• Maruti Suzuki Showroom in Chennai

    Maruti Suzuki started a whole new chapter in the automobile industry when it hit the Indian streets with the Maruti Suzuki 800. With focus on customer delight, Maruti Suzuki continued to manufacture cars through innovation, creativity, and quality. The Maruti team comprises of dedicated professionals who have helped manufacture 15 models with more than 150 variants. Apart from manufacturing vehicles in two state-of-the-art factories, Maruti provides nationwide service in 1500 cities and sale in over 1471 cities.

    List of Maruti Suzuki Car Dealers in Chennai

    Maruti Suzuki has numerous dealers spread all across Chennai. There are eight authorised Maruti Suzuki dealerships in the city offering sales, servicing, spares, and accessories. The dealers are spread all across the city and Maruti Suzuki customers can visit the showroom nearest to them.

    ABT Limited

    ABT Limited is a public limited company, which is an authorised dealer of Maruti Suzuki cars. ABT Maruti displays all new Maruti models in their showrooms. ABT Limited also has fully equipped, state-of-the-art workshops for Maruti Suzuki cars. ABT Limited has showrooms in the following locations:

    ABT Maruti – Injambakkam

    600, Anna Salai,

    Thiru Vi Ka Kudiyiruppu,



    Tamil Nadu - 600032

    Phone: 044 2235 5058

    ABT Maruti – Saligrammam

    A/A2, Bharani Studio Complex,

    DR Bhanumathi Krishna road,

    22, Arcot Road,



    Tamil Nadu - 600093

    Phone: 044 2365 0488

    ABT Maruti – Adyar

    NO 1&2, Vasantha Press road,

    Opposite Malar hospital,



    Tamil Nadu - 600020

    Phone: 044 2446 5814

    ABT Maruti – Sholonganallur

    No 1/132, Rajeev Gandhi Salai,



    Tamil Nadu - 600119

    Phone: 044 2450 2185

    AIE Cars

    AIE Cars started operation as an authorised Maruti Suzuki Dealership in Chennai in 2012, and also won the award for the best showroom in the same year. AIE Cars handles sales and service of Maruti Suzuki vehicles in its state-of-the-art showrooms and service stations. The highly efficient and experienced team of AIE Cars have sold 1600 cars and serviced more than 15,000 cars in Tamil Nadu. AIE Cars are located in the following addresses:

    AIE Cars – Neelankarai

    91, East Coast Road,



    Tamil Nadu - 600115

    Phone: 044 30193019

    AIE Cars – Neelankarai

    23/2, Venkata Narayana Road

    T.Nagar, Next To Natesan Park,


    Tamil Nadu - 600017

    Phone: 07401292930

    Cars India

    Cars India is an authorised dealer for Maruti Suzuki with three state-of-the-art showrooms, three True Value centres, five service centres, and four driving schools. All the dealers have the latest Maruti Suzuki models on display from which potential buyers can pick the car of their choice. The service centres staff is trained to match up Maruti Suzuki standards and offer servicing and repair for all its cars. You can find Cars India showrooms at the following locations:

    Cars India – Cenotaph Road

    No.9 Cenotaph Road,

    Chennai – 600018

    Phone: +91-44-24338412,

    +91-44-24338414, +91-44-42117373

    Email id: sales[at]carsindia[dot]in

    Cars India – Valasaravakkam

    Minimac Center, No.118,

    Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam,

    Chennai – 600087

    Phone: +91-44-42716933,

    +91-44-42716944, +91-44-42963370

    Email id: sales2[at]carsindia[dot]in

    Cars India – (Puzhal) Red hills

    No.503, Old No.3/130,

    GNT Road,

    Thandal Kazhani Puzhal,

    Chennai – 600066

    Phone: +91-44-26323434,


    Email id: sales_redhills[at]carsindia[dot]in

    Kapico Motors India Private Limited

    Kapico Motors India Private Limited is listed under authorised dealers of Maruti Suzuki and is located in Kilpauk in Chennai.


