• Tata Manza¬†Price in India

    Tata Motors has stopped selling the Manza in India


    Overview Tata Manza Price in India

    The Tata Manza was engineered for space while keeping quality in mind giving it true value for money. The Manza has been designed after the Indica Vista’s platform but with a few facelifts. The dual-tone interiors, however, are completely different with an ergonomic design and plenty of room. The car comes in 2 fuel options, 2 engines and 1 transmission spread over 8 variants. The petrol variants are powered by a 1.4 litre SAFIRE engine while the diesel cars get a 1.3 litre Quadrajet engine. The same engines power the Fiat Linea but Tata has redesigned gear ratios and remapped the engine for the Manza. Evolving from the Vista, the Tata Manza also runs smoothly at both high and low speeds. The car has been priced aggressively and competes with the Swift DZire and the Renault Logan.

    The petrol models get a 1.4 litre SAFIRE engine which churns out 90bhp of power with 116 Nm torque. The double overhead cam engine is borrowed from Fiat which was built for the best efficiency. The car is equipped with Electronic Throttle Control which reduces the stress of driving as the accelerator pedal is very light. The mileage tops out at 14.5 kmpl.

    The diesel variants of the Tata Manza are fitted with a 1.3 litre 16-valve DOHC Quadrajet engine. It can power up a maximum of 90 bhp with a torque of 200 Nm. The diesel variants also get the Electronic Throttle Control. The gear ratios of the engine have been calculated well with three lower gears, making the 4th and 5th gear tall ones. The mileage can touch 21.2 kmpl.

    Tata Manza Models

    GLS / LS Quadrajet - The base trim of the Tata Manza is available at ex-showroom price of Rs. 5,91,900. The petrol engine is a 4-cylinder MPFI while the diesel is a common rail engine. The cars have central locking and child safety locks.

    GLX / LX Quadrajet - The main features that sets this mid-level trim apart from the base is the remote-controlled central locking, a roof-mounted antenna, anti-glare mirrors and power windows for all doors. It is also equipped with an integrated music system.

    GVX / VX Quadrajet - The notable feature in this variant is the anti-lock braking system which gives the car a quick and smooth stop. The car is also equipped with GPS navigation to make sure you never get lost.

    GEX / EX Quadrajet - This top-end trim of the Tata Manza gets added features like rear fog lamps and follow-me-home headlamps. The car also has an Anti-Lock Braking System and Electronic Brake-force Distribution.

    Price Range for a New Tata Manza in India

    Price Range (Ex-showroom) - Lowest: Rs. 5,91,900 – Highest: Rs. 8,77,403

    The Tata Manza has been aggressively priced in the C segment of the car market. Depending on the car owner’s choice of fuel type, accessories, color, and other features, the car price will vary. Indicative on-road prices range between Rs. 6,58,714 - Rs. 10,20,951. On-road prices are inclusive of insurance and RTO charges. The price you pay for the car also depends on the city of residence.

    Price Range for a pre-owned Tata Manza in India

    Price Range - Lowest: Rs. 1.6 lakhs – Highest: Rs. 7.5 lakhs

    Used car prices are determined based on a number of factors such as the age, make, model, and year of manufacture. Modifications to the car can also have an effect on the price. The reason of the seller to dispose of the used car can factor into the price of the car. A pre-owned Tata Manza sells for around Rs. 1.6 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs depending on the fuel variant and other such factors.

    Tata Manza car type Available models Ex-showroom price in Delhi (INR) On road price in Delhi (INR) Used car price in Delhi (INR)
    Petrol GLS 5,96,879 6,58,714 2.20 lakhs - 3.25 lakhs
    GLX 6,20,922 7,03,211
    GVX 6,61,081 7,47,623
    GEX 7,59,524 8,56,492
    Diesel LS Quadrajet 6,16,294 7,08,877 1.99 lakhs - 6 lakhs
    LX Quadrajet 6,92,785 7,94,808
    VX Quadrajet 7,59,507 8,69,764
    EX Quadrajet 8,57,884 9,83,282

