Motor Insurance Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Motor Insurance in India, broadly includes the insurance for private cars, commercial vehicles and two wheelers. The central theme of this motor insurance guide, car insurance is a precaution against financial liabilities arising from accidents that the insured vehicle might have caused or be an unfortunate part of, Motor Insurance is mandated by law in India. Aside from the basic insurance against accidents, 'third party insurance' serves as a timely savior against the insured vehicle's involvement in an accident that resulted in the injury, loss of property and/or death of a third party. Plus, additional add-on covers act as protection against little to massive issues that aren't a primary part of the main Motor Insurance policy. Subscribe to to know more about Motor Insurance in India, and to sort through the heap and find the one that best suits your specific requirements and limitations.

New Car Insurance vs. Used Car Insurance

With the growth in the used car market in India, it has become possible for people to procure the vehicle of their choice at a fraction of the cost.

How Car Emissions Contribute To Global Warming

The automobile has become such an inherent part of our lives that many of us overlook the fact that it has been silently contributing to one of the most pressing problems worldwide - global warming.

Self-Driving Car Technology

Self-driving cars will soon be taking to the roads. And people are not fully aware of the benefits and dangers these robots pose to the other commuters.

Madhya Pradesh Transport Department

The transport department of Madhya Pradesh has been a pioneer in incorporating Information Technology in the services they provide to citizens. The department was computerised 10 years ago and it has been issuing Smart Card Based Driving Licenses to citizens.

Why You Should Compare Car Insurance?

When you are looking to buy car insurance, it is crucial that you are aware of the options available in the market. You should have a basic understanding of the plans offered by different insurance providers and know your insurance needs.

What Are The Limits of Third-Party Car Insurance?

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, makes it mandatory for all vehicles to have a minimum level of insurance cover. This is referred to as the third-party liability insurance.

How To Turn Your Car Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

From getting our official work done on the go to browsing videos or connecting to the social world: having internet access in a car helps us to do them all. Thus, having a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car might be a good idea.

Third-Party Liability Motor Insurance Premium For 2018-19

The IRDAI revises the third-party premiums payable towards motor insurance plans on a yearly basis as per the claims registered and settled. The regulator has proposed certain changes in premium for 2018-19 w.e.f 1 April 2018.

The Changes Witnessed In The Automotive Industry In India

Car manufacturers and suppliers across the globe have recently seen lower growth rates in most of the developed markets, but a market like India has provided immense growth opportunities.

What to do when Stopped By Traffic Police?

Being asked to pull over by a traffic police is something every driver experiences at least once. It is the job of a traffic policeman to maintain smooth movement of traffic on the roads.

Documents Required To Drive A Car In India

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every driver is required to be in possession of certain documents. Here, we elaborate on the significance of each of these documents.

India's New Traffic Rules

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways grouped together 18 Transport Ministers of States to make suggestions to improve the provisions in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Lost Your Car Insurance Papers?

Losing crucial documentation related to your car can be very stressful, particularly if it is your driving license or car insurance certificate that is missing. But you need not worry too much; your driving license, pollution under control (PUC) certificate, and insurance certificate can all be replaced easily.

Things To Check As Part Of Your Car Maintenance Routine

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is important to keep your car in prime condition and help save money on future repairs. However, several car owners are unfamiliar with the routine checks that need to be done as part of preventive maintenance.

Save On Insurance Premium By Purchasing One Of The Safest Cars In 2018

Global NCAP is an organisation that provides ratings for new cars based on crash tests these vehicles are subjected to. The organisation has announced an award program, referred to as ‘Safer Choice’ in India.

The Importance Of Being Honest With Your Insurer

Most car owners are of the opinion that insurance providers always look for ways to avoid paying out car insurance claims. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, insurance companies are willing to pay every claimant as long as valid claims are raised.

Car Insurance For Animal Attack

Motor insurance, apart from protecting the insured vehicle, can safeguard the life of the owner/driver as well. Several general insurance companies in India provide car insurance with limited and comprehensive coverage options.

Car Insurance Loyalty - Merits and Demerits

From shopping for garments to household essentials, customer loyalty is something that will be beneficial to a shopper at all times. However, the same cannot be extended to the case of motor insurance.

Driverless Cars And Their Impact On The Motor Insurance Sector

As the name suggests, it is an automated or self-driving car which will not need human supervision for navigating and can travel from one place to another on its own. Driverless cars are the much anticipated product of the machine-driven future that we have always dreamt of.

Indian Cars and Ncap Safety Tests

Recently, there has been increased focus on the safety features that cars manufactured in India come with. When the NCAP test results for many favourites in the Indian automobile market showed dismal figures in the past few years, car manufacturers across the country came up with improvements in the safety gear that they equip their models with.

Why You Should Insure Your Car Even When It Is Off The Road

It is mandatory for all car owners to be in possession of an auto insurance policy, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The minimum level of coverage required to stay on the safe side of the law is the third-party liability insurance.

What To Consider Before Lending Your Vehicle To Someone

When you lend your car to another person, it is a big exercise in trust. Apart from your home, your car is probably the most expensive possession you have. So, before letting anyone in the driver’s seat, think again.

When Should You Hold Back From Raising A Car Insurance Claim?

