• UCO Bank Car Loan Customer Care

    With disposable income going up, purchasing power of the people is also rising. As more and more people choose to purchase cars, the demand for car loans is also going up. UCO Bank is one of the oldest and most illustrious banks in India to offer car loans to customers. Their car loans come with very competitive interest rates and terms which make it easy to not only apply but also afford a loan. Here are some of the notable features of UCO Bank car loans

    • The car loans can be used for the purchase of a new car as well as a pre-owned car.
    • This UCO Bank car loan can be availed by salaried employees, non-salaried individuals (professionals, businessmen, farmers, agriculturists, etc.), corporates and non-corporates, ex-UCO Bank staff members pensioners and also NRIs.
    • This car loan comes with a 15% margin (for new cars) and 20% upwards for used cars.
    • The quantum of loan provided by this car loan is capped at 85% (new cars) of total on-road price. For pre-owned cars, the quantum of loan is capped at Rs. 15 lakhs for cars which are purchased from certified dealers and at Rs. 5 lakhs for used cars purchased from other dealers.
    • The repayment tenure is flexible and customers can pay off their new car loan in a maximum of 84 EMIs and a used car loan in a maximum of 60 EMIs.
    • Rates of interest applicable on purchase of a new car are MCLR of one year + 0.40% presently 9.00% p.a. For pre-owned cars purchased from certified car dealers, the rate of interest is calculated at MCLR of one year + 1.50%. For pre-owned cars purchased from other dealers, the interest rate charged is calculated at MCLR of one year + 2.00%.
    • Loan processing fee on UCO Bank car loans is at the rate of 15% of loan amount and capped at Rs. 1500.

    Car loans, being a commonly availed financial product, are something which individuals are usually a little familiar with. UCO Bank, in an effort to put at ease all queries and issues which customers may have, has established a dedicated customer service helpline and a customer grievance redressal unit. Customers can contact the bank’s customer care cell at any time or call on their toll-free number for the resolution of any query. Customers can also get in touch with the bank via other channels such as email, mobile banking, mail or by walking into their nearby UCO Bank branch.

    UCO Bank Customer Care Numbers

    There are various aspects of a car loan which may be a bit tricky for a layman to understand. Keeping this in mind, UCO Bank has set up a dedicated customer service helpline to address all car loan related queries which customers face. This helpline number can be accessed easily 24x7 from anywhere within India via all major mobile networks. The toll-free number is 1800 274 0123 and customers can call on this to connect with a helpful customer service representative who will guide them. Alternately, customers can also write in to the corporate office address of UCO Bank which is:

    UCO Bank Head Office,

    10, B T M Sarani, Kolkata - 700 001

    West Bengal, India.

    Customers can also write in to the Customer Complaints & Service Department of the bank at the following address.

    2nd Floor Head Office 10,

    B.T.M. Sarani Kolkata-700 001

    Tel: (033) 4455-8060/7331

    Fax: (033) 44557319

    E-Mail: hopgr.calcutta@ucobank.co.in

    UCO Bank Car Loan Customer Care Numbers (City wise)

    Customers hailing from different parts of the country can get in touch with officials at UCO Bank branches in their city for all car loan related grievance redressal. Following are the details of the UCO Bank Circle Office contact details across India.

    UCO Bank Circle Office Details

    Circle Contact Email Id
    Bhubhaneshwar Tel: 0674 - 2392553 / 2533899 Fax: 0674 - 2532890 fgm.orissa@ucobank.co.in / fgmoffice.bbsr@ucobank.co.in
    Chandigarh Tel: 0172 - 2701821 / 5037300 Fax: 0172 - 2701921 fgm.chng@ucobank.co.in
    Chennai Tel: 044 - 43405548 / 43405549 Fax: 044 - 43405571 fgm.chennai@ucobank.co.in
    Kolkata Tel: 033 - 44559130 / 44559102 Fax: 033 - 44559132 fgm.calcutta1@ucobank.co.in
    Lucknow Tel: 0522 - 4064358/2626365 fgm.lucknow@ucobank.co.in
    Mumbai Tel: 022 - 22023590 / 40544444 Fax: 022 - 22023589 fgm.mumbai@ucobank.co.in
    New Delhi Tel: 011 - 23716206 / 23710360 Fax: 011 - 23327053 fgmoffice.newdelhi@ucobank.co.in
    North East Tel: 0361 - 2660531 / 2662303 Fax: 0361 - 2662301 circleoffice.guwahati@ucobank.co.in

