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  • Bajaj Finserv Two Wheeler Loan


    Among the leading private companies offering financial services in India is Bajaj Finserv. Part of the larger conglomerate, Bajaj Holdings & Investments Limited, this company primarily deals in providing services like general & life insurance, wealth management, lending and asset management and lending. With an established nation-wide presence, Bajaj Finserv operates with a strong network of over 1400 branches and over 20,000 employees.

    As a part of its lending services, Bajaj Finserv also provides customers with loans for the purchase of two wheeler vehicles. These loans carry some attractive terms and offer a host of great benefits, making it easier for you to own your preferred two wheeler.

    Two Wheeler Loans by Bajaj Finserv:

    Think to yourself, how many times have you given it a second thought, whether or not to take your car to run those small errands, travel a short distance, get groceries, pick the kids up from the nearby friend's house? Given that traffic conditions today are far worse than one could ever fathom, it is only natural that we try to avoid driving as much as possible. Though it is quite impossible to get anywhere in time, if one gets caught during peak traffic hours, a two wheeler can make travelling incredibly easier. Being easy to maneuver and requiring far less parking space, a two wheeler can make daily short commutes much easier. Be it travelling to work, popping over to the nearby store or the weekly groceries, a quick trip to a friend's house in the congested part of the city, a two wheeler helps save considerable time and stress.

    For those who wish to buy a two wheeler, Bajaj Finserv provides two wheeler loans which come with very attractive terms like pre-approved offers, quick loan processing, dedicated multi-lingual helpline service to address the needs of customers from diverse regions, etc.

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    Features & Benefits Bajaj Finserv Bike Loan:

    Multiple Locations Across India:

    In order to reach out to a the maximum number of customers, Bajaj Finserv carries out its operation and provides services via 2000 branch offices which are located across India. That means, if you are looking for a hassle free financing option for the purchase of a two wheeler, you can always find a Bajaj Finserv branch in your city.

    Special Pre-approved Offers:

    Wouldn't it make your task much easier if you don't have to wait for your loan request to be approved, especially if you are pressed for time to make a purchase. If you are an existing customer with Bajaj Finserv or a customer with healthy credit score, you can benefit from special pre-approved loan offers and loan schemes offered from time to time by the company.

    Quick Loan Processing:

    Conventionally, loan approval and sanction can take a long time, often defeating the purpose of 'easy finance'. That is not the case here. When you apply for a loan with Bajaj Finserv, within a short duration of 10 days from the date of applying for the loan, you can expect to receive a welcome call from the company, along with an SMS which provides all the necessary details pertaining to your loan like the loan amount, due repayment dates, EMI amount and contact details of a company representative in case you have any queries.

    Minimal Foreclosure Charges:

    Many financial service companies levy heavy fees on customers who foreclose their loans before its due date. With Bajaj Finserv, on the other hand, if a customer wishes to foreclose their loan before the 12th EMI billing, they must only pay a very nominal foreclosure fee, which is charged at the rate of 3% on the outstanding loan amount.

    Option of Partial Foreclosure:

    In order to keep the customer's best interests in mind, Bajaj Finserv also allows you to partially foreclose a loan. Though this will allowed only in some cases, this feature can help customers to not only shorten their loan duration but also help lower the remaining EMI amounts.

    Easy Pay in Cash Option:

    With offices located across India, especially those located in smaller towns, Bajaj Finserv understands the challenges faced by the people with regarding to banking services. Keeping that in mind, for customers hailing from smaller towns and who do not wish to open a bank account, the company offers the facility of collecting loan repayment in cash.

    Call Centre Helpline with Multiple Language Options:

    India is a nation where people converse in multiple languages. Keeping that in mind, Bajaj Finserv offers its customers the facility of choosing from 10 different languages at their call center helpline, in order to resolve the queries of a maximum number of customers.

    Bajaj Finserv Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rate:

    Bajaj Finserv offers one of the most popular two wheeler financing options to its customers in India. The primary reasons for its popularity rests on the fact that the financier offers very attractive interest rates for the financing of Kawasaki, KTM, Bajaj motorcycles. The interest rates are however dependent on certain parameters like the borrower's creditworthiness and profile, amount of loan taken, place of borrower's residence and the Bajaj Auto product for which the borrower is seeking financial assistance. Based on the aforementioned factors, prospective borrowers are placed in different categorical bands - low, medium and high. Currently, the interest rates applicable on two wheeler loans for these bands are as follows:

    • Low - Below 27%
    • Medium - Between 27% to 30%
    • High - Above 30%

    Bajaj Finserv Bike Loan Eligibility:

    In order to be eligible for a Bajaj Finserv Two Wheeler Loan, borrowers must comply with the following eligibility criteria.

    • Individual must be not below 21 years when applying for the loan.
    • Individual must be less than or equal to 65 years at the end of the loan tenure.
    • Borrower must be residing in the current city for a minimum duration of one year.
    • Borrower must have been employed for a minimum duration of one year.
    • Borrower must have a landline number, either at their residence of place of work.

    Bajaj Finserv Two Wheeler Loan Documentation:

    The following documents are required to be submitted towards the application f a Bajaj Finserv Two Wheeler Loan.

    • Proof of Identity: Passport / Photo Credit Card (front & back) / Voter ID Card / Driving License / PAN Card / Company issued ID Card of a Govt. company, PSU, Public Ltd. or MNC / Aadhar Card.
    • Address Proof: Passport / Driving License / Voter ID Card / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Gas Connection Bill / Rental Agreement / Ration Card / Property Purchase Agreement / Sale Deed / Latest Credit Card Billing Statement / LIC Policy / Address Proof in the name of the applicant's parents or spouse / Letter provided by the company or company provided accommodation.
    • Proof of Income: Latest salary slip (for Govt. employees). In case the salary slip can't be produced, a salary certificate will be accepted. Customers will be required to provide any other relevant documents, depending on their profile and the loan category they fall in.


    1. I have taken a Bajaj Finserv Two Wheeler loan and wish to change my mailing / communication address. How can I do that?

      If you wish to change your mailing or communication address, you must submit a self-attested copy of any KYC document either via email or simply walk into any Bajaj Finserv branch and submit it there.

    2. How do I find out if Bajaj Finserv is offering any special schemes for borrowers?

      Bajaj Finserv offers special schemes frequently. You can find out about the same by getting in touch with a representative of Bajaj Auto who can provide you with the suitable details.

    3. Can existing Bajaj Finserv customers apply for another loan with the company?

      Yes, existing customers can apply for another loan. However, the loan approval will be depend on your eligibility.

    4. How long will it take for the loan to be sanctioned?

      It will take approximately 24 to 48 hours for your loan application to be processed. This is dependent on the submission of documents and their verification.

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    • Bike taxi service Baxi partners with Bajaj Finserv

      India is riddled with taxis that are either affiliated to Ola or Uber, but that goes for the four-wheeler instant taxi services.

      However, there’s something called Baxi, a condensed name for Bike Taxi which has hit the ground running with their new offering.

      In latest development though, BC Technologies, the parent company of Baxi, has signed an agreement with Bajaj Auto Finance to provide motorcycle loans.

      A spokesperson for BC Technologies spoke with the media about the partnership and has said that the agreement will provide loans for people who want to buy new bikes with the option of using it to provide a bike taxi service.

      This latest agreement will enable the onboarding of over 10,000 bikes in the current financial year.

      The service also claims that it has completed over half a million rides in less than a year and currently does 3000 rides a day in Gurugram and Faridabad alone.

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