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  • How To Check Your LIC Policy Status

    LIC Life Insurance


    Purchasing a LIC policy is perhaps the first step towards securing your future financially, but just buying the policy isn’t sufficient. There are bound to be times when we wish to get additional information about the status of our policy, ensuring that things are going on track. It is imperative to follow up on certain details, failing which our policy could be just another paper, offering no protection, which is why it is always advised to check the status of your LIC policy frequently.

    Checking the status using policy number

    Checking the status of your LIC policy is no longer an arduous task, with LIC providing a number of modes for people to keep track of their policies. One can use the following options to keep a tab on their policies.

    • Online registration on official LIC website

    • Using the LIC customer care service

    • Utilising the SMS service through your phones

    1. Registration:

      Fulfilling your obligation towards your LIC policy starts with a simple, key step – registration. All new customers are expected to register themselves, streamlining the entire process of checking the policy status. Registration involves the following steps.

      • Selecting a username – The username should contain a mix of alphanumeric and special characters.

      • Enter the password – The password can be anything you feel is secure.

      • Fill the information – Certain mandatory fields need to be filled. One is expected to provide relevant contact details.

      • Pin code – a unique user id and pin code should be chosen.

      On successful registration a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the individual and he/she will be able to view and access all relevant information including revival, premiums due, maturity calendar, nominee, etc.

      Existing customers who are already registered can check the status by logging on to the official website of LIC and using their login credentials.

    2. Checking the policy status through telephone:

      LIC is perhaps the most preferred company when it comes to life insurance in India, having a pan India reach, catering to millions. To ensure that individuals without internet connectivity are not at a loss, LIC has a vast network of telephone operators in different cities. Customer care centres have been set up to ensure that policyholders can have any information at their fingertips, thanks to their phone. There are over 70 such centres located in every nook and cranny, with multiple numbers for each centre. Calling these centres and providing the necessary information could help you check your LIC policy status, making this a convenient option. These help centres can be reached 24/7, ensuring that information is available to you at any moment.

      Example: Policyholders in Amritsar can call the customer care centre on 0813 – 2564561, while a policyholder from Bhagalpur can call 0641 – 2610033 to obtain information.

    3. Checking the policy status via SMS:

      With advancement in technology it was just a matter of time before one could have all necessary information in his/her pocket. The use of mobile phones has made it possible for LIC to keep policyholders updated, with their SMS facility becoming a huge boon for millions. One can utilise this free service to get information related to LIC individual policies and pension policies.

      Anyone who wishes to utilise this facility to check an individual policy should stick to the format mentioned below.


      This SMS needs to be sent to 9222492224.

      The options mentioned in the format above refer to the following aspects.

      • Revival – This can be used to check if a policy has lapsed and see the revival amount to be paid

      • Bonus – This is used to see the amount of bonus available

      • Loan – This provides information on the loan amount available

      • NOM – This is used to get information related to nomination

      • Premium – All premium related information can be availed

      Customers who wish to get information related to their pension policy need to send an SMS in the following format.


      This SMS should be sent to 9222492224.

      The options mentioned in the format above refer to the following aspects.

      • STAT – This provides information on the IPP policy status

      • ANNPD – This gives information on release date of last annuity

      • ECDUE – This gives details about existence certificate due

      • AMOUNT – This provides information about the annuity amount

      • CHQRET – This gives details related to cheque return

      • PDTHRU – This provides information on the modes of annuity payment – i.e. cheques, ECS or NEFT

      Policyholders should remember that their duty towards securing their life doesn’t end with purchasing a LIC policy, periodic checks can ensure that things move along smoothly.

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