Imagine that you find yourself in an embarrassing situation wherein you have caused a minor accident, damaging your car. Although you have plenty of motor insurance coverage, you are still inclined towards paying for the damages yourself.

The Significance Of IOT In The Car Insurance Industry

The automobile industry in India largely works on traditional, tried and tested methods. The method of premium calculation, claim settlement, and renewal have remained standard for years.

11 Tips For Staying Safe While Driving Through Fog

Fog is among the most dangerous weather conditions in which you can drive. It reduces the visibility and brings trouble to both new and experienced drivers alike.

9 Important Car Care Tips For The Summer

When summer is in full swing, apart from the occasional trip to the beach you would be tempted to take your car on a long road trip. It is common to prep your car for the winter season, but you should know that it is crucial that you keep your vehicle in top condition during the summer as well.

Preparing for an Indian Road Trip?

A road trip is undeniably one of the best ways in which you can traverse the vast and diverse geography of a country like India. From eye-catching roadside attractions to enchanting animal reserves, the national highways offer you a feast for your eyes.

How Modifications In Your Car Can Affect Its Insurance

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in your vehicle, you are probably interested in adding a personal touch to the car in the form of a customisation. This could be anything from adding new car mats to revamping the upholstery.

How Much Car Insurance Is Really Needed?

You often spend a lot of time deciding on a health or life insurance policy; but have you given that much thought to the coverage under your car insurance? What if your vehicle is damaged in an accident that may or may not be your fault?

Buying Your First Car Insurance? Here Are Some Tips???

Most people buy car insurance after the purchase of the car itself. This is a big mistake that car buyers make inadvertently. This could, in fact, cost them more money than they actually budgeted.

Cost-Effective Ways To Maintain Your Car

Car repairs contribute to a lot of financial stress in an average Indian household. Repairs on one’s vehicle are difficult to predict. And when the car owner also has to bear the cost of routine maintenance, the costs can quickly add up.

Foolproof Ways In Which Car Owners Can Save Money

Owning and operating a vehicle is an expensive undertaking. The purchase price of the vehicle is only the beginning. When this is added to the cost of maintenance and fuel expenses, this could stand out as one of the biggest personal expenses in your budget.

How To Check Whether Your Car Insurance Policy Is Fake

The overwhelming incidence of road accidents in India only indicate the importance of a comprehensive motor insurance policy for every vehicle that hits the road. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is necessary for all car owners to have vehicle insurance.

How To Handle A Hit And Run Accident

When you are involved in a hit and run accident, it is understandable that you feel confused and angry. It is also a time when you would be unclear on how you can get compensated for the damages you suffered.

How To Negotiate On A Car Insurance Claim Settlement

A car accident happens in a matter of few minutes. But the repercussions of this incident may take months to heal/revert. This includes recovering from bodily injuries suffered by involved parties, damages suffered by the vehicle, or both.

Should You Approach An Agent When Buying Car Insurance?

About 10 years ago, the only way in which one could procure a suitable insurance policy was through an agent. With the advent of insurance sales through the internet, customers have begun to realise that online insurance purchase is, in fact, a very convenient option.

Steps Involved in Car Ownership Transfer

In India, the used car market is undergoing a definitive boom. Apart from the price tag being lower than brand new cars, used cars also have an upper hand with respect to value for money.

Documents To Check When Buying A Used Car In India

The automobile sales figure in India is growing at a robust pace. A large part of this growth is credited to the used car market in the country. On the contrary, the process of transferring the ownership of a used car in India is quite complicated.

Documents Required To Buy A New Car In India

After a lot of research and deliberation, you finally decide on the car you want to buy. Once you seal the agreement with the car dealership, the next step would be the registration and insurance procedures.

How To Transfer Your Car From One State To Another

Registering your car with the government authority is mandated by the law in India. It is necessary to register your vehicle so that there is clear ownership established between the individual and the vehicle. It also helps in taxing car owners in the right way

Why Is Car Insurance Mandatory In India?

From the time car sales observed a growth in the country, it was apparent that there would be crashes. These crashes could cause damages that the person at fault may not be able to pay for. So the underlying necessity of buying car insurance at the time of purchase of a car seemed to make complete sense.

Why Cheap Car Insurance Is Not A Good Idea

When making a significant purchase like a car insurance policy, you should muffle your innate bargain-seeker instincts and look beyond procuring the cheapest deal. Agreed that “cheap” does not always mean “low-quality”, but as far as insurance is concerned, a low-priced plan can offer much less coverage and expose you to a myriad of risks.

When Should You Change To A Different Car Insurance Company?

Car insurance is a mandatory expense for a car owner in India. When buying motor insurance, you should do a good amount of research and settle on a policy that offers adequate coverage. With that being said, the competition in the auto insurance space gives rise to potential for saving on insurance premiums.

Switching Car Insurance Company - The Pros And Cons

Car insurance is a mandatory annual expense if you drive a vehicle in India. Based on your area of residence, the rates could be high or low. At the time of policy purchase, even though you may come across insurance agents who are willing to help you bag the best deal on premium, it is always wise to do your fair share of research before deciding on a policy.