    No. 309, Poonamalle High Road,

    Beside Perfect Digital Media Resources,

    Kilpauk, Chennai,

    Tamil Nadu - 600010

    Phone: 044 42007000

    Khivraj Motors

    Flagship Company of the Khivraj Group, Khivraj Motors Pvt. Ltd. has been dealing with dealership of Maruti Suzuki cars since 1996. The group has opened four Maruti car showrooms, four fully equipped body shops, workshops, and a Maruti Driving School. Khivraj Maruti showrooms are strategically located all over Chennai. The group also deals with sale of pre-owned cars at Maruti True Value outlet in Nerkundrum. Khivraj Motors are located at the following addresses:

    Khivraj Motors – Mount Road

    623, Anna Salai,

    Chennai – 600006

    Phone: 044-42269572/55/+91 9094003051/9841401442

    Khivraj Motors – Perungudi

    Plot No.6,

    Development E & E,

    Industrial estate,

    Chennai – 600096

    Phone: 044 - 49009181

    Khivraj Motors – Tiruvallur

    No.169/3 JN Road,


    Chennai – 602001

    Phone: 9841065312/ 044 - 27665355

    Khivraj Motors – Adyar

    No.7 1st Avenue,

    Shasthri nagar,

    Chennai – 600020

    Phone: 044 - 43504208/43504207/43504206

    Khivraj Motors – Ambattur – Nexa

    Flat No-85, FB4,

    South Avenue Road,

    Sidco Industrial Complex,

    Ambattur – 600058

    Phone: 9962949985/9941013190

    Popular Vehicles

    Popular Vehicles was the first Maruti dealership to be established in Kerala in 1984. It began as a family spare-part store and turned into a business enterprise in 70 years with a 200-unit network spread throughout the country. Apart from selling cars, Popular Vehicles specialises in car maintenance, servicing, and selling pre-owned cars. The company has also won the ‘Overall Excellence Award’ for many years repeatedly. Popular Vehicles are located at the following addresses:

    Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd. – Anna Nagar

    No-16, Block 3rd Avenue

    Anna Nagar East, Chennai – 600 102

    Phone: (044) 65877970, 71, 72

    Email id: rajkumar[at]popularv[dot]com

    Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd. – Saligramam

    No. 14, Arunachalam Road,

    Saligramam, Chennai,

    Tamil Nadu - 600094

    Phone: 044 6587 7973

    Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd. – Thiruvalluvar Nagar

    Old No 155, New No 123,

    Ponranjitham Complex,

    Medavakkam Main Rd,

    Thiruvalluvar Nagar,



    Tamil Nadu 600117

    Phone: 044 6452 5444

    Popular Vehicles & Services Pvt Ltd. – Pallikaranai

    Number 460, No.9 & 10,

    Velachery Main Road,

    Balaji Nagar, Pallikaranai,


    Tamil Nadu 600100

    Phone: 044 6455 6556

    Rajalakshmi Cars

    Rajalakshmi Cars have state-of-the-art, well-equipped showrooms with staff well versed with Maruti Suzuki guidelines. The dealership strives to make every customer visit to Rajalakshmi Cars, a memorable experience. Apart from sale of Maruti Cars, at Rajalakshmi Cars, you can avail services such as finance, servicing, repairs, spares, and Maruti accessories. You can find Rajalakshmi Cars at the following address:


