Sun TV Network Share Price

Sun TV network, is a part of the Sun Group is a media company. Founded in 1991, the company is the largest TV network in Asia. The company owns 33 TV channels between four south Indian channels Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

Sun TV network, also known as Sun Group is a media company that has its headquarters located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Founded in 1991, the company is the largest TV network in Asia.

*Note: Prices that are specified below is based on INR

Sun TV Network Historical Share Price (NSE)

27-Sep-18641.95646.20615.10 621.80-3.14%
04-Aug-18 778.05722.90781.25703.50-7.09%
03-Aug-18 767.00780.10792.30767.001.71%
31-Aug-18 775.00766.55775.00761.85-1.09%
30-Aug-18 765.00766.60774.00762.550.21%
29-Aug-18 773.10768.40778.00766.90-0.61%
28-Aug-18 784.00773.45784.00767.00-1.35%
27-Aug-18 767.00770.55775.40765.200.46%
24-Aug-18 795.05769.70799.15766.00-3.19%
20-Aug-185 Dividend
13-Aug-18 840.00762.90840.00757.05-9.18%
10-Aug-18 831.50827.40833.00821.75-0.49%
09-Aug-18 824.00830.25832.70812.300.76%
08-Aug-18 818.00819.55830.00808.250.19%
07-Aug-18 809.90813.50818.30808.000.44%
06-Aug-18 804.00807.70817.20800.000.46%
03-Aug-18 800.00804.15810.50800.000.52%
02-Aug-18 795.85799.30808.00786.500.43%
01-Aug-18 770.05792.25798.00770.052.88%
31-Jul-18 773.35774.25776.20764.450.12%
30-Jul-18 775.85775.90787.90772.500.01%
27-Jul-18 768.00775.15778.10764.000.93%
26-Jul-18 763.00768.40774.00757.250.71%
25-Jul-18 789.65766.65792.95759.95-2.91%
24-Jul-18 790.00787.55798.55775.15-0.31%
23-Jul-18 763.65780.10789.00761.702.15%
20-Jul-18 751.05761.00771.60749.901.32%
19-Jul-18 778.20753.45778.20744.00-3.18%
18-Jul-18 785.95744.30786.60735.65-5.30%
17-Jul-18 744.50764.15766.50724.502.64%
16-Jul-18 785.95744.30786.60735.65-5.30%
13-Jul-18 786.95785.75796.00777.65-0.53%
12-Jul-18 805.90789.50810.70781.25-2.03%
11-Jul-18 810.00799.85816.30791.25-1.25%
10-Jul-18 813.00810.40822.35806.00-0.32%
09-Jul-18 801.00813.35817.25800.301.54%
06-Jul-18 794.10771.25802.00766.25-2.88%
05-Jul-18 794.10771.25802.00766.25-2.88%
04-Jul-18 793.00793.10800.00782.600.01%
03-Jul-18 780.20792.60796.80776.401.59%
02-Jul-18 784.80781.55805.80777.75-0.41%
29-Jun-18 778.00781.25792.30777.250.42%
28-Jun-18 800.95778.00810.05772.55-2.87%
21-Jun-18837.00840.20863.40825.45 0.38%
13-Jun-18 938.00 930.70 949.75 928.05 -7.41%
12-Jun-18 918.00 938.10 942.00 911.50 2.14%
11-Jun-18 929.00 918.10 929.00 911.05 -1.19%
08-Jun-18 929.50 921.15 941.00 915.75 -0.91%
07-Jun-18 906.80 928.90 932.10 905.00 2.38%
06-Jun-18 904.00 901.45 923.50 896.30 -0.28%
05-Jun-18 915.00 902.50 929.70 894.50 -1.39%
04-Jun-18 899.00 920.50 926.00 892.50 2.34%
01-Jun-18 920.00 886.55 929.35 855.55 -3.77%
31-May-18 939.80 917.60 940.95 914.00 -2.42%
30-May-18 938.00 936.25 946.95 930.10 -0.19%
29-May-18 940.00 940.20 951.35 932.10 0.02%
28-May-18 968.00 942.15 968.00 933.45 -2.74%
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Market Capitalisation of Sun TV network

The market capitalisation of Sun TV network stands at roughly Rs.35,300 crore.

Company’s wealth and recent performance

Sun TV Network Q1 FY19 Results

  • Sun TV Network posted 42.5% increase in its revenue year-on-year and by 56.3% quarter-on-quarter to stand at Rs.1,120 crore which was influenced by robust growth in subscriptions and advertisement revenue.
  • Subscriptions and advertisement revenue inclined by 20% and 15% year-on-year to stand at Rs.362 crore and Rs.311 crore respectively during the said quarter.
  • The company’s EBITDA was up by 63.9% year-on-year and 40.6% quarter-on-quarter to stand at Rs.745 crore.
  • EBITDA margin grew by 856bps year-on-year, while it contracted 729bps quarter-on-quarter to 65.58%.
  • As for its Profit After Tax, it was up by 62.6% year-on-year and 41.2% quarter-on-quarter to stand at Rs.409 crore.
  • EBITDA, revenue and PAT came above estimates of Rs.628 crore, Rs.990 crore and Rs.351 crore, respectively.