Plastic Money For Traffic Violation Payments

There is nothing worse than getting late for that all-important 10 a.m. meeting at office and revving up your bike to get there in time, only to be involved in a traffic violation. At that unsettling time, if you do not have enough money to pay the traffic policeman, you can actually be in trouble.

Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance

It is easy to be in the ‘It won’t happen to me’ bubble as far as accidents or injuries are concerned. This is one of the primary reasons for low life/health insurance penetration in the country. Even among those who are protected by insurance, the amount of coverage opted for is found to be dismally low.

How The Car Type Affects GST And Motor Insurance Premium

In an average Indian household, buying a car still remains one of the most cherished dreams. So when one decides to buy a car, he/she would be looking to get the best deal out there. Each individual has extremely specific needs.

Does Your Car Insurance Cover A Broken Windshield?

It can happen to anyone. Your car was parked next to a construction site, a huge tree, or even the neighbourhood sporting arena and you realise that the choice of that parking space was a bad idea. There is a gaping crack on your windshield converting it into an expensive inconvenience that demands immediate attention.

7 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Car

It is never easy selling your private car. After all, it is an asset that has presented you many fond memories. Apart from the emotional connect you have with your car, the actual process of selling the vehicle can also be quite daunting. You need to be aware of the market situation and pick a suitable price.

9 Things NOT to do Right After a Car Accident

For the average young professional, when the monotonous 5-day working weeks are interspersed by a long weekend, the perfect opportunity to embark on a long drive surfaces. In our country, summer is synonymous with long trips via road.

Why Should You Buy Own Damage Cover In Car Insurance?

Own damage cover in car insurance is a very useful form of insurance protection, as it safeguards the insured vehicle from damages. It is also referred to as collision insurance or self-damage insurance by some. The two areas that are included in this coverage are damage to the insured vehicle in accidents and theft/total loss.

9 Surprising Things Covered By Auto Insurance

When you think about surprises surrounding your car’s insurance policy, you may imagine mishandled insurance claims or unfair premium rates. However, you should understand that car insurance can present you with sweet surprises as well!

Car Insurance For Used Cars In India

The used car market in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Getting a second-hand vehicle is a very smart decision, considering the fact that there is a wide difference in price between an old and new car.

Main Causes Of Road Accidents In India

One glance at the newspaper in the morning is enough to fill you in on the instances of gruesome road accidents in the country. While we comment on the negligence of the drivers involved and pity the family of the deceased, we should also think about the reasons behind the ever-increasing statistics.

How To Choose The Best Car Insurance Plan

When looking to buy a car, one would spend several days researching on the internet for the best deals on cars. The factors of prime importance would be the make and model, the safety features included, mileage, and style quotient, to name a few.

How To Buy The Best Car Insurance Plan

If you own a car and use it for your daily commute, you need to buy car insurance. This has been mandated by the law in India. But what you should understand is the amount of car insurance you actually need to be safe on the roads.

Types Of Cars In India

Buying a car still remains one of the most cherished dreams of a middle-class Indian. With the easy availability of car financing options today, getting ownership of your dream car is not too far-fetched an idea as well.

Impact of GST On Car Insurance

Goods and Services Tax, also referred to as GST, is the biggest tax reform in independent India. The Goods and Services Tax Act was passed in the Parliament in March 2017 and it came into effect on 1 July 2017.

Car Insurance Terminologies To Take Note Of

The Motor Vehicles Act makes it necessary for all vehicles on the roads in India to have a valid motor insurance policy. Driving an uninsured vehicle is punishable by law. So, it is imperative that you buy a suitable insurance cover for your beloved set of wheels.

What Does The Policyholder Pay At The Time Of A Car Insurance Claim?

In car insurance, an exclusion is a provision under the policy that removes the coverage for a specific kind of risk. This actually narrows down the extent of coverage offered under the insurance.

Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Car Insurance Premium?

The credit score of an individual is an indicator of his/her financial stability. Hence, it is a significant factor that decides the probability of the individual securing a credit card or a loan.

What is Roadside Assistance Cover in Car Insurance?

Roadside Assistance (RSA) cover offers the much-needed relief to a car owner if his/her vehicle breaks down or has a mechanical failure on the road or at home. It can be very frustrating to be stranded in an unfamiliar place with no access to a mechanic. This is where the RSA cover comes in handy.

Anti-Theft Devices: Save On Car Insurance Premium

With the rise in the incidence of car thefts in the country, it has become imperative that you protect your vehicle with an adequate car insurance cover. Most car owners go the extra mile and install anti-theft devices in their vehicles as well.

7 Car Insurance Tips to Light up Your Diwali

As the festival of light approaches, we are all set to celebrate it with much pomp and show, scrumptious food, and delightful gifting. ‘Tis the season during which we illuminate our houses to signify the enlightenment of the soul and the triumph of the good over the evil.

6 Things To Be Aware Of When Buying Your Dream Car This Diwali

With the arrival of the festive season, car manufacturers and banks have posted attractive offers to lure customers into realising their dream of owning a car. With the torrent of promotional offers available this Diwali, it simply makes sense to splurge.

