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  • Check LIC of India Policy Status Online for Registered Users and New Users

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    Checking your policy status from time to time is as important as buying the policy itself. In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, it is too likely to miss out on premium payments and sometimes, even the grace period goes unnoticed. So to avoid that, you should perform a timely check of your life insurance policy and stay updated about upcoming premium payments. Earlier, one had to visit the LIC branch office or get in touch with an agent to know the status of their LIC policy. Now with the online platform of the insurer providing a plethora of services, checking the status of your policy is just a click away. LIC also provides mobile services through which customers can know their policy or premium payment status. Make sure that you have your policy number ready while making calls to the customer care or while checking your status online.

    How to Check your LIC Policy Status Online?

    LIC allows a myriad of online services to smoothen transactions and to promptly attend the concerns of its diversified customers. LIC’s e-services bring to you almost every functionality that was once available only through the branches. Checking policy related information is one such option provided by the state run insurer, which aims to keep the user updated about his/her payments and other important events. There are different methods of checking your LIC policy status online. Going by the first method, you will have to register a user account and fill in details of your policy to view the status. How to register online and check the policy status is explained in the subtopic below.

    Registration Process for New Users:

    The option to register for e-services is available in the LIC home page. If you are a first time user, then you will be required to fill out the online registration form and choose your login credentials. Upon successful registration, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address. Click on the URL provided in the confirmation mail which will redirect you to a page where you can link your policy with the user account. In this page, enter the details of your policy such as policy number, premium amount, date of birth, etc., and click submit. If the information entered is error-free, then the status of the policy will be displayed instantly. In case the information entered by you in incorrect, then you will receive an error message and subsequently a reminder on your email.

    Note: The incorrect policy information entered by the user will be deleted automatically after 5 days.

    Procedure to Check Policy Status Online (for Registered Users):

    Users can check the details of premium payments, group schemes, accrued bonuses, etc., by simply logging in to the LIC India website with their username and password. The below steps explain how to check your LIC policy if you are a registered user:

    • Open the LIC India website and click on Online Services option on the main page
    • It will redirect to the login page where you should select the Registered User option
    • Now to initiate the session, you should enter your username and password and click on Go
    • This will open up a page listing out the policy tools for registered customers
    • Now from the options listed, select the option View Enrolled Policies
    • This will lead to a page which will display all the policies you have enrolled, along with enrollment date, premium amount, and vested bonuses
    • Now you can view the status of your policy by clicking on the policy number

    How to Check the LIC Policy Without Online Registration:

    LIC launched the SMS and Phone Call service as a quick and convenient medium for customers to check their policy details, without logging in to the web portal. So in case you are not registered with the user portal, you will still be able to know the status of your policy through the call and SMS facility provided by LIC. These services ensure that policyholders who are not connected to internet do not get sidelined with the latest updates.

    Checking the LIC Policy Status Through SMS:

    LIC is one of the most renowned names in the insurance space and over these years, the company has earned a reputation for its customer-centered service offerings. The SMS facility offered by LIC is one such service which is aimed at bringing more clarity in all processes and to help customers stay updated throughout the policy term.

    To know the status of your policy through SMS, type ASKLIC followed by the function specific code and send it to 56767877 from your registered number. For SMS codes refer to the below table:

    Type of Enquiry SMS code
    For installment premium ASKLIC PREMIUM
    For revival amount ASKLIC REVIVAL
    To know bonus additions ASKLIC BONUS
    To know the amount of loan available ASKLIC LOAN
    For nomination details ASKLIC NOM

    Procedure to check LIC pension policy status through SMS:

    The number to send your SMS for knowing the status of your pension policy status remains the same as discussed above. However, the SMS code differs completely.

