• Honda Showroom in Bangalore

    Honda Cars India Ltd. is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in India. From Honda Brio to Honda Amaze, Honda Cars India Ltd. manufacturers it all. This Japanese multinational company is known as the world’s largest motorcycle and combustion engine manufacturer for over 50 decades. Their presence is well established in the motorcycle, power equipment, and aircraft industries.

    List of Honda Car Dealers in Bangalore

    Honda Cars India Ltd. has over 248 dealership outlets in about 121 cities spread across 20 states and 3 Union Territories in India. The 5 leading Honda Car dealers in the garden city, Bangalore, are Magnum Honda, Dakshin Honda, Whitefield Honda, Tridentauto Honda, and Brigade Honda.

    Magnum Honda Car Dealer

    Magnum Honda strives to spread the joy of owning a Honda Car. With 2 dedicated sales showrooms in Bangalore, 1 sales and service centre, and 1 dedicated service centre, Magnum Honda is a reliable and authorised Honda Car dealer. If you wish to walk into a Magnum Honda showroom, you may do by visiting them at any of the below addresses:

    • Magnum Honda in Kanakapura Road

      #13, 11th Km, Kanakapura Road,


      Phone: 080 49080669.

    • Magnum Honda in Mehkri Circle

      #18/2, Achaiah Shetty Layout,

      RMV Extension,

      Bangalore – 560 080.

      Phone: 080 49080669.

    • Magnum Honda in Indiranagar

      #850/1 Elecon House, 100ft road, Indiranagar,

      Near MTR, Bangalore – 569038.

      Phone: 080 49080669.

    Magnum Honda has a dedicated garage to service Honda Cars in Yeshwanthapur, Bangalore. With all equipment required to repair, clean, and service Honda Cars, this service station is one of the most sought-after Honda Service Centres in Bangalore. You can reach the service centre at the below address:

    • Magnum Honda Service Center in Yeshwanthapur

      #2/3, MES Road, Yeshwanthapur, Near Taj Vivanta,

      Bangalore – 560 022.

      Phone:Not available

    Dakshin Honda Car Dealer

    The Elite group is the owner and promoter of Dakshin Honda. It is noteworthy that Dakshin Honda is the largest Honda Car dealership in the South Indian region. Known for their extraordinary car servicing skills, Dakshin Honda has about 40 well-trained service boys who can handle any Honda Car service request. Currently, Dakshin Honda has two sales showrooms in Lavelle Road and Hosur Road. The Dakshin Honda showroom in Hosur Road has an excellent service garage attached. Find the Dakshin Honda showroom addresses below:

    • Dakshin Honda in Lavelle Road

      No 40, Presige Tudor Court,

      Lavelle Road,

      Bangalore – 560001.

      Phone: 080 49399800/899

      Sales Hotline Number : 99452 39511

    • Dakshin Honda in Hosur Road

      #97/1A, Singasandra Village,

      Hosur Main Road,

      Bangalore – 500068.

      Phone: 080 4080 5600

      Sales Hotline Number : 98804 21212

      Service Request Hotline Number : 98803 12121

    Whitefield Honda Car Dealer

    With over 10 years of experience in the automobile industry, Whitefield Motors Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading Honda car dealers in Bangalore. Their services include selling new and pre-owned Honda Cars, Honda Cars servicing, repairs, and Honda Car accessories and spare part sales. Whitefield Honda is also known for the transparent motor insurance and finance options offered in their showrooms. Whitefield Honda is located in the following addresses:

    • Whitefield Honda in Whitefield Road

      No 116, B Narayanapura,

      Doorvaninagar,Whitefield Main Road,

      Bangalore - 560016

      Sales Enquiries: 9845008060

      Service Requests: 9845008011

      Email: sales[at]whitefieldhonda[dot]com or servicebooking[at]whitefieldhonda[dot]com

