• How to Protect your Car from the Eyes of Burglars?

    Although you don't get a good Return on Investment (ROI) when you invest in a car, they are undoubtedly a convenient mode of transportation. Whether you want to commute from home to office in heavy city traffic or go on relaxed long road trips across the country, having a car of your own is preferable to expensive cab rides or stressful public transportation.

    The price of new car models across top auto manufacturers from luxury sedans to hatchbacks and SUVs have gone up this year. Fortunately, banks and non-banking financial companies offer low-interest rate auto loans for the purchase of new and used cars of your choice. Unfortunately, after you have gone through the trouble to get your dream car, there is the fear of it being stolen. It is true, that chances of car burglary are high in the country.

    Having your car stolen can have a devastating effect on you and your family both financially and emotionally. There is a need for security in order to prevent car burglary. Whether you own the most expensive car or a second-hand car with low resale value, here are some useful tips to help you protect your car against opportunistic burglary:

    • Don't leave valuables in your car: Make it a point to remove valuables from your vehicle before parking it on the street or any public space. If you do keep valuables in your car, keep them hidden from view.
    • Don't leave your car keys in the vehicle: Ensure your car keys are safely kept in your handbag or dress pocket.
    • Don't leave your car windows open: Lock the windows of your car when you aren't in it. Always lock the windows and doors of the car after parking it.
    • Park your car in a garage: Make it a habit to park your car in a garage with locked doors even if you will be needing your car again in a short period of time. If you have no other option but to park your vehicle in an open public space, at the least park it in an illuminated street with a guard and CCTV cameras.
    • Car burglary awareness: Believe it or not, there is a particular season during which car burglary is at its peak. Be extra vigilant during that season with your prized possessions, namely your car.
    • Don’t leave your car running when you aren’t in it: In this country, relieving oneself on the roadside on a long road trip is a common occurrence which has to be discouraged. Drivers tend to leave their vehicles running when they step out to drink tea or relieve themselves. Choose to take care of nature calls in a public restroom and park your car in view of shops and stores where there are guards present.
    • Stolen Vehicle Recovery System: If your car comes with the option of a stolen vehicle recovery system, then go for it. The SVRS can help law enforcement track the stolen car.
    • Install car security devices: Install security equipment in your car like car alarm devices and motion sensors with LED indicators and sirens that can alert the nearby people to a break-in.
    • Car Central Locking System: Just because your car has a central locking system, do not assume that your vehicle is safe against auto burglary. Car thieves are becoming techno-savvy with the production of newer car models with advanced security features. Therefore, don’t forgo any common security measures by blindly assuming that your car is safe with just a CLS.
    • Drive your car frequently: Driving your car often will discourage thieves from trying to steal it. Anyone who is observing your daily routine will know that your car is not idly parked on the street or a garage where it will be missed for days together when you are driving it frequently.

    Top Deterrents of Car Thieves

    Here are the top 10 deterrents of car thieves:

    • Installing CCTV cameras inside and outside your home, on the street and roads can deter thieves from trying to steal your vehicle.
    • Having a car alarm installed in your vehicle can alert you to any ongoing break-in. As soon as you hear the car alarm, you can take necessary actions to prevent the thief from driving away in your car. Immediately report the incident to the authority.
    • Street lighting can discourage thieves from breaking into a car. Parking your car in a badly lit street can give thieves confidence to break into your car. In an illuminated street, there are chances of someone seeing the thievery and alerting the authority which can discourage car thieves from taking the next step.
    • Newer models of cars come with advanced technology features for improved security measures against car burglary.
    • Steering lock device in a car can prevent a thief from driving off in your car after a break-in.
    • Organise neighborhood watch committees to discourage any sort of theft in your neighborhood.

    Most car burglaries are cases of opportunity which could have been prevented if the owner/driver had taken a few safety measures. Therefore, ensure you implement the above-mentioned security measures to protect your car against burglary. Also, a valid comprehensive car insurance policy can help protect you against damages incurred as a result of vehicle theft.

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