LIC Online Payment - Premium Payment Options & Process

Life Insurance Corporation, also known as LIC, is one of India’s most prominent, and oldest life insurance company. Established in 1956, LIC has been providing insurance solutions to millions of customers since the time it was the only insurance provider in the country altogether. Over time, the company has expanded not only its operations, but also its product suite to cater to the insurance needs of the ever increasing population. Following years of innovation and providing some of the best life insurance Plans, LIC is now counted among some of the most reliable, trusted, and popular life insurance providers in the country.

Online Payment Facility By LIC:

With the world of banking and insurance having shifted online, more and more people are now opting for the convenience of making payments online. With time and innovation, these channels of making payment have become more and more sophisticated. For the convenience of their customers, LIC offers a number of channels via which customers can make payments for their LIC policies. Payments for LIC policies can be done online in variety of ways such as from the LIC website, at authorised bank branches, at franchisees, or even at merchants. Here, we have prepared an exhaustive list of all the options via which customers can make payments for their LIC policy premium online.

LIC Online Payment Channels:

LIC Website Authorised Banks Franchisees Merchant
  • Net banking
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Axis Bank
  • Corporation Bank
  • AP Online
  • MP Online
  • Suvidha Infoserve
  • Easy Bill Pay
  • Premium point
  • Life – Plus (SBA)
  • Retired LIC Employee Collection
lic online payment
lic online payment

Premium payment through LIC website:

To make payments for their plans and policies in a secure and convenient manner, LIC has set up a special portal known as ‘Online Payment Gateway’ which is an on-demand premium collection service. Through this portal, customers can easily make their policy payments in real-time, and in a secure manner via net banking. They can also make online payments for LIC policies via credit card or debit card. This facility can only be availed by customers who are registered and have had their LIC policies enrolled on the LIC website. Some important points to remember regarding payment via the Online Payment Gateway are:

  • Premiums can be paid only for policies which are in-force, and for ordinary policies under the yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly mode of premiums collection. Premium payment for Salary Savings Scheme (SSS) policies will not be allowed via this portal.
  • Payments via LIC’s online payment portal (net banking, credit card, or debit card) can also be done by customers from outside India.
  • This channel of making payments is extremely secure as no policy data is shared in the process. The amount to be paid is fully encrypted.
  • This online payment service can be availed by the customer without having to pay any fee or charge.
  • The payment gateway for payment via debit card or internet banking is BillDesk. For payment via credit card, the payment gateway is IDBI.
  • For net banking, customers can go to the LIC website to find out the banks which are supported by LIC for making online premium payments. All major banks are supported.
  • Customers can get the receipt for the premium paid on the portal itself. The receipt is sent to the policyholder via email, and can also be printed.
  • Premium payments can only be done 30 days before the due date, and until the policy is in-force. For term insurance plans, the advance payment period allowed is 15 days.
  • If premium payment is after due date, a late fee at the rate of 8% (minimum of Rs.5) will be levied.
  • Premiums cannot be paid for the coming financial year.

Authorized Banks for LIC:

LIC has partnered with two of india’s leading banks to provide added convenience to their customers in making premium payments online for LIC policies. LIC customers can make their policy premium payments at Axis Bank or Corporation Bank branches as well. Here are some points to remember regarding this online payment method.

  • Premium payment can be done at any branch or extension counter of Axis Bank or Corporation Bank.
  • Premium payment at authorized bank branches will be accepted either in cash or via a cheque drawn on the particular bank.
  • Premium payment at authorized banks can only be done for LIC policies that are still active. Payments will not be accepted for Salary Savings Scheme policies.
  • Premium payment can only be done 30 days in advance for regular life insurance policies. However, for term insurance policies, advance premium payment can only be done 15 days before due date.
  • Premium payment for ULIP and Health policies will not be allowed.
  • For late premium payments, a late fee at the rate of 8% (minimum of Rs.5) will be levied.
  • Premiums cannot be paid for the coming financial year.
  • Upon receiving premium payment, the authorized bank will issue a signed receipt which fully valid. For such payments, no separate receipt will be issued by LIC.

