Canteen Stores Department - CSD Price List for Cars and Bikes

The Canteen Stores Department (CSD) price list for two wheelers and four wheelers contains the complete details about the vehicles available in the Indian market and their subsidised rates. Currently, there are 34 CSDs present in the country.

The latest price list published by the Canteen Stores Department remains in effect from December 2015. The foods are offered at subsidised rates, and these goods include household items, toiletries, medical items, liquor, food and stationery. Canteen Stores Departments also assists in purchasing cars at subsidised prices when the processing for requisition is done via CSD depots.

India is home to 34 Canteen Stores Department depots in cities like Ahmedabad, Ambala, Agra, Baghdogra, Bareilly, Chennai, Bikaner, BD Bari, Dehradun, Delhi, Dimapur, Hisar, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Jabalpur, Kolkata, Kochi, Khadki, Leh, Lucknow, Mumbai, Mismari, Meerut and Narangi.

The eligibility criteria for Canteen Stores Department have been revised over the years. Major seven-seater SUVs that were not listed earlier, such as Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner, are now part of the Canteen Stores Department list. The Canteen Stores Department has a created a chart to define the eligibility for buyers based on the vehicle’s engine size.

Rank Engine Size Time frame for purchasing car
OR or equivalent, including retired personnel Engine capacity less than 1.8 litres One in service and once after retirement provided there is a minimum gap of 10 years
JCO or equivalent, including retired personnel Engine capacity less than 2 litres Once in service and once after retirement provided there is a minimum gap of 10 years
Commissioned JCO / equivalent, including retired personnel Engine capacity less the 2.5 litres Once every seven years
Officers Engine capacity less than 3 litres Once every four years

Canteen Stores Department (CSD) Car Prices List 2021

The CSD car prices for different car manufacturers are mentioned in the tables below:

Maruti Suzuki

Car Model Price in Rs.
S Cross Alpha 9.90 lakh
S Cross Zeta 9.10 lakh
S Cross Delta 8.60 lakh
S Cross Sigma 7.70 lakh
Ciaz Alpha Petrol Manual 8.80 lakh
Ciaz Alpha Petrol Manual 8.50 lakh
Ciaz Alpha Petrol Manual 7.75 lakh
Ciaz Zeta Automatic 9.35 lakh
Ciaz Alpha Automatic 9.70 lakh
Ertiga ZXi Automatic 8.90 lakh
Ertiga VXi Automatic 8.30 lakh
Ertiga ZXi Plus 8.51 lakh
Ertiga ZXi 8.05 lakh
Ertiga VXi 7.31 lakh
Ertiga LXi 6.66 lakh
Baleno Zeta Automatic BS6 7.27 lakh
Baleno Delta Automatic BS6 6.75 lakh
Baleno Alpha BS6 6.65 lakh
Baleno Zeta BS6 6.15 lakh
Baleno Delta BS6 5.50 lakh
Baleno Sigma BS6 4.85 lakh
Dzire ZXi Plus AMT 7.52 lakh
Dzire AMT BS6 (VXi/ZXi) 6.16 lakh/6.71 lakh
Dzire ZXi/ZXi Plus BS6 6.30 lakh – 7.10 lakh
Dzire LXi/VXi BS6 4.97 lakh – 5.75 lakh
Maruti Swift Petrol Manual BS6 4.30 lakh – 6.49 lakh
Maruti Swift AMT BS6 5.63 lakh – 6.18 lakh
Eeco AC 5-Seater CNG 4.00 lakh
Ignis Zeta AMT Petrol 5.55 lakh
Ignis Alpha Petrol (Manual) 5.50 lakh
Celerio ZXi AMT (O) 4.58 lakh
Celerio ZXi Option Manual Top Model 4.47 lakh
Celerio VXi AMT 4.27 lakh
Celerio VXi 3.90 lakh
Wagon R 1.2L AMT 4.90 lakh – 5.20 lakh
Wagon R BS6 VXi 1.2L/ZXi 1.2L 4.48 lakh/4.78 lakh
Wagon R BS6 LXi 1.0L/VXi 1.0L 3.80 lakh/4.20 lakh
Alto K10 CNG 3.49 lakh
Alto K10 VXi AMT (O) 3.45 lakh
Alto K10 VXi 3.26 lakh
Alto K10 LXi 3.11 lakh
Alto 800 VXi BS6 3.03 lakh
Alto 800 LXi BS6 2.85 lakh


Car Model Price in Rs.
Marazzo M2 – M4 8.87 lakh – 10.29 lakh
XUV500 W9 14.06 lakh
XUV500 W7 Automatic 13.60 lakh
XUV500 W5/W7 11.50 lakh – 12.60 lakh
Scorpio S7/S11 11.43 lakh – 13.04 lakh
XUV300 W8 Petrol/Diesel 9.40 lakh – 9.95 lakh
KUV100 K8 Petrol/Diesel 6.17 lakh – 7.00 lakh


Car Model Price in Rs.
Duster All Wheel Drive 11.15 lakh
Duster AMT Diesel 11.15 lakh
Duster RXZ Diesel 10.77 lakhg


