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RBL (Ratnakar Bank Limited) IFSC Code

RBL Bank (Ratnakar Bank Limited) offers their customers electronic money transfer facilities such as NEFT and RTGS, enabling them to transfer money within accounts of the same bank or different banks in a few easy steps. Electronic Fund Transfer uses computer or phones to transfer money, without the need of any paper work. The traditional way of transferring money would usually take a week or so for the transaction to be complete, whereas electronically it takes place in a couple of hours or days. Apart from the cost of posting cheques for each transaction, you can also cut on the time taken for the cheques to be delivered. Opting for electronic transfer of money also minimizes the chance of errors as the transaction is processed only when the correct details of the bank are entered, such as beneficiary’s account number and the specific IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) code of the branch of the beneficiary’s bank.

RBI has assigned a unique 11-character alpha-numeric code which serves as the identity of all banks participating in the NEFT network. IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code and is used by NEFT and RTGS modes of electronic transfers.

Out of the 11 characters of the IFSC code, the first 4 characters represent the name of the bank, the fifth digit is zero (0) always and the last 6 characters indicate the name of the bank-branch.

For instance, the IFSC code of Parel branch of RBL Bank, Maharashtra is RATN0000088. In this case, ‘RATN’stands for Ratnakar Bank Limited and the last 6 numbers refer to Parel branch of RBL Bank.

How to Find RBL Bank IFSC & MICR Codes?

  • The official RBL Bank website has an excel document with the list of IFSC codes of each branch of their bank all over India.
  • The RBL Bank can also be reached over phone to find out the IFSC code of that particular branch.
  • The IFSC code is printed on the cheque leaves of RBL Bank’s chequebook, issued to the customer.
  • You can visit the official RBI website which has the complete list of IFSC of all banks and its branches.
  • You can also search IFSC & MICR codes online for free. It is usually fast and requires you to input the general details. One of the examples is BankBazaar’s website, which generates both IFSC & MICR codes of any branch of any bank you enquire about.

The stepwise process you can follow at BankBazaar’s website is:

  • Click on the ‘Bank IFSC Code’ tab in the main page of the website.
  • A new page is displayed that requires you to share details of the bank such as the name, district, state and branch.
  • Once all the necessary details are entered, the output generated comprises of the IFSC code, MICR code as well as some other details of the bank such as the address and contact number of the bank.

By opting for RBL Bank’s NEFT and RTGS transfer mechanisms, you can avoid all the limitations of physical modes of money transfer. RBL Bank offers an efficient, safe and secure website, operating under the guidance of RBI. Through these two modes, money gets transferred from one account to another immediately.

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) at RBL Bank:

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) facilitates money transfer from a sender’s bank to a destination bank, anywhere within the country. You can transfer funds to another individual or firms and corporate organizations. RBI operates through a centralized database where all payment instructions are processed. NEFT transfer at RBL Bank requires you to register the name of the beneficiary and add his account, where the funds would be transferred to. You must know details such as beneficiary’s account number, bank name, branch name and the most important piece of information- the IFSC code of that specific branch of the bank. The maximum limit of amount that can be transferred via NEFT is Rs.1 lakh, there is no minimum amount.

You can request for a NEFT transaction on all days except Sundays. RBI settles the transactions at pre-decided time slots in 12 batches on weekdays and 6 batches on Saturdays. The settlements are carried out on weekdays between 08:00am to 07:00pm and on Saturdays between 08:00am to 07:00pm.

The schedule of charges for NEFT transactions at RBL Bank are:



Up to Rs.10,000

Rs.2.50/- + Service Tax

Rs.10,000 and up to Rs.1 lakh

Rs.5/- + Service Tax

Rs.1 lakh and up to Rs.2 lakh

Rs.15/- + Service Tax

Above Rs.2 lakh

Rs.25/- + Service Tax

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) at RBL Bank:

RTGS is another mode of money transfer between accounts, however it is faster, continuous and real-time. The instructions are processed by RBI as soon as they are received and you can make transfers using RBL Bank’s RTGS system at any given point of time. ‘Gross settlement’ implies that the payment instruction does not bunch itself with other transactions and is carried out independently by RBI. Hence, it is sometimes cleared within a few hours as well. The RTGS system is mainly utilized for large amount transactions. The minimum amount that can be transferred through RTGS is at least Rs.2 lakh. There is no upper limit set by RBI for RTGS transfers.

