HDFC Bank Share Price

HDFC Bank is one of the leading private sector financial service providers in India. It offers an extensive range of financial products and services including credit cards, retail banking, treasury, auto loans, two wheeler loans, personal loans etc.


HDFC Bank LTD is one of the leading private sector financial service providers in India. They offer an extensive range of financial products which are customised to meet the customer’s requirements.

*Note: Prices that are specified above is based on INR

HDFC Historical Share Price (NSE)

09-Oct-18 1,944.40 - - - -
08-Oct-18 1,965.00 1,945.00 1,969.00 1,930.00 -1.01%
05-Oct-18 1,953.95 1,965.30 1,990.00 1,940.15 0.58%
04-Oct-18 2,008.00 1,957.75 2,017.80 1,943.00 -2.50%
03-Oct-18 2,030.45 2,031.15 2,052.20 2,007.00 0.03%
01-Oct-18 2,009.80 2,035.45 2,042.00 1,997.80 1.27%
28-Sep-18 1,980.65 2,006.05 2,015.45 1,977.15 1.28%
27-Sep-18 1,969.40 1,976.15 1,986.00 1,955.15 0.34%
26-Sep-18 1,962.95 1,952.40 1,962.00 1,915.00 1.38%
25-Sep-18 1,925.70 1,952.40 1,962.00 1,952.40 1.38%
24-Sep-18 1,967.25 1,925.70 1,972.20 1,915.00 -2.11%
21-Sep-18 1,973.90 1,970.25 1,999.85 1,910.20 -0.18%
19-Sep-18 1,994.85 1,961.35 1,998.00 1,956.50 -1.68%
18-Sep-18 1,994.90 1,989.20 2,009.85 1,980.95 -0.29%
17-Sep-18 2,021.30 1,992.20 2,022.95 1,988.00 -1.44%
14-Sep-18 2,019.85 2,029.60 2,037.40 2,018.95 0.48%
12-Sep-18 2,001.90 2,011.85 2,021.35 1,989.55 0.49%
11-Sep-18 2,046.30 2,000.40 2,048.00 1,994.15 -2.24%
10-Sep-18 2,055.00 2,041.15 2,055.00 2,025.10 -0.67%
07-Sep-18 2,051.00 2,056.95 2,060.00 2,040.75 0.29%
06-Sep-18 2,049.00 2,052.20 2,059.00 2,032.60 0.16%
05-Sep-18 2,053.80 2,053.80 2,060.20 2,035.55 0.39%
04-Sep-18 2,076.90 2,051.80 2,077.95 2,049.00 -1.21%
03-Sep-18 2,069.40 2,075.05 2,078.95 2,063.50 0.27%
31-Aug-18 2,069.20 2,061.20 2,078.75 2,058.25 0.39%
30-Aug-18 2,083.60 2,066.10 2,087.90 2,061.85 -0.84%
29-Aug-18 2,092.15 2,078.50 2,094.05 2,072.75 -0.65%
28-Aug-18 2,088.00 2,094.85 2,098.25 2,078.80 0.32%
27-Aug-18 2,077.00 2,080.45 2,088.50 2,070.25 0.16%
24-Aug-18 2,071.00 2,069.85 2,093.60 2,066.05 -0.05%
23-Aug-18 2,105.00 2,079.90 2,107.00 2,076.85 -1.19%
21-Aug-18 2,098.00 2,096.05 2,112.00 2,092.65 -0.09%
20-Aug-18 2,075.00 2,096.20 2,107.60 2,075.00 1.02%
20-Aug-18 2,075.00 2,096.20 2,107.60 2,075.00 1.02%
17-Aug-18 2,082.90 2,077.35 2,093.05 2,071.65 -0.26%
16-Aug-18 2,083.00 2,075.70 2,086.70 2,066.40 -0.35%
14-Aug-18 2,098.00 2,089.10 2,105.00 2,087.20 -0.42%
13-Aug-18 2,084.00 2,091.65 2,103.95 2,080.00 0.36%
10-Aug-18 2,123.50 2,091.65 2,123.80 2,098.00 -0.42%
09-Aug-18 2,142.00 2,118.50 2,142.00 2,094.65 -1.09%
08-Aug-18 2,135.85 2,136.35 2,151.80 2,133.05 0.02%
07-Aug-18 2,125.00 2,130.90 2,134.50 2,108.00 0.27%
06-Aug-18 2,121.00 2,114.30 2,137.40 2,106.10 -0.31%
03-Aug-18 2,133.55 2,121.65 2,147.05 2,114.00 -0.55%
