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  • How to Secure Your Home While Away on Vacation

    It doesn't matter if you are planning to lay sprawled on a beach in one of the French Polynesian Island for a weekend or traversing the countryside on a road trip or enjoying a family get-together in your hometown. The last thing you want to stress over about is returning to a robbed house. But with a few (Erm! more than a few) handy tips, you can enhance the security of your home even when you are away on a vacation.

    When Kevin Rigs was left at home alone in ‘Home Alone’, he had gone berserk in fortifying the house with all kinds of booby traps that he could think of. And you too can defend your house without much cost or effort. A few dos and don’ts, your home too will be ready for that vacation.


    Please take a look at the following tips and see how many of them can be useful for you.

    1. Checking the locks and bolts:

      A couple of weeks before your departure day, check every lock and bolt of your doors and windows. Do the required repairs then instead going the ‘I-will-take-care-of-it-once-I-reach-back’ standby.

    2. Suspending postal service:

      Did you know that you can you can give in a writing request to the Indian Postal Service to suspend all your letters and registered couriers for a specific time?

      Yes, letters scattered near the front door is actually an open invitation for the house to be burgled. Hence suspend your mails and collect it from post office once you are back. And if there are parcels or gifts lying in front unopened, ask your neighbors to remove them.

    3. Sticking out:

      Drawing the blinds shut and closing your curtains might seem the obvious thing to do. But this can go wrong. What if a thief notices the perpetually-closed curtains and comprehend that you are not home? Leaving a couple of curtains or blinds open like you usually do can avoid this. And of course do not forget to remove your belongings from view.

    4. Seeming to be there when you are not:

      There are timers that you can fix to lights, TV or radio to make it seem that someone is home. Even having your lawn mowed or bushes trimmed can give your house a lived-in appearance.

    5. Keeping trusted neighbors and landlord in the loop:

      This is a good idea of your landlord lives close by and if you are on excellent terms with at least a couple of your neighbours. If a potential crook is keeping a watch on your house and sees people dropping in frequently, they will simply look for another target.

    6. Hiding valuables:

      Keeping expensive artefacts hidden from view from possible peepers is another must step. Do not keep emergency keys in conspicuous places such as under the shoe cabinet, on the window sill or under a rock of flower pot. If possible, take out every valuable item from the car and lock the wheels as well as garage.

    7. Purchasing a home insurance:

      It is a given that everybody owning a house needs a home insurance. And if you are living in a rented apartment, it is strongly advised that you get a renters insurance to cover your belongings.

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