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Bank of Baroda (BOB) IFSC Code:


IFSC codes have been allotted to all the branches of banks in India to easily identify transactions done through a particular branch. IFSC codes are alphanumeric, 11-digit codes, which are unique to a single branch and do not ever repeat. Cash transactions can be performed to a specific branch by compulsorily entering IFSC codes or MICR codes. These codes also helps users ensure that the transferred funds go to the right person, without any hassles.

Given below is an example of a Bank of Baroda IFSC code:

BARB0CALICU” - IFSC Code for a Baroda Bank branch in Calicut, Kerala.

The above can be used for online funds transactions via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS to any Baroda Bank account.

  • The first four alphabets, BARB, denotes the name of the bank, i.e., Baroda Bank 0 - For future use
  • 000136 - Indicates the particular branch of Baroda Bank (Calicut City branch).

Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is utilized for electronic payment applications like Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Immediate Payment Service (IPM), a bank-to-bank electronic Instant Mobile Money Transfer service (IMPS), and Centralized Funds Management System (CFMS) designed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The Reserve Bank of India has assigned IFSC codes to all banks in India to identify branches when fund transfers are made. The use of an IFSC code is mandatory while making interbank transfers like NEFT and RTGS across any bank in India. Online money transfers can be made without any confusions using IFSC codes and MICR codes. The first four letters in an IFSC code indicate the name of the bank and the last six numbers help identify the beneficiary’s branch. The zero in the middle is a control character and is reserved for future use. IFSC codes help eliminate the risk factor while making money transactions and make sure that the funds reach the right recipient at the right branch.

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How to Search for Bank of Baroda (BOB) IFSC Code and MICR Code?

IFSC codes and MICR codes can be easily procured if the bank’s full name and the branch is known. Users can conveniently find MICR codes and IFSC codes printed on cheque books/ leaves issued by Bank of Baroda. The Reserve Bank of India site also offers the complete list of IFSC codes required for customers. Apart from the bank’s official website, the other sources available for getting IFSC codes are either third party financial websites or fiscal comparison websites.

BankBazaar, which is a popular financial comparison site, gives a comprehensive table carrying IFSC codes for Bank of Baroda’s branches within India. Any user visiting the BankBazaar website has to select the Bank IFSC code link present at the bottom of the main page. Customers clicking on this link will be taken to a second page carrying four dropdowns. Customers have to enter certain details like state, bank, branch and district in order to get IFSC codes or MICR codes for Bank of Baroda. The generated table also contains the phone number, address of the branch, name, branch code etc.

Bank of Baroda customers can make fund transfers through NEFT or RTGS to any bank account in India.

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT):

Bank of Baroda does not levy any charge for a NEFT transfers and settles transaction as batches during weekdays and on Saturdays. The money will be sent to the beneficiary within the same day or by the next working day. NEFT transactions are done based on Deferred Net Settlements (DNS).

NEFT Transactional Limits & Charges:

  • Walk-in clients are allowed to transfer fund to any other bank, which is covered under NEFT if the amount does not exceed INR 50,000.
  • NEFT messages can be made at any time. But the messages after the specified time will be automatically rescheduled and flow in first batch of the next working day.

Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS):

Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) settlements are done on an individual basis by the bank. No charge is levied for RTGS transfers and customers have to make transfers as per the bank’s regulations. Funds can be transferred anywhere within India using this service.

Benefits of NEFT/ RTGS:

  • It can be accessed and used by everyone anytime anywhere with an Internet Bank Account with Bank of Baroda.
  • It is quick, simple, safe and convenient.
  • Users can transfer money to the recipients with other bank accounts easily.
  • RTGS/ NEFT is cost effective compared to the traditional remittance modes.

NET & RTGS Operational Timings:

Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 4:15 PM Monday to Friday – 8 AM to 6:45 PM
Saturdays: 9 AM to 1:45 PM Saturdays: 8 AM to 12:45 PM

Transfer money using NEFT/ RTGS in 5 simple steps:

  • Log in to your Baroda-connect net banking account.
  • Go to the transfer tab.
  • Select the link that says ‘Transfer to Other Banks’.
  • Fill in the details as asked.
  • Transfer as per your convenience.

Information required for Funds Transfer using any payment mode:

While making a NEFT or RTGS transaction with Bank of Baroda, customers need to provide the below given information.

