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IDBI Federal Life Savings Plans

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Money is earned so that it can spent on the basic necessities, however spending everything that is earned is never advised. Individuals are always advised to save their money for a rainy day as life is highly unpredictable and without money, it is also unpleasant. Saving money does not just imply hoarding it but investing it in such a way that returns are assured. One such way to do this is by investing money in insurance policies as this ensures that customers will not have worry about losing their hard earned money in vain and also can expect returns and maybe even bonuses.

Why IDBI Federal Life Insurance?

One of the premier life insurance companies in the country, IDBI Federal Life Insurance offers a range of products suited for customers’ various needs and requirements. The company has over 2000 branches spread across the country and has issued over 7 lakh policies with an assured sum of more than Rs. 41 crores. The reputation of this company is unparalleled.

  1. IDBI Federal Lifesurance Savings Insurance Plan

    This policy is ideal for those customers who wish to start with a small amount but require high returns. It also comes with a number of unique benefits. Some of these are given below.


    1. Customers receive a maturity benefit along with assured additions, assured reversionary bonuses and other bonuses, if any.
    2. In the initial five years of the insurance policy, customers receive assured additions at the rate of Rs 50 for every Rs 1000 of the insured maturity sum.
    3. From the sixth year of the policy, customers will receive a reversionary bonus which will get added to their policy at the end of the year.
    4. Term for policy and premium payment can be customized to suit their needs.
    5. In case of an accidental death of the insured, the nominee will receive an added payout during the term of premium payment.
    6. Discounts are offered for customers based on the insured amount and for female customers.
    7. Policyholders can procure loans for a maximum of 80 percent of the surrender value of the policy.
    8. Tax benefits are applicable.
  2. IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life Savings Insurance Plan

    This plan offers a number of unique benefits such as cover until the age of 100 and many others.


    1. In case the policyholder expires before he/she reaches the age of 100, nominees will get an assured lump sum amount.
    2. Customers will also receive a lump sum amount at the end of the payment tenure for the premium.
    3. A lump sum amount will be given once the insured reaches the age of 100.
    4. Additional bonuses will also be given.
    5. In the initial five years of the insurance policy, customers receive assured additions at the rate of Rs 50 for every Rs 1000 of the insured maturity sum.
    6. Customers can also opt for an accidental death benefit during the premium payment term.
    7. Tax benefits are also applicable.


Let us take the case of Gaurav Roy who is the sole earning member of his family and is is 30 years of age. The premium payment term that he has chosen is 25 years and has also opted for the accidental death benefit. His annual premium will be Rs. 26,350, excluding tax. Assuming the returns are at 4 percent per year, his sum assured will be Rs. 5 lakhs, maturity benefit when he turns 100 years old will be Rs. 7 lakhs.


Prior to procuring an insurance cover, customers must understand their requirements and their financial capability to pay the required premium. Opting for the first choice that they see is not the wisest decision to make. They must also ensure that the company they wish to procure insurance from is reputed with a high claim settlement ratio.

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GST of 18% is applicable on life insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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