RBI offers a window between 09:00m to 16:30pm from Monday to Friday and between 09:00am to 02:00pm on Saturdays.

There are no charges levied by the bank for inward RTGS transactions, however for outward remittances, the following charges are applied:

  • Rs.2 lakh to Rs.5 lakh – Rs.30 per transaction
  • Above Rs.5 lakh – Rs.55 per transaction

RBL Bank formerly known as Ratnakar Bank Limited was founded in 1943. Spread across 13 states in India, with its 183 branches and 351 ATM machines, it is one of the most rapidly expanding scheduled commercial banks in the country. RBL Bank transformed itself under a new management since 2010 and is presently serving 14, 00,000 customers.

News Related to Ratnakar Bank IFSC Code
  • ZeroPaper technology launches MoneyTap in partnership with RBL Bank

    MoneyTap, a money lending app has launched a ZeroPaper technology in partnership with RBL Bank to ensure that the bank’s loan processing paperless. This is built on e-sign, which is based on Aadhaar electronic signature and replaces physical paper-based KYC or know your customer formalities which in turn reduces the cost of operations for the bank.

    Eligible customers can download the MoneyTap app and avail the RBL line of credit without even providing a single physical document or without having to meet an RBL Bank representative. Borrowers can also also sign the required documents digitally through an Aadhaar based e-sign that is secure, fast and also very convenient.

    8th February, 2017

  • Positive Quarter Results for RBL Bank

    RBL Bank scrip saw an increase of 5% at the end of the quarter. The December quarter results of the bank is positive and has exceeded expectations. At a time when lending sector is suffering due to demonetization, RBL Bank’s lending has increased. Corporate lending is responsible for 62% of RBL Bank’s credit growth. 63% of the total advances of this bank is working capital loans.

    24th January 2017

  • RBL Bank organises UMEED 1000

    The private sector bank RBL Bank organized the third UMEED 1000 Cyclathon to raise awareness and funds for the education of girls in India. UMEED 1000 was flagged off from the Panvel-Uran road near Mumbai on December 9th and reached Hyderabad via Solapur on December 18th. RBL Bank has identified Udbhav School, which is located in a slum in Hyderabad to provide high-quality education to its 630 underprivileged students, 52% of which are girls. The school is presently under the management of the IIMAA Alumni Association Hyderabad Chapter Charitable Trust (IIMAA HCCT). UMEED 1000 was started in 2014 with a 1,000 KM long cyclathon from Mumbai to Bengaluru to support children suffering from retinoblastoma. In 2015 UMEED 1000 organized a cycle ride between Mumbai and Delhi to raise support for education of girl children in India.

    13th December 2016

  • RBL Bank launches Aadhaar Payment Bridge System for cashless loan disbursement

    On 30th November, RBL Bank launched Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS) for small ticket micro-finance loan disbursements in rural segments across the country. Rajeev Ahuja, Head of Strategy at RBL Bank, said that launching APBS on its platform is an innovative drive towards cashless loan disbursements. This private sector bank achieved the first successful cashless disbursement to various beneficiaries in the rural segment across India.

    APBS can enable MFIs to disburse loan amounts directly to Aadhaar-enabled bank accounts through RBL Bank. NPCI developed APBS primarily to process government subsidies or direct benefit transfer to various government scheme beneficiaries. However, this system attained importance at a time when cash availability was reduced drastically due to the demonetisation process.

    30th November 2016

  • RBL’s Micro ATM’s Enable Doorstep Banking in Delhi NCR

    RBL Bank, in partnership with the digital wallet company Oxigen have deployed 24 micro ATM’s in the Delhi NCR region. With long queues outside banks and ATM’s due to the government’s de-monetisation policy, the micro ATM’s are a lifesaver to many people living in the capital city.

    RBL Bank customers will no longer have to trek to their nearest bank branch for banking services, as the vans will come to them, so to speak.

    The services offered through the mobile banks include withdrawal and deposit of cash as well as money transfers and bill payments. The bank will be facilitating money transfers through its NEFT network-linked branches, all of which have their own unique IFSC code. Bank customers who have linked their Aadhaar cards to their bank accounts will be able to make use of the facilities.

