Insurance is like a spare tyre. You may not require it, but not having one is not an option.
Insurance is like a spare tyre. You may not require it, but not having one is not an option.
  • Motor Insurance Guide – Everything You Need To Know

    Motor Insurance in India, broadly includes the insurance for private cars, commercial vehicles and two wheelers. The central theme of this motor insurance guide, car insurance is a precaution against financial liabilities arising from accidents that the insured vehicle might have caused or be an unfortunate part of, Motor Insurance is mandated by law in India. Aside from the basic insurance against accidents, 'third party insurance' serves as a timely savior against the insured vehicle's involvement in an accident that resulted in the injury, loss of property and/or death of a third party. Plus, additional add-on covers act as protection against little to massive issues that aren't a primary part of the main Motor Insurance policy. Subscribe to to know more about Motor Insurance in India, and to sort through the heap and find the one that best suits your specific requirements and limitations.

    Best Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance Renewal

    Whenever a person buys a new car, he has to also apply for an insurance policy. Buying an insurance is not a one time thing

    Smart Steps For Switching Car Insurance

    In India, being in a relationship with a single insurance company for car insurance policy for a long time is not an advisable thing to do.

    Best Reasons To Buy Car Insurance Online

    Here we are! The internet revolution is upon us, and everything from massive data, movie bookings, purchase of furniture and tips on acing that JEE exam are now available online.

    Car Insurance Tips - When Not to Claim Your Insurance Policy

    One of the central tenets of getting a car insurance policy is to feel comfortable in the knowledge that, when faced with damage or loss of your car.

    Top Reasons Why Car Insurance Claims Are Denied

    We hear stories of sham insurance claims all the time in the news and they are increasing by the day. In most cases,

    Simple Ways To Help You Save On Motor Insurance Premium

    As hard working individuals, all of us understand the significance which money holds in our life. Given the rising cost of living, the phrase

    Useful Add On Covers To Save Your Car In Monsoon

    Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. People yearn for the rain gods to shower their blessings and provide them with some relief from the scorching heat of summer.

    Third Party Car Insurance VS Comprehensive Cover

    Essentially, third party motor liability insurance policy protects you against the legal liability arising from your vehicle’s participation in an accident that led to the injury, death or extensive property damage of an arbitrary third party.

    Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

    When it comes to car insurance, the terms zero depreciation and bumper to bumper are often used interchangeably. Cars are a depreciating asset and as with age its wear and tear increases.

    User Based Insurance Or Pay As You Drive

    The insurance sphere has always been high on innovation and lateral thinking. After all, insurance (especially in third world and developing countries, like India) isn’t considered an absolute necessity, thus, insurers must constantly evolve their product to attract the right attention.

    Must Have Car Insurance Add-On Covers for Luxury Cars

    Luxury cars are extremely expensive and deserve enhanced protection. Buying an all-encompassing car insurance policy with add-on covers for luxury cars is a must.

    Best Kept Secrets of Car Insurance

    Get familiar with the hidden benefits of purchasing a car insurance policy. These perks will prompt you further to buy or renew your car insurance.

    Insurance for Car Damaged Due to Natural Disaster

    Learn how to protect your car from natural disasters with a car insurance policy.

    Insurance for SUV Cars

    SUVs are quite vulnerable to damages apart from being pretty expensive. Choose the right car insurance policy to protect your SUV from various kinds of dangers, damages and threats.

    Factors Affecting Car Insurance Premium in India

    There are various factors impact your car insurance premium. Get a thorough understanding of these factors to save more on your premium amount.

    How to Keep Your Car Protected During Winters

    Winters are definitely not easy on your car with all the fog, snow, rain and hailstorms. Use these handy tips to keep your car protected from the winter chills.

    Car Stolen? You Deserve Insurance As Much As Anyone

    Thieves are getting smarter and more creative when it comes to stealing vehicles, which means that you must protect yourself financially from this unfortunate, but quite possible event.

