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  • Home Insurance Guide

    Home insurance forms an integral part of every homeowner's life. It works like a protective security shield which safeguards not only your house but also your personal possessions and assets from any potential risk or damage which may be caused by any manmade or natural causes. Also, banks and lending institutions now require all home loan applicants to provide some proof of having taken a home insurance policy for the property in question.

    In India, there are several banks and financial institutions which offer a variety of home loans, each with a unique set of features and benefits to address different home financing needs. However, choosing which home loan is right for you, could be a difficult task. There’s much more to home insurance beyond the usual queries surrounding premium installments or tenure. That’s where this home insurance guide comes in handy. With this guide, you can lay to rest all those questions popping in your mind about home insurance policies, questions and details which you would otherwise be unaware of. Find all that and much more, pertaining to home insurance in this comprehensive guide and be on your way to choose the best home insurance deal available out there.

    Hazard Insurance Vs Home Insurance

    Giving a major chunk of your life’s earnings – if one investment calls for such an act, it is buying a roof over your head. Your home. Hence going a couple of extra mile to protect that asset from all possible threats (at least financially) is definitely worth it.

    Questions to Ask When Getting Home Insurance

    When it comes to home insurance, there are a million question which might arise in your mind. Here are a few commonly asked questions pertaining to home insurance, answered for you.

    Types of Home Insurance in India

    To suit the varied needs of every individual customer, leading home insurance companies and banks in India offer a broad range of home insurance policies.

    What Does Home Insurance Cover in a Fire ?

    The fire and allied perils section of a home insurance policy covers the structure of property or the contents of the home including personal belongings or both against any loss or damage caused by fire.

    What is Covered By Renters Insurance ?

    Renters insurance is not something many are aware of. After all, it is but a temporary arrangement until you buy your own home or have to shift due to some reason.

    What is High Value Home Insurance ?

    As the name suggests, High Value Home Insurance provides a comprehensive coverage for a property whose cost is substantially higher than the normal properties. A High Value Home Insurance covers the contents and structure of the home including personal property, fixtures and fittings, bank cards, contents of the house and other liabilities. 

    What is Landlord Insurance Policy ?

    Landlord Insurance is a special type of home insurance policy that covers the home owners from financial losses that they might incur with rental properties. This policy will cover standard fire and allied perils and also theft and malicious damage. 

    Why do You Need Home Insurance ?

    With silk-attired divinities marched through the lanes, and special delicacies, merrymaking, and the ceremonial gifting on such occasions, festivals bring out the most abstemious and extravagant facets of Indian culture.

    Why Should You Have Home Insurance ?

    If you are a house owner, no matter which corner of the world you may be living in, you automatically require home insurance. Just like you purchase insurance policies for the medical and financial well-being of your loved ones, you house, too, requires protection from various external perils.

    How Much Home Insurance Do You Need ?

    As a homeowner, you fully understand the significance of home insurance holds, not just in protecting your house but also your family. So, when it’s time to buy a new insurance policy, how does one decide on the amount of home insurance they require?

    How to Buy Home Insurance Policy ?

    Following the rising trend of e-shopping, now, insurance policies are the latest entrant of the online shopping realm. Quick, easy and hassle free, online purchase of insurance policies has eliminated the need for us to visit the insurer or fix appointments with agents or brokers to do the job for us. 

    How to Claim Home Insurance ?

    Unlike cars whose value depreciates from the moment you purchase them, houses generally increase in value over time. If you see from a future perspective, owning a property is an investment that will ensure your financial security in years to come. 

    How to Claim Home Insurance for Water Damage ?

    As a homeowner, it is your duty to understand the risks covered by your home insurance policy and also how to file a claim in case of damage and loss. Damage to properties caused by water is very common especially in apartments where there are shared pipes.

    How to Compare Home Insurance Companies ?

    When it comes to your loved ones, you wish to provide them with the best protection there is. From health insurance to life insurance, you want nothing but only the best for them. Just like your loved ones are invaluable, so is your home.

    How to Find The Best Home Insurance Rates ?

    Home insurance is very important as it protects your most valuable asset, your home, from unforeseen risks. However, owing to the premium costs and the intimidating insurance terms, many people do not take a home insurance policy at all.

    How to Choose Home Insurance Coverage ?

    Evading home insurance is not one of the best ways to save money. The risks and zero peace of mind are just not worth it. Comparison is the oldest and the best way ever to reduce chances missing a good deal.

    Why Home Insurance Rates Increase ?

    A new financial year! If nothing, you must have surely noticed a steady rise in your home insurance premiums. In fact, a humungous surge! You are not the only one. Statistics show the same. But this could also be because with the rising income, there are more items to buy cover for.

    How to Get Home Insurance Cheaper ?

    Uncertainties and surprises in life can either bring us joyous possibilities or test our ability to manage the crisis. While you cannot control the unpredictable part of your life, you can take positive steps to put yourself in a good position to manage the uncertainty.

    Why is It Important to Have House Insurance ?

    To realize the value of house insurance/home insurance, it is important to understand what house insurance is. Home insurance is a unique type of property insurance that covers your house from different kinds of dangers like accidents, perils damages and thefts.

    What is Home Insurance Premium?

    A comprehensive Home Insurance policy, provided by insurance companies, covers our house from every possible dangers, risks and threats. To cater to the varied needs of policyholders, insurance companies provide them with an option of choosing coverages.

    What Are the Most Important Features of a Home Insurance Policy?

    In the world of insurance, home insurance policies are often one of the most comprehensive ones. Typically a home insurance policy will provide all-round protection which covers you, your house, your family members and also any liability which may arise.

    How Can I Save Money on My Home Insurance ?

    Purchasing or constructing a house, though initially quite stressful, can be one of the best investment decisions one can make. House insurance is an automatic addition which is a necessity to protect your new house from any potential risks or dangers. 

    How to Secure Your Home While Away on Vacation

    It doesn't matter if you are planning to lay sprawled on a beach in one of the French Polynesian Island for a weekend or traversing the countryside on a road trip or enjoying a family get-together in your hometown. 

    5 Myths About Home Insurance

    Ironically, Home Insurance is one of the most common types of insurance, but also one of the most miscalculated. Majority of property holders reckon that the schemes they purchased will indemnify them against virtually every loss/ destruction incurred to the building and everything in it. 

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