    No 173, Erukkancherry high Road,



    Tamil Nadu - 600110

    Phone: 044 30838383/8939995451

    Types of cars sold at Maruti Suzuki Car showrooms

    Type of car Petrol Variant Ex-showroom Price Diesel Variant Ex-showroom Price
    Maruti Alto 800 Maruti Alto 800 LXI Rs.3.3 lakh Not available  
      Maruti Alto 800 LXI Optional Rs.3.3 lakh    
      Maruti Alto 800 VXI Rs.3.5 lakh    
    Maruti Alto K10 Maruti Alto K10 LXI Rs.3.6 lakh Not available  
      Maruti Alto K10 LXI Optional Rs.3.7 lakh    
      Maruti Alto K10 VXI Rs.3.8 lakh    
      Maruti Alto K10 VXI Optional Rs.4 lakh    
      Maruti Alto K10 VXI AGS Rs.4.3 lakh    
      Maruti Alto K10 VXI AGS Optional Rs.4.3 lakh    
    Maruti Celerio Maruti Celerio VXI Rs.4.5 lakh Maruti Celerio VDi Rs.5.3 lakh
      Maruti Celerio VXI Optional   Rs.4.7 lakh Maruti Celerio VDI Optional Rs.5.5 lakh
      Maruti Celerio ZXI Rs.4.8 lakh Maruti Celerio ZDi Rs.5.6 lakh
      Maruti Celerio VXI AT Rs.4.9 lakh Maruti Celerio ZDi Optional Rs.6.1 lakh
      Maruti Celerio VXI AT Optional Rs.5.1 lakh    
      Maruti Celerio ZXI Optional Rs.5.2 lakh    
      Maruti Celerio ZXI AT Rs.5.2 lakh    
      Maruti Celerio ZXI AT Optional Rs.5.4 lakh    
    Maruti Wagon R Maruti Wagon R LXI Rs.4.3 lakh Not available  
      Maruti Wagon R VXI Rs.4.5 lakh    
      Maruti Wagon R LXI Optional Rs.4.6 lakh    
      Maruti Wagon R VXI Optional Rs.4.9 lakh    
      Maruti Wagon R AMT VXI Rs.5 lakh    
      Maruti Wagon R AMT VXI Optional Rs.5.4 lakh    
    Maruti Ritz Maruti Ritz AT Rs.6.3 lakh Maruti Ritz LDi Rs.5.7 lakh
    Maruti Swift Maruti Swift LXI Optional-O Rs.5.2 lakh Maruti Swift LDI Optional Rs.6.3 lakh
      Maruti Swift VXI Deca Rs.5.5 lakh Maruti Swift VDI Deca Rs.6.6 lakh
      Maruti Swift VXI Rs.5.6 lakh Maruti Swift VDI Rs.6.8 lakh
      Maruti Swift VXI Optional Rs.5.8 lakh Maruti Swift VDI Optional Rs.6.9 lakh
      Maruti Swift ZXI Rs.6.5 lakh Maruti Swift ZDi Rs.7.6 lakh
    Maruti Swift Dzire Maruti Swift Dzire LXI Rs. 5.3 lakh Maruti Swift Dzire LDI Rs.6.7 lakh
      Maruti Swift Dzire LXI Optional-O Rs.5.6 lakh Maruti Swift Dzire LDI Optional Rs.6.9 lakh
      Maruti Swift Dzire VXI Rs.6.1 lakh Maruti Swift Dzire VDI Rs.7.2 lakh
      Maruti Swift Dzire VXI Optional Rs.6.3 lakh Maruti Swift Dzire VDI Optional Rs. 7.3 lakh
      Maruti Swift Dzire VXi AT Rs.7 lakh Maruti Swift Dzire ZDI Rs.8.2 lakh
      Maruti Swift Dzire ZXI Rs.7.1 lakh Maruti Swift Dzire AMT ZDI Rs.8.7 lakh
    Maruti Vitara Brezza Not Available   Maruti Vitara Brezza LDi Rs.7.4 lakh
          Maruti Vitara Brezza LDi Optional Rs.7.5 lakh
          Maruti Vitara Brezza VDi Rs.8.1 lakh
          Maruti Vitara Brezza VDi Optional Rs.8.2 lakh
          Maruti Vitara Brezza ZDi Rs.8.9 lakh
          Maruti Vitara Brezza ZDi Plus Rs.9.9 lakh
          Maruti Vitara Brezza ZDi Plus Dual Tone Rs.10.2 lakh
    Maruti Ertiga Maruti Ertiga LXI Option Rs.7.1 lakh Maruti Ertiga SHVS LDI Rs.8.1 lakh
      Maruti Ertiga VXI Rs.7.9 lakh Maruti Ertiga SHVS LDI Optional Rs.8.1 lakh
      Maruti Ertiga ZXI Rs.8.5 lakh Maruti Ertiga SHVS VDI Rs.8.8 lakh
      Maruti Ertiga VXI AT Rs.8.9 lakh Maruti Ertiga SHVS ZDI Rs.9.3 lakh
          Maruti Ertiga SHVS ZDI Plus Rs.9.8 lakh
    Maruti Ciaz Maruti Ciaz VXi Rs.7.9 lakh Maruti Ciaz VDI SHVS Rs.8.7 lakh
      Maruti Ciaz VXi Option Rs.8.1 lakh Maruti Ciaz VDi Option SHVS Rs.8.8 lakh
      Maruti Ciaz VXi Plus Rs.8.5 lakh Maruti Ciaz VDi Plus SHVS Rs.9.3 lakh
      Maruti Ciaz ZXi Rs.9.2 lakh Maruti Ciaz ZDi SHVS Rs.10 lakh
      Maruti Ciaz AT VXi Plus Rs.9.7 lakh Maruti Ciaz ZDi Plus SHVS Rs.10.7 lakh
      Maruti Ciaz ZXi Plus Rs.9.7 lakh    
      Maruti Ciaz AT ZXi Rs.10.3 lakh    
    Maruti Gypsy Maruti Gypsy King Soft Top MPI Rs.6.6 lakh Not available  
      Maruti Gypsy King Hard Top MPI Rs.6.7 lakh    
    Maruti Omni Maruti Omni MPI STD Rs.2.9 lakh Not available  
      Maruti Omni E MPI STD BS IV Rs.2.9 lakh    
    Maruti Eeco Maruti Eeco 5 Seater Standard Rs.3.5 lakh Not available  
      Maruti Eeco 7 Seater Standard Rs.3.7 lakh    
      Maruti Eeco 5 Seater AC Rs.3.9 lakh    