  • Remittance Amount
  • Bank of Baroda customer’s account number
  • Beneficiary’s bank name
  • Beneficiary’s name
  • Beneficiary’s Account number
  • Sender to receiver information
  • IFSC code of the beneficiary’s bank branch

Started in 1908 as a small financial enterprise, the Baroda Sun identified with the logo of Bank of Baroda has risen to be one of the leading international banking institutions. Bank of Baroda’s story of growth has been one with corporate vision, keen governance and financial prudence. Bank of Baroda has been a harbinger of social change, efficiently catering to their clientele with innovative solutions and always being a constant partner providing assistance for their different financial needs. Bank of Baroda now offers a wide range of products to its large customer base with exciting benefits and advantages. Bank of Baroda car loans are widely sought out by customers for their low charges, additional concessions and exciting discounts.

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News Related to Bank of Baroda IFSC Code
  • Bank of Baroda raises its MCLR by 5 bps

    On Wednesday, Bank of Baroda hiked its marginal cost of funds-based lending rate (MCLR) by 5 basis points across all tenors. The rates which were revised by the bank a day after market leader State Bank of India did the same would come into effect from September 7. The increase in MCLR comes due to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) raising the policy repo rate by 25 basis points to 6.50% last month, rising credit demand and the country largest public lender SBI increasing its MCLR by 20 basis points across all tenors. It needs to be mentioned here that one basis point is equal to one-hundredth of a percentage point.

    After the MCLR were hiked, the bank’s MCLR for the one-year tenor would be 8.55% while the overnight and one-month tenors would attract lending rates of 8.05% and 8.10% going forward. The MCLR for the three-month and six-month tenors were up to 8.20% and 8.40% respectively. It needs to be mentioned that SBI had increased its MCLR across tenors by 20 basis points while ICICI bank had revised the rates by 15-25 basis points.

    10 September 2018

  • Bank of Baroda offers free POS machines to enable cashless transactions

    In a bid to encourage merchants, and establishments to adopt cashless transactions, public sector lender, Bank of Baroda is offering free POS devices to current account holders, till the end of December. The installation charges has been waived. T P Misra, the Regional Manager of the Panaji region, said that the bank has appealed to all merchants to install the POS machine or QR code mode of payment, so that commercial enterprises can reduce their dependency on cash. BoB has also launched a mobile banking platform called MConnect Plus, along with other internet banking facilities. The bank is also promoting its mobile wallet, MClip, to enable cashless payments.

    11th December 2016

  • Semi-naming rights acquired by Bank of Baroda for Sikanderpur Metro Station

    One of the foremost public sector banks within the country, Bank of Baroda has acquired the rights for semi-naming of the Sikanderpur Metro Station in Gurugram. This station will be known as Bank of Baroda Sikanderpur Metro Station. This concept of procuring semi-naming rights is a concept that has only recently been introduced in India and is used primarily for the purpose of branding. It is to be noted that this is the first time a public sector bank has procured the semi-naming right of a metro station. Sikanderpur is an interchanging metro station and is the only one that connects directly to the Gurgaon Rapid Metro.

    Bank of Baroda is one of the most reputed banks that is a pioneer in numerous customer centric activities within the Indian banking sector. Bank of Baroda provides services and products such as loans, debit and credit cards, deposits, remittances, demat services, Electronic Clearing Services and Government business, among others.

    18th October 2016

  • A new kind of lending program by BoB

    Bank of Baroda has declared that they have partnered with CreditMantri to unveil an innovative credit device in which they can garner information from all data sources to gauge customer’s credit worth and risk factor. This is yet another praiseworthy attempt on the bank’s part to ensure complete digitalization in their banking procedures. This new approach is helpful to understand the applicant’s repayment history and credit requirements better without having to resort to a whole lot of cumbersome paperwork.

    25th July 2016

  • Bank of Baroda Settles for a Property Deal With Kohinoor Mills

    In a bid to settle an outstanding loan with Kohinoor Mills, Bank of Baroda (BoB) has acquired a stake in a property owned by the former. The deal contains a clause which states that BoB can sell the stake back to Kohinoor Mills after expiry of three years from the date of signing the contract.

    Touted to be a win-win situation for both the parties, it will lead to untagging the Rs.90 crore outstanding loan as a non-performing loan for the bank. For Kohinoor Mills, this deal with save them from the embarrassment of being tagged a defaulter and put them in a better position to approach other lenders for completion of this project. The realty project will house a hotel along with residential and commercial units once completed.

    25th July 2016

  • Bank Of Baroda Partners With 7 Fintech Companies

    Ahead of its 109th Foundation Day, Bank of Baroda (BoB) has announced partnerships with 7 fintech companies: CreditMantri, FundsTiger, Probe42, Power2SME, IndiaLends, KredX, and Fisdom

    The public sector bank plans to engage these new partners in customer acquisition, launch of new products, and better service for its customers in areas such as SME Financing, Algorithmic Lending, Bill Discounting, Retail Lending and Wealth Management.

