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  • HDFC Life YoungStar Udaan


    This plan is a unit linked insurance plan (ULIP) and is a children insurance plan, to help build your savings for a better future for your children, when it comes to their further education, their wedding, new home or vehicle. This HDFC Life insurance plan has the parent who is the life assured, and the nominee or the child would get the sum assured to address the needs of the family and a lump sum. The future premiums would be paid by the company towards a fund account and this will be paid on maturity of the policy.for the

    The Eligibility Condition YoungStar Super Premium Plan:


    Life Option

    Life and Health Option

    Minimum age

    18 years

    18 years

    Maximum age

    65 year

    55 years

    Maturity age

    75 years

    65 years

    Policy term minimum

    10 years

    20 years

    Policy term maximum

    10 years

    20 years

    The Key Features of the SL YoungStar Super Premium - ULIP

    1. You can choose between the 2 options available for this plan, Life Option with only Death Benefit or Life and Health Option with Death Benefit + Critical Illness Benefit
    2. You can choose to invest your money between 4 different fund option:

      1. Income Fund - this fund has high returns and higher duration, credit exposure.
      2. Balanced Fund - this has dynamic exposure to equity and enhances your returns. It also reduces your volatility with debt allocation.
      3. Blue chip Fund - with this fund you can make your investment in large cap equities
      4. Opportunities Fund - with this fund you can make your investment in mid cap equities
    3. You have the flexibility to choose your own premium amount with no maximum limit
    4. You can also choose the tenure of your policy from 10, 15 or 20 years.
    5. Choose the sum assured you would like have on your policy
    6. A 15 days free look period of from the date of receipt of the policy, is given to the policyholder to return the policy if she/he does not agree with the terms and conditions. A period of 30 days is given if the policy is purchased through distance marketing.
    7. A grace period of 30 days from the date your premium is due.
    8. Partial withdrawals can be made with this plan, but is allowed only after the policy is in effect for 5 years, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn will be Rs. 10, 000.
    9. You can even switch between funds from the available options at anytime, you can move your accumulated funds from one to another as per your choice
    10. If the policy is discontinued due to non-payment of premium the it can be revived within a 2 year period from the last default of premium
    11. Premium redirection is also allowed with this policy, you can also reallocate your future premiums to a fund of your choice.
    12. The minimum premium amount to be paid will be Rs. 15, 000 and there is no cap on the maximum. Once the amount has been decided upon, this cannot be changed during the policy term.
    13. Sum assured for this policy will be dependant on the plan chosen, you can see the below table:




    Less than 45 years of age

    10 * the annual premiums

    40 * annual premiums

    Equal to or above 45 years of age

    7 * the annual premiums

    40 * annual premiums

    The Key Advantages or Benefits from This Plan are:

    1. You can customize a policy best suited for you, by choosing a plan best suited to your needs, with a premium you would like to pay, for a term you would like to pay it for.
    2. You can manage the investments made in the different fund options available and also have the ability to switch and redirect them to funds you like best.
    3. No medical test, all you need to do is fill in a small questionnaire
    4. Enjoy tax benefits as well under section 80C and 10(10D) as per the Income Tax Act 1961
    5. Make premium payments through cash, credit card, internet banking, cheque, auto debit facility
    6. Maturity benefit, on the maturity of the policy term you’ve chosen you can opt for your balance at the prevailing rate per unit and take the fund value
    7. Death benefit in the case of the policyholder’s demise during the policy term the death benefit will be paid out as per the benefit payment option chosen.
    8. Choose your benefit payment option from the below
      1. Save benefit
      2. Save and Gain benefit

    The table below will help you understand these 2 payment option:

    Benefit payment

    Benefits summary

    Save benefit

    • Sum assured will be paid to the beneficiary

    • In case of the life assured’s demise during the policy the future premiums will be waived and the company will pay them into a fund for the beneficiary

    • On maturity the fund value will be paid to the beneficiary

    Save and Gain benefit

    • Sum assured will be paid to the beneficiary

    • At the time of the life assured’s demise during the policy, the company will make a 50% premium towards your future premium, and the other 50% will be paid to the beneficiary as and when it’s due

    • On maturity the fund value will be paid to the beneficiary

    The rider available with this plan is the Critical illness rider. With this rider in case the life assured is diagnosed with any illness before the policy term ends, the benefit payout will happen as per the benefit payment preference chosen by him/her. The Critical illness rider covers Cancer, Coronary Artery Bypass, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Organ Transplant and Stroke.

    GST of 18% is applicable on life insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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