• Hyundai Showroom in Pune

    Hyundai Motor is a popular South Korean multinational automobile manufacturing company in India. It is also the fourth largest automobile manufacturer and second largest auto exporter in the country. Hyundai has the manpower and resources required to manufacture 1.6 million vehicles every year. It operates from 193 countries and 5,000 showrooms.

    List of Hyundai Car Dealers in Pune

    Hyundai offers 10 car models with several variants at an affordable price. Cars offered by Hyundai are available in petrol, diesel and LPG variants. Hyundai has 12 dealer branches in Pune. The 6 leading authorized Hyundai car dealers in Pune are Kundan Hyundai, Kothari Hyundai, Sanjay Hyundai, Singh Hyundai, Ishanya Hyundai and Garve Hyundai.

    Kundan Hyundai

    Kundan Hyundai is one of the leading Hyundai car dealers in Pune. They offer excellent customer service and strive to improve the buying experience of their customers. Apart from selling brand new Hyundai cars, Kundan Hyundai also deals with used cars and offers financial and insurance assistance to their customers. With fully equipped workshops and highly trained engineers, Kundan Hyundai can handle any of your car servicing and repair requirements. Kundan Hyundai showrooms are located at:

    Kundan Hyundai in Budrak

    #322/A, Lalani Quantam,



    Pune - 411021

    Phone: 020-67922222/8956331111

    Email: poonam.dharwal[at]kundanhyundai[dot]com

    Kundan Hyundai in Chinchwad

    #172, Near Thermax Chowk,

    MIDC, Chinchwad

    Pune - 411019

    Phone: 020 - 66331111/8956331111


    Kothari Hyundai

    Kothari Hyundai is a renowned name in the field of transport, clubs, and events. In 1998, Kothari Hyundai entered the automobile industry as an authorised Hyundai car dealer in Pune. With a huge showroom in Tilak Road and a fully-equipped service centre in Satara Road, Kothari Hyundai sells and repairs brand new Hyundai cars or Hyundai approved used cars. They also have several sales outlets located at the below addresses:

    Kothari Hyundai in Tilak Road

    #458/2 & 4,Sadashiv Peth Tilak Road,

    Pune- 411030

    Phone: 30118500/01/02

    Email: kotharihyundai[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Kothari Hyundai in Aundh

    #1,Sylvan Heights, ’A’, Opp.Hotel Seasons Apartment,

    Sanewadi, Aundh,

    Pune - 411007

    Phone: 30174100

    Email: Not available

    Kothari Hyundai in Kharadi

    Plot no. 13/1A,Mundhwa-Kharadi Bypass,


    Pune - 411014

    Phone: 27071100

    Email: Not available

    Kothari Hyundai in Satara Road

    #691/A/2 , Hira Chamber, Next To Big Bazar,

    Pune Satara Road,

    Pune - 411019

    Phone: 020 – 24338600/9923101345

    Email: ravinder.pawar[at]kotharihyundai[dot]co[dot]in

    Kothari Hyundai in Shirur

    Gate No. 1449/1, Nagar Punya Road,

    Opposite Manik Chandra Company,

    Saradwadi, Shirur,

    Shirur – 412210


    Phone: Not available

    Email: Not available

    Sanjay Hyundai

    Sanjay Hyundai has been in the automobile industry for the last 60 years. In 1968, they moved to Pune and changed their firm’s name to Sanjay Automobile Engineers. They set up a Hyundai showroom in the year 1998 at Wakdewadi. Currently, Sanjay Hyundai has 2 fully equipped sales, service, and spares unit in Pune and Solapur and runs 4 service workshop in Pune and PCMC. They have bagged several awards like Service Marketing Award, Hyundai Elite Dealer award, and Regional Best Upgraded Facility Award.

    Sanjay Hyundai in Mumbai-Pune Road

    Kohinoor Estate, Near Bajaj Garden,

    Mumbai-Pune Road,

    Pune - 411003.

    Phone: 020 - 66287300

    Email: Not available

    Sanjay Hyundai in Bhosari

    Block No 81-B/9, MIDC,


    Pune - 411026.

