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  • Why Should You Buy Home Insurance

    If you are a house owner, no matter which corner of the world you may be living in, you automatically require home insurance. Just like you purchase insurance policies for the medical and financial well-being of your loved ones, you house, too, requires protection from various external perils. Home insurance policies have been invented for this very reason, to provide protection to your house from natural or man-made risks. However, there are several other reasons why a house insurance policy is a must when you are a homeowner. Read on to find out why.

    1. The primary reason for taking a home insurance policy is, obviously, to protect your house from any damage or loss that may take place. Say, the tree fell on the roof, or someone misestimated and brought down your boundary wall with their vehicle, your home insurance policy will cover the expenses.
    2. First of all, in case you’re taking a loan to purchase / construct a house, your lending institution or bank will require you to provide proof that the property in question is adequately insured.
    3. A home insurance policy will protect you from any legal liability / third party liability which may arise, in case any third person suffers an injury while on your property.
    4. Besides protecting the house itself, the insurance policy also helps lessen the financial burden in case of damage or destruction to the said property. In a favorable situation, you won’t have to pay a penny as the insurance policy will cover the expenses for repair.
    5. A home insurance policy, more often than not, will also cover the contents of your house like appliances (refrigerators, television sets, computers, air conditioners, microwaves, etc.), furniture, furnishings and sometimes, jewelry too.
    6. Say you’re away on vacation and a fire breaks out. You come back to find your premises are no longer habitable and have to arrange for temporary accommodation elsewhere. If you have a home insurance policy, it will most likely cover the alternate accommodation expenses that you will incur while your house is being repaired.
    7. Home insurance policies also cover you against any loss or damage which may be caused due to robbery or theft.
    8. Beside all the above reasons, a home insurance policy provides you with something invaluable, that is, peace of mind. You can rest assured, that in case any damage or destruction were to unexpectedly take place, your insurance policy will cover you from any financial losses.

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