    • Whitefield Honda in Cunningham Road

      No 35/2, Cheman Building,

      Opposite Canara Bank,

      Cunningham Road,

      Bangalore - 560052

      Phone: 9980137870

      Email: cityshowroom[at]whitefieldhonda[dot]com

    Tridentauto Honda Car Dealer

    If you have seen the slogan “Drive Home a Relationship” on Honda Cars, you can be sure that the car is from Tridentauto Honda as it is their slogan. With over 17 years of experience in the automobile industry, Tridentauto is one of the reputable car dealers for Honda. They have a single Honda showroom in Kengeri and deliver many units of Honda Cars from this massive showroom. Find more details of Tridentauto Honda showroom below:

    • Tridentauto Honda in Kengeri

      #18/1B, Mysore road,

      Next to Rajarajeshwari Nagar Arch,

      Nayandahalli, Kengeri Hobli,

      Bangalore - 560 039.

      Phone number for sale enquiries: 080-67149000/9844701455

      For Insurance related queries: 080 –67237722/9964187944

      For finance information: 080-67149000/9844510524

      For body shop work: 080-67149001

      For Honda car parts: 080-67149001

      For Honda Car Servicing: 080-67149001/9900545250

    Brigade Honda Car Dealer

    Headquartered in Hyderabad, Brigade Honda is a recognised Honda car Dealer in Bangalore. With more than 2100 employees, Brigade Honda manages to touch high Honda Car sales targets with dedication, passion and the knowledge they have about Indian automobile industry.

    • Brigade Honda in Yelahanka

      Ward#1, 129/23/4A/23/3, Venakatala Village,

      Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560 064.

      Phone number for sale enquiries: 080 6955 8888/78997 71243

      For finance information: 91 78997 71227

      For body shop work: 91 7899771167

      For Honda car parts: 91 78997 71164

      For Honda Car Servicing: 91 78997 71278/080 6955 7777

    • Brigade Honda in Kalyan Nagar

      3AC-174 Next to Allahabad Bank,

      HRBR Layout, 1st Block,

      Bangalore - 560 043.

      Phone: 080 6955 3333 / 78997 71180

    List of services offered by Honda Car Showrooms

    Though different dealers work with Honda, the services offered in authorised Honda showrooms are more or less the same. Honda Car dealers offer end-to-end car solutions to all car buyers. From initial consultation where the car buyer is offered various car suggestions by a Honda showroom executive to selling the car and explaining about post sales care, Honda dealers offer it all. The services offered by Honda Car dealers in a nutshell are as follows:

    • Honda car sales
    • Buying and selling pre-owned cars
    • Honda car servicing
    • Honda car repairs
    • Car remodelling
    • Honda car accessories and spare parts sales
    • Car insurance
    • Car finance options