    UCO Bank Zonal Office Contact Details

    City Contact Email ID
    Agartala Tel: 0381 - 2384163 Fax: 0381-238 0228 zo.agartala@ucobank.co.in
    Ahmedabad Tel: 079- 40176904/40176914 Fax: 079 - 26579450 zo.ahmedabad@ucobank.co.in
    Ajmer Tel: 0145 - 2622660 Fax: 0145 - 2429552 zo.ajmer@ucobank.co.in
    Balasore Tel:NA zo.balasore@ucobank.co.in
    Bangalore Tel: 080-43472702 Fax: 080-43472777 zo.blr@ucobank.co.in
    Begusarai Tel: 06243 - 221722 Fax: 06243 - 220495 zo.begusarai@ucobank.co.in
    Bhagalpur Tel: 0641 - 2301755 Mob: 9430427497 Fax: 0641 - 2301758 zo.bhagalpur@ucobank.co.in
    Bhopal Tel: 0755-4046002 Fax: 0755-4046010 zo.bhopal@ucobank.co.in
    Bhubhaneshwar Tel: 0674 - 2533626 Fax: 0674-2531448 zo.bbsr@ucobank.co.in
    Burdwan Tel: 0342-2647979 Fax: 0342-2647979 zo.burdwan@ucobank.co.in
    Chandigarh Tel: 0172-5037356 zo.chng@ucobank.co.in
    Chennai Tel: 044-43405522 Fax: 044-43405575 zo.chennai@ucobank.co.in
    Coimbatore Tel: 0422-4509922 Fax No. 0422 - 4509988 zo.coimbatore@ucobank.co.in
    Dehradun Tel: 0135 - 6510211 Fax No. 0135 - 2650775 zo.dehradun@ucobank.co.in
    Dharamshala Tel: 01892-223877 Fax: 01892-222104 zo.drmshala@ucobank.co.in
    Ernakulum Tel: 0484-2356641 Fax No: 0484-2356644 zo.tvpuram@ucobank.co.in
    Guwahati Tel: 0361-2665750 zo.guwahati@ucobank.co.in
    Harayana Tel: 0184-4020152 - 64 Fax: 0172-5037357 zo.haryana@ucobank.co.in
    Hooghly Tel: 2664 0186 Fax: 2664 0185 zo.hooghly@ucobank.co.in
    Hyderabad Tel: 040 - 23322596/598 Fax No. 040 - 23305555 zo.hydb@ucobank.co.in
    Indore Tel: 0731-2438303 Fax: 0731- 2438304 zo.indore@ucobank.co.in
    Jaipur Tel: 0141-2225672 Fax: 0141-2226163 zo.jaipur@ucobank.co.in
    Jalandhar Tel: 0181-2225096 Fax: 0181-5064061 zo.jlndhar@ucobank.co.in
    Jodhpur Tel: 0291-2633723 Fax: 0291-2753039 zo.jodhpur@ucobank.co.in
    Jorhat Tel: 0376-2309222 Fax: 0376-2321130 / 2309671 zo.jorhat@ucobank.co.in
    Kanpur Tel: 0512-2302706 Fax: 0376-2321130/2309671 zo.kanpur@ucobank.co.in
    Kolkata Tel: 033-44558302 / 44558355, Fax: 033-44558399 zo.calcutta@ucobank.co.in
    Lucknow Tel: 0522-4010060 Fax: 0522 - 2625432 zo.lucknow@ucobank.co.in
    Meerut Tel: 0121-2622571 Fax: 0121-2622293 zo.meerut@ucobank.co.in
    Mumbai Tel: 022-40544302 Fax: 022-22821187 zo.mumbai@ucobank.co.in
    Nagpur Tel: 0712-2524990 Fax: 0712-2543963 zo.nagpur@ucobank.co.in
    New Delhi Tel: 011-23736132 Fax: 011- 2372-1345 zo.newdelhi@ucobank.co.in
    Patna Tel: 0612-6455555 Mobile: 08986460716 Fax: 0612-2220489 zo.patna@ucobank.co.in
    Pune Tel: 020 - 24210228 Fax: 020 -24210377 zo.pune@ucobank.co.in
    Raipur Tel: 0771-4233113 Fax: 0771-4233107 zo.raipur@ucobank.co.in
    Ranchi Tel: 0651-2330265 Fax: 0651-2330152 zo.ranchi@ucobank.co.in
    Salt Lake Tel: 033-44559111 Fax: 033-44559138 zo.saltlake@ucobank.co.in
    Sambalpur Tel: 0663-2541320 Fax- 0663-2541443 -zo.sblpur@ucobank.co.in
    Shimla Tel: 0177-2622840 Fax: 0177-2625061 zo.shimla@ucobank.co.in
    Surat Tel: 0261-2794100 zo.surat@ucobank.co.in
    Suri Tel: 03462-255539 Fax: 03462-255539 zo.suri@ucobank.co.in
    Varanasi Tel: 0542-2220123/1923/1723 Fax: 0542-222312 zo.varanasi@ucobank.co.in

    UCO Bank SMS Banking

    SMS banking is a service which is now being provided by a number of banks to allow customers to access their bank accounts and banking services using their mobile phones. UCO Bank also offers a fully operational SMS-based banking service known as UCO Mobile Banking which allows customers to access select banking services from their cell phones and operates by on the Push & Pull Message system.

