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  • How to Buy Home Insurance Online

    Following the rising trend of e-shopping, now, insurance policies are the latest entrant of the online shopping realm. Quick, easy and hassle free, online purchase of insurance policies has eliminated the need for us to visit the insurer or fix appointments with agents or brokers to do the job for us. Right from other insurance to home insurance, if you can purchase it online with the click of a button, then why not. Chances are, you might just save a few bucks too.

    Planning to buy a home insurance? You can do it without having to step out of your house. Several leading banks have streamlined the process of purchasing home insurance policies online, making the process hassle free and extremely simple to follow.

    To apply online for a home insurance policy, it is imperative that you do some research about the policies available online. Different banks will have different types of policies, each offering some unique features. Once you have decided upon the policy which best suits your requirements, you can proceed to purchase the policy online. Following are the basic steps involved in purchasing a policy online.

    • Once you have chosen your policy, simply click on the ‘Apply Online’ or ‘Buy Online’ button.
    • To apply online, banks will require information pertaining to the kind of property you wish to get insured. For instance, you might be asked to provide details like:
      1. Rented or owned accommodation
      2. Tenure of policy required
      3. Policy cover required only for structure or structure and contents.
      4. Details about the property like location, age of property, home type, sum insured, construction / built area, etc.
      5. Your own details like name and contact number.
    • Having put in those details, you will get an estimate of the premium you shall be required to pay towards your chosen policy.
    • Once you have checked all the details of the policy and are convinced, you can simply buy the policy by making the payment online.
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