02-Aug-18 2,153.50 2,130.20 2,153.70 2,121.35 -1.08%
01-Aug-18 2,162.80 2,158.70 2,175.00 2,151.70 -0.18%
31-Jul-18 2,160.00 2,179.50 2,185.90 2,150.05 0.90%
30-Jul-18 2,199.00 2,169.90 2,199.00 2,159.40 -1.32%
27-Jul-18 2,201.95 2,202.15 2,211.95 2,184.70 0.01%
26-Jul-18 2,165.00 2,192.60 2,203.45 2,165.00 1.27%
25-Jul-18 2,164.65 2,170.35 2,176.80 2,160.00 0.26%
24-Jul-18 2,147.00 2,159.75 2,169.00 2,147.00 0.59%
23-Jul-18 2,150.00 2,156.45 2,178.00 2,138.05 0.30%
20-Jul-18 2,186.10 2,189.05 2,202.85 2,171.10 0.13%
19-Jul-18 2,183.00 2,186.10 2,193.50 2,171.00 -0.14%
18-Jul-18 2,187.00 2,176.20 2,220.00 2,173.65 -0.49%
17-Jul-18 2,163.25 2,176.75 2,181.00 2,163.25 0.62%
16-Jul-18 2,179.40 2168.85 2190.05 2163.75 -0.48%
13-Jul-18 2,168.40 2,180.90 2,190.80 2,163.10 0.57%
12-Jul-18 2,152.90 2,165.95 2,179.85 2,152.00 0.60%
11-Jul-18 2,145.05 2,148.25 2,155.70 2,134.80 0.15%
10-Jul-18 2,129.90 2,146.40 2,149.60 2,125.00 0.77%
09-Jul-18 2,121.85 2,125.65 2,130.00 2,107.75 0.18%
06-Jul-18 2,113.30 2,115.15 2,135.55 2,111.35 0.09%
05-Jul-18 2,105.00 2,123.75 2,129.00 2,092.55 0.89%
04-Jul-18 2,073.25 2,103.55 2,108.05 2,069.00 1.2%
03-Jul-18 2,073.25 2,070.20 2,085.00 2,065.60 -0.14%
02-Jul-18 2,108.35 2,073.25 2,108.40 2,063.25 -1.69%
29-Jun-18 2,121.70 2,108.45 2,140.00 2,105.10 -0.62%
28-Jun-18 2,115.00 2,130.85 2,140.00 2,111.20 0.74%
27-Jun-18 2,093.00 2,112.60 2,115.00 2,090.00 0.92%
26-Jun-18 2,086.05 2,093.70 2,103.00 2,079.85 0.36%
25-Jun-18 2,083.05 2,094.95 2,097.80 2,073.05 0.56%
22-Jun-18 2,056.95 2,083.35 2,088.80 2,049.85 1.26%
21-Jun-18 2,060.00 2,057.60 2,070.80 2,047.05 -0.11%
20-Jun-18 2,026.00 2,056.15 2,058.00 2,025.00 1.46%
19-Jun-18 2024.95 2,023.50 2,040.70 2,019.30 -0.07%
18-Jun-18 2,030.10 2019.15 2038.80 2,009.10 -0.54%
15-Jun-18 2026.00 2029.60 2038.90 2022.30 0.17%
14-Jun-18 2030.00 2037.40 2045.00 2025.00 0.36%
13-Jun-18 2052.00 2031.45 2054.80 2024.10 -1.01%
12-Jun-18 2051.90 2043.85 2052.70 2038.40 -0.39%
11-Jun-18 2051.90 2042.30 2062.95 2038.80 -0.47%
08-Jun-18 2059.00 2049.35 2061.25 2035.00 -0.47%
07-Jun-18 2073.20 2062.20 2079.80 2053.20 -0.53%
06-Jun-18 2060.20 2057.35 2064.80 2045.00 -0.14%
05-Jun-18 2050.00 2063.60 2066.95 2023.00 0.66%
04-Jun-18 2150.00 2046.20 2157.00 2037.95 -5.07%
01-Jun-18 2116.00 2110.60 2138.00 2101.00 -0.25%
31-May-18 2100.00 2139.45 2160.00 2080.00 1.84%
30-May-18 2019.70 2048.35 2053.00 2016.30 1.39%
29-May-18 2038.00 2032.60 2052.70 2028.80 -0.26%
28-May-18 2007.80 2042.20 2052.00 2006.00 1.68%
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Market capitalisation

As of January 2018, HDFC Bank achieved a new milestone by crossing Rs.5 lakh crore in market capitalisation. This made them the third Indian company and the first bank in India to achieve a market capitalization value as huge as this.