    Type of Enquiry SMS code
    For IPP policy status ASKLIC STAT
    For existence certificate due ASKLIC ECDUE
    Last annuity release date ASKLIC ANNPD
    Annuity amount ASKLIC AMOUNT
    Cheque return information ASKLIC CHQRET

    Procedure to Check LIC Policy Status by Calling Customer Care:

    LIC also provides an 24x7 IVRS facility for customers to get instant updates on their insurance policies. The facility allows them seek all policy related information by simpling providing their policy number. To avail voice support, you can call on the LIC helpline numbers given below:

    Helpline number for MTNL and BSNL users 12151
    For calls from all other landline and mobile Dial city code followed by 12151

    Customers can also get in touch with the zonal or regional offices for all types of policy enquiries. These regional offices are divided into eight zones namely, Central Zone, Eastern Zone, East Central Zone, Northern Zone, North Central Zone, Southern Zone, South-Central Zone, and Western Zone. Find below the customer care numbers for all the voice support centers falling under the aforementioned zones of LIC.

    Customer Support Number for Central Zone:

    Bhopal 0755-2676254
    Bilaspur 07752-2203732
    Gwalior 0751-2448606
    Indore 0731-2523513
    Jabalpur 0761-2671079
    Raipur 0771-2583062
    Satna 07672-228100
    Shahdol 07652-248469

    Customer Support Number for Eastern Zone:

    Asanol 0341-2256012
    Berhampur 0680-2296390
    Bhagalpur 06412-2322016
    Bhubaneswar 0674-2303140
    Cuttack 0671-2307857
    Hazaribagh 06546-272611
    Jamshedpur 0657-2320564
    Muzaffarpur 0621-223904
    Patna 0612-2204067
    Sambalpur 0663-2541388
    Begusarai 0624-3245265
    Bongaigaon 03664-228281
    Guwahati 0361-2638404
    Howrah 033-22434614
    Jalpaiguri 03561-255443
    Jorhat 0376-2361613
    Kharagpur 03222-253302
    KMDO-I 033-22126122
    KMDO-II 033-23970025
    KSDO 033-23342708
    Silchar 03842-241716

    Customer Support Number for North-Central Zone:

    Aligarh 0571-2420066
    Allahabad 0532-2401854
    Bareilly 0581-2301712
    Dehradun 0135-2668231
    Faizabad 5278-244261
    Gorakhpur 0551-2230322
    Haldwani 05946-267886
    Kanpur 0512-2368546
    Lucknow 0522-2624214
    Meerut 0121-2671201
    Varanasi 0542 2454420

    Customer Support Number for North Zone:

    Ajmer 0145-2661878
    Amritsar 0183-2556658
    Bikaner 0151-2225920
    Chandigarh 0172-2784620
    Delhi-I 011-28844132
    Delhi-II 011-28822223
    Delhi-III 011-28855115
    Jaipur-II 0141-2713708
    Jaipur-I 0141-2745834
    Jalandhar 0181-2459826
    Jodhpur 0291-2657849
    Karnal 0184-2266580
    Ludhiana 0161-2521838
    Rohtak 1262-228328
    Shimla 0177-2629212
    Srinagar 0191-2475839
    Udaipur 0294-2488581

    Customer Support Number for South-Central Zone:

    Bangalore I 080-22966515
    Bangalore II 080-22966812
    Belgaum 0831-2438808
    Dharwad 0836-2441968
    Hyderabad 040-23420771
    Kadapa 08562-247017
    Karimnagar 0878-2240597
    Machilipatnam 08672-223372
    Mysore 0821-2495764
    Nellore 0861-2323072
    Raichur 08532-232432
    Rajahmundry 0883-2423832
    Secunderabad 040-27665039
    Shimoga 08182-251320
    Udupi 0820-2536907
    Vizag 0891-2533211
    Warangal 0870-2579364

    Customer Support Number for Southern Zone:

    Chennai 2 044-23451551
    Coimbatore 0422-2303503
    Ernakulam 0484-2361938
    Kottayam 0481-2580121 / 0481-2580102
    Kozhikode 0495-2728746
    Madurai 0452-2537778
    Salem 0427-2411487
    Thanjavur 04362-233678
    Tirunelveli 0462-2560925
    Trivandrum 0471-2540932

    Customer Support Number for Western Zone:

    Ahmedabad 079-25511419
    Amravati 0721-2660145
    Aurangabad 0240-2329299
    Bhavnagar 0278-2421963
    Gandhinagar 079-232-38250
    Goa 0832-2438418
    Kolhapur 0231-2661135
    Mumbai-1 022-22028225 / 022-66599066
    Mumbai-2 022-24010375 / 022-30492020
    Mumbai-3 022-67819220
    Mumbai-4 022-66599233
    Mumbai-SSS 022-26267050
    Nadiad 0268-2532134
    Nagpur 0712-2546436
    Nanded 02462-221777
    Nashik 0253-2317607
    Pune-1 020-25512969
    Pune-2 020-24217638
    Rajkot 0281-2483210
    Satara 02162-224708
    Surat 0261-2801407
    Thane 022-25829702 / 022-25827728
    Vadodara 0265-2225188

    How to Check the Surrender Value of your LIC Policy?

    You can calculate the surrender value of your policy using this simple formula [Basic sum assured (Number of premiums paid/Total number of premiums payable) + Total bonus received] x Surrender Value Factor.

    Let’s take an example of LIC Jeevan Anand policy to understand the parameters involved. In this case, the surrender value is applicable after three active years of the policy and it is equal to 30% of all premiums excluding the premiums paid for the first year of the policy term along with vested bonuses. Accident benefits will also be excluded for the purpose of calculating surrender value. Bonuses are additional cash values paid at the time of the end of the tenure or in case of death.

    Now let’s suppose the LIC policy started in the year 2010 with a policy term of 15 years. The basic sum assured is Rs.4,00,000 with a yearly premium amount of Rs.30,192. The bonuses accumulated till now will amount to Rs.70,000. Now if the policyholder has paid only 5 premiums so, far the surrender value will be 30% (5 x 30,192) + Final Bonus in today’s term.

    LIC Policy Status FAQ’s

    1. Q. How can I register myself on LIC portal if I am a new user?

      A.Registering yourself on the LIC portal is extremely easy and hassle-free. e-Services by LIC allows a new user to begin registering by choosing their own credentials first. Simply fill out the form for registration available online, along with any documents (if required) and submit. Once you have registered successfully, you will receive a confirmation message on the email ID that you have provided. In the email, you will notice a link. Click on the link and you will be taken to a webpage wherein you will be able to link your policy with your account.

    2. Q.What is the online procedure for checking LIC policy status?

      A.Policyholders can leverage the LIC website and reap maximum benefits such as extracting information related to group schemes, payment of premiums, accrued bonuses, and so on. This can be achieved by logging in with the accurate credentials. However, the steps mentioned below are for registered users only: Open the main page of LIC India and choose the option ‘Online Services’. You will be automatically redirected to the login page where the option for ‘Registered User’ must be chosen. Further, you will be required to enter your correct credentials (username and password) and choose the option ‘Go’. A webpage displaying all the policy tools (for registered users) will then pop up. Choose the option ‘View Enrolled Policies’ to view the list of all your existing insurance policies. Along with the ‘Enrolled Policies’, you will also be able to view details such as premium amount, enrollment date, vested bonuses, and so on. By clicking on the relevant policy number, you can view the current status of your policy.

    3. Q. Can I check the status of my policy despite not having registered online?

      A.Individuals who have not registered on the website of LIC can still check their policy statuses in a jiffy. By means of the SMS and phone call service, you are just one step away from knowing the status of your policy.

    4. Q. How do I check the status of my policy through the SMS facility?

      A.In order to know the policy status through the SMS facility, simply type in ASKLIC, then the function specific code and send it across to 56767877. The following codes can be referred to:

      Enquiry Type Code
      For premium installment ASKLIC PREMIUM
      For details of nomination ASKLIC NOM
      For amount reviving ASKLIC REVIVAL
      For information on bonus ASKLIC BONUS

    5. Q. How do I check my LIC policy status with the help of the customer care?

      A.In order to get information about the policy status, you can simply call the customer care officials and state your policy number. LIC has a 24/7 customer care service to help individuals stay updated. The following helpline numbers can be referred to:

      Type of User Helpline Number
      BSNL and MTNL Users 12151
      For mobile and landline users City code will be followed by 12151

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