    Phone: 9881100252/020 - 66345700/27129380 / 90

    Singh Hyundai

    With one massive sales showroom and 2 service centres, Singh Hyundai is one of the most popular Hyundai car dealers in Pune. Singh Hyundai offers a wide range of services like extended warranty, used car sales, finance assistance, car insurance, and Hyundai accessories all under one roof. They also have an active team of sale executives who offer doorstep service. If you are looking for hassle free vehicle delivery, head straight to Singh Hyundai. Singh Hyundai is located at:

    Singh Hyundai sales outlet in Yerwada

    Nyati Unitree, Showroom No. - 3 & 4, Upper Ground, Survey No. - 103/129

    Nagar Road, Near Gunjan Cinema, Yerwada

    Pune - 411006

    Phone: 918888880375

    Email: enquiry[at]singhhyundai[dot]com

    Ishanya Hyundai

    Buying a car is everybody’s dream. Ishanya Hyundai strives to make your dream come true. By providing adequate financial assistance, Ishanya Hyundai encourages car buyers to buy their dream. From new car sales and car servicing to used car sales and car repairs, Ishanya Hyundai offers it all. They have 2 sales showrooms located in Satara Road and Katraj bypass Road and one service centre located in Ambegaon. Find the complete address of the sales outlets below:

    Ishanya Hyundai in Satara Road

    #15/5,Opp.Shankar Maharaj Math,

    Pune-Satara Road Pune

    Pune - 411037

    Phone: 020-67071111/7774062205

    Ishanya Hyundai in Ambegaon

    #1,Ambegaon,Katraj Bypass Road,

    Pune - 411046

    Phone: 67082222

    Garve Hyundai

    Garve Hyundai is another official Hyundai car dealer in Pune. They have 2 sales outlet and 1 service centre in Pune. Find the complete addresses below:

    Garve Hyundai in Wakad

    136/1A/6, Mumbai - Banglore Bypass Highwa, Wakad Pune

    Pune - 411057

    Ph: 020 67900300, 9545557705


    Garve Hyundai in Wadgaon Budruk

    Utsav Mangal karyalaya, Sai House, Sr. No. 54/5A, Opp. Hotel Shri Ganga,

    Mumbai - Banglore Highway, Wadgaon Budruk

    Pune - 411041

    Phone: Not available

    Email: Not available

    List of Services offered Hyundai showrooms

    All Hyundai car showrooms offer end-to-end services when it comes to cars. Some of the services offered by Hyundai car dealers in pune are:

    • New car sales
    • Pre-owned car sales
    • Extended warranty
    • Hyundai car servicing
    • Vehicle finance options
    • Insurance assistance
    • Hyundai car repairs
    • Car remodelling
    • Hyundai Car accessories sales and more

