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    Jammu Kashmir Bank Car Loan Interest Rates

    We found 3 Jammu Kashmir Bank Car Loan Interest Rates

    Bank Name
    Interest Rate Range
    Processing Fee Range
    Loan Amount
    Tenure Range
    9.55% Floating
    0.5% (min. ₹575)
    1L Min
    1-7 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    12.05% - 12.25% Fixed
    1L to 15L
    1-6 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    Fees & Charges
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    9.3% Floating
    0.5% (min. ₹575)
    1L Min
    1-7 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    Overview About J&K Bank Car Loan

    J&K Bank is a leading private sector bank in Jammu & Kashmir, nominated by the RBI to provide affordable banking services in the state. J&K Bank was incorporated in 1938 and has been listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. The bank provides an array of retail banking solutions inclusive of loans, insurance, mutual funds, investments products, cards, deposits, savings accounts and NRI banking services. J&K Bank strives to empower the society by providing innovative banking solutions, leveraging the latest technology for individual customers and small and medium enterprises. J&K Bank also has an established presence across India and offers niche products and solutions according to the geography it services.

    J&K Bank provides automobile financing for vehicles bought only for private usage. Customers can take loans based on the ex-showroom prices of new cars, jeeps, vans, MUVs and SUVs. Borrowers can also opt for car loans on the on-road price of the new vehicle. The finance for the on-road price of the new vehicle will be provided if the customer chooses to self-fund the insurance premium. The interest rates offered for a J&K Bank car loan is very affordable, with the bank also charging a low processing fee of 0.5% of the loan amount or a minimum of Rs 500. Borrowers can choose to repay the J&K car loan with flexible payment options and choose from tenures ranging between 12 and 84 months. Individuals are expected to bring in a loan margin of around 10% to 15%, depending on their employment criteria or the type of account held with J&K Bank.

    J&K Bank Car Loan Interest Rates 2017

    J&K Bank finances all types of private vehicle models at competitive interest rates. Individual customers like Government employees, Private organisation employees, Professionals, entrepreneurs, agriculturists, retired Government employees and proprietary firms are eligible to avail a J&K Bank Car loan. Customers can choose to take car loans either at floating interest rates or fixed interest rates. J&K Bank offers different interest rates for individual customers and corporate companies and firms. The bank also gives an additional concession of 0.25% on the interest rate for women borrowers for car loans.

    Base Rate of J&K Bank - 9.50%

      New Car Interest Rates - FIXED New Car Interest Rates - FLOATING
    Individuals 11.25% Base Rate + 1.00%
    Companies and Firms 11.75% Base Rate + 1.50%
    Loan Processing Charges 0.5% of the loan amount / Minimum of Rs 500
    Loan Tenure Minimum Tenure - 12 months Maximum Tenure - 84 Months
    Quantum of Loan For loans on ex-showroom prices : Individuals - 3 times their net annual income or 36 months’ net salary. Firms / Pensioners/ Contractors - 2 times their net annual income or 24 months’ net salary. Up to a maximum of Rs 50 lakhs.
    Loan Margin 10% for Government Employees and Platinum / Gold Current Account holders. 15% for all other applicants.
    Foreclosure Charges NIL

    How do you calculate Interest Rate for a J&K Bank Car Loan?

    A borrower can easily repay a J&K Bank car loan through equated monthly installments or EMIs, taken according to their convenience. EMI is the total amount that has to be paid by the customer, every month to J&K Bank after availing a car loan. The EMI amount is a combination of the principal amount and the fixed or floating interest rate. When the loan starts, customers will have to pay higher portions of the monthly installment as interest charges, with a trivial portion dedicated to the principal amount. As the car loan tenure progresses, the principal amount to be repaid increases, with the interest rate amount sufficiently reduced.

