Entry Tax in Madhya Pradesh

Transporting commodities from another state in India into Madhya Pradesh will attract entry tax in Madhya Pradesh. The tax rate levied on different categories is different based on the levies of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Note: Entry Tax has been replaced by the Goods and Services Tax(GST) starting 1 July 2017

Madhya Pradesh Entry Tax Rates

Transporting goods from one state to another attracts entry tax. In Madhya Pradesh, tax is levied for different goods. Here is the list of entry tax rates charged in the state:

1% 5% 4% 13% 14% 15%
Articles of gold and silver including coins, bullion and specie Agricultural implements All kinds of electronic and electric goods such as Smart Cards, FAX machines, electronic meters, SIM cards, and parts and components thereof Old and secondhand motor vehicles Raw opium All type of two wheeler, three wheeler and fourwheeler motor vehicle and motor vehicle with more than four wheelers including their chassis and bodies; parts and accessories thereof; jeep trailers
Precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls and sapphires whether they are sold, loose or as forming part of any article in which they are set. All equipments for communications such as Private Branch Exchange (P.B.X.) and Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (E.P.A.B.X) Aluminum structurals, steel fabrication items including G.S. Stay Sets, switch fuse units and isolators   Natural gas including compressed natural gas Television; Refrigerators, deep freezers, air conditioning plants, including air conditioners, mechanical water coolers, air coolers and components, parts and accessories thereof;
Noble metals such as platinum, iridium, rhodium and ornaments made thereof (a) All types of yarn (other than cotton yarn, cotton and silk yarn in hank), yarn waste and sewing thread (b) Cotton yarn (other than cotton yarn in hank) All kinds of bitumen   Timber  
Gold and silver ornaments All intangible goods like copyright, patent, rep license Computers and their parts & accessories   Telephones, cellular handsets, phablets  
De-oiled cake including all kinds of soyameal cotton seed oil cake, mustard oil cake and Makka Khali Albums (photo and stamp album) Generating sets   Cigarettes  
  All kinds of utensils and enamelled utensils including pressure cookers and pans, but excluding utensils made of precious metals and handmade utensils Glass and glass sheets      
  Industrial cables (High voltage cables, Plastic coated cables, jelly filled cables and optical fibres) Accessories and parts of all kinds of two and three wheelers & other motor vehicles (excluding tractors)      
  Insulators and thermal insulators used for industrial purposes Steel structurals and steel bars including Thermo - mechanically Treated Steel bars (TMT)      
  Ice, Honey, Asafoetida, Coffee beans and seeds, cocoa pod, green tea leaf and chicory, Charota seeds Lubricants including grease and lube oil      
  All kinds of bricks including brickbats, jhama, fly ash bricks, refractory bricks, asphaltic roofing and earthen tiles, but excluding earthen roofing tiles Tyres, tubes and flaps of two wheeler, three wheeler and four wheeler motor vehicles, motor vehicles with more than four wheels or jeep trailers.      
  All kinds of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)/Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb and tube Transformers and transformer oil      
  All kinds of electric/battery run two wheelers, in which internal combustion engine is not used        
  All kinds of plywood, block board, MDF Board, particle board, laminated sheet such as sunmica        
  Flush doors        
  Arecanut powder and betel nut (other than sweetened and/or scented betel nut)        
  Aluminium conductor steel reinforced (ACSR), AA / AAA Conductors        
  Articles and ornaments made of rolled gold and imitation gold, imitation jewellery, Bangles of ivory        
  Audio tape recorder and audio cassettes        
  Battery operated cars and rickshaws        
  Bamboo, Cigarettes, Bearings, Bone meal        
  Biofuel based smokeless stove, gas stove,gas geyser and induction cook top, Bitumen and coal tar, Biomass briquettes        