    Customers will also be able to deposit the demonetised Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes into their accounts through the micro ATM’s.

    25th November 2016

  • RBL Bank Buys 10% Stakes in a Microfinance Company

    It has been in the trends for small banks to acquire microfinance companies who are into lending. Following this trend, RBL Bank has recently bought 9.99% shares in the northern states-focused Utkarsh Micro Finance for an amount that has not been disclosed yet.

    RBL Bank’s managing director and CEO Vishwavir Ahuja also said that they expect this will help to broaden their horizon in the field of microfinance and allow them to enhance and increase the business opportunities for both the companies.

    3rd October 2016

  • SEBI sanctions RBL Bank’s long due IPO

    Premier Private Bank, RBL Bank has gained validation from (Securities and Exchange Board of India) SEBI, country’s capital markets regulator for its overdue IPO, which was applied in the previous fiscal. They got the OK on 27th June as per the recent update. It was on hold till now as they were scrutinizing the bank’s previous records. RBL’s IPO plans pending since a year owing to the remaining cases. The authorization is given once a case of alleged breach of disclosure rules regarding a previous issuance of stocks to certain investors for around INR 600 Cr were settled amicably after paying INR 47.6 lacs by the bank to the concerned party.

    1st August 2016

  • RBL Bank Launch a Branch for Prospective Entrepreneurs in Bengaluru

    Through the branch, RBL has recently opened a branch that solely aims to give startups that much-needed financial assistance as well as services such as foreign exchange, transmittals and resource management. Mr. Narayan Ramachandran, the RBL Chairman, is excited about this new venture. Sensing a great scope in the arena, RBL looks to starting more such branches. Through this branch, RBL will offer new enterprises financial services focusing around foreign exchange and the like, as well as enable them to complete registration process, legal and tax regulations through substantiated associates. Money can be transferred to and from any account in India via NEFT/ RTGS using IFSC Code. They have also organized the RBL’s technical competences and swiftness of response to match this prerequisite.

    28th April 2016

  • Ratnakar Bank Offers Buyback for existing Shareholders

    Ratnakar Bank (RBL) has offered a buyback option to the existing shareholders of the bank, in an attempt to speed up its IPO (Initial Public Offering) process. This move was initiated after Sebi (Securities and Exchange Board of India) gave conditional approval for selling of RBL’s shares, giving current investors an opportunity to exit.

    The Draft Red Herring Prospectus Data showed that in 19th February, 2003, shares from RBL were allotted to 2,591 investors, while in 13th March, 2006, 1,969 investors were allotted shares. The 1956 Companies Act clearly states that an unlisted company can only allot shares to a maximum of 49 investors in a fiscal year.

    RBI has now appointed 9 investment bankers, including Morgan Stanley, Kotak Investment Bank and Citi, to maintain due diligence in the IPO process. Ratnakar Bank aims at raising close to Rs.2000 crore from the primary markets, out of which fresh issue comprises of Rs.1,100 crore. Apart from all basic banking facilities, RBL also allows its customers to avail internet baking facilities where IFSC codes are used to transfer funds via NEFT and RTGS.

    27th April 2016

  • RBL Bank to launch specialized branches for budding startups

    RBL Bank today announced that it will launch several specialized branches for budding startups, in a bid to help upcoming entrepreneurs in setting up new firms and companies. These specialized branches will offer startups a wide range of banking products and solutions, such as foreign exchange, remittances, and cash management, among other services, in a bid to meet their needs and requirements. The first branch of this kind was launched today by RBL Bank at Koramangala in Bangalore. In addition to the services mentioned, the branch will also provide services such as registration, legal services and tax services through its associates and partners. Customers who wish to access the branch in Koramangala, and transfer funds to accounts with the branch, can do so via the branch IFSC Code RATN0000091. RBL Bank also hopes that the introduction of these branches will enable the bank to take advantage of services such as Application Program Interface banking, large volume electronic payments and receivables, prepaid cards-based solutions and escrow services.

    20th April 2016

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Ratnakar Bank Boriwali Branch Ratnakar Bank Girgaum Kalbadevi Branch Ratnakar Bank Mumbai Fort Branch
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