All You Need To Know About Endorsement Policies For Car Insurance

It is illegal to drive on Indian roads without a valid car insurance policy for the vehicle being driven. There are many of us who are not aware of this law and end up paying hefty fines when we are stopped by the police.

Instructions to Opt For the Right Car Insurance Policy

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is mandatory that every vehicle being driven on the road be insured. Although third-party car insurance is compulsory in India, opting for a comprehensive car insurance is as per one’s wish.

Carry All Your Documents When Going On A Long Drive

A lot of us who live in the urban jungle often look forward to taking a long road trip away from the noise and stress of the city. It could even be an impromptu plan that involves a picnic with your special someone.

Important Things To Know When Applying For Car Insurance Online

According to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, any four-wheeler vehicle that is driven on Indian roads should be insured. A car insurance policy acts like a safety net for your car. This basically means that any expenses that you incur if you meet with an accident or if your car is stolen are covered by your car insurance policy.

Best Car Insurance Riders to Add-On to Your Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance companies have been providing a number of different insurance policies that benefit its customers to a great extent. These benefits can range from any damage or loss caused by another party, any loss or damages caused to the car by natural causes and personal accidents.

9 Things You Must Know Before Renewing Your Car Insurance

Is your car insurance due for renewal? You can either continue with your existing car insurance provider or choose to switch to another insurance company. Whatever you do, remember that car insurance is not a choice but mandatory in India.

Why it is Compulsory to have Car Insurance in India

In India, and all over the world, getting your car insured is a compulsory by law, not an option. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for all vehicle to be covered under an appropriate insurance policy before they can ply on the road.

10 Things to Know When Buying a Used Car

A used car is a good option for many people and works out great. It’s easy to be naive and get cheated by unscrupulous sellers. But if you do your research and are well-educated on what you are getting into, you should be able to avoid fraudsters and bad situations.

Must Know Facts About Depreciation Factor in Car Insurance

In 1983, the Government of India has made motor insurance compulsory with the Motor Vehicles Act. Despite the fact that motor insurance is mandatory, almost 60% of the vehicles on Indian roads do not have insurance.

What to do if your Motor Insurance Lapses

If you’ve let your motor insurance policy lapse, there are ways to fix it! An insurance policy will lapse if you do not pay the premium by the due date and miss the grace period as well. If your policy has lapsed, you cannot ride or drive your vehicle on Indian roads.

Important Steps To File Your Car Insurance Claim

As more and more players enter the car insurance market, competition is rising at a steady pace. As a result, settlement of claims has become one of the most important factor which distinguishes a good insurer from one that may not be as efficient.

IDV for Car Insurance - Should I Increase it?

IDV is an important part of your car insurance and not many people know about it. It’s essential to be aware of your insured declared value. Let’s take a look at why IDV is important when it comes to your car insurance.

Revised Rate of Third-Party Motor Insurance Policy

In 1983, the Government of India passed the Motor Vehicles Act - making it mandatory for all motor vehicles to have a third-party insurance. A third-party insurance covers liable cost to the third-party in an accident involving your vehicle - causing injury, damage or death.

Personal Accident Car Insurance Coverage in India

A personal accident cover in a car insurance policy is an add-on security for your personal life when in an accident. It is a common occurrence that in vehicle accidents, victims are left injured for a long time.

How to get the best deal on your car insurance

Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make, second only to the acquisition of a house. So it is imperative that you are conscious about all aspects related to the purchase of your new car, including insurance.

What To Remember When Filing A Car Insurance Claim

No matter how rosy a picture may have been painted for you, getting a car insurance claim settled can be a stressful process. However, not every insurer is out to swallow your hard earned money. It is possible for you to have a favourable experience in terms of getting your car insurance claim settled.

Things to Know About Insured Declared Value (IDV) in Car Insurance

Since the Government of India’s Motor Vehicle Act of 1983, it is mandatory for all vehicles to have a motor insurance - a third-party insurance. Despite the fact that it is mandatory, almost 60% of the vehicles on the roads of India do not have a motor insurance.

8 Common Car Insurance Myth Debunked

Car insurance, although a very crucial aspect of car purchase, is sometimes pushed aside owing to the several myths associated with it. However, if you do a complete research on car insurance policies online and look at the right places, you will be quite convinced to take one as soon as you decide on buying a car of your dreams.

Why and When Do You Need A Car Inspection

Inspection of the vehicle forms an integral part of the car insurance process. If you forget to renew your car insurance policy on time, the same will lapse. This means that you will have to undergo the entire process, beginning from applying for a policy.

Things to know before cancelling your car insurance policy

There are times that you are required to cancel a car insurance policy for various reasons.

Things to know about Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance Policy

A comprehensive car insurance would seem like the ideal plan that you can opt for. Given that it provides third-party liability coverage, own-damage cover, and protection against fire, theft, vandalism, and the like, the advantages of buying comprehensive insurance are many.

Ways to Avoid Buying Fake Car Insurance Policy

The growing number of insurance fraud cases has become a concern for insurance companies and policyholders in India. According to the Indian Forensic Centre for Studies report, the losses caused to the insurance industry due to frauds are estimated to be over Rs.30,000 crore every year.