    Types of cars sold at Honda Car Showrooms

    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price LPG Variant On-Road Price
    Accord Hybrid Accord Hybrid Base Rs.5,012,105 Not Available Not applicable Not Available Not Applicable
    Accord Hybrid Pearl Rs.5,027,533
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Honda Br-V EMT Non-metallic colour type Rs.10,83,662 EMT Non-metallic colour Rs.12,20,372
    EMT Metallic colour Rs.10,93,691 EMT Metallic colour Rs.12,74,070
    SMT Non-metallic colour type Rs.12,17,985 SMT Non-metallic colour Rs.14,02,692
    SMT Metallic colour Rs.12,71,683 SMT Metallic colour Rs.14,13,094
    VMT Non-metallic colour type Rs.13,90,882 VMT Non-metallic colour Rs.15,10,633
    VMT Metallic colour Rs.14,01,284 VMT Metallic colour Rs.15,21,035
    VXMT Non-metallic colour type Rs.15,05,920 VXMT Non-metallic colour Rs.16,41,335
    VXMT Metallic colour Rs.15,16,093 VXMT Metallic colour Rs.16,51,737
    VCVT Non-metallic colour type Rs.15,24,047
    VCVT Metallic colour Rs.15,34,450
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Honda CR-V 2.0 MT Metallic Rs.28,35,971 Not Available Not Applicable
    2.0 AT Metallic Rs.30,63,645 Not Available Not Applicable
    2.4 AT Metallic Rs.33,56,386 Not Available Not Applicable
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Honda Mobilio EMT Non-Metallic Rs.9,23,948 EMT Non-Metallic Rs.11,04,918
    EMT Metallic Rs.9,32,207 EMT Metallic Rs.11,13,177
    SMT Non-Metallic Rs.10,52,437 SMT Non-Metallic Rs.11,98,759
    SMT Metallic Rs.10,60,697 SMT Metallic Rs.12,07,021
    VMT Non-Metallic Rs.12,00,319 VMT Non-Metallic Rs.13,90,134
    VMT Metallic Rs.12,08,583 VMT Metallic Rs.13,98,701
    VX MT(O) Non-Metallic Rs.13,09,589 V(O)MT Non-Metallic Rs.14,59,891
    VX MT(O) Metallic Rs.13,18,154 V(O)MT Metallic Rs.14,68,457
    RS MT Non-Metallic Rs.15,33,320
    RS MT Metallic Rs.15,41,888
    RS(O) MT Non-Metallic Rs.16,02,711
    RS(O) MT Metallic Rs.16,11,276
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Honda All New City EMT Non-Metallic Rs.10,07,255 EMT Non-Metallic Rs.11,60,804
    EMT Metallic Rs.10,14,334 EMT Metallic Rs.11,67,887
    SMT Non-Metallic Rs.10,91,026 SMT Non-Metallic Rs.12,84,183
    SMT Metallic Rs.10,98,107 SMT Metallic Rs.12,91,526
    SVMT Non-Metallic Rs.11,54,760 SVMT Non-Metallic Rs.13,39,620
    SVMT Metallic Rs.11,61,843 SVMT Metallic Rs.13,46,964
    VMT Non-Metallic Rs.12,15,675 VMT Non-Metallic Rs.14,23,818
    VMT Metallic Rs.12,66,314 VMT Metallic Rs.14,31,160
    VX MT Non-Metallic Rs.13,99,585 VX MT Non-Metallic Rs.15,48,647
    VX MT Metallic Rs.14,06,928 VX MT Metallic Rs.15,55,990
    VX MT(O)+BL Non-Metallic Rs.14,32,631 VX(O) MT+BL Non-Metallic Rs.15,86,462
    VX MT(O)+BL Metallic Rs.14,39,973 VX(O) MT+BL Metallic Rs.15,93,805
    SVCVT Non-Metallic Rs.13,12,209
    SVCVT Metallic Rs.13,19,551
    VXCVT Non-Metallic Rs.15,36,654
    VXCVT Metallic Rs.15,43,998
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Honda Amaze E MT Non-Metallic Rs.6,84,623 E MT Non-Metallic Rs.8,29,987
    E MT Metallic Rs.6,89,933 E MT Metallic Rs.8,35,297
    S MT Non-Metallic Rs.7,85,805 S MT Non-Metallic Rs.9,25,558
    S MT Metallic Rs.7,91,114 S MT Metallic Rs.9,30,868
    SxMT Non-Metallic Rs.8,63,986 SxMT Non-Metallic Rs.9,88,209
    SxMT Metallic Rs.8,69,274 SxMT Metallic Rs.9,93,518
    VxMT Non-Metallic Rs.9,09,273 Vx (O) MT Non-Metallic Rs.10,30,279
    VxMT Metallic Rs.9,14,581 Vx (O) MT Metallic Rs.10,35,589
    Vx (o) MT Non-Metallic Rs.9,19,011 VxMT Non-Metallic Rs.10,34,106
    Vx (o) MT Metallic Rs.9,24,321 VxMT Metallic Rs.10,39,417
    S CVT Non-Metallic Rs.9,09,273
    S CVT Metallic Rs.9,14,581
    VX CVT Non-Metallic Rs.10,27,261
    VX CVT Metallic Rs.10,32,570
    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Honda Jazz EMT Non-Metallic Rs.7,06,637 EMT Rs.8,44,417
    EMT Metallic Rs.7,12,535 SMT RS.9,27,175
    SMT Non-Metallic Rs.7,83,446 SVMT Rs.9,89,333
    SMT Metallic Rs.7,89,345 VMT Rs.10,46,001
    SVMT Non-Metallic Rs.8,48,812 VXMT RS.10,96,323
    SVMT Metallic Rs.8,54,712
    VMT Non-Metallic Rs.8,93,057
    VMT Metallic Rs.8,98,957
    VX MT Non-Metallic Rs.9,51,344
    VX MT Metallic Rs.9,57,243
    SCVT Non-Metallic Rs.9,13,233
    SCVT Metallic Rs.9,19,131
    V CVT Non-Metallic Rs.10,19,540
    V CVT Metallic Rs.10,25,439