    The EMI for a J&K Bank car loan can be calculated as follows -

    EMI (E) = [P x r x (1+r) ^n]/ [(1+r) ^n-1]


    P = The Principal Loan Amount

    R = The Interest rate charged per month. J&K Bank charges a fixed interest rate of up to 11.25% for individual customers and 11.75% for companies. Car loans are also offered as floating interest rates, which is calculated as the base rate plus 1% to 1.5%.

    N = Number of monthly installments i.e. the number of years opted for the repayment of loan.

    For a principal amount of Rs. 1, 00,000 given at an interest rate of 11.25% and a loan tenure of one year, an estimate of the total sum of EMIs that has to be paid by the borrower is Rs. 1, 05, 212, out of which the interest will be around Rs. 5212.

    In the following example, for a car loan amount of Rs. 4,00,000 to be repaid in 48 months at an interest rate of 11.25% from J&K Bank (Calculations based on EMIs paid in advance):

    Year EMI Amount Interest Amount Principal Amount Balance Due
    2015 Rs. 30,871 Rs. 7,245 Rs. 23,626 Rs. 3,76,374
    2016 Rs. 1,23,484 Rs. 38,025 Rs. 85,460 Rs. 2,90,914
    2017 Rs. 1,23,484 Rs. 27,899 Rs. 95,586 Rs. 1,95,328
    2018 Rs. 1,23,484 Rs. 16,573 Rs. 1,06,911 Rs. 88,417
    2019 Rs. 92,613 Rs. 4,196 Rs. 88,417 Rs. 0

    The total interest to be paid towards a J&K Bank Car Loan for an amount of Rs. 4, 00,000 would be Rs. 93938.

    Factors affecting J&K Bank Car Loan Interest Rates

    Interest rates for a J&K Bank car loan might be decided based on various factors and also on the customer’s profile. Some of the key factors which might affect the rates are as follows -

    Debt-to-Income Ratio - Banks decide the interest rate also depending on the number of debts carried by the customer. The lender will also look into the previous debt repayments and card payments done by the applicant to zero in on an affordable interest rate. If the debt-to-income ratio is high, then the bank will mostly offer a higher interest rate to the customer.

    Income - The income of an applicant plays a major role in determining the interest rate. The bank requires that applicants’ take home incomes should be sufficient to easily repay the loan. Having a steady income with the good financial planning always ensures that customers get the best interest rates on their car loans. Additionally, having a co-applicant also improves the income criteria, enabling the applicant to get lower interest rates.

    Loan Tenure - The loan tenure opted by the borrower also helps determine the interest rate offered by the lending institution. Longer tenures require the customer to pay higher interest rates, which also increase the risk factor. A shorter loan tenure with smaller loan amounts also gets customers the best interest rates, as long as the down payment made by the applicant is quite high.

    Down Payment - Individuals are always advised to make a higher down payment towards their car loans to make sure that the loan amount availed is also lesser. When the down payment amount is high, banks get the confidence that the applicant has planned his finances well and is capable to repaying the car loan comfortably. The interest rate offered will also be quite low, which will profit the customer at the end of the loan tenure.

    How does CIBIL score affect J&K Bank Car Loan Interest rates?

    CIBIL Score plays a very important role when applications are done by a customer for a car loan. It is always better to carry a clean credit history with a good score to ensure that car loans are processed and approved without any hassles. A low credit score does not reflect well for an applicant and the bank might either reject the application or might offer the car loan at higher interest rates. This will cost the customer more, than the actual planned amount. Every applicant should make sure that he presents a good credit score along with an acceptable amount of liabilities to get the best interest rate deals from lenders.

    Key Pointers to know about J&K Bank Car Loan Interest Rates

    • The 0.25% rebate given to women borrowers for car loans is decided on a case by case basis and is totally at the disposal of J&K Bank.
    • Car loans taken using floating interest rates tend to change based on market fluctuations and as prescribed by the A&AP Division in the J&K Bank Corporate Headquarters.
    • The floating interest is always decided depending on the prevailing base rate of J&K Bank and might be updated periodically.
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