Top Auto Insurance Providers For Private Cars in 2017

Motor insurance ession of a minimal car insurance policy, many new auto insurance providers have mushroomed in this domain recently. Hence the task of narrowing down on the best car insurance providers in India has become quite daunting for a new car owner.

How your locality determines your auto insurance premium

After the purchase of a new car, you would have protected it with an appropriate auto insurance plan for which you pst of your policy?

New Car Warranties - What They Include And Don’t

The past ten years has seen a considerable improvement in the warranties that cover new cars. Automobile giants are churning out vehicles with improved warranty elements that are enticing customers.

How To Insure Your CNG Vehicle

If you own a CNG vehicle and you always thought that a basic motor insurance would suffice as a cover for your car, you are mistaken. Read on to understand more about the advantages of a CNG fitted car and the process on how to insure it.

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Car Insurance Policy

Auto insurance is a purchase that makes you feel extremely safe and secure on the road, as you are assured of not having to pay for damages that may occur accidentally. Nevertheless, most of us purchase a car insurance policy due to the fact that it is mandated by law to be in possession of a minimal motor insurance.

How To Protect Your Car Using The Return To Invoice Cover For Auto Insurance

Purchasing a car is one of the most significant investments in an individual?s life. So it is necessary to protect your car with a good insurance policy and adequate add-ons.

Learn How to Get Auto Insurance for New and Used Cars

When you have set your sights on purchasing a car, new or used, one of the main factors that you would be looking at is the cost of the vehicle. However, the cost of your car insurance policy is an equally important variable that needs to be accounted for at the time of a vehicle purchase.

How Does Cashless Garage Work?

The Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for all vehicles on Indian roads to be equipped with a minimum motor insurance cover, referred to as the Third-Party Liability cover. This protects the insured from third-party bodily injury, death or damage to assets.

Best Car Insurance Policies - Online or Offline?

Just bought or traded in your car for a new one? After the initial euphoria and pride at the new set of wheels sitting pretty in your garage, it?s time to make the dreaded decision - what car insurance policy should you buy?

How Third Party Car Insurance Claim are settled

Buying motor insurance is mandatory for all cars on Indian roads, with the liability only (also known as third party insurance) being the most basic insurance policy necessary.

How The Age Of A Car Affects The Auto Insurance Premium

There is an inherent relationship between the age of a car and its auto insurance premium. The method of calculation of the policy premium is a math that all car owners should be aware of. Insurance companies consider all aspects of risk as evaluation factors that affect the cost of premium.

How To Preserve Your NCB Even After You Sell The Car

Amongst the methods prescribed for reducing your car insurance policy premium, the No Claim Bonus is undoubtedly the most effective. The more you build up your claim-free bonus, the better is the cost of your policy.

Impact of Service Tax On Auto Insurance Premiums

Service tax is a form of Indirect Tax levied by the government on certain service providers but, in reality, is paid by the customers. It was introduced under the Finance Act of 1994 with only three services under its course of action.

Consumables Cover of your Auto Insurance Policy

Consumables are substances used in vehicles that have very specific uses, and once they have been used, they are completely consumed and become unfit for future operation.

How your Car’s Cubic Capacity affects your Motor Insurance Premium

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates all vehicles commuting on Indian roads to be covered by a basic car insurance, i.e., the Third-Party Liability insurance. This insurance covers the damage or loss caused to a third-party in an accident caused by the policyholder.

How To Deal With A Claims Inspection

Before an insurance company reimburses your car insurance claim, they will want to inspect the damaged vehicle. This inspection is the initial step in the claims settlement process, and it may be scheduled at the spot of the accident or even weeks later, depending on the incidents surrounding your claim.

How to Make an Effective Car Theft Claim

If you are well-informed, making a theft claim for car insurance can be a stress-free and simple process. You just need to ensure that all details are furnished accurately and in a timely manner. Here, we take you through the steps on making a convincing theft claim on auto insurance.

Do’s and Don'ts when filing an auto insurance claim

A car insurance is a purchase that is unique because you would be hoping to never use it, but once you do, you would be glad that you bought it in the first place! Most road accidents, however minor they may be, would leave damages that require repair.

Common Misunderstandings About Voluntary Deductibles

In car insurance terminology, a voluntary deductible is essentially the amount that the policyholder agrees to pay for future repairs of his vehicle, in the event of an accident.

Car Insurance Secrets That Will Help You Invest Wisely

When you prepare to buy a new car, you would spend a lot of time researching to finalise the model of your vehicle. It is equally important to spend some time in putting together a car insurance that offers you optimum coverage.

8 Auto Insurance Discounts That You Simply Should Not Miss

At the time of a car insurance renewal, most policyholders would continue with the same insurer and coverage. They do not pay heed to the fact that there are a plethora of options available in the market today, that could present them with adequate coverage on reduced premiums.

5 Tips For An Informed Car Insurance Purchase

Shopping for a car insurance policy is not an easy affair. Selecting the most suitable cover involves understanding the policy benefits, reading the policy documentation and comparing motor insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers.

All You Need To Know About Voluntary Deductibles In Car Insurance

Insurance companies these days are introducing plans that require payment of a portion of the claim amount by the policyholder. These insurance plans are gaining popularity due to the attractive premiums that are offered with it.