Car Model Price in Rs.
Harrier XM/XT 13.22 lakh – 14.08 lakh
Nexon ZX Plus Petrol/Diesel 8.50 lakh – 9.35 lakh (Rs.20,000 extra is charged in the case of dual tone)
Nexon Diesel XE/XM 6.65 lakh – 7.25 lakh
Nexon Petrol XE/XM 6.00 lakh – 6.80 lakh
Tigor XZ Petrol/Diesel 5.80 lakh – 6.72 lakh
Tiago Diesel XM/XZ 5.30 lakh – 5.65 lakh
Tiago Petrol XM/XZ 4.45 lakh – 4.80 lakh
Hexa HE - XM 12.20 lakh – 13.65 lakh
Tiago XZA 5.20 lakh


Car Model Price in Rs.
Vento 1.2 C/L Comfortline Automatic Petrol/Diesel 9.45 lakh – 10.69 lakh
Vento Comfortline - Highline Plus Diesel (Manual) 8.90 lakh – 12.75 lakh
Vento Comfortline - Highline Plus Petrol (Manual) 8.55 lakh – 11.50 lakh
Ameo Comfortline – Highline DSG AMT 8.20 lakh – 8.86 lakh
Polo 1.5 Comfortline – Highline Plus Diesel (Manual) 7.25 lakh – 8.15 lakh
Polo 1.2 Petrol Highline Plus 6.75 lakh
Polo 1.2 Petrol Comfortline 5.67 lakh


Car Model Price in Rs.
Yaris JCVT 10.00 lakh
Etios VD/VX Diesel 7.40 lakh – 7.90 lakh
Etios Platinum V Petrol 6.40 lakh – 6.93 lakh
Glanza V Manual/CVT 6.75 lakh – 7.40 lakh


Car Model Price in Rs.
Datsun GO T CVT 5,45,733
Datsun GO Plus T 5,23,340
Datsun redi-GO A 3,11,295
Datsun redi-GO T 3,30,993
Datsun redi-GO T (O) 3,63.225
Datsun redi-GO T (O) 1.0L 3,85,985
Datsun redi-GO T (O) 1.0L AMT 4,15,532
Datsun GO T 4,96,489
Datsun GO Plus T CVT 5,86,015


Car Model Price in Rs.
Nissan KICKS XV Premium 1.3 Turbo CVT 12,58,427
Nissan KICKS XV 1.3 TURBO 10,56,226
Nissan KICKS XV Premium 1.3 Turbo 11,27,997
Nissan KICKS XV Premium (O) Dualtone 1.3 Turbo 12,35,585
Nissan KICKS XV 1.5 8,80,587


Car Model Price in Rs.
BRV S/V Diesel 10.60 lakh – 11.35 lakh
BRV S/V Petrol 9.40 lakh – 10.40 lakh
City CVT Automatic 10.75 lakh – 11.61 lakh
City SV/V Diesel 9.90 lakh – 11.60 lakh
City SV/V/VX Petrol 8.90 lakh – 10.55 lakh
WRV VMT Diesel 8.90 lakh
WRV VX Petrol 8.25 lakh
Jazz S/V Diesel 7.26 lakh – 7.96 lakh
Amaze VX Manual Petrol/Diesel 7.00 lakh – 7.99 lakh
Amaze CVT AMT Petrol 6.79 lakh – 7.33 lakh
Amaze S/V Diesel 6.99 lakh – 7.52 lakh
Amaze S/V Petrol 5.98 lakh – 6.52 lakh


Car Model Price in Rs.
Aspire Trend Titanium Diesel 6.59 lakh – 7.30 lakh
Aspire Trend Titanium Petrol 5.90 lakh – 6.56 lakh
Ecosport Trend Titanium Diesel 8.25 lakh – 8.90 lakh
Ecosport Trend Titanium Petrol 7.75 lakh – 8.45 lakh
Freestyle Titanium Diesel 6.95 lakh
Freestyle Titanium Petrol 6.42 lakh


Car Model Price in Rs.
Creta 1.6 SX Diesel 12.30 lakh
Creta 1.4E CRDi Diesel 9.07 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Automatic 12.50 lakh
Creta 1.6 SX Petrol 11.15 lakh
Creta 1.6 E Plus Petrol (Manual) 9.07 lakh
Verna 1.6 VTVT SX Manual Automatic 11.68 lakh
Verna 1.6 VTVT SX Manual Top Model 10.65 lakh
Verna 1.4 E/EX Petrol 7.36 lakh – 8.44 lakh
Elite i20 Diesel 6.30 lakh – 8.40 lakh
Elite i20 Petrol 5.01 lakh – 7.20 lakh
Santro Sportz AMT BS6 4.88 lakh
Magna Sportz Manual BS6 4.45 lakh – 4.76 lakh

The prices mentioned above may vary. You can contact the showroom to get the exact prices.