HDFC Bank wealth and recent performance

Q1 FY 2018-19
  • For the quarter ended on June 30, 2018, HDFC Bank Limited reported its total income to be Rs.26,367 crore - an 18.8% improvement with respect to the same period last year.
  • The net interest income for the quarter was stated to be Rs.10,813.6 crore - a growth of 15.4% y-o-y. Considering the CASA ratio of the bank, it was 42%.
  • Considering the profitability of the company, the bank reported its net profit to be Rs.4,601.4 crore, over a profit of Rs.3,893.8 crore reported for the June quarter of the previous fiscal year.
  • The total advances for the quarter grew by 22% whereas total deposits recorded a growth of 20%, y-o-y. The Gross NPA ratio was 1.33% while Net NPA ratio was 0.41%. The basic earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter was Rs.17.7, as against an EPS of Rs.15.2 reported for the Q1 FY 2017-18.
FY 2017-18
  • For the year ended on March 31, 2018, the bank’s total income was reported to be Rs.95,461 crore. Of this, net revenues were stated to be at Rs.55,315.2 crore - an improvement of 21.7% over the previous fiscal year.
  • The total size of the balance sheet also grew considerably over the year. As of March 31, 2018, it was Rs.1,063,934 crore. Considering the net profit of the bank on a standalone basis, it was up by 20.2% y-o-y to Rs.17,486.8 crore. Its consolidated profit too witnessed a similar growth over the FY 2017-18 with the final figure being Rs.18,510 crore.
  • As for the asset quality, the Gross non-performing assets ratio for the year was reported to be at 1.30%. The Net non-performing assets ratio was 0.4%. The Board also recommended a dividend of Rs.13 per equity share of Rs.2.
Q3 FY 2017-18
  • As the quarter ended on 31 December 2017, HDFC Bank a strong improvement compared to the previous quarter. The total income of HDFC Bank stood at Rs.24,450.4 crore which was an increase of Rs.3702.1 crore compared to the previous quarter that ended on 31 December 2016.
  • The net revenues of HDFC Bank also increased significantly by 23.9%. The net revenue of the bank which is the net interest income plus all other income stood at Rs.11,451.8 crore in 2016. Whereas, on 31 December 2017, the net revenue recorded was Rs.14,183.5 crore.
  • On the other hand, the net interest income which is the income interest by HDFC Bank minus the interest expended also grew by 24.1% when the quarter ended. HDFC Bank recorded a net interest income of Rs.8,309.1 in 2016 and in 2017 the net interest income raised to Rs.10,314.3 crore.
  • The non-interest revenue also grew from 3,142.7 crore to Rs.3,869.2 crore. This is an increase of 27.3% when compared to the corresponding quarter that ended on 31 December 2016.
  • In this quarter, the net profit recorded by HDFC Bank was Rs.4,642.6 crore which is an increase of 20.1% when compared to the previous quarter that ended on 31 December 2016. The net profit of the bank was calculated after taxes of Rs.2,457.3 crore was paid. This means that HDFC Bank did considerably well as far as financial books are concerned.
  • The CASA (current account and savings account ratio) of HDFC Bank also increased by 6.7% over the Q3 FY17.
  • The number of bank branches and ATMs also increased from 4,555 branches and 12,087 ATMs across 2,597 cities and towns to 4,734 branches and 12,333 ATMs across 2,672 cities and towns in Q3 FY17.