How To Drive Safe On Indian Roads

The situation of road traffic in India is going from bad to worse. The sheer volumes of vehicles plying on the roads and the absence of proper infrastructure has resulted in traffic congestion and unruly driving habits.

Do You Need An Engine Protection Add-On Insurance Cover?

The law mandates all vehicles plying on Indian roads to be insured with an appropriate motor insurance. The minimum general insurance coverage may not be adequate for all vehicles, and hence, insurance providers offer a bouquet of add-on covers for the benefit of policyholders.

Auto Insurance Tips to Protect Your Car This Monsoon

It has been observed that there is a spurt in motor insurance claims during the rainy season. Some of the reasons for this is waterlogging, slippery roads and poor visibility that damage the engines and vehicles on the roads.

Why a Car Insurance Claim is Denied

When you raise a claim after a car accident, you would be in anticipation of that money for the payment of your medical bills and other associated costs. However, things may not always happen as per your expectations.

Protect your sports car with an auto insurance policy

Sports cars, as expensive as they are to purchase, are equally costly to insure. If you own a flashy sports car, you should be ready to pay a higher premium on your auto insurance than the average motorist who drives a family hatchback.

Not getting the best car insurance rates? Here’s why…

When you shop for a suitable car insurance policy, it is imperative that you look around and identify one that matches your requirements. However, not many car owners today spend too much time in searching for an appropriate policy.

Stay Secure With Personal Accident Insurance

Road safety data indicates that hundreds of commuters die or become incapacitated on Indian roads, as a result of accidents. The ever-expanding population and the subsequent growth in two and four wheelers on the roads have made accidents a common phenomenon.

Gear up for the monsoons with Comprehensive Car Insurance

Apart from the heavy downpour, poor urban planning is one of the main reasons for waterlogged roads in our cities. However, with a little foresight and preparation, you can brave your way through the rains around the city.

Auto Insurance Loyalty - Benefits And Pitfalls

Most insurance companies offer perks to their customers for keeping policies active each year. A large number of insurance company loyalty benefits are formulated to prevent customers from moving to a new company for a better rate.

Maintain safety on the roads with these safe driving tips

In a country like ours, that is notorious for road accidents and related fatality, it is important for any automobile user to understand and practise road safety rules.

Car Insurance - Understanding your policy documents

An auto insurance policy is a legal contract that binds the insurer to provide certain benefits to the insured under pre-defined circumstances for a specific price or premium. The contract is usually very specific, and is hence written in a very detailed manner using legal terminology.

All you need to know about the transfer of used car insurance in India

Every automobile owner knows that all vehicles plying on Indian roads need to be insured as per government regulations. It has been mandated for all prospective buyers of cars to purchase an auto insurance policy so that damages caused to the vehicle on the roads are compensated for.

Involved in a car accident? Here are the next steps

If you have ever been involved in an accident, you would know that it is a time when emotions run high. However, there are certain things you can do to gather your thoughts and make the right decisions. Protecting yourself and your interests should be your priority during this crucial time.

Zero Depreciation Cover - Does this Promote Reckless Driving?

In the realm of auto insurance, the depreciation of a vehicle as it ages can significantly affect claim settlements. It is a common misconception that a comprehensive insurance coverage would protect you from out-of-pocket expenses during the repair of your car, post an accident. In reality, the insurance provider utilises a complex formula to identify the amount that is payable.

Why the Cheapest Car Insurance May Not Be the Best Choice

Car insurance shopping would be a breeze if you only had to factor the cost of the policy. In that case, you would just have to identify the company that offers the lowest premium, and you would be good to go. But unfortunately, it does not work that way.

Trim Your Fuel Costs With These 11 Offbeat Tactics

When you reduce your fuel consumption, apart from saving money, you also contribute towards alleviating pollution. The increasing cost of fuel over the past few years has impacted both the end user and the automobile industry, as a whole.

Things to Remember When you Buy a New Car and A Car Insurance Policy

With the festive season round the corner, banks are offering attractive car loan rates and companies are slashing vehicle prices. So it is the optimum time to shop for your dream car, and an appropriate car insurance.

The Advantages of Buying Auto Insurance Online

The emergence of the Internet has made it convenient for insurance companies to take their business online. This has turned out to be a boon for customers, as the entire process of identifying the optimum insurance policy has eased considerably.

How You Can Customise Your Auto Insurance With Add-On Covers

The competition in the realm of insurance has increased to such an extent that insurance providers are now offering a plethora of options to spruce up your basic auto insurance policy.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

In India, a valid driving license, insurance coverage and a Pollution Under Control Certificate are legal mandatory requirements for a car. An insurance coverage is mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, for all cars plying on Indian roads.

How To Protect Yourself From Distracted Driving

Road accidents in India are becoming more frequent nowadays, owing to factors such as over-speeding, driving under the influence of intoxicants and distracted driving. Sometimes, you may not be at fault, as other aggressive drivers on the road could pose a threat to your safety.

How to Identify and Handle a Power Steering Failure

In modern cars, power steering is the functionality that assists a driver to maneuver the vehicle without exerting too much effort in steering the wheel. In such a system, movements of the steering wheel create fluid pressure inside a hydraulic pump.