    Tata Manza Price in Bangalore

    Tata Manza car type Available models Ex-showroom price in Bangalore (INR) On road price in Bangalore (INR) Used car price in Bangalore (INR)
    Petrol GLS 5,94,862 7,14,269 3.15 lakhs - 4.5 lakhs
    GLX 6,18,291 7,48,662
    GVX 6,58,165 7,96,137
    GEX 7,56,952 9,13,752
    Diesel LS Quadrajet 6,13,329 7,42,755 3.5 lakhs - 6.2 lakhs
    LX Quadrajet 6,90,518 8,34,656
    VX Quadrajet 7,57,702 9,14,646
    EX Quadrajet 8,56,677 10,35,485

    Tata Manza Price in Kolkata

    Tata Manza car type Available models Ex-showroom price in Kolkata (INR) On road price in Kolkata (INR) Used car price in Kolkata (INR)
    Petrol GLS 6,16,878 6,84,765 2.1 lakhs - 3.4 lakhs
    GLX 6,40,559 7,10,591
    GVX 6,80,821 7,54,499
    GEX 7,80,544 8,63,252
    Diesel LS Quadrajet 6,34,091 7,03,024 1.60 lakhs - 5.50 lakhs
    LX Quadrajet 7,12,006 7,88,507
    VX Quadrajet 7,79,856 8,62,502
    EX Quadrajet 8,79,792 9,74,488

    Tata Manza Price in Chennai

    Tata Manza car type Available models Ex-showroom price in Chennai (INR) On road price in Chennai (INR) Used car price in Chennai (INR)
    Petrol GLS 5,92,263 6,78,847 2.6 lakhs - 3.3 lakhs
    GLX 6,15,692 7,11,962
    GVX 6,55,567 7,57,262
    GEX 7,54,353 8,69,484
    Diesel LS Quadrajet 6,10,302 7,05,839 2.7 lakhs - 5.5 lakhs
    LX Quadrajet 6,87,491 7,93,527
    VX Quadrajet 7,54,675 8,69,850
    EX Quadrajet 8,53,650 9,85,287

    Tata Manza Price in Mumbai

    Tata Manza car type Available models Ex-showroom price in Mumbai (INR) On road price in Mumbai (INR) Used car price in Mumbai (INR)
    Petrol GLS 6,16,252 7,06,371 2.1 lakhs -4.5 lakhs
    GLX 6,40,014 7,33,124
    GVX 6,80,336 7,78,523
    GEX 7,80,162 8,90,919
    Diesel LS Quadrajet 6,31,340 7,35,985 2.21 lakhs - 6 lakhs
    LX Quadrajet 7,09,342 8,25,369
    VX Quadrajet 7,77,319 9,03,264
    EX Quadrajet 8,77,403 10,20,951

    Tata Manza Price in Hyderabad

    Tata Manza car type Available models Ex-showroom price in Hyderabad (INR) On road price in Hyderabad (INR) Used car price in Hyderabad (INR)
    Petrol GLS 5,91,900 6,96,499 4.6 lakhs
    GLX 6,15,329 7,23,572
    GVX 6,55,204 7,69,650
    GEX 7,53,991 8,83,804
    Diesel LS Quadrajet 6,11,426 7,15,279 3.6 lakhs - 5.25 lakhs
    LX Quadrajet 6,88,615 8,04,475
    VX Quadrajet 7,55,799 8,82,110
    EX Quadrajet 8,54,774 9,96,481

    Tata Manza Price in Pune

    Tata Manza car type Available models Ex-showroom price in Pune (INR) On road price in Pune (INR) Used car price in Pune (INR)
    Petrol GLS 5,97,016 6,78,000 2.4 lakhs - 3.45 lakhs
    GLX 6,20,091 7,03,972
    GVX 6,59,355 7,48,166
    GEX 7,56,622 8,57,646
    Diesel LS Quadrajet 6,08,689 7,03,313 3.10 lakhs - 7.5 lakhs
    LX Quadrajet 6,84,690 7,90,376
    VX Quadrajet 7,50,846 8,66,161
    EX Quadrajet 8,48,303 9,80,803

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