    Please note that metallic colour type for Honda All New Jazz Diesel variant price is different and is usually higher. Please get in touch with Honda Showroom for more details.

    Type of car Petrol Variant On-Road Price Diesel Variant On-Road Price
    Honda Brio E MT Non-Metallic Rs.5,63,955 Not Available Not Applicable
    E MT Metallic Rs.5,68,047
    ExMT Non-Metallic Rs.5,89,203
    ExMT Metallic Rs.5,93,293
    SMT Non-Metallic Rs.6,36,370
    SMT Metallic Rs.6,40,499
    VMT Non-Metallic Rs.6,81,204
    VMT Metallic Rs.6,85,334
    VX MT Non-Metallic Rs.7,28,990
    VX MT Metallic Rs.7,33,119
    VxMT BL Non-Metallic Rs.7,85,623
    VxMT BL Metallic Rs.7,89,751
    VxAT Non-Metallic Rs.8,23,381
    VxAT Metallic Rs.8,27,512
    VxAT BL Non-Metallic Rs.8,79,424
    VxAT BL Metallic Rs.8,83,553

    Finance options

    Honda Car dealers offers finance options from many leading banks and financial institutions in Bangalore. Car buyers across the city are offered a wide range of financing schemes to choose from. All authorised Honda Car dealers have an enquiry form on their website for all finance related question. All you have to do is go online and fill up the form and a Honda showroom finance executive will get in touch with you. Among many, Honda is in tie-up with HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and State Bank of India. For more information on vehicle loan, get in touch with a authorised Honda car dealer.

    Insurance for Honda cars

    Comprehensive car insurance is very important for both new and pre-owned cars. All Honda showrooms offer excellent insurance options which protects your car in case accidental damage, third party liability or depreciation loss. Few insurance plans offered in Honda showrooms are as follows:

    • Honda Assure
    • Reliance General Insurance
    • ICICI Lombard
    • Bharti AXA
    • Royal Sundaram General Insurance
    • National Insurance
    • Bajaj Allianz
    • IIFCO-Tokio
    • National Insurance and more

    Types of used cars sold in Honda showrooms

    Honda Auto Terrace is a dedicated Honda retail chain that sells used vehicles. Well-qualified engineers working for Honda buy pre-owned Honda Cars, service and repair them with genuine Honda spare parts and sell it in their pre-owned cars showroom. These cars are economical, reputed and comes with Honda guarantee for spare parts fixed.

    Online services offered by the Honda dealers in Bangalore

    Like other leading automobile industry, Honda dealers in Bangalore also have a well updated website and offers various online services to car buyers. Few online services offered by the dealers are:

    • Detailed information of all new cars which is useful for research
    • Price list for all models and make
    • Online finance enquiry form
    • Insurance assistance
    • Online service booking
    • Car maintenance tips
    • Test drive bookings
    • EMI calculator
    • Online used car sales enquiry and more

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