How Relocation Affects Your Car Insurance

Moving to another city can be quite stressful, and in the midst of the chaos it is easy to forget about your auto insurance. It is important to be prepared and have a clear idea of the requirements to continue on your car insurance policy after the move.

Car Insurance - Inclusions and Exclusions

As the owner of a new car, you would have scoured all available options to identify insurance policies that are most suitable for you. When you are buying a policy and paying the premium, you need to be aware of what is covered in the insurance and what is not.

A Comprehensive Guide to Car Insurance Claims

The purchase of a new car, although quite exciting to the new car-owner, brings with it a set of added expenses. The operating costs and maintenance charges are an inherent part of these expenses.

14 Car Essentials That You Should Never Forget To Carry

It is a great idea to organise the interiors of your car on a regular basis. When you do so, remember to always carry the basic essentials that would be useful in unforeseen circumstances like a car-breakdown.

10 Must-Have Car Accessories That You Can Buy Online

The car you own is an indication of your style preference, taste and personality. If you feel that your car is getting outdated, you can always install add-ons without too much effort.

10 Factors that Influence the Price of Auto Insurance Policy

There are multiple factors that determine the cost of your car insurance policy; all are based on how likely you are to be involved in an accident. Not all insurance providers use all of the parameters mentioned below, but this list indicates the most relevant ones.

10 Car Care Myths Busted for You

A fact that you have grown up listening to is hard to debunk, especially when it is something that you always believed to be true. It is also interesting that there are so many myths associated with cars that are truly hollow.

9 Ways in Which you Can Optimise your Test Drive Session

Purchasing a new car involves a hefty sum of money. With so much cash on the line, it is very important to bring home the best car that fits your needs.

Filing Insurance Claims Raises Rates - Truth or Myth?

Insurance plans are protective shields that customers can procure so as to protect themselves from uncertainties. In times of economic uncertainty such as these, it is imperative for customers to have a safety shield and insurance plans serve this purpose.

Factors That Go Into Calculating Car Insurance Premium

A car insurance is mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act. The cover is generally valid for an year from the time of activation. The policy should be renewed by paying a premium just before the expiration.

Features of Liability Only Cover in Motor Insurance

Liability Only Policy is mandatory as per the Indian legal system - it is a Statutory requirement. This policy will cover the third-party/ individual who has been involved in the accident caused by you.

What is Covered Under Physical Damage Cover?

Car insurance was made mandatory by the Government under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If you own a vehicle, private or commercial, four-wheeler or two-wheeler, by law, you must take a third-party liability policy.

No Insurance for Loss of Vehicle Due to Negligence

When applying for insurance and buying a policy, read the fine print. The devil lies in the details. You should be aware of all the information provided in the policy.

IRDA Guidelines for Motor Insurance in India

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has formulated guidelines that have to be adhered to, by any general insurance company offering motor insurance policies in India.

Delay in Registering Complaint Leads to Denial of Motor Insurance Claim

A case was brought to the notice of the district consumer redressal forum in India by Ramesh Kale, a private tourist operator, regarding the rejection of a car insurance claim by an insurance provider.

What Is Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

The concept of cashless insurance was first introduced in the healthcare domain. With the increase in popularity of the concept, general insurance providers started offering it under their motor insurance plans.

Car Insurance For Car Stolen While It Was On Rent

If you have purchased a Private Car Package Policy from your insurance company and then used the car for commercial purposes, then it is very likely that your insurance company might reject your insurance claim in case your car is stolen or damaged.

Car Insurance Claim Denied Due To Fake Driving License

A plea from a tourism company has been rejected by a consumer forum on the basis of furnishing a fake driving license. The company was looking for directions from the forum regarding payment of car insurance from an insurer for one of its cars that had been damaged in an accident in 2010.

Best Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance Renewal

Whenever a person buys a new car, he has to also apply for an insurance policy. Buying an insurance is not a one time thing

Smart Steps For Switching Car Insurance

In India, being in a relationship with a single insurance company for car insurance policy for a long time is not an advisable thing to do.

Best Reasons To Buy Car Insurance Online

Here we are! The internet revolution is upon us, and everything from massive data, movie bookings, purchase of furniture and tips on acing that JEE exam are now available online.

Car Insurance Tips - When Not to Claim Your Insurance Policy

One of the central tenets of getting a car insurance policy is to feel comfortable in the knowledge that, when faced with damage or loss of your car.

Top Reasons Why Car Insurance Claims Are Denied

We hear stories of sham insurance claims all the time in the news and they are increasing by the day. In most cases,

Simple Ways To Help You Save On Motor Insurance Premium

As hard working individuals, all of us understand the significance which money holds in our life. Given the rising cost of living, the phrase

Useful Add On Covers To Save Your Car In Monsoon

Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. People yearn for the rain gods to shower their blessings and provide them with some relief from the scorching heat of summer.

Third Party Car Insurance VS Comprehensive Cover

Essentially, third party motor liability insurance policy protects you against the legal liability arising from your vehicle’s participation in an accident that led to the injury, death or extensive property damage of an arbitrary third party.

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, the terms zero depreciation and bumper to bumper are often used interchangeably. Cars are a depreciating asset and as with age its wear and tear increases.

