• Punjab & Sind Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator

    If it wasn’t for car loans, purchasing a car would’ve remained nothing but a dream for most of us. Almost all banks offer car loan schemes tailor made to suit the needs of its customers. Punjab & Sind Bank is one of the leading banks in India that offers car loan schemes along with various other financial services and products. The bank also offers a tool that helps the customer calculate the EMI for their car loan without any hassle. The Punjab & Sind Car Loan EMI calculator gives accurate EMI results within seconds for free of cost.

    How to use BankBazaar Punjab & Sind Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator to understand your car loan repayment?

    Customers can calculate the EMI on their car loan with the Punjab & Sind Car Loan EMI calculator available on the BankBazaar website. The customer has to enter a few details pertaining to their car loan in order avail the desired results. Once the customer provides the relevant details, the EMI Calculator gives out the accurate EMI along with a breakup of the car loan in the form of an amortization table.

    Punjab & Sind Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator – How does it work?

    The Punjab & Sind EMI calculator available on the BankBazaar website is quite easy to use and the customer can avail the results in no time. As mentioned earlier, the customer has to enter details of their car loan in order to obtain the EMI of the loan:

    • The customer can find the calculator on the BankBazaar website under the “Financial tools” section of the homepage.
    • The customer has to provide the following details in order to get the accurate EMI result:
      • Loan amount- The loan amount can be chosen by either moving the slider on the scale or by manually entering the amount in the space provided next to the loan amount scale.
      • Tenure- The customer has to choose the tenure of the loan in this step using the same method as mentioned above.
      • Rate of interest- The customer has to enter the rate of interest charged on the car loan by Punjab & Sind Bank.
      • Processing charges- The customer has to mention any processing fee charged on the loan by the bank.
      • Prepayment charges- If the customer intends to make prepayments on their loan, they can use this section to enter the prepayment details before calculating the EMI.
    • Once the customer fills in the parameters, they can calculate the EMI for the car loan by choosing the “Calculate” option.
    • As soon as the customer clicks on the “Calculate” option, the calculator gives the EMI to be paid for the loan along with a detailed breakup of the loan.

    Example: Listed below is a sample of the EMI calculations for an average loan amount of Rs.10-40 lakh for a loan tenure of 3 to 7 years. Punjab & Sind Bank offers car loans for an interest rate of 10.25% p.a. for a new vehicle.

    Loan Amount Interest Rate EMI for 2 years (Rs.) EMI for 3 years (Rs.) EMI for 4 years (Rs.) EMI for 5 years (Rs.) EMI for 6 years (Rs.) EMI for 7 years (Rs.)
    Rs.10 lakh 10.25% 46,260 32,385 25,483 21,370 18,652 16,731
    Rs.15 lakh 10.25% 69,391 48,577 38,224 32,055 27,978 25,096
    Rs.20 lakh 10.25% 92,521 64,769 50,966 42,741 37,304 33,461
    Rs.25 lakh 10.25% 1,15,651 80,962 63,707 53,426 46,630 41,827
    Rs.30 lakh 10.25% 1,38,781 97,154 76,448 64,111 55,956 50,192
    Rs.35 lakh 10.25% 1,61,911 1,13,346 89,190 74,796 65,283 58,557
    Rs.40 lakh 10.25% 1,85,042 1,29,539 1,01,931 85,481 74,609 66,923

    Punjab & Sind Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator – Features and Benefits

    There are many benefits to using the Punjab & Sind Bank Car Loan EMI Calculator than calculating the EMI manually. Read on to know some of the features and benefits of this tool:

    • The customer does not have to pay to use the EMI calculator available on the BankBazaar website.
    • The tool is user-friendly.
    • The calculator gives out accurate results within seconds.
    • The calculator also gives a breakup of the loan along with accurate EMI results.
    • The calculator can be used several times to compare different rates of interest for the car loan.
    • The customer can use the prepayment option on the calculator to know how it would affect their EMIs in case they choose to make prepayments on the loan.

    Punjab & Sind Bank car loan EMI calculator FAQs

    1. What are the components of the EMI amortization table?
    2. The EMI amortization table consists of the following- the principal loan amount, interest paid, starting balance, and ending balance.

    3. Why is using an EMI calculator better than calculating the EMI manually?
    4. The EMI calculator eliminates the complications that come with calculating the EMI manually and it is definitely less time consuming.

    5. What is the formula employed for calculating car loan EMI?
    6. EMI = [P x R x (1+R) ^N] / [(1+R) ^N – 1],

      Where, P is the principal amount, R is the interest rate on a monthly basis, and N is the number of instalments.

      This formula does not take into account the pre-payments that you make towards the loan.

    7. Where can I find the EMI Calculator on the BankBazaar website?
    8. You can find the car loan EMI Calculator by clicking on the "Finance Tools" option on the main page on the BankBazaar website. You can then select the EMI Calculator option to calculate your EMI.

    9. Does it make sense to use the BankBazaar EMI calculator after applying for a car loan?
    10. No, you should always make sure to use the EMI calculator before you actually apply for a loan. This will help you ascertain your loan repayment ability and affordability.

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