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  • Why Do You Need Homeowner Insurance This Festive Season?

    With silk-attired divinities marched through the lanes, and special delicacies, merrymaking, and the ceremonial gifting on such occasions, festivals bring out the most abstemious and extravagant facets of Indian culture. Since this is a nation of umpteen faiths and regions, with diverse harvest periods and calendars based on the sun, the moon, or both, there is almost always something festive going on in this country. The intricate displays and ceremonies; watching the hoi polloi at shrines, churches and mosques; and being one of such crowd is a highlight of being Indian and living Indian.

    Now what has all this to do with Home Insurance?

    Plenty. It is easy to get carried away in festivities, whether it is celebrated in your own house or in your neighborhood. And most of the catastrophes (at least manmade ones) occur during this time. This is not to put a dampener on the special occasions. But research has proved that festivities are the busiest times for housebreakers as most people leave the house empty to go on vacations, gatherings or parties, not to mention the increased number of mishaps due to firecrackers, risks due to intoxication and more. This is a disheartening thought. But not to worry, all you need to do is purchase a decent homeowner insurance and take some precautions. You can still enjoy to the maximum and be at peace.

    Do You have to Have Homeowners Insurance?

    1. Breaking & Entering: There are plenty of items that make the house a home, including the people residing in it as well as everything you bought to make it cozy and livable. And electronic gadgets, two wheelers, furniture etc. top the felonious wish list effortlessly. When you get your house insured, you can also check if all these items in the cover to ensure that home contents too are protected.
    2. Stealing from cars/ bikes : Burglars frequently linger around car garages at apartments. If you are out for a stupendous shopping spree, stuff as much as possible into the boot of your car. It is also better to have burglar alarms fixed in the car to prevent theft of car accessories like stereo. Though an all-inclusive auto insurance plan might offer cover, a house insurance scheme with cover for individual belongings cover (inside as well as outside home) is found to be better.
    3. Fire : Fairy illuminations, fire crackers and torches are a staple during any Indian festival. And while we agree that it is so much fun, they can be quite perilous if you don’t handle them properly. Among the most common reasons of fires are electrical circuit failures with decorative lights and burdened power points and candles that can easily topple over and set fire to curtains or something. Fires starting from banquet cooking is also a chief cause. Most home insurance policies offer cover against fire (on first loss basis). But it would be great if you can check and see everything is turned off before you hit the sack.
    4. Bad weather conditions: Like it or not, home takes the brunt of the ruthlessness of changing climates and insurance firms receive numerous claims related to that. If there is a cover, you will receive it. But it is still essential that you maintain your dwelling well. Hence fixing that jammed window, getting a plumber to look at that clogged drainage and protecting the walls from heavy monsoons dampening them simply cannot wait another week.

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