    The bank aims to drive change in the banking sector through investment in internal resources and strategic partnerships with young and enthusiastic companies.

    CreditMantri will help the bank develop data-based algorithm for SME credit underwriting, while FundsTiger will help improve small business’s access to capital and use technology to lower the cost of loan application processing. With Probe42, BoB will leverage information about Small, Medium and Large Corporates for lending and banking purposes, and Power2SME’s tech-enabled platform will allow access to credit-worthy SMEs and to their complete transaction history.

    India Lends will help the bank expand the consumer lending market, companies would get an alternate way to fund their operations through KredX’s invoice-discounting platform, and Fisdom will make the investment advisory industry more accessible and understandable through their personalised financial advices.

    22nd July 2016

  • Bank of Baroda looks at the option of rating-based lending

    Retail mortgage loan applicants may have to settle for a rating-based lending rate when they apply with Bank of Baroda. The bank is all set to consider credit rating of loan seekers in order to decide the rate of interest at which it will lend to retail mortgage loan borrowers.

    The bank has decided to internally switch to this process of credit-based rating since it helps the bank identify the right borrower, and eases out the probability of loan default. Banks in India have been charging corporate customers based on their credit rating however, this is the first time the same is being applied to retail customers as well. The approach will not just make good customers enjoy better rates but will also push customers towards maintaining a healthy credit history.

    8th July 2016

  • Bad Debt Lowered on Account of Bank of Baroda Acquired Loans

    The closing position of Bank of Baroda’s non-performing assets (NPA) stood at just under 10% for the financial year ending 2016 following the bank’s acquisition of standard loans from a number of different banks. These loans were acquired with tenors of three to four months, which helped the bank lower its proportion of bad debt in its total loan book. Over the duration of the previous month, Bank of Baroda acquired standard loans to the tune of Rs 7,400 crore from a variety of banks, with a buyback clause inserted in the agreements. A spokesman for the bank stated via email that bank has undertaken transactions under the IBPC scheme on a risk sharing basis with various banks to the extent of Rs 7,400 crore as on March 31st 2016 for a period of 91 days to 120 days based on guidelines issued by the RBI. Customers looking to make money transfers to Bank of Baroda accounts can do so by using the bank’s IFSC code for the relevant area.

    31st May 2016

  • Bank of Baroda takes home awards across four categories in RBI Rajbhasha Shield Competition

    In the recently concluded All India RBI Rajbhasha Shield Competition (2014-15) organized by the country’s apex bank, Bank of Baroda bagged prizes across four categories of awards. This competition is held every year for public sector banks and financial institutions across the country.

    BoB received second prize in linguistic region A&B and also a consolation prize under C region. The bank also received an award for its in house journal Bobmaitri under the bilingual house journal category.

    30th May 2016

  • BoB Emerging with a Centralized Tracking System

    Bank of Baroda (BoB), which was smashed by an INR 6000 crore overseas exchange swindle at one of its numerous branches, is now working towards coming up with a centralized monitoring and tracking system to spot indiscretions immediately. BoB has brought in Deloitte to put together a stronger KYC (Know-your-customer) system to identify fraudulence instantly. This came 30 days after the finance ministry pulled in EY to look into the forex con where black money was ostensibly sent from the BoB’s Ashok Vihar branch to Hong Kong. Apparently the RBI had come down hard on all public sector lender after the so-called scandal and they have requested every public bank to make their safety measures and policies more stringent. Under this new agenda, Bank of Baroda will present resourcefulness like cooling term for forex transfer for new consumers, pre-consent of some money transfers and decreasing threshold limits on remittance numbers in a specific tenure. Yes, even NEFT/ RTGS transactions using IFSC Codes fall under this.

    05th May 2016

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Bank of Baroda Hitech City Branch Bank of Baroda Malkajgiri Branch Bank of Baroda Mehdipatnam Branch
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Bank of Baroda Srinagar Colony Branch Bank of Baroda Sr Nagar Branch Bank of Baroda Angalakuduru Branch
Bank of Baroda Asilmetta Branch Bank of Baroda Bobbili Branch Bank of Baroda Jagdishpur Bhojpur Bihar Branch
Bank of Baroda Bhikaji Cama Place Branch Bank of Baroda Bharuch Branch Bank of Baroda Koiripur Sultanpur Up Branch
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Bank of Baroda Jagatpur Raebareli Branch Bank of Baroda Rohania Varanasi Branch Bank of Baroda Sarai Akil Branch
Bank of Baroda Vijay Nagar Ghaziabad Branch    

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