• Hyundai Showroom in Kolkata

    Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a part of the Hyundai Motor Company and it is the second largest car manufacturer in India. HMIL retains its position as the largest car exporter in the country with lakhs of car exports each year. The company has also been serving global customers, marking its presence in over 90 nations especially from the Middle East, Africa and South America. Hyundai’s product line includes EON, i10, Grand i10, Xcent, Elite i20, i20 Active, Verna and Creta.

    List of Hyundai Car Dealers in Kolkata

    The Kolkata fraction of HMIL is spread across all major locations in the city, and it comprises of nine dealership outlets catering to a wide range of customer needs. The Hyundai Kolkata dealerships are a one stop destination for all vehicle services including financing, insurance, and after sales support. Listed below are the Hyundai authorized showrooms in Kolkata.

    Mukesh Hyundai

    A subsidiary of the Karini-Mukesh Himatsingka Group, Mukesh Hyundai began its operations nearly two decades ago. The firm has showrooms of Hyundai even in locations outside Kolkata. Mukesh Hyundai focuses on providing supreme quality services to car buyers, and hence employs a finest team of technicians and customer support executives. You can book a service online or walk into their showrooms at the addresses mentioned below:

    Mukesh Hyundai

    On Kalyani Expressway Saurav Palace,

    Lake Town Kanchrapara,

    North 24 Pargana,


    Mukesh Hyundai

    P.P.-101, Nazrul Islam Avenue,

    VIP Road,

    Near Baguiati Kestopur,


    Bengal Hyundai

    Bengal Hyundai, a part of the distinguished JJ Group, is one of the most reputed Hyundai car dealers in Kolkata. Bengal Hyundai has a total of five well-equipped showrooms with all modern facilities at Park Street, B.T. Road, Howrah, Hooghly and Guma. Bengal Hyundai has sold more than 20,000 Hyundai Cars since launch. You can visit Bengal Hyundai showrooms at the following addresses:

    Bengal Hyundai

    25B, Park Street,

    Kolkata-700 016.

    Phone: 033 2229 9042/43/44

    Email: b_hyundai[at]jjauto[dot]org

    Bengal Hyundai

    B.T. Road,

    ‘Om Enclave’ 59/2 B.T Road,

    Near Paikpara,


    Phone: 033 2546 9447/48/49

    Email: hyundai.btroad[at]jjauto[dot]org

    Bengal Hyundai

    103/23, Foreshore Road,



    Phone: 033 2640 4349/2638

    Email: bmhowrah[at]jjauto[dot]org

    Bengal Hyundai

    Chinsurah Cold Storage Complex,

    Chinsurah Station Road,



    Phone: 033 2686 0034

    Email: chinsurah[at]jjauto[dot]org

    Bengal Hyundai

    35, Jessore Road,


    Guma 24 Pgs(N),


    Phone: 033 3216 227007

    Email: gumasales[at]jjauto[dot]org

    Saini Hyundai

    Another authorized dealer of Hyundai cars in Kolkata is Saini Hyundai, with showrooms in all prime locations of the city. It has large servicing bays and spacious showrooms that can store up to 400 cars. You can locate Saini Hyundai at the addresses given below:

    Saini Hyundai

    Spring Club,

    5 Halder Avenue,


    Phone: 9748703201

    Email: springhyundai[at]yahoo.co[dot]in

    Saini Hyundai

    Saini Hyundai Khariberia P.O.+P.S. - Bishnupur,

    24 Pargana,


    Phone: 8584059089

    Email: sainihyundai_khariberia[at]yahoo[dot]com

    Saini Hyundai

    B3-29/New B.B.T. Road,




    Phone: 9830750787

    Email: sainihyundai_maheshtala[at]yahoo[dot]com

    Saini Hyundai

    Block J New Alipore,


    Phone: 9748726300, 9831214400

    Email: sainihyundai[at]yahoo.co[dot]in

    Saini Hyundai

    468 Dakshin Kumrakhali,

    Sonarpur Station Road,

    Dream Park,


    Phone: 9007062097

    Email: springhyundai_sonarpur[at]yahoo[dot]com

    Mohan Motor Hyundai

    Mohan Motor Hyundai is an authorized dealer for Hyundai cars in Kolkata. Their outlet offers a broad selection of vehicles along with other services such as periodic maintenance, roadside assistance, etc. You can reach out to Mohan Motor Hyundai at the below mentioned address:

