLKATA CHAKRABERIA Br Code: 210325 IFSC: ALLA0210325 Phone No: 2475-6718 Email: br.chakraberia@allahabadbank.in

    Details of Allahabad Bank branches in Mumbai are listed below:

    Mumbai Branch Details Contact Details
    Branch Name: MUMBAI FORT Br Code: 210182 IFSC: ALLA0210182 Phone No: 022 226620 Email: br.mumfort@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI DADAR Br Code: 210184 IFSC: ALLA0210184 Phone No: 022 243048 Email: br.mumdadar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI KALBADEVI Br Code: 210185 IFSC: ALLA0210185 Phone No: 022 224104 Email: br.mumkalbadevi@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI KALINA Br Code: 210186 IFSC: ALLA0210186 Phone No: 022 266517 Email: br.mumkalina@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI PAREL Br Code: 210187 IFSC: ALLA0210187 Phone No: 022 241316 Email: br.mumparel@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI MULUND (EAST) Br Code: 210261 IFSC: ALLA0210261 Phone No: 022 259061 Email: br.mummulund@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: ZO MUMBAI Br Code: 210295 IFSC: ALLA0210295 Phone No: Email: br.mumzonaloffice@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI KHAR Br Code: 210302 IFSC: ALLA0210302 Phone No: 022 260419 Email: br.mumkhar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI CHEMBUR Br Code: 210313 IFSC: ALLA0210313 Phone No: 022 252200 Email: br.mumchembur@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI PEDDAR ROAD Br Code: 210371 IFSC: ALLA0210371 Phone No: 022-235211 Email: br.mumpedderroad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI JUHU VILE PARLE Br Code: 210523 IFSC: ALLA0210523 Phone No: 02226202236 Email: br.mumjvp@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI BHANDUP Br Code: 210624 IFSC: ALLA0210624 Phone No: 022 256169 Email: br.mumbhandup@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI MALAD (WEST) Br Code: 210720 IFSC: ALLA0210720 Phone No: 022-288380 Email: br.mummalad@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI WADALA Br Code: 210792 IFSC: ALLA0210792 Phone No: 022 241839 Email: Br.MUMwadala@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI JOGESHWARI(WEST) Br Code: 211047 IFSC: ALLA0211047 Phone No: 022 267910 Email: br.mumjogeshwari@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI GOREGAON (WEST) Br Code: 211048 IFSC: ALLA0211048 Phone No: 022 287221 Email: br.mumgoregaon@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI ANDHERI (EAST) Br Code: 211118 IFSC: ALLA0211118 Phone No: 022 268318 Email: br.mumandherieast@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI GHATKOPAR(EAST)PANTHANGR. Br Code: 211292 IFSC: ALLA0211292 Phone No: 022-251134 Email: br.mumghatkopar@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI SERVICE BRANCH Br Code: 211341 IFSC: ALLA0211341 Phone No: 2222679854 Email: br.mumservicebranch@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI SION Br Code: 211346 IFSC: ALLA0211346 Phone No: 022 240771 Email: br.mumsion@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI IB Br Code: 211348 IFSC: ALLA0211348 Phone No: 022 221813 Email: br.mumib@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI ANDHERI (WEST) Br Code: 211555 IFSC: ALLA0211555 Phone No: 022 262838 Email: br.mumandheriwest@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI IFB Br Code: 211561 IFSC: ALLA0211561 Phone No: 022-228224 Email: br.mumifb@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI MATUNGA Br Code: 211692 IFSC: ALLA0211692 Phone No: 022-243792 Email: br.mummatunga@allahabadbank.in
    Branch Name: MUMBAI WORLI Br Code: 211775 IFSC: ALLA0211775 Phone No: 022 249277 Email: br.mumworli@allahabadbank.in

    Allahabad Bank Customer Contact Form

    You may also contact the bank by filling out the contact form given on the company website. For any queries and complaints, customers can access the ‘contact us’ form using the following instructions:

    • Visit the official website of the bank at https://www.allahabadbank.in/
    • On the menu bar, move your cursor to ‘contact us’.
    • On the list of options, click on ‘head office’.
    • On the resulting page, you can find the ‘contact us’ form below the map.
    • Enter the required details including name, email ID, and subject along with the query.
    • The customer care department will get back to you in a reasonable time.

    Allahabad Bank Customer Feedback Form:

    The feedback form available with the bank can be accessed as follows:

    • Visit the official website of the bank at https://www.allahabadbank.in/
    • On the menu bar, move your cursor to ‘contact us’.
    • On the list of options, click on ‘feedback’.
    • On the feedback form, enter your name, phone number, email ID, address, and proceed to give your feedback.

    Grievance Redressal Process at Allahabad Bank

    If your issue is not resolved by the customer care department, you may proceed to escalate it further to the bank’s grievance redressal cell. You may contact the Principal Officer for grievance redressal at the bank’s head office.

    General Manager, Allahabad Bank, 2, Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata – 700 001. Phone: 033 – 22319468

    You can also write an email to the Principal Nodal Officer for grievance redressal. Get in touch through the email IDs given below to get your grievances addressed:

    • ho.cgrc@allahabadbank.in
    • gm.digimark@allahabadbank.in
    • gmpd@allahabadbank.in

    You may also fill out the Grievance Redressal form on the Company’s website Using the Following Steps:

    • Visit the official website of the bank at https://www.allahabadbank.in/
    • On the menu bar, move your cursor to ‘contact us’.
    • On the list of options, click on ‘grievance redressal’.
    • On the resulting page, you can find the form to air your grievances.
    • Here, you can provide information about your complaint.
    • On this page, you may also track the status of your earlier complaints with the help of the ticket ID provided.

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