    Types of cars sold at Hyundai Car showrooms

    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price LPG Variant On-Road Price
    Eon D Lite (S) Rs.3,78,634 Not Available Not Applicable Era + LPG (S) Rs.4,24,873
      D Lite (M) Rs.4,08,477     Era + LPG (M) Rs.· 4,40,390
      D Lite + (S) Rs.· 4,18,797     Era + (O) LPG (S) Rs.· 4,35,166
      D Lite + (M) Rs.4,29,395     Era + (O) LPG (M) Rs.4,92,084
      D lite + (O) (S) Rs.4,36,995     Magna + LPG (S) Rs.4,69,951
      D lite + (O) (M) Rs.4,41,386     Magna + LPG (M) Rs.5,15,980
      Era + (S) Rs.4,42,042        
      Era + (M) Rs.4,46,433        
      Era + (O) (S) Rs.4,54,033        
      Era + (O) (M) Rs.4,58,425        
      Magna + 0.8 L (S) Rs.· 4,60,958        
      Magna + 0.8 L (M) Rs.4,83,935        
      Magna + (O) (S) Rs.4,91,535        
      Magna + (O) (M) Rs.4,71,195        
      Magna (O) 1 L (S) Rs.5,31,004        
      Magna (O) 1 L (M) Rs.5,35,395        
      Magna (O) 1 L Optn (S) Rs.5,42,995        
      Magna (O) 1 L Optn (M) Rs.5,47,387        
      Sportz (S) Rs.5,13,883        
      Sportz (M) Rs.5,18,274        
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price LPG Variant On-Road Price
    i10 Era (S) Rs.5,23,480 Not Available Not Applicable Sportz 1.1 LPG (S) Rs.6,28,936
      Era (M) Rs.5,27,903     Sportz 1.1 LPG (M) Rs.6,33,409
      Magna 1.1 (S) Rs.5,51,753        
      Magna 1.1 (M) Rs.5,56,177        
      Magna 1.1 S.E (S) Rs.5,70,860        
      Magna 1.1 S.E (M) Rs.5,75,283        
      Sportz 1.1 (S) Rs.5,87,197        
      Sportz 1.1 (M) Rs.5,91,620        
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Grand i10 Era 1.2 (S) Rs.6,03,052 Era 1.1 DSL (S) Rs.7,15,182
      Era 1.2 (M) Rs.6,07,518 Era 1.1 DSL (M) Rs.7,19,708
      Magna 1.2 (S) Rs.6,22,679 Magna 1.1 DSL (S) Rs.7,39,480
      Magna 1.2 (M) Rs.6,27,147 Magna 1.1 DSL (M) Rs.7,44,005
      Magna 1.2 ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.6,36,319 Magna 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.7,49,002
      Magna 1.2 ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.6,40,787 Magna 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.7,53,525
      Magna 1.2 AT (S) Rs.7,32,120 Sportz 1.1 DSL (S) Rs.7,88,584
      Magna 1.2 AT (M) Rs.7,36,585 Sportz 1.1 DSL (M) Rs.7,93,110
      Sportz 1.2 (S) Rs.6,57,707 Sportz 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.8,04,734
      Sportz 1.2 (M) Rs.6,62,173 Sportz 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.8,09,259
      Sportz 1.2 ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.6,77,891 Sportz 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) S.E (S) Rs.8,16,738
      Sportz 1.2 ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.6,82,356 Sportz 1.1 DSL ( W Airbag ) S.E (M) Rs.8,21,263
      Sportz 1.2 ( W Airbag ) S.E (S) Rs.6,89,892 Asta 1.1 DSL (S) Rs.8,22,420
      Sportz 1.2 ( W Airbag ) S.E (M) Rs.6,94,358 Asta 1.1 DSL (M) Rs.8,26,944
      Asta 1.2 (S) Rs.7,04,155 Asta (O) 1.1 DSL(S) Rs.8,62,113
      Asta 1.2 (M) Rs.7,08,620 Asta (O) 1.1 DSL(M) Rs.8,66,639
      Asta 1.2 AT (S) Rs.7,95,680    
      Asta 1.2 AT (M) Rs.8,00,146    
      Asta (O) 1.2 (S) Rs.7,47,393    
      Asta (O) 1.2 (M) Rs.7,51,859    
      Asta (O) AT (S) Rs.8,38,918    
      Asta (O) AT (M) Rs.8,43,383    
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Xcent VTVT (S) Rs.6,41,923 CRDI (S) Rs.7,55,337
      VTVT (M) Rs.6,46,388 CRDI (M) Rs.7,59,861
      VTVT_ABS (S) Rs.6,59,732 CRDI_ABS (S) Rs.7,73,381
      VTVT_ABS (M) Rs.6,64,197 CRDI_ABS (M) Rs.7,77,906
      VTVT S (S) Rs.7,33,779 CRDI S DSL (S) Rs.8,56,442
      VTVT S (M) Rs.7,38,244 CRDI S DSL (M) Rs.8,60,965
      VTVT S S.E (S) Rs.7,66,819 CRDI S DSL S.E (S) Rs.8,83,750
      VTVT S S.E (M) Rs.7,71,285 CRDI S DSL S.E (M) Rs.8,88,273
      VTVT S ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.7,46,210 CRDI S DSL ( W Airbag ) (S) Rs.8,63,143
      VTVT S ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.7,50,676 CRDI S DSL ( W Airbag ) (M) Rs.8,67,667
      VTVT S AT (S) Rs.8,33,553 CRDI SX (S) Rs.9,04,478
      VTVT S AT (M) Rs.8,38,018 CRDI SX (M) Rs.9,09,002
      VTVT SX (S) Rs.7,85,692 CRDI SX (O) DSL(S) Rs.9,89,083
      VTVT SX (M) Rs.7,90,158 CRDI SX (O) DSL(M) Rs.9,93,607
      VTVT SX (O) (S) Rs.8,69,206    
      VTVT SX (O) (M) Rs.8,73,673    
      VTVT SX (O) AT (S) Rs.9,52,307    
      VTVT SX (O) AT (M) Rs.9,56,996    
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    The Elite i20 - SCA        
      Asta (O) 1.2 Rs.9,47,088 Asta DSL (O) Rs.11,04,354
    The Elite i20 Era Rs.6,84,961 Era DSL Rs.8,37,834
      Magna Rs.7,55,880 Magna DSL Rs.9,10,003
      Sportz Rs.8,24,874 Sportz DSL Rs.9,80,215
      Asta Rs.8,84,419 Asta DSL Rs.10,40,866
      Asta (O) Rs.9,29,093 Asta DSL (O) Rs.10,86,125
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    i20 Active - SCA VTVT SX Rs.10,16,545 CRDI SX Rs.11,88,660
    i20 Active VTVT Rs.8,19,277 CRDI Rs.9,89,161
      VTVT S Rs.9,06,969 CRDI S Rs.10,77,996
      VTVT SX with AVN Rs.9,98,551 CRDI SX with AVN Rs.11,70,517
    Type of car Petrol Variant Grand Total Price Diesel Variant Grand Total Price
    New Verna VTVT 1.4 Rs.9,72,019 CRDI 1.4 Rs.11,32,852
      VTVT1.6 S Rs.11,21,886 CRDi 1.6 S Rs.13,24,421
      VTVT1.6 S AT Rs.12,75,695 CRDi 1.6 S AT Rs.14,38,359
      VTVT 1.6 SX Rs.12,09,933 CRDi 1.6 SX Rs.14,15,647
      VTVT 1.6 SX AT Rs.13,57,800 CRDi 1.6 SX (O) Rs.15,75,300
      VTVT SX (O) 1.6 Rs.13,86,608 CRDI 1.6 SX (O) AT Rs.16,80,118
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Creta VTVT 1.6 Rs.11,28,817 CRDI 1.4 Rs.12,74,910
      VTVT 1.6 E + Rs.12,09,093 CRDI 1.4 S Rs.14,28,244
      VTVT 1.6 S Rs.13,10,093 CRDI 1.4 S+ Rs.15,42,184
      VTVT 1.6 SX + Rs.15,07,377 CRDI 1.6 SX Rs.15,81,161
      VTVT 1.6 SX + SE Rs.15,55,250 CRDI 1.6 SX+ Rs.17,06,868
      VTVT 1.6 SX + AT Rs.16,37,983 CRDI 1.6 SX+ SE Rs.17,54,742
          CRDI 1.6 S + AT Rs.17,33,889
          CRDI 1.6 SX+ AT Rs.18,50,942
          CRDI 1.6 SX(O) Rs.18,40,710
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Elantra VTVT S Rs.16,41,744 CRDI S Rs.18,68,231
      VTVT SX Rs.18,68,231 CRDI SX Rs.20,69,552
      VTVT SX AT Rs.20,06,640 CRDI SX (O) Rs.22,33,125
      VTVT SX (O) Rs.20,94,718 CRDI SX (O) AT Rs.24,21,865
      VTVT SX (O) AT Rs.22,70,873    
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Santa Fe Not Available Not Applicable CRDI 2WD MT Rs.36,27,718
          CRDI 2WD AT Rs.37,87,214
          CRDI 4WD AT Rs.40,62,322