HDFC stock trends in 2018

  • On 01 January 2018, the HDFC Bank share price opened at Rs. 1872.70. Quickly the prices fell and were low on 9th, 10th, and 11th of the month as the Nifty Bank Index fell. In the Nifty 50 Index, out of the 50 stocks, only 22 were trading in green while the remaining 28 were in Red. Due to this, HDFC Bank stocks fell by 0.12%.
  • On 16 January 2018, there was a slight increase in HDFC Bank share price. On this day over 100 stocks including HDFC bank hit a fresh 52-week high even when the equity market was cautious. The opening price of HDFC Bank shares on this day was Rs.1903.45.
  • On 18 January 2018, the stock price of HDFC Bank picked up on NSE and BSE. HDFC Bank stocks were also listed as one of the most active stocks in terms of value.
  • On the last day of the month, 31 January 2018, The stock price of HDFC Bank hit the highest for the month. On this day, stock prices opened at Rs.1989.40 and close at Rs.2005.70.
  • On 01 February 2018, the stock price stood at Rs.2006.00. For the next few days, the stock prices saw a downward curve. A lot of factors kept the stock prices low for the next few days and many leading financial institutions including HDFC Bank was accused of contributing to the fall of stock market. Selling pressure was also witnessed which pulled the indices low by over 1%.
  • All the above factors led to the downfall of the stock price on 9 February 2018, when HDFC Bank stock price hit the rock bottom for the month and opened at Rs.1847.90 and closed at Rs.1849.50.
  • From 23 February 2018, aa upward curve was recorded for HDFC Bank stock price. However, the rise was quickly followed by a fall and on the last day of the month HDFC bank stock price opened at Rs.1889.55 and closed at Rs.1884.20.
  • On March 1, 2018, the share price of HDFC Bank Limited was Rs.1,879.30 on the NSE. Through most of March, the shares traded hands at levels above Rs.1,840 without undergoing any drastic variations. In April, the shares moved up once more and they ascended back to their previous levels above Rs.1,900.
  • On April 30, the closing price of the scrip was Rs.1,944.30. By mid-May, the shares had crossed the psychologically important mark of Rs.2,000. In fact, the HDFC Bank stocks ended the month of May at Rs.2,139.45.
  • The month of June was a rather bearish one for the investors. The shares traded hands at levels above Rs.2,000 for most of the time. The scrip moved on to make meteoric gains in July. On July 18, 2018, the shares hit their 52-week high at Rs.2,220. However, this remarkable rally was followed by a gradual decline in the prices in the month of August.
  • In August, the shares shed a little over 5% to end the month at Rs.2,066.10. As of early September, the shares were trading at levels above Rs.2,000.

HDFC Bank stock trends in 2016 and 2017

  • HDFC Bank share price at the start of 2016 was close to Rs.1000 on NSE and BSE. However, throughout the month of January and February 2016, the stocks price took a dramatic fall and traded lower than the opening price.
  • On 01 March 2018, HDFC Bank price share was recorded at Rs.974.95 Till the start of March, the share prices was a downward curve. However, in the month of March, HDFC Bank share price witnessed an upward curve. On 03 March 2016, HDFC Bank appointed an additional Director which helped the bank gain the trust of the investors. The increase in the share price was visible after the new Director joined on board.
  • Also on 15 March 2016, HDFC Bank allotted equity shares under ESOP which led to the increase of the bank’s share price in the following days.
  • HDFC Bank shares did considerably well in the month of April 2016. In the month of April, HDFC Bank allotted equity shares to both the employees and under ESOP which helped them boost their share price.
  • If one looks at the HDFC Bank’s share price curve closely for 2016, it is clear that the bank allotted equity shares frequently throughout the year to maintain and boost the performance of their shares.
  • In May, the bank alloted over 2,50,0000 equity shares and also issued equity shares under ESOP.
  • In the month of June, the bank released their quarter 1 results. By the beginning of June, stocks were trading at more than Rs.1100. In this month, HDFC Bank topped the list of international finance magazine.
  • In the month of July, HDFC shifted their focus to digital banking. This attracted many customers worldwide as people preferred net banking than visiting a bank in person. This saved a lot of time and made banking simpler and easy for the customers. Also, in the same month, Aditya Puri, the Managing Director of HDFC was awarded the Best CEO in Asia Award. This gained goodwill and made the brand trustworthy and thus the share prices also picked up. By the end of July 2016, HDFC shares were trading more than Rs.1200.
  • On 01 August 2016, the bank went ahead and allotted equity shares once more under ESOP. Throughout the month the share price of HDFC Bank performed well. Again on 29 August 2016, the bank issued equity shares again.
  • This month has been eventful as on 22nd of the month, the bank raised over Rs.6500 crore via bonds. On 23 September 2018, the bank rolled out equity shares again.
  • In January 2017, the stock price of HDFC Bank was over Rs.1,200. From the beginning of January, the HDFC Bank stocks performed well and saw an upward curve throughout the first quarter of the year. On 23 January, HDFC Bank released the Q3 estimates according to which the profit climb was 15%. This further left the bank to perform better.
  • By 03 April 2017, the opening price of the stock was Rs.1446. In Q4, the bank's net profit jumped by 18%. This encouraged investors across the world to invest in HDFC Bank stocks.
  • On 01 September 2017, the stock price stood at Rs.1781. The Q2 net profit surged by 20%. Also, the bank allotted equity shares under ESOP this month.
  • In September, HDFC Bank also surpassed TCS and became the second m0ost valued company.
  • On 01 December 2017, the stock price of HDFC Bank stood at Rs.1854.90. On 15th of this month, the bank hit a 52-week high on fund rising plan.
  • On 01 January 2018, the share price of HDFC Bank stood at Rs.1872.70. Of 18th of the month, the bank hit a 54-week high on bourses and the shares traded at Rs.1924. On 22nd of this month, the Q3 reports were released according to which the net profit of the bank had increased by 20.11%.
  • On 01 February 2018, the share price had increased to Rs.2006. However, quickly a dip was noticed in the share prices.
  • By 07 February 2018, the shares were trading at Rs.1907 and on 9th of the month, the share prices dipped to Rs.1847.90. Though after allocating equity shares by the end of the month, the share prices picked up, it continued to fall in the following days.

