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    SBI Plot Loan

    Bank Name
    Interest Rate Range
    Processing Fee Range
    Loan Amount
    Tenure Range
    9.15% - 9.3% Floating
    0% to 0.35% (max. ₹11,500)
    15L - 10Crs
    1-30 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    9.10% - 9.25% Floating
    0% to 0.35% (max. ₹11,500)
    15L - 10Crs Women's Special!
    1-30 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    9.25% - 9.3% Floating
    0% to 0.35% (max. ₹11,500)
    ₹ 20L - ₹ 10Crs SBI Flexipay
    25-30 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes

    SBI Plot Loans Overview:

    State Bank of India is India’s largest lender and is a government owned corporation. SBI is also the largest financial services and banking company in the country by assets. Founded in 1921. the bank currently has over 17,000 branches including 190 foreign offices. SBI has become a household name in India for banking and has an extensive presence in rural and semi-urban areas. SBI is also an active contributor to the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) schemes and presently, holds over 30 lakh account. SBI offers a suite of banking solutions like deposits, loans, insurance and accounts for individuals, SMEs, NRIs and corporates.

    SBI housing loan portfolio offers unique loan products with customer-centric products and is very popular amongst the Indians. For customers who want to purchase a plot and construct the home of their dreams, SBI offers loans for plot purchase.

    SBI Plot Loan

    Types of State Bank of India Plot Loans:

    SBI offers two specially designed plot loans for different classes of customers.

    • Agricultural Banking Loan for Land Purchase:

      Designed especially for small and marginal agriculturists and landless laborers to aid the purchase of a plot, this scheme from SBI offers plot loans also with a view to consolidate and develop waste lands. The plot loan is also extended for development of irrigation facilities and land development under this scheme.

    • Home Loans for Plot Purchase and Construction of House:

       Offered by SBI realty, this loan offers the customer an opportunity to purchase a plot for house construction. Under this scheme, customers are also eligible to avail further loans for house construction and can continue both loans concurrently.

    Features and Benefits of SBI Plot Loan:

    The following features offered by SBI Plot loans under the home loan portfolio sets it a league apart from other plot loan products in the market. Here are some of the benefits offered by SBI plot loans that benefit the borrower immensely.

    • High Loan Quantum:

      SBI offers up to Rs.10 crores under personal financing for plot loans. Under agricultural baking, SBI offers up to 85% of the land cost to make the process of financing more convenient.

    • Flexible Repayment Tenure:

      Customers can avail up to 15 years as repayment period. For agricultural plot loans, borrowers can choose a repayment period of 9 to 10 years with half-yearly instalments.

    • Loan Extensions:

      Customers who have obtained a plot loans can also avail further loans for improvement of their plot. Agriculturists can take further loans for the development of irrigation facilities and others can take a home loan for the construction of a house with the added advantage of running both the loans simultaneously.

    Eligibility for SBI Plot Loans:

    The following is the eligibility for two plot loan schemes offered by SBI.

    Eligibility for Plot Loans under Agricultural Banking:

    • Marginal and Small Farmers in possession of less than 2 acres of irrigated land and 5 acres of unirrigated land in their names.
    • Landless agricultural workers are also eligible for SBI plot loans.
    • The applicant must have a constant record of prompt repayment of the loan for a minimum of of two years.
    • Borrowers who have a good repayment record in other banks are also eligible on a condition that they liquidate their outstanding balance to the other bank.

    Eligibility for Plot Loans under Personal Banking:

    • The applicant must be a resident Indian. This loan products is also offered to NRIs.
    • The applicant must have a constant source of income. Good credit history and repayment history are preferred.
    • The construction of a dwelling unit for which the plot has been purchased should commence within 2 years from the date of availing SBI Realty Plot Loan.

    Do enquire with SBI for the complete list of eligibility criteria including income criteria before applying for a plot loan.

    Further Reading: Check Home Loan Eligibility .

    Documents Required for SBI Plot Loans:

    The following documents will be asked for during the application of SBI plot loans. A duly filled and signed application form has to be submitted along with the required documents.

    • Identity Proof - either of a valid passport, voter ID card, Aadhaar card and valid driving licence
    • Income Proof - PAN card, salary slips for the last 3 months, latest IT returns and form 16, bank statements for the last 6 months
    • Property related documents like title deeds and copy of allotment letter or buyer’s agreement as applicable.
    • Other documents like employer documents, own contribution proof, passport size photographs for applicants and co-applicants.

    Please contact SBI for a detailed list of documents required based on your nature of employment and source of income.


    1. In what situations in SBI plot loan beneficial?

      If you want to buy a house but currently can’t afford it or when you want to buy just a plot for investment purposes, SBI plot loans will be highly beneficial. As an added benefit, you can also avail extension loans for construction of houses if you want to.

    2. In case of agricultural plot loans, the loan amount is considered for what purposes?

      The loan amount may be considered for the purposes of purchase of farm equipments, stamp duty and registration charges, cost of land and for development of irrigation facilities and land development not exceeding 50% of the land cost.

    3. Do we have gestation period for agricultural plot loans?

      Yes, gestation period will be 2 years in case of land to be developed and will be a maximum of 1 year in case of developed land. After the gestation period, a maximum of 9 to 10 years can be taken for repayment of loan.

    4. How to apply for SBI plot loans?

      Customers can visit the nearest branch officer or enquire with the SBI marketing officers. Alternatively, customers can also choose to apply online.

    5. What quantum of loan will be offered as loan for the purchase of agricultural plots?

      A maximum of 85% of the cost of the land as assessed by the bank will be provided. The quantum of plot loan is also based on the security (maximum of Rs.5 lakhs)

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