    The prices may vary from showroom to showroom based on the state and dealer.

    Finance Options

    Maruti Suzuki dealers offer attractive loan offers to their customers who can instantly fill online finance enquiry forms, while they select the car of their choice. Once you submit your information along with finance requirement, the dealer contacts you with an accurate offer best suited to the purchase you want to make. You can also get a finance quote by visiting the showroom. Maruti also enables you to avail finance options for purchase of pre-owned cars, as well.

    Insurance for Maruti Suzuki cars

    Maruti Insurance offers its customers the opportunity to opt for car insurance exclusively meant for Maruti Suzuki owners. Maruti Insurance offers insurance deals in collaboration with trusted companies such as Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard, IFFCO-TOKIO, Royal Sundaram, SBI General Insurance, National Insurance, Oriental Insurance, United India Insurance, The New India Assurance Co. Ltd., Universal Sompo, and L&T Insurance.

    Used Cars Sold in Maruti Suzuki Showrooms

    With the largest certified car dealer network in India, Maruti True Value is the authorised used-car dealer of Maruti Suzuki. All transactions at these dealerships are fair and transparent. Maruti cars at True Value are refurbished in state-of-the-art workshops and then sold to customers.

    Online services offered by Maruti Suzuki dealers in Chennai

    Authorised Maruti Suzuki dealers in Chennai allow you avail a lot of online services for free making life a lot easier for Maruti customers. Using these online services, you can get the on-road price of the model you are looking to buy, book a test drive, or even book a service for your already existing Maruti car, etc. The online services provided by Maruti Suzuki dealers in Chennai are:

    • Car model brochures
    • Used car models availability list
    • Book test drives
    • Download price list
    • Online Car Loan Calculator
    • Book a service
    • On-road assistance
    • Insurance and finance enquiry
    • Car accessories online

    If you wish to make an online comparison of car loans for the Maruti car you plan to buy, you can always visit sites such as BankBazaar. On these sites, you get a platform that allows you to make your decision in a fair manner, as it lists you all the possible finance options available towards your car, along with the rates being offered.

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