    Push Messages are simply alerts which are customized for each customer. Customers who have registered for the UCO Mobile Banking service will receive SMS alerts from the bank for their account related activities. To register for this SMs alert service, customers must fill in the on-time application form and submit the same at any UCO Bank branch.

    Pull Messages are basically requests which customers can send from their own registered mobile number to the bank’s designated service number to either perform a transaction (from a list of chosen transactions) or obtain account / banking related information. Via Pull Message services, customers can carry out actions such as checking their account balance or enquire about the status of a cheque, among other actions.

    How SMS Banking Works

    The UCO Mobile Banking service operates using the SMS service on cell phones. With the help of Push and Pull Messages (SMS alerts and requests) customers can not only access their bank account but also perform a lot of banking related requests. All this can be done by simply sending an SMS with the specific keywords to the bank’s service number i.e. 56161. Once you send the message, you will receive a system generated response in your SMS inbox shortly after.

    Description Keyword Parameter
    Balance Enquiry (for Primary account) UCOBAL mPIN
    Balance Enquiry (for other accounts) UCOBAL mPIN & A/c No.
    Last 3 transactions TRAN A/c No & mPIN
    Cheque Status Enquiry CHQST A/c No, mPIN & Cheque No.
    Account Statement Request ACSTT A/c No, mPIN & Month
    Change of SMS Password CHNGPW mPIN & new mPIN
    De-registering from Mobile Banking Service SUSPND A/c No & mPIN
    Send message to RM of bank MSGBM A/c, mPIN & message

    With the UCO Mobile Banking service, you can get alerts for a number of transactions and also send varied service requests. SMS alerts will be set for the following:

    • Credit of salary into account.
    • When your account balance is debited.
    • When your account is credited with funds.
    • If your cheque has bounced.
    • If you have balance which is above a certain limit.
    • If your account balance has fallen below the minimum required limit.
    • When you have paid a bill or registered a bill using e-banking.
    • Batch alerts.
    • Alerts for promotional offers being run by the bank.
    • Festival greetings.

    You can also carry out service requests to get the following information.

    • Find out the balance in your account.
    • Receive information about the details of last three transactions performed from your account.
    • Enquire about the status of a cheque.
    • Request for a statement of your bank account.
    • Change your SMS Password
    • Request to deregister from the UCO Mobile Banking service.
    • Send a message to the Branch Head.

    UCO Bank Missed Call Service

    UCO Bank also allows customers to perform banking related actions and access account information with a missed call service. All customers have to do is send a missed call to the designated number provided by the bank and they can receive the information they wish to obtain. Following are some of the requests which customers can carry out via the missed call service.

    • Mini Account Statement - Customers must give a missed call on 09213125125 from their registered mobile number, following which they will receive the mini statement of their account (last 5 Transactions) via SMS.
    • Balance Enquiry - To find out the balance that is in their account, customers must give a missed call on 09278792787, following which their account balance details will be sent to them via SMS. For Knowing Features of Loan Schemes :
    • Features of Car Loan Schemes - If customers wish to know more about the car loans scheme being offered by the bank, they must give a missed call on 09210422122, following which the details will be sent to them via SMS.

    BankBazaar Finance App

    Are you looking for a one-stop solution for your financial needs? Look no further than the new Bankbazaar mobile app which is available for download from the Google Play Store. The app has been designed to provide users an aesthetically pleasing visual and functional experience. With this app, users can access and obtain all information and also apply for different types of loans, credit cards and debit cards. With the app, you can easily speed up your search for the products that you wish to know more about or even apply for. With strong emphasis on paperless approvals, Bankbazaar is also doing its bit to save the environment as well. Also, you get to save valuable time and money by conducting your search and applying for financial services online.

    About UCO Bank

    Founded in the pre-independence year of 1943, UCO Bank is one of the most popular Government owned banking institution in India. UCO Bank has a far reaching presence across India and carries out its business via 49 zonal offices which are located in all major cities across India. The bank also has 2 overseas branches in the Singapore and Hong Kong. UCO Bank caters to the financial needs of a diverse base of customers who hail from all financial backgrounds. The bank offers a range of well-appointed financial products and services such as wealth management, insurance, mortgage loans, consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking and private banking.

    Display of any trademarks, tradenames, logos and other subject matters of intellectual property belong to their respective intellectual property owners. Display of such IP along with the related product information does not imply BankBazaar's partnership with the owner of the Intellectual Property or issuer/manufacturer of such products.

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