LIC Franchisees/Authorized Collection Centres:

LIC has also partnered with a number of government and privately owned service providers and companies to facilitate premium payment for it’s customers. The 4 service providers under Franchisees include AP Online – official portal for the Andhra Pradesh government; MP Online – official portal for the Madhya Pradesh government; Suvidha Infoserve – an s-commerce organization which provides a multitude of bill payment services; and Easy Bill Limited –a one-of-a-kind alternate bill payment service which is secure and convenient, and offers bill payment services via traditional friendly neighbourhood stores. When making payment via any of these authorized collection centres, do remember:

  • Premium payment will only be taken in cash and not any other mode.
  • Premiums will only be accepted for policies that are active at the time of making payment. The collection centre will not accept payment for policies which fall under the Salary Savings Scheme (SSS).
  • This premium payment facility can be availed for free. there is no service charge or extra fee that is levied for the usage of this service.
  • If making payment via any of the government owned collection centres, premium can be paid only in that particular state.
  • For late premium payments, a late fee at the rate of 8% (minimum of Rs.5) will be levied.
  • Premiums cannot be paid for the coming financial year.
  • Upon receiving premium payment, the authorized collection centre will issue a signed receipt which fully valid. For such payments, no separate receipt will be issued by LIC.
  • Customers can find the collection centre around them on the LIC website.

Merchants/AgentsForPremiumCollection: LIC has also authorized select personnel, or agents who can collect premiums for LIC policies. Personnel authorized to collect premium include agents at premium points, Senior Business Associates (Development Officers), and Retired Employees. Here are some important details regarding premium collection by authorized agents:

  • Collection of premium by authorized agents will be done for ULIP policies also, but not for health insurance. Premium payment updating will be done in real time.
  • Premium payment to a Senior Business Associate will be done via the LIC portal. The payment will be done in real time and the SBA will issue a valid receipt for the payment.
  • The SBA is also authorized to issue policy status reports, revival/loan/surrender quotations, forms, certificates for income tax purposes, and ULIP statements to policyholders.
  • Retired LIC employees are also among the authorized personnel who can collect premium payments. The premium payment updating is done on a real-time basis and can be done for ULIP policies as well.
  • Premium payment can only be done for policies that are in-force, and for ordinary policies with monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly modes of payment. Payment will not be accepted for policies that have been issued under the Salary Savings Scheme (SSS).
  • Premium payment can be done not only in cash, but also via cheque to any of these 3 authorized agents i.e. SBAs, retired LIC employees, and premium point collection agents.
  • Advance premium payment can only be done 30 days before the due date of payment and until the policy is active. However, for some select term plans, the advance premium payment period is 15 days before due date.
  • If premium payment is done after due date, a late fee at the rate of 8% will be levied; subject to a minimum of Rs.5.
  • Policyholders cannot make premium payments for the coming financial year in advance.
  • The facility of making premium payments for LIC policies to authorized agents is offered free of charge. There is no service charge of fee levied for usage of this service.

LIC Online Payment - For Registered/Non-registered Users:

The facility to make premium payments online has been introduced by LIC to not just make the process of making payments quicker, and safer. The option to make online payments is offered not just to customers who have registered their policies on the LIC website, but also to those who may have not done so. While the process for both these types of users will be different, nevertheless, it provides the same convenience, of making payments anytime, and from anywhere. Users can pay their policy premiums with just a few clicks and enjoy uninterrupted life insurance coverage.

LIC Online Premium Payment Through Net Banking (Non-Registered Users):

The convenience of making transactions is a facility which almost every bank in India now offers to its customers. This facility can come in especially handy when you have to pay premiums for your LIC policy online. The process for this is quite simple and hassle-free and one can easily do it on their own. Here, we will list down all the steps that you need to follow to make your LIC policy premium payment via the net banking option.