    Finance Options

    Not all of us can buy a car without a vehicle loan. Hyundai understands this and strives to help all car buyers buy their dream car. To make the car loan process easy and less time consuming, Hyundai offers a wide range car loan options in their showrooms. They are able to expertise the car loan process as they are in tie-up with many leading banks and financial institutions in India. Some of the leading banks and financial institutions offering attractive car loans are HDFC Bank, Union Bank, ICICI Bank, L&T Finance, and State Bank of India.

    Insurance for Hyundai cars

    Hyundai Car Insurance is very popular among Hyundai car buyers. Car insurance offered by Hyundai is known for many benefits like roadside assistance, cashless settlement, third-party liability cover, and engine protection. Customers can also expect No CLaim Bonus in Hyundai Car Insurance. If the customer wishes to choose a private car insurance, he/she is allowed to do so. Some of the leading car insurance provider in Pune are:

    • L&T Insurance
    • Bharti AXA General Insurance
    • IFFCO-Tokio
    • Birla Sun Life
    • ICICI Lombard
    • IndiaFirst Insurance
    • LIC Insurance

    Types of Used Cars Sold in Hyundai Showrooms

    “H Promise” is the name of the used car division of Hyundai. To help customers looking for used cars at a fair price, Hyundai started its certified car program. Engineers at Hyundai use a 147 checklist while inspecting a used car. Used cars certified by Hyundai is backed with 1 year warranty or 20,000kms (whichever earlier). They also offer 2 free services on their used cars. All used cars sold by Hyundai is non accidental cars. Visit a Hyundai pre-owned car showroom today for more information.

    Online services offered by the Hyundai dealers in Pune

    Hyundai offers a wide range of online services on their registered website. Some of the services they offer are:

    • Online finance enquiries
    • Online insurance enquiries
    • Used car availability list
    • Detailed information of all new cars
    • Pricelist
    • Online test drive bookings
    • Car EMI calculator
    • General car service booking
    • Driving, safety, and car maintenance tips
    • Online used car sales enquiry and more

    If you are looking for a car loan, visit third-party website like BankBazaar. This website not only allows you to compare various car loans available online but also lets you apply for the best offer instantly. You can also read about car insurance on BankBazaar website.

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