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    A fixed deposit, where one keeps a particular sum of money aside each month is the simplest and most steady way of bolstering your financial position. A Fixed Deposit or FD provides you with a guaranteed amount as return on the amount you have invested in it. A Recurring Deposit (RD) is a useful investment tool for those who cannot make the one-time payment that an FD requires, but deposits a fixed amount every month. The returns form an RD are also significant, and investors are guaranteed a particular percentage as returns.

    iWish is a Recurring Deposit product introduced by ICICI Bank. It offers flexibility, allowing you to save and set money aside for the RD when you have the money to do so, and it also offers a more competitive interest rate.

    RD Vs FD Vs iWish- Product Structure

    Recurring Deposit- A Recurring Deposit (RD) is a financial instrument where a fixed sum of money is deposited every month for a pre-decided duration. They will receive interest on the amount they deposit at the same rate as for Fixed Deposits.

    Recurring Deposits offer individuals flexibility in terms of investments since a fixed sum is to be invested each month. The individual can decide on the sum to be deposited, depending on his financial stability and disposable income.

    Recurring Deposits offer another advantage in that the interest rate on the sum invested in the same as a Fixed Deposit interest rate. Individuals who opt for an RD stand to earn good returns on their investments even though they are made over a period of time as opposed to a lump sum investment.

    In case the individual is in urgent need of funds, he can choose to withdraw or liquidate the holdings in the RD, depending on the terms of the Deposit. However this is to be done only in extenuating circumstances, when the individual has exhausted all other credit avenues.

    Fixed Deposit- A Fixed Deposit (FD) is a an instrument offered by banks that provides a high rate of interest. Similar to a Savings Account, a Fixed Deposit is another form of an account wherein investors deposit a fixed sum of money for a particular time period. They receive interest at the end of the tenure of the deposit.

    The difference between an FD and a Savings Account is an FD does not allow for easy liquidity. In other words, an individual cannot withdraw money from the Fixed Deposit if he has need of cash. It is for this reason that FD’s offer a higher rate of interest as compared to Savings Accounts as well as Recurring Deposits.

    A sum of money is generally deposited into the FD for a fixed period of time- the general times periods are 7, 15 or 45 days. FD’s can also run into years, with the longest tenure being 10 years and the shortest being 1 year. An FD can be renewed if the individual so desires it, and the term can be extended based on the terms of the FD.

    The interest earned from the FD is payable either monthly, annually or at the time of maturity of the FD, depending on the individual, allowing for flexibility when it comes to interest payments.

    iWish- iWish is a financial product offered by ICIC Bank that combines the benefits of a Recurring as well as a Fixed Deposit. It is a flexible Recurring Deposit scheme that enables investors to invest money in the fund depending on their financial timelines, whenever they have the money to spare. In this regard, iWish is more flexible than a Fixed or even a regular Recurring Deposit.

    As the name suggests, iWish was set up as a Recurring Deposit scheme with the aim of helping individuals achieve a financial goal or goals they have set themselves. By steadily making deposits towards it, they would not only be able to achieve it but also get the added boost of attractive interest rates.

    In spite of providing such flexibility when it comes to investing money in the scheme, iWish offers the same rates of interest as a Fixed Deposit does, further adding to its appeal. Investors can thus benefit from the high rates of interest offered by the scheme and they can choose when to deposit money in the account.

    In another move seen as a benefit, iWish allows you to share the goals you are saving for with family and friends. It also permits these individuals to help contribute to your goals by investing an amount towards their realization.

    Compare iWish Vs RD Vs FD

    In the below table, a comparison of the three products- Recurring Deposit, iWish and Fixed Deposit are given so individuals can choose the one best suited to their individual needs.

      iWish Flexible Deposit Fixed Deposit Recurring Deposit
    What is it? Flexible RD with FD interest rate One time deposit Fixed schedule of deposits
    Minimum amount Rs. 500 Rs. 10, 000 Rs. 500
    Subsequent deposit amount Any amount Not applicable Multiples of 100
    Subsequent deposit date At any time Not applicable Set date each month
    Deposits allowed per month Unlimited Not applicable One on set date
    Penalty in case of no deposit for a month No penalty Not applicable Yes
    Deposit duration 6 months to 10 years 7 days to 10 years 6 months to 10 years
    Rates of interest 7 - 7.50 % 4 - 7.50 % 7 - 7.50 %
    Can family/friends contribute Yes No No
    Multiple goal saving Yes No No

    As is seen above, the iWish deposit scheme offers a similar rate of interest along with added benefits like no limit on the number of deposits a month, no penalty charges for not depositing in a particular month etc.

    It also offers the same duration as a regular Recurring Deposit, as well as the option to allow friends and family to contribute towards the deposit goal.

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