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    Bankbazaar Bank of Maharashtra Car Loan Customer Care

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    Customers give a lot of importance to the kind of service they receive from the bank they transact with. They prefer to hold a bank account with a financial institution that offers exceptional customer service and valuable financial products with jaw-dropping features. To meet this need, Bank of Maharashtra has taken various steps to offer great customer service. In the past few decades, they have introduced facilities like SMS banking, internet banking, online customer support, and email assistance.

    Bank of Maharashtra car loan toll-free numbers

    Listed below are Bank of Maharashtra Car Loan

    customer care numbers:

    • Toll-free numbers: 1800-233-4526/1800-102-2636

    Alternatively, you can visit the bank’s official website and fill their online enquiry form and one of their executives will get back to you.

    The head office of Bank of Maharashtra is located at:

    Bank of Maharashtra

    Central Office, 'Lokmangal',

    1501, Shivajinagar Pune-411005

    Phone numbers: 020 - 25532731/733/734/735/736

    020 - 25532728

    020 - 25514501/12

    020 - 25513781

    Bank of Maharashtra customer care numbers- city wise

    Take a look at the table below to find out the city-wise phone numbers and email addresses:

    City Phone number Fax number Email ID
    Ahmedabad 079?25507573/079? 25505157/25507901, 25507902/25506903 079? 25509564 [email protected]
    Ahmednagar 02412430578/0241 / 2430574/2430428/ 2430 659/2430 562/ 2431 705 0241 / 2430 562 [email protected]
    Akola 0724?2490243/ 0724?2490353/2490842/3/5/2491844 0724?2490353 [email protected]
    Amravati 0721?2672165/0721?2570313/2678206, 2671452/2670901/ 2571380 0721?2565588 [email protected]
    Aurangabad 0240?2481231/6645601/0240?6645602/6645610/16/20 0240?2483185 [email protected]
    Bengaluru 080?26670053/080?26670052/26608723/ 26620236/26626237/ 26620885 080?26610271 [email protected]
    Bhopal 07552551003/07552573623/27628388/ 2555991 0755?2550808 [email protected]
    Chandigarh 0172?2726644/0172?2716140 0172?2704416 [email protected]
    Chandrapur 07172?255537/07172?272218/254518, 271812/271830/272718 07172?264065 [email protected]
    Chennai 044?24364214/?044?24356036/24352850/24355434/24327650 044?24338248 [email protected]
    Delhi 011?26172631/011?26100401/26164817/26197769/26172823 011?26171554 [email protected]
    Goa 0832?2431246/0832?2223144/2223136/85/86/2235955 0832?223155 [email protected]
    Ratnagir 02352221591/223981/ 222895 02352?225930 Not available
    Hyderabad 040?24756235/ 040?24757004/5/24755080 040?24761858 [email protected]
    Indore 0731?2543340/ 0731?2531805/6/2435924 0731?2531806 [email protected]
    Jabalpur 0761?2480064/0761?2480065/68 0761?2411352 [email protected]
    Jaipur 0141?2379904/ 0141? 2369971, 2379903 / 2379905 0141? 2379907 [email protected]
    Jalgaon 0257?2224910/0257?2233140/2225030/ 2236005 0257?2229809 [email protected]
    Kolhapur 0231?2533414/ 0231?2533412/20/25/38 0231?2533454 [email protected]
    Kolkata 033?22318688/033? 22625566, 22430286 / 22430287 / 22310392 033? 22430287 [email protected]
    Latur 02382?240241/02382?248390/240158/9 02382?243248 [email protected]
    Lucknow 0522?2739176/ 0522?2739635, 2739259/60 0522?2739438 [email protected]
    Mumbai 022?22663144/ 22631700/022?22614945/22663144/22675899/22661167/2266267/22662407 022?22664247 [email protected]
    Mumbai Suburb Zone 022?26444441/022?22446069/26444447/8/9 022?2644446 [email protected]
    Nagpur 0712?2545027/ 2533226/ 0712?2543516, 2545020/1/8/9 0712?2545025 [email protected]
    Pune City 020?25537111/020?25521008/25530860/1/2/3/4/5 020?25510812, 25510385 [email protected]
    Pune East Zone 020?24459172/020?24514055/44 020?24454458 [email protected]
    Raigad 022?27820014/022? 27820013/43 022? 27820046 [email protected]
    Raipur 0771?4265601/? 0771? 4265602/4265603/04/05/06/07/08/09/ 4265610/12/13/14/15/33/34 0771? 4265616 [email protected]
    Satara 02162?239680/ 02162?237460/232766/ 233130/230104/ 232906/233170 02162?233519 [email protected]
    Solapur 0217?2733898/ 0217?2733895/70/71 0217?2622820 [email protected]
    Thane 022?25822462/9406/022?25824808/25822723/25823877/25834596 022? 25828931 [email protected]