    Car Stolen? You Deserve Insurance As Much As Anyone

    Thieves are getting smarter and more creative when it comes to stealing vehicles, which means that you must protect yourself financially from this unfortunate, but quite possible event.

    Top Seven Car Checklist before Long Drive

    Make sure that your precious car is ready for the next trip in every way before you embark on that road trip, to have a smooth and memorable journey.

    How to Claim for Accidents Occurred in the Middle of Vehicle Ownership Change

    There is a short period to be expected when car ownership is being transferred from one party to the next which involves a lot of paperwork. In case an accident occurs to your vehicle during this period, there are certain important procedures to be followed.

    Important Add-On Covers for Car Insurance

    The various add-on covers to be looked into while on the lookout for car insurance, so that you feel completely confident on the road.

    Important Factors Which Decide Your Car Insurance Premium in Future

    In the future, your car insurance premium will not be dependent on the vehicle as it is now (such as fuel used, model etc.), but will weigh their risk on user specific factors.

    What is Garage Cash in Car Insurance?

    Garage Cash is usually an add-on plan to your standard car insurance policy which ensures that you do not have to bear the financial burden of alternative transport while your vehicle is in the garage.

    Steps To Keep In Mind While Making A Car Insurance Claim

    A car accident can lead to several unpleasant scenarios, one of which is reporting a claim and making negotiation with the insurance provider. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you file for an insurance claim for your damaged vehicle.

    Do You Have A Motor Accident Policy?

    Did you know, as a vehicle owner and driver, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it compulsory for your vehicle to be insured against Third Party Liability. Why, you ask? Read on to find out.

    All About No Claim Bonus For Motor Insurance In India

    If you have a motor insurance policy, you might be acquainted with No Claim Bonus or NCB. Here are a some commonly asked questions and answers for you to keep handy when it comes to the No Claim Bonus on your motor insurance policy.

    Best Reasons To Transfer Your Old Car Insurance To New

    An upgraded motor insurance policy is beneficial in multiple ways, besides providing the adequate cover and protection for your vehicle. Here are 7 undisputed reasons why upgrading your motor insurance policy can do you and your vehicle a world of good.

    Switch Car Insurance To Get Lower Premiums

    When it comes to motor insurance, the a little research can go a long way, and also help you save money! Not many of us are aware of the benefits which come from switching car insurance policies, especially the benefit of availing lower premiums. Read on to find out how.

    Top Roadside Assistance Tips to Make Your Road Trip Bump-Free

    Road trips are, by far, one of the most exciting activities which help strengthen bonds with family or friends. To ensure a smooth and event-free journey, here are some invaluable Roadside Assistance tips which can help save the day (while you road trip).

    Factors Affecting Premiums for Car Insurance

    To some people, car ownership isn’t merely a solution to a transportation problem, it’s a symbol of success and financial prosperity.

    How are Car Insurance Premiums Calculated in India?

    Owning a car is a significant event. Apart from being convenient, it is also a status symbol among most in India.

    How Car Insurance Works in India?

    Car insurance is an agreement between the insurance company and the car owner wherein, the car owner will pay premiums and the insurance company covers for loss or damage caused to the car.

    How is Car Insurance Insured Declared Value (IDV) Calculated?

    Auto insurance acts as a financial shield in the case of accidents or damage caused to that particular vehicle.

    How to Make a Car Insurance Claim After an Accident?

    Accidents are unpredictable and can at times will cost a person lot more than what they are prepared for.

    Key Provisions of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016

    Given the growing number of road fatalities witnessed in India annually, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently constituted a Commission whose purpose was to suggest modifications and additions to the existing Act.

    Popular Hacks to Keep Your Car Insurance Premium Low

    In India, motor vehicle insurance is mandatory as per the law.

    Tips to Choose the Most Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover

    As per the Motor Vehicles Act, insuring your motor vehicle is a statutory obligation.

    GST Update: GST of 18% is applicable on car insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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