User Based Insurance Or Pay As You Drive

The insurance sphere has always been high on innovation and lateral thinking. After all, insurance (especially in third world and developing countries, like India) isn’t considered an absolute necessity, thus, insurers must constantly evolve their product to attract the right attention.

Must Have Car Insurance Add-On Covers for Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are extremely expensive and deserve enhanced protection. Buying an all-encompassing car insurance policy with add-on covers for luxury cars is a must.

Best Kept Secrets of Car Insurance

Get familiar with the hidden benefits of purchasing a car insurance policy. These perks will prompt you further to buy or renew your car insurance.

Insurance for Car Damaged Due to Natural Disaster

Learn how to protect your car from natural disasters with a car insurance policy.

Insurance for SUV Cars

SUVs are quite vulnerable to damages apart from being pretty expensive. Choose the right car insurance policy to protect your SUV from various kinds of dangers, damages and threats.

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Premium in India

There are various factors impact your car insurance premium. Get a thorough understanding of these factors to save more on your premium amount.

How to Keep Your Car Protected During Winters

Winters are definitely not easy on your car with all the fog, snow, rain and hailstorms. Use these handy tips to keep your car protected from the winter chills.

Car Stolen? You Deserve Insurance As Much As Anyone

Thieves are getting smarter and more creative when it comes to stealing vehicles, which means that you must protect yourself financially from this unfortunate, but quite possible event.

Car Stolen? You Deserve Insurance As Much As Anyone

Thieves are getting smarter and more creative when it comes to stealing vehicles, which means that you must protect yourself financially from this unfortunate, but quite possible event.

Top Seven Car Checklist before Long Drive

Make sure that your precious car is ready for the next trip in every way before you embark on that road trip, to have a smooth and memorable journey.

How to Claim for Accidents Occurred in the Middle of Vehicle Ownership Change

There is a short period to be expected when car ownership is being transferred from one party to the next which involves a lot of paperwork. In case an accident occurs to your vehicle during this period, there are certain important procedures to be followed.

Important Add-On Covers for Car Insurance

The various add-on covers to be looked into while on the lookout for car insurance, so that you feel completely confident on the road.

Important Factors Which Decide Your Car Insurance Premium in Future

In the future, your car insurance premium will not be dependent on the vehicle as it is now (such as fuel used, model etc.), but will weigh their risk on user specific factors.

What is Garage Cash in Car Insurance?

Garage Cash is usually an add-on plan to your standard car insurance policy which ensures that you do not have to bear the financial burden of alternative transport while your vehicle is in the garage.

Steps To Keep In Mind While Making A Car Insurance Claim

A car accident can lead to several unpleasant scenarios, one of which is reporting a claim and making negotiation with the insurance provider. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you file for an insurance claim for your damaged vehicle.

Do You Have A Motor Accident Policy?

Did you know, as a vehicle owner and driver, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it compulsory for your vehicle to be insured against Third Party Liability. Why, you ask? Read on to find out.

All About No Claim Bonus For Motor Insurance In India

If you have a motor insurance policy, you might be acquainted with No Claim Bonus or NCB. Here are a some commonly asked questions and answers for you to keep handy when it comes to the No Claim Bonus on your motor insurance policy.

Best Reasons To Transfer Your Old Car Insurance To New

An upgraded motor insurance policy is beneficial in multiple ways, besides providing the adequate cover and protection for your vehicle. Here are 7 undisputed reasons why upgrading your motor insurance policy can do you and your vehicle a world of good.

Switch Car Insurance To Get Lower Premiums

When it comes to motor insurance, the a little research can go a long way, and also help you save money! Not many of us are aware of the benefits which come from switching car insurance policies, especially the benefit of availing lower premiums. Read on to find out how.

Top Roadside Assistance Tips to Make Your Road Trip Bump-Free

Road trips are, by far, one of the most exciting activities which help strengthen bonds with family or friends. To ensure a smooth and event-free journey, here are some invaluable Roadside Assistance tips which can help save the day (while you road trip).

Factors Affecting Premiums for Car Insurance

To some people, car ownership isn’t merely a solution to a transportation problem, it’s a symbol of success and financial prosperity.

How are Car Insurance Premiums Calculated in India?

Owning a car is a significant event. Apart from being convenient, it is also a status symbol among most in India.

How Car Insurance Works in India?

Car insurance is an agreement between the insurance company and the car owner wherein, the car owner will pay premiums and the insurance company covers for loss or damage caused to the car.

How is Car Insurance Insured Declared Value (IDV) Calculated?

Auto insurance acts as a financial shield in the case of accidents or damage caused to that particular vehicle.

How to Make a Car Insurance Claim After an Accident?

Accidents are unpredictable and can at times will cost a person lot more than what they are prepared for.

Key Provisions of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016

Given the growing number of road fatalities witnessed in India annually, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently constituted a Commission whose purpose was to suggest modifications and additions to the existing Act.

Popular Hacks to Keep Your Car Insurance Premium Low

In India, motor vehicle insurance is mandatory as per the law.

Tips to Choose the Most Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, insuring your motor vehicle is a statutory obligation.

GST Update: GST of 18% is applicable on car insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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