Canteen Stores Department Bike Prices list 2021

Bike Name Price in Rs.
Bajaj Platina DZ 02 100cc Alloy Wheel 38,265
Bajaj Avenger 220 with Electric Start 71,254
Bajaj Discover 125 Drum Brake Electric Start 45,135
Bajaj Discover 125 DTS I Electric Start Disc Brake 46,870
Bajaj Discover 100 MDTS I Electric Start 4 Gears Drum Brake 44,191
Bajaj Discover 100 DTS I Electric Start 4 Gears Drum Brake 42,288
Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS with Electric Start 55,665
Bajaj Pulsar 180 with Electric Start 65,452
Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS DTS I 4 Valves Electric Start Disc Brake 80,560
Bajaj Pulsar 220 with Electric Start 71,254
Bajaj Pulsar 220 F with Full Fairing with Electric Start 76,551
Honda Dio Deluxe 109 cc 43,609
Honda Activa I 42,166
Honda Activa 3G 44,816
Honda Activa 125 Deluxe 55,889
Honda Activa 125 STD 50,496
Honda Dream Neo Self Drum Alloy 109 cc 42,923
Honda CB Unicorn 160 CBS 69,674
Honda CB Unicorn 160 STD 65,082
Honda CBR 250 R STD 249 cc 1,40,046
Honda CBR 150 R Deluxe 149 cc 1,09,353
Honda CBR 150 R STD 149 cc 1,08,478
Honda CB Shine Self Disc Alloy 125 cc 52,796
Honda CB Shine Self Drum Alloy 125 cc 50,077
Honda Dream Yuga Self Drum Alloy 109 cc 46,325
Honda Aviator STD Self Drum 109 cc 46,113
Honda Aviator Deluxe Self Disc 109 cc 50,771
Hero Splendor Pro Motorcycle Drum Self Cast 43,135
Hero Splendor i-Smart Motorcycle Drum Self Cast 44,409
Hero Splendor Pro Motorcycle Drum Kick Start 41,483
Hero Splendor Motorcycle Self Cast Super 46,697
Hero Honda Splendor Plus Cast Wheel 39,957
Hero Honda Spelndor ++ 39,383
Hero Pleasure 40,159
Hero Maestro 43,226
Hero Pleasure Cast 41,684
Hero Honda Passion Pro Drum Self Cast 44,838
Hero Honda Karizma Black Cast 225 cc 72,711
Hero Honda Glamour Drum Brake 48,552
Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Self Start 150 cc 60,458
Hero Honda CD Delux Cast Wheel Self Start 39,593
Hero Maestro Dual Colour 43,792
Hero Karizma ZMR Motorcycle Disc Self F1 91,491
Hero Passion X Pro Motorcycle Disc Drum Self Cast 48,070
Hero Passion X Pro Motorcycle Drum Self Cast 46,390
Hero Xtreme Motorcycle Self Rear Drum 61,052
Hero Xtreme Motorcycle Self Rear Disc 63,092
Hero Xtreme Motorcycel Sports Rear Disc 63,771
Enfield Bullet Classic 500 1,42,414
Enfield Bullet STD 93,690
Enfield Classic 350 : 346 cc 1,11,538
Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm 499 cc 1,45,339
Enfield Bullet Electra UCE 346 cc 1,04,396
Enfield Thunder Bird UCE 350 cc 1,21,612
Yamaha Motorcycle YBR 5TSF 106 cc 39,488
Yamaha Motorcycle YBR 125 5YYL 123 cc 48,060
Yamaha Motorcycle FZ 21C5 153 cc 62,794
Yamaha Motorcycle FZS 21C6 153 cc 64,496
Yamaha Motorcycle Fazer FZ 16 ST 45S4 153 cc 68,820
Yamaha Motorcycle YZF R 15 38B1 149 cc 99,320
Mahindra Centuro 106 cc 43,909
Mahindra Rodeo RZ 4 Stroke 44,941
Mahindra Gusto VX BS-III 43,268
Suzuki Motorcycle Gixxer 67,406
Suzuki Motorcycle Lets 42,770
Suzuki Motorcycle GS 150 R 65,514
Suzuki Motorcycle Hayate SS 46,003
Suzuki Motorcycle Swish Up 125 48,206
Suzuki Access 125 Automatic Self Start Gearless 47,677
Suzuku Motorcycle Slingshot Plus Alloy Self Disc 50, 141

The prices mentioned above may vary. You can contact the showroom to get the exact prices.

News About Canteen Stores Department

  • Closure of CSD canteens cause inconvenience

    The closure of two CSD canteens in Shillong has caused inconveniences to the customers. The canteens located in the NCC Directorate campus near the Garrison Ground at General’s Point (Rhino Junction) and at MES Hospital near Rilbong Point have not been operational since last week. According to both uniformed and civilian personnel attached to the canteens, the operations have been kept in abeyance due to stock-taking work. However, people claim that it was not the exact reason. The canteen located inside MES hospital which has been shifted to MES lower block is expected to resume operations soon while the one at the NCC Directorate campus is expected to open within a fortnight.

    17 June 2020

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