    Mohan Motor Hyundai

    DN-18, Salt Lake City,



    Phone: 033 40153333

    Email: saltlake[at]mohanmotors[dot]com

    Austin Hyundai

    Austin Hyundai is an authorized dealer of Hyundai cars with showrooms in Baishnabghata Patuli Township and Baruipur. Austin Hyundai showroom at Patuli is the only 4S facility of Hyundai in Kolkata. You can visit Austin Hyundai showrooms at the addresses given below:

    Austin Hyundai

    10B, Block P,

    Ward No 110,

    Borough XI,

    Baishnabghata Patuli Township,


    Phone: 033 40654066

    Email: austinhyundai[at]gmail[dot]com

    Austin Hyundai




    Phone: +91 8420004358

    Email: austinhyundai[at]gmail[dot]com

    List of services offered by Hyundai showrooms in Kolkata

    Hyundai dealerships in Kolkata offer a variety of services to meet the individual requirements of their customers. The dealerships associate with customers throughout the ownership lifecycle of the product and they provide valuable assistance from time to time. Listed below are some of the notable services offered by Hyundai showrooms in Kolkata:

    • Sales and service of brand new Hyundai model cars
    • Sales and service of pre-owned cars
    • Hyundai certified parts and accessories
    • Car insurance and financing
    • Roadside assistance

    Types of cars sold at Hyundai showrooms

    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai Creta 1.6 E Petrol Rs.10,41,255    
      1.6 E Plus Petrol Rs.10,93,794    
          1.4 Base Rs.11,38,324
          1.4 S Rs.12,75,469
          1.4 S Plus Rs.13,77,377
          1.6 SX Rs.14,12,786
      1.6 SX Plus Petrol Rs.13,53,211 1.6 SX Plus Rs.15,25,206
      1.6 SX Plus Petrol Special Edition Rs.13,96,024 1.6 SX Plus Special Edition Rs.15,68,017
      1.6 SX Plus AT Petrol Rs.14,68,572 1.6 SX Plus AT Rs.16,52,853
          1.6 S Plus AT Rs.15,47,883
          1.6 SX (O) Rs.16,44,897
          1.6 SX Plus AT Rs.16,52,853
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai Elantra 2.0 SMT Rs.14,70,387 1.6 SMT Rs.16,72,921
      2.0 SX MT Rs.16,72,921 1.6 SX MT Rs.18,52,952
      2.0 SX AT Rs.17,96,694    
      2.0 SX (O) Rs.18,75,458 1.6 SX (O) Rs.19,99,228
      2.0 SX (O) AT Rs.20,32,984 1.6 SX (O) AT Rs.21,68,008
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai Elite i20 Era 1.2 Rs.6,31,867 Era 1.4 CRDI Rs.7,65,797
      Magna 1.2 Rs.6,97,326 Magna 1.4 CRDI Rs.8,28,251
      Sportz 1.2 Rs.7,61,006 Sportz 1.4 CRDI Rs.8,92,731
      Asta 1.2 Rs.8,11,894 Asta 1.4 CRDI Rs.9,48,431
      Asta 1.2 (O) Rs.8,52,920 Asta 1.4 CRDI (O) Rs.10,11,789
      Magna 1.4 AT Rs.10,10,019    
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price LPG Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai Eon D-Lite Rs.3,68,668    
      D-Lite + Rs.3,97,422    
      D-Lite + Airbag Rs.4,08,539    
      Era + Rs.4,13,222 Era+ LPG Rs.4,48,008
      Era + Airbag Rs.4,24,341 Era+ LPG Airbag Rs.4,59,197
      Magna + Rs.4,47,998 Magna + LPG Rs.4,80,127
      Magna + Airbag Rs.4,59,116    
      Sportz Rs.4,79,829    
      1.0 Kappa Magna Airbag Rs.4,95,727    
      1.0 Kappa Magna (O) Airbag Rs.5,06,828    
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai Grand i10 Era 1.2 Kappa VTVT Rs.5,52,747 Era 1.1 CRDI Rs.6,51,014
      Magna 1.2 Kappa VTVT Rs.5,83,303 Magna 1.1 CRDI Rs.6,82,074
      Sportz 1.2 Kappa VTVT Rs.6,33,609 Sportz 1.1 CRDI Rs.7,33,256
      Sportz 1.2 Kappa VTVT Special Edition Rs.6,44,631 Sportz 1.1 CRDI Special Edition Rs.7,44,280
      Magna AT 1.2 Kappa VTVT Rs.6,70,429    
      Asta 1.2 Kappa VTVT (O) Rs.6,85,305 Asta 1.1 CRDI (O) Rs.7,85,951
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price LPG Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai i10 Era 1.1 iRDE2 Rs.4,89,278    
      Magna 1.1 iRDE2 Rs.5,15,077    
      Sportz 1.1 iRDE2 Rs.5,47,933 Sportz 1.1 LPG Rs.5,86,835
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai i20 Active 1.2 Rs.7,55,058 1.4 Rs.9,02,500
      1.2 S Rs.8,31,825 1.4 S Rs.9,89,027
      1.2 SX Rs.9,32,243 1.4 SX Rs.10,69,058
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai Tucson 2WD MT Petrol Rs.21,70,834 2WD MT Diesel Rs.24,65,433
      2WD AT GL Petrol Rs.24,87,869 2WD AT GL Diesel Rs.26,79,340
          2WD AT GLS Diesel Rs.28,50,420
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai Verna 1.4 VTVT Rs.8,81,853 1.4 CRDI Rs.10,23,186
      1.6 VTVT S Rs.10,19,090 1.6 CRDI S Rs.11,67,636
      1.6 VTVT SX Rs.11,09,618 1.6 CRDI SX Rs.12,48,852
      1.6 VTVT S AT Rs.11,28,185 1.6 CRDI S AT Rs.12,67,418
      1.6 VTVT SX AT Rs.12,01,281 1.6 CRDI SX (O) Rs.13,90,987
      1.6 VTVT SX (O) Rs.12,28,546 1.6 CRDI SX (O) AT Rs.14,82,649
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Hyundai Xcent Base 1.2 Rs.6,13,911 Base 1.1 CRDI Rs.7,12,448
      S 1.2 Rs.6,93,329 S 1.1 CRDI Rs.7,94,901
      S 1.2 Special Edition Rs.7,12,252 S 1.1 CRDI Special Edition Rs.8,13,824
      SX 1.2 Rs.7,29,588 SX 1.1 CRDI Rs.8,32,859
          SX 1.1 CRDI (O) Rs.9,10,565