Should you invest in HDFC Bank?

  • HDFC Bank is one of the most reputable banks in India. From time and again, the bank has offered excellent services and has maintained their track record. If one takes a close look at HDFC Bank’s stock performance, it is very clear that the share prices have been increasing gradually.
  • HDFC Bank has won several awards as a token of appreciation for their excellence, and dedication. The bank won the Best Domestic Bank Award in Asiamoney India Banking Award 2017 and Best at Investor Relations Award- Rank 1 in Finance Asia Poll on Asia’s Best Companies 2016. Apart from that, the bank has won India’s Most Valuable Brand Award in Brandz Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2016 for 3 consecutive years. These are only a few awards they have bagged so far. The complete list goes on.
  • In the year financial year 2016-2017, the bank has recorded a net profit of Rs.14,550 crore. From time to time, the bank has recorded profit which makes it a safe investment for the investors.
  • In February 2018, HDFC Bank appointed a new Private Banking head, Mr.Rakesh Singh who will head the Investment Banking. The change in leadership is expected to bring many positive changes and aims at profit maximisation.
  • Though the future looks bright for HDFC Bank, one has to research well before investing. Remember to choose an investment option that suits your individual requirements.

Company Information

Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC (Housing Development Financial Corporation) Bank Limited is one of the leading financial services company in India. The bank has marked its presence in many countries like Hong Kong, Dubai, and Bahrain. HDFC Bank was incorporated in 1994. As of 30 September 2017, HDFC Bank has more than 4,700 bank branches and over 12,000 ATMs spread across 2,600 cities and towns in India. HDFC Bank has won several awards as a token of appreciation for their excellence and dedication. The bank won the Best Domestic Bank Award in Asiamoney India Banking Award 2017 and Best at Investor Relations Award- Rank 1 in Finance Asia Poll on Asia’s Best Companies 2016. Apart from that, the bank has won India’s Most Valuable Brand Award in Brandz Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2016 for 3 consecutive years. These are only a few awards they have bagged so far. The complete list goes on.

History of the Company

As mentioned earlier, HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994. The first registered office was in Mumbai, India. The bank had their first corporate office which was also a full-service bank in Sandoz House, Worli, which was inaugurated by Manmohan Singh who was the then Union Finance Minister.

Company Management

Aditya Puri- Managing Director

Whenever you read about the awards HDFC Bank has bagged recently, you would have heard this name. Aditya Puri has made it to the headlines many times due to his talent and achievements. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Punjab University and is also an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Since 1994, Aditya Puri has been the Managing Director of HDFC Bank. Overall, he comes with 35 years of banking experience both in India and abroad. Before joining HDFC Bank, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Citibank, Malaysia from 1992 to 1994.

Paresh Sukthankar- Deputy Managing Director

Paresh Sukthankar was serving as an Executive Director in HDFC Bank before being appointed as the Deputy Managing Director. He was appointed as the Deputy Managing Director in December 2013 when HDFC Bank sought the permission of the Reserve Bank of India to offer him this position. It is noteworthy that Paresh Sukthankar was a part of HDFC Bank since its incorporation in 1994. Currently, he has direct or supervisory responsibilities in the bank’s Credit and Risk Management, Finance and Human Resources functions and for various strategic initiatives of the Bank. Before joining HDFC Bank, he was with Citibank for 9 years. He holds a Masters in Management Studies (MMS) from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute (Mumbai) and the Advanced Management Program (AMP) from the Harvard Business School.

HDFC Bank Stock Listing in NSE, BSE and Indices

HDFC Bank Stocks are available for trading on the National Stock Exchange Limited (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The codes for the same are as follows:

BSE - 500180


ISIN - INE040A01026

SECTOR - Banks- Private Sector


1st Floor,C.S.No.6/242,

Senapati Bapat Marg,

Lower Parel,

Mumbai - 400 013.

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