  Buckets, Ghamela, Tasla and Tagadi made of Aluminium or other material except precious materials, buckets made of iron and steel or plastic, and crow bar        
  Bulk drugs; Drugs and medicines including vaccines, syringes, dressings, medicated ointments produced under drug licence and light liquid paraffin of IP grade        
  All metal castings        
  Candles other than handmade candles        
  Calculators (other than electronic calculators)        
  Centrifugal , monobloc and submersible pumps, pumping sets, parts and accessories thereof, and foot valve        
  Ceramic and vitrified tiles        
  Coal ash including cinder, Chemical fertilizers, gypsum, micro-nutrients, plant growth promoters and regulators, pesticides, weedicides, insecticides, rodenticide and herbicides other than mosquito and insect repellents such as jet mat, good knight mat, mosquito coils        
  Floor hygiene powder specifically formulated and manufactured for use in poultry farms        
  Combs, Cups, glasses, plates, bowls (Dona-Pattal) and spoons of paper and plastic        
  Coir and Coir products excluding coir mattresses        
  Cotton and cotton waste        
  Jute, Crucibles        
  Coal and coke; Iron and steel; crude oil, Hides and skins, whether in raw or dressed state, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) for domestic use        
  Oilseeds other than coconut; Edible oils, oil cake, but excluding cottonseed oil cake and mustard oil cake        
  Dry fruits including kharak (chhuhara); Dried amla        
  Earth Moving machines/equipments, parts and attachments thereof        
  Electrical Energy meters; Electrodes        
  Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys; non- ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, zinc, metal scrap        
  Aluminium profiles/extrusions; Aluminium composite panel        
  Fibres of all types and fibre waste        
  Fly ash; Glass mirror        
  Food colors and food preservatives        
  Hand pumps including parts and fittings        
  Herb, bark, dry plant, dry root, commonly known as jari booti and dry flower used for Ayurvedic medicines        
  Hose pipes and fittings thereof        
  Hosiery goods; Helmets        
  Industrial cables (High voltage cables, Plastic coated cables, jelly filled cables and optical fibres)        
  Teleprinter and wireless equipment and parts thereof; Information Technology products and parts thereof        
  Kattha; Khoa (Mawa), butter and cheese; Khas-khas        
  Industrial inputs and packing materials        
  Ladies hand bags, purses and vanity bags; School bags        
  Medical equipments or devices and implants, dental filling material and X-ray film        
  Adult diaper, baby diaper and sanitary napkin        
  Napa slabs (Rough flooring stones), shahabad stones; Naphtha        
  Ores and minerals; Oxygen, argon, helium and nitrogen including liquid nitrogen        
  Nuts, bolts, screws and fasteners that is to say-hinges, nails, rivets, cotter, cotter pins, staples and panel pins; Water storage tank made of plastic        
  Pipes of all varieties including G.I. pipes, C.I. pipes, ductile pipes and PVC pipes, conduit pipes and fittings thereof; PCC poles        
  Moulded plastic footwear, hawai chappals and straps thereof; Footwear and chappals made of Plastic /PVC / rubber        
  Processed or preserved vegetables and fruits including fruit jams, jelly, pickle, fruit squash, paste, fruit drink and fruit juice, thandai and sharbat; Processed meat, poultry and fish        
  Vegetable oil including gingili oil and bran oil; Kalaunji oil; Tamarind, tamarind seed and powder        
  Transformers and parts thereof; Transmission towers; High voltage isolators (Disconnectors)        

Other Rates

  • All kinds of non-alcoholic drinks and beverages including syrups, cordials, distilled juices, when sold in sealed or capsule or cork bottles or jar (excluding those drinks mentioned elsewhere in the schedule and water sold in sealed container) - 20%
  • Tendu leaves - 25%
  • Diesel (other than light diesel oil and furnace oil) - 27%
  • Cigars, cheroots, cigarettes, cigarillos of tobacco, beedis, and other manufactured tobacco products including gudaku and pan masala - 27%
  • Pan masala and gutka (without tobacco) - 27%
  • Petrol - 31%

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