    Financing options available at Hyundai showrooms

    Hyundai dealerships associate with various national and private banks to provide the best financial solutions to their customers. They offer two types of loans—new car loan and used car loans. Banks that offer car loans to Hyundai customers with flexible repayment options are Royal Sundaram, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, etc. The three key features of Hyundai finance are as follows:

    • It suits most of the customers in terms of eligibility criteria
    • Easy documentation and quick approval
    • Low interest rates

    For more details on car loans, visit the company's website or contact your nearest Hyundai showroom.

    Insurance for Hyundai Cars

    Hyundai car insurance allows customers to compare and choose from a multitude of insurance products available in the market. Hyundai partners with some of the leading insurance companies in India to offer customized solutions to Hyundai car owners. The vehicle insurance policies will cover both natural calamities and accidents due to human intervention. Companies that offer insurance cover to Hyundai vehicles are listed below:

    • India First Life Insurance
    • LIC
    • National Insurance
    • Future Generali
    • PNB Metlife
    • Raheja QBE
    • IDBI Federal
    • AVIVA
    • Bharti AXA
    • DLF Pramerica
    • L&T Insurance
    • New India Assurance
    • Aegon Religare
    • HDFC Ergo

    Used car platform of Hyundai

    The company launched its used cars platform under the brand name “Advantage” which was later rebranded as “H Promise” to be in line with its global used cars platform. Used cars are subjected to stringent inspections and quality checks before delivering. Each used car will pass through 147 checkpoints and it comes with a warrant period of 1 year or 20,000 kms. Additionally, Hyundai provides its customers with 2 free services under the used car program.

    Online services offered by Hyundai Dealerships

    Hyundai dealerships provide an unending list of online services to help customers in making their buying decisions. Listed below are few of the responsive services offered by HMIL online:

    • Request a test drive online
    • Dealer locator
    • Product reviews
    • Special offers
    • Compare cars
    • e-brochure
    • Specifications and price list of all Hyundai models
    • Used car’s web portal
    • Online Car EMI calculator
    • Online customer support

    A lot of car related services are offered by some third party websites to simplify the car buying process. BankBazaar is one such platform that assists you effectively in getting behind the wheels of your dream car. BankBazaar website allows you to compare various financial products including cars loans and helps you in making your ownership decisions. You can also download the BankBazaar app for more exciting features and a faster experience.

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