    Bank of Maharashtra Car Loan Customer Care SMS Banking

    SMS banking facility has made banking easy for car loan customers worldwide. They do not have to visit a bank branch to get information about their account anymore. They can get account related information by sending one SMS. Bank of Maharashtra keeps their customers informed about their bank account through SMS banking alerts. This facility works on text messaging facility also called as SMS on your mobile phones. Once you send an SMS to the bank, the bank receives the SMS and retrieves the information requested and sends it back in the form of an SMS, all in a matter of a few seconds. All registered Bank of Maharashtra customers with a mobile phone can avail the SMS banking facility. You should have a Savings/Current/Fixed Deposit/Loan Account with Bank of Maharashtra to use this facility.

    How to register for Bank of Maharashtra SMS Banking Facility?

    To register for Bank of Maharashtra SMS banking facility, you will have to fill a registration form and should select “SMS Banking” option in the form available in all Bank of Maharashtra branches. Once you have selected this option, you will have to register your phone number with the bank. Make sure you update a phone number that you frequently use as the bank will send all alerts to the registered phone number only. Once you have registered your phone number and have selected the “SMS Banking” facility in the registration form, you will receive a Mobile Personal Identification Number (MPIN), a unique number from the bank to registered postal address. You will have to activate the MPIN by calling the bank’s customer care number.

    Listed below is the list of keywords that you can use for SMS banking:

    To avail SMS banking, type the SMS in the required format and send it to 9223181818. You will receive an SMS in response according to the request made by you.

    Purpose SMS format
    Balance enquiry BALAVL account_no mpin to 9223181818
    Last 3 Transactions LATRAN account_no mpin to 9223181818
    Aadhar Seeding EED Aadhaar_number_Bank Account Number to 9223181818
    Cheque Status CHQSTS cheque_no account_no mpin to 9223181818
    Change MPIN CHGPIN new_mpin old_mpin to 9223181818
    Help HELP operation_code mpin to 9223181818

    Bank of Maharashtra SMS Banking fees

    SMS banking facility offered by Bank of Maharashtra is currently a free service. However, the bank may charge a nominal fee for this service later, if required.

    Below are the transactions you can carry out through SMS banking:

    • Balance enquiry
    • SMS alert on password generation
    • Stop payment on a cheque
    • Help on opcodes
    • Cheque request
    • SMS alert on dishonor of cheque
    • Mini statement for last 3 transactions
    • Revoke the stopped cheque
    • Cheque status enquiry
    • Statement request
    • Requesting for DD issue
    • Change of MPIN
    • Car Loan Calculator

    BankBazaar Finance app

    BankBazaar has launched a mobile app that allows the customers to stay updated about the financial world. This app allows the customers to track their loan account, review their credit card application, access the EMI calculator, find IFSC codes, check gold and silver rates, compare various financial products, get information on all financial products, and stay updated all the time.

    You can download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Alternatively, you can also give a missed call to +91 44 33185068 to get the app link to download the app. You can also scan the QR code available on BankBazaar website to download the app.

    About Bank of Maharashtra Bank

    Headquartered in Pune, Bank of Maharashtra has the largest network of branches by any public sector bank in the state of Maharashtra. They have over 15 million customers across the country and operate from more than 1895 bank branches. The portfolio of the bank includes social banking, MSME banking, retail credit products, corporate banking, international banking, personal banking, mutual fund, and other financial services.

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  • Car Loan Reviews

    • Bank of Maharashtra Car Loan
      "Excellent Service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I received a excellent response from bank of Maharashtra after I had applied for a car loan. The bank also offered me a good deal on the rate of interest. I got a deal of around 9% and they charge me any processing fee. The process was completed on time and in all no issues.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , solapur
      Reviewed on Jul 07, 2017
    • Bank of Maharashtra Car Loan
      "They took very less time"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I have closed down this Bank of Maharashtra car loan .Everything was fine they took very less time to provide the loan. They were very co operative nothing special . I was holding this car loan for a period of 3 years . They did not ask for any surety it was offered based up on company and I did not get any corporate discounts on the interest rate.
      Was this review helpful? 3
      , pune
      Reviewed on Oct 17, 2015
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