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  • Jan Arogya Bima Policy

    The Jan Arogya Bima Policy, offered by the New India Assurance Co.Ltd, is aimed at providing medical insurance to economically backward sections of society. It is important to note that premium up to Rs.10,000 can be claimed as tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The sum insured is Rs.5000 per individual under this policy. The Jan Arogya Bima Policy is available to family members as well as individuals. The minimum eligibility age is 5 years while the maximum age is 70 years. Under the Jan Arogya Bima Policy, there is no facility of medical checkups. Also, the benefit of cumulative bonus is not offered under this policy.

    Features of Jan Arogya Bima Policy

    The salient features of Jan Arogya Bima Policy are listed below:

    • Sum Assured:The sum insured is Rs.5000 per individual
    • Duration: The Jan Arogya Bima Policy is offered for a period of one year
    • Claim settlement: The insurance provider will settle the claims under thirty days of the receipt of the necessary documents. The insurer will transfer the funds within 7 days of acceptance of claim
    • Grievance redressal: The insured can contact grievance cells at Office of the Insurance Ombudsman for redressal of any grievance
    • Free look period: The Jan Arogya Bima Policy has a free look period of 15 days
    • Cancellation: This policy may be cancelled by a giving a 30-day notice period to the insured. The insured too can cancel the life insurance policy at any time, following which, his premium will be refunded (short period rates), provided no claim has been made up to the cancellation period

    Exclusions Under the Jan Arogya Bima Policy

    Various exclusions (non-medical) under the Jan Arogya Bima Policy are listed below:

    1. Baby set
    2. Baby bottles
    3. Hand wash
    4. Beauty services
    5. Hair removal cream
    6. Buds
    7. Caps
    8. Brush
    9. Belts
    10. Carry bags
    11. Baby food
    12. Comb
    13. Eye pad
    14. Leggings
    15. Cradle charges
    16. Cold pack
    17. Foot cover
    18. Eye shield
    19. Bed pan
    20. Tooth brush
    21. Mineral water
    22. Slippers
    23. Sanitary pads
    24. Tissue paper
    25. Telephone charges
    26. Curapore
    27. Gause soft
    28. Infant food
    29. Cliniplast
    30. Camera cover
    31. DVD charges
    32. Hansaplast
    33. Flexi mask
    34. Slings
    35. Eyelet collar
    36. Hand holder
    37. Weight control services
    38. Hormone replacement therapy
    39. Hearing aids
    40. Sexually transmitted diseases
    41. Dental treatment
    42. Stem cell implantation
    43. Refractive error
    44. HIV/AIDS

    Various services which are payable under OT charges are listed below:

    1. Arthroscopy
    2. Endoscopy
    3. Surgical drill
    4. Theatre booking
    5. Microscope cover
    6. Ward booking
    7. Eye drape
    8. Sputum cup
    9. Harmonic scalpel
    10. Blade
    11. Boyles apparatus
    12. X-ray film
    13. Cotton bandage
    14. Urine container
    15. Torniquet
    16. Sterile injections
    17. Micropore
    18. Antiseptic lotions

    Various administrative charges not payable are listed below:

    1. Conveyance charges
    2. Admission kit
    3. Daily chart charges
    4. File opening charges
    5. Diabetic chart changes
    6. Incidental expenses
    7. Washing charges
    8. Photocopying charges
    9. Documentation charges
    10. Medicine box
    11. Patient identification band
    12. Discharge procedure charges
    13. Courier charges
    14. Medico-legal case charges
    15. Medical records
    16. Mortuary charges

    The durable devices not payable under this policy are listed below:

    1. Thermometer
    2. Bipap machine
    3. Spacer
    4. Steam inhaler
    5. Diabetic footwear
    6. Infusion pump
    7. Commode
    8. Splint
    9. Spirometre
    10. Nebulizer kit
    11. CPAP equipments
    12. Armsling
    13. Knee braces
    14. Lumbosacral belt
    15. Oxygen cylinder
    16. Cervical collar
    17. Ambulance collar
    18. Microshield
    19. Abdominal binder
    20. Ambulance equipment

    The items payable by a prescription are listed below:

    1. Digestion gels
    2. Mouth paint
    3. Novarapid
    4. Zytee gel
    5. Volini gel
    6. Lozenges
    7. ECG electrodes 
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