  • Step 1 – to pay your premiums, you need to first go to the LIC website. The URL for the website is You can simply type in the address on your browser to visit the website.
  • Step 2 – Once the website has opened, you will see a box labelled ‘Online Services’ which has several options underneath such as Online Loan, Customer Portal, Pay Premium Online, etc.
  • Step 3 – Under ‘Online Services’, click on the ‘Pay Premium Online’ tab to initiate the premium payment process for your LIC policy.
  • Step 4 – When you click on the ‘Pay Premium Online’ tab, it will open a new tab altogether labelled ‘Pay Premium Online’. This page will display two squares, one labelled ‘No Registration Required – Pay direct’, and the other ‘Registration Required – Pay Premium through e-services’.
  • Step 5 – If you have registered your policy on the LIC website, you can click on the box labelledRegistration Required – Pay Premium through e-services’. However, if you have not registered your policy on the LIC website and simply want to pay your policy premium directly, you must click on the box labelled ‘No Registration Required – Pay Direct’.
  • Step 6 – Here, we will be showing you the online payment method where no registration is required. For this, we click on the ‘No Registration Required – Pay Direct’ box.
  • Step 7 – The next page you see will contain a box which reads ‘Pay Direct’. Inside the box, there will be 3 options in 3 separate boxes labelled ‘Pay direct – no registration required’, “Pay through e-services – Registration required’, and ‘View Transaction Status’. Inside the ‘pay direct’ box, you will see a drop down menu which gives 3 options – Renewal Premium, Loan Repayment, and Loan Interest Payment.
  • Step 8 – You must then click on the ‘Renewal Premium’ option from the drop down, which will take you to a new page which shows 3 boxes indicating the steps involved in the premium payment process. Below the boxes will be 2 tabs, one marked Back, and the other marked Proceed. Click on Proceed.
  • Step 9 - The next page brings you to the first step of premium payment, which is Customer Validation. Here you must provide some policy related information. Specifically, you will be asked to provide your LIC policy number, your date of birth, your registered mobile number and email ID, and the instalment premium amount to be paid. After you have entered all this information, you will be required to enter a captcha code in the designated box as well.
  • Step 10 – Once you have entered all the information and the captcha code, click on Submit.
  • Step 11 – Next, you come to the Payment Particulars page, where you have to basically verify the information you have entered about your policy. After you have done so, click on the tab labelled ‘Checkout’.
  • Step 12 – the following page will again display a box with multiple columns which include your policy related information, along with individual columns for additional charges (if any) that will be added over the payable premium amount. These could be Service Tax, Education Cess, Late Fee, etc. The total premium amount payable will be shown in the box, along with a column ‘Pay Prm’. You need to tick the box under that column and then click on Submit.
  • Step 13 – This brings you to the last step of the payment process where will confirm the premium details and also select the mode of making the payment. You can choose between making payment via net banking through the BillDesk Gateway, or via Credit/Debit card (IDBI Gateway).
  • Step 14 – Click on the BillDesk Gateway to make payment via net banking. This will bring you to a page displaying a list of banks to choose from. All major banks are supported by LIC’s online payment service so customers can easily make online payments.
  • Step 15 – Click against the bank with which you hold an account and want to use for net banking to make the premium payment. Click on Submit to confirm.
  • Step 16 – You will be led to your chosen bank’s net banking login page.
  • Step 17 – Enter your net banking user ID, and password to log in to your net banking account. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to verify the payment amount.
  • Step 18 – After doing that, simply follow the instruction that are given to you to make the payment. Most times, for net banking transactions, you will be asked to provide certain grid numbers that are mentioned on the rear of your debit/credit card that is linked to the account.

LIC Online Payment for Registered Users:

If you have registered your policy on the LIC website, you can choose to pay premium for your policy via the e-Services facility offered via the LIC website. The steps to make premium payments using that facility are as follows:

  • Step 1 - Visit the LIC India website On the home page, locate the ‘Online Services section’ and click on the ‘Pay Premium Online’ tab.
  • Step 2 – This will redirect you to a new page where you will find 2 options – ‘Pay Premium through e-Services’, and ‘LIC Pay Direct’. Click on the first option to select it.
  • Step 3 – You will be redirected to the LIC e-Services page where you must click on the option labelled ‘Registered User’.
  • Step 4 – The following page you see will ask for your LIC login ID and password. Provide the necessary information and click on the Submit button.
  • Step 5 – To get your policy details, you first need to enrol your policy on the website.
  • Step 6 – Under the e-Services section, you will find a tab labelled ‘Enrol policies’. Click on it.
  • Step 7 – Once you have clicked on it, you will be asked to provide your policy number and the premium amount payable.
  • Step 8 – Next, you must click on the tab labelled ‘View enrolled policies’ that is on the left side of the page.
  • Step 9 – Next, a page with a code will be displayed. Fill in the code and click ‘Submit. Following this, you can view your policy details.
  • Step 10 – After you have entered the online services portal, you can view all your enrolled policies.
  • Step 11 - After viewing the policy details in customer service, you will be able to see an option “Pay Premium online” to make the payment online.
  • Step 12 – Next, click on the tab labelled ‘LIC Pay Premium Online’ and you will be able to see the list of policies that you have enrolled in your LIC account.
  • Step 13 – From this page, select the policies for which you want to pay the premium and click on the Submit button to confirm your selection.
  • Step 14 – You will be redirected to the payment gateway page where you can select to make the payment either via net banking or via your credit/debit card.

LIC Online Payment Through Debit/Credit Card:

Besides net banking, you can also make premium payment for your LIC policy using your debit card. The process for doing so is simple and easy to understand. Payments via debit card/credit card will be done via the IDBI Gateway. To start off on the process to make premium payment using your debit card, you can simply follow Step 1 to Step 13 listed under ‘LIC Online Premium Payment Through Net Banking’. The steps after that have been listed here:

  • Step 1 – Once you click the circle against ‘IDBI Gateway’, you will be re-directed to another page where you can see the Convenience Fee and Service Tax accompanying every Card Type. Identify your card type and the amount of premium you have to pay to find out the service tax applicable on your payable amount. Next, click on Submit.
  • Step 2 – Next, you will be redirected to the page where you will be asked to enter your card details to carry out the transaction. Most often, you will be asked to enter your debit/credit card number, card’s date of expiry, CVV2/CVC2 number, name on the card, email ID, mobile number. Also enter the captcha code displayed in the box. Alternately, you may also be able to make payment using an OTP, ATM PIN, or a password.
  • Step 3 – Click on Pay. You will receive a receipt regarding the payment made on your email id that you have provided or the one registered with your LIC policy.

Paying Life Insurance Policy Premiums Online FAQ’s

  1. Q. What are the multiple benefits of paying premiums online?

    A.>As a policyholder for LIC, people have multiple benefits when it comes to paying premiums online. From issuing payment instructions, being able to authorise payments from any location, saving time, to instruction modification, there are a range of advantages of making premium payments online. One can also choose the establishment one wants to transfer from.

  2. Q.Which LIC Policy Premiums are Allowed Online Transactions?

    A.Insurance policies that can be accessed through Wide Area Network (WAN) or Metro Area Network (MAN) are allowed online transactions. Additionally, policies that are undergoing servicing in network branches, and the ones that have an ordinary payment mode are also allowed transactions digitally.

  3. Q. Is this facility free of Cost?

    A.Yes, this facility is absolutely free of cost and hassle-free. Life Insurance Corporation has its tie-ups with certain banks wherein a monthly fee is paid by the former to the latter for every transaction taking place on the internet. The end-consumer (policyholder) will not have to pay anything from his/her pocket.

  4. Q. Which establishments have been authorised for collection of LIC premiums online?

    A.The banks that have been authorised for this purpose are ICICI Bank, Bank of Punjab, Federal Bank, UTI Bank, HDFC Bank, Citibank, and Corporation Bank. The service providers that have been authorised are,, and

  5. Q. Which are the Cities from Where Service Providers operate? has establishment in the cities of Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. operates from New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. has establishment in the cities of Baroda, Surat, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

  6. Q. How do I add my details on the website of the service provider/bank?

    A.On the website of your service provider or bank, login by using the accurate credentials (username and password). Once this is done, set down the policy number, the premium amount, email id, and any another necessitated information. This process is usually a one-time requirement. Adding LIC as a biller along with the policy is an important prerequisite.

  7. Q. After creating an account, when can the premiums be paid?

    A.Once you have successfully registered on the website, LIC will start sending invoices and receipts stating the due date of premiums. It also mentions the amount of money you will be required to pay as premium, any late fee applied, and so on.

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