If you really think about it, it's easier getting a loan for a car than a loan for bus fare!
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    Dena Bank Car Loan Eligibility Calculator

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    Dena Bank Car Loan Overview

    With a Dena Bank car loan, rest assured that you will have the best financing solution at your fingertips, with quick processing and hassle-free documentation. The Dena Auto Finance scheme helps you get the best financing deal possible for the purchase of a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, irrespective of the make and model. Competitive interest rates, flexible repayment tenures and low processing fees make the auto financing plan from Dena Bank a one-of-a-kind loan product. For the convenience of customers, Dena Bank directly disburses the sanctioned loan amount to the car dealership opted by the borrower. Customers can opt for car loan tenures of up to 60 months, depending on the down payment done by them.

    Dena Bank Car Loan Eligibility

    Dena Bank car loans can be obtained by both individuals and companies with the bank sanctioning loans depending on the income of the applicant.

    Dena Bank Car Loan Eligibility Criteria for Salaried Employees/Self-employed Professionals

    Salaried individuals and self-employed businessmen can easily qualify for a Dena Bank car loan if they show a gross annual income of Rs 1.50 lakhs when they apply for a car loan.

    Dena Bank Car Loan Eligibility Criteria for Firms and Companies

    Corporate companies and partnership firms can qualify for Dena Bank auto loan if the company has been in business for a period of two years, with profits shown in the audited balance sheet. Dena Bank requires that the net profit shown by a firm should be over Rs 3 lakhs as mentioned in the audited balance sheet for the previous year.

    Factors affecting Dena Bank Car Loan Eligibility

    Employment History - Banks always look into the employment history of an applicant, while approving a car loan. Loans are sanctioned easily to individuals who show consistent employment with a steady source of income. Applicants with irregular phases of employment are generally not considered eligible for any kind of auto loan.

    CIBIL Score - Always carry a good credit score when you apply for a car loan with any lender. Maintaining a good score involves paying bills on time, paying monthly installments regularly and not getting overloaded by liabilities. A good CIBIL score will ensure that you do not face rejection when you make an application with a bank for a car loan.

    Income - The income of an applicant plays a major role in getting approvals for a Dena Bank car loan. Applicants need to show the required income to even qualify for a car loan. Customers failing to do so might get rejected at the eligibility stage itself.

    How do you increase your eligibility for a Dena Bank Car Loan?

    • It is always a good idea to have lesser debts when you apply for a new car loan with any lending institution. Try paying off your existing loans, if possible to lower your financial commitments and also free some money for the new loan. Having lower liabilities, help you easily qualify for a Dena Bank car loan without any trouble.
    • Take a co-applicant like your spouse or your parents for a car loan if you can. Adding a co-applicant helps you increase your income and eligibility criteria as banks will also consider the co-applicants income while approving the loan.
    • Go for a car loan with a longer tenure, so that the bank sanctions a higher loan amount with a feasible EMI amount.

    Dena Bank Car Loan Eligibility Calculators

    When you plan to finance a new car, checking whether you are eligible for a car loan from a particular lender is a key aspect to be considered by a customer. You might choose a bank which you think would be able to offer you the best deal on a car loan, but you should also meet the required eligibility criteria as put forward by the bank. Aiding you in this effort are tools called car loan eligibility calculators, which instantly tell you whether you are eligible for a particular auto financing scheme or not. Customers need to input only a few details like loan amount, interest rates, monthly income, car make, profession, age, etc., to check their eligibility. Most banks provide this facility on their online portals and customers can easily check their eligibility for any kind of vehicle loan using these tools. The results given out by the car loan eligibility calculators do not take time and can be got in just a few seconds.


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