Sun TV Network FY 2017-18 Annual Report

  • The TV Network company reported its revenue for the financial year ending 31 March 2018 to stand at Rs.2,862.45 crore as compared to Rs.2,558.25 crore during the previous fiscal.
  • Its total income came at Rs.3,002.10 crore during the said fiscal as against Rs.2,703.80 crore last financial year.
  • The EBITDA stood at Rs.2,099.13 crore as against Rs.1,882.52 crore during the same period last year.
  • The company’s Profit After Tax stood at Rs.1,658.40 crore as compared to Rs.979.41 crore posted last fiscal.
  • The EBITDA margin and net profit margin stood the same as the previous fiscal at 70% and 36%, respectively.

Sun TV Network Q4 FY18 Results

  • The broadcasting company reported a jump of 22.2% in its net profit to stand at Rs.289.76 crore for Q4 FY18 as compared to Rs.235.91 crore during the same period last fiscal.
  • Total income from operation was up by 21.6% to stand at Rs.753.79 crore for the said quarter as against Rs.619.85 crore during the corresponding quarter last fiscal.
  • EBITDA was up by 32.7% year-on-year and 6.2% quarter-on-quarter and the EBITDA margin grew by 528bps year-on-year and 85bps quarter-on-quarter to stand at 72.86%.
  • The company’s adjusted Profit After Tax inclined by 22.8% year-on-year and 8.5% quarter-on-quarter to stand at Rs.289.8 crore.
  • EBITDA, Revenue and PAT were above estimates to stand at Rs.481 crore, Rs.6,816 crore and Rs.267 crore, respectively.

Sun TV Network Q3 FY18 Results

  • The sales turnover of Sun TV network for Q3 of FY18 stood at roughly At Rs.6,800 crore, a 1.09% increment from Q2
  • The total income dropped slightly by 0.10% to approximately Rs.7100 crore
  • The total expenses rose by 6.36% to roughly Rs.1900 crore

Sun TV network stock trends in 2016 – 2017

  • The stock price of Sun TV network in the beginning of 2016 stood roughly at Rs.420, and ended the month at a price of roughly Rs.380
  • The stock prices of the company dropped a few points by April, standing at approximately Rs.381. The stock prices reduced further by the end of the month when it stood at approximately Rs.355
  • The company saw an increment in the stock prices by August as it stood roughly at Rs.440. The stock, during mid-month rose to roughly Rs.488, the highest it had hit during August, 2016. The prices at the end of the month stood approximately at Rs.472
  • At the end of 2016, the stock price of Sun TV network stood mightily at around Rs.490. the highest that the stock had risen to during the year of 2016 was at roughly Rs.525
  • 2017 was a good year for Sun TV network at the stock prices had rapidly shot up during this period. The price of the stock during the start of 2017 was reported to be around Rs.493. The prices spiked slightly to roughly Rs.524 during mid-month and ended the month at approximately Rs.534
  • April 2017 was one of the best months of the year for Sun TV network. The stock prices of the company rose steadily and stood at roughly Rs.790 in the beginning April 2017. By the end of the month, the stock prices stood at Rs.924
  • The stock prices then stagnated up until August and stood at roughly Rs.780. However, the prices dropped a bit by the end of the month to roughly Rs.704
  • The stock prices rose a bit at the beginning of December 2017 at stood at roughly Rs.873. At the end of 2017, the company enjoyed success as the stock prices stood tall at approximately Rs.1000, an all-year high for Sun TV network

Sun TV network stock trends in 2018

  • In the beginning of 2018, the stock prices stood at Rs.990, approximately. However, the stock prices shot to Rs.1080 during mid-January, and by the end of January, it stood at roughly Rs.1025
  • February saw a increment in stock prices when compared to the beginning of January when the stock prices roughly stood at Rs.1028 and at the end of the month the stock price stood at roughly Rs.938
  • The scrip lost 4 points on the 1st of March to end the day at Rs.916.65; however, it dropped significantly to stand at Rs.831.25 on the 23rd and ended the month slightly higher at Rs.848.60.
  • On the 2nd of April, the stock recovered to end the day at Rs.860 and remained steady over the course of the month before it closed nearly 20 points higher at Rs.879.80.
  • On the opening day of trading in the month of May, the scrip lost about 8 points to end at Rs.871.80. With a robust Q4 FY18 performance, the scrip rose to touch Rs.978.25 and closed the month at Rs.917.60.
  • The stock fell further to end at Rs.886.55 on the 1st of June and continued to spiral downwards to end the month at Rs.782.30.
  • On the 1st of July, the company’s stock price stood at Rs.781.95 and lost about 10 points to end the month at Rs.772.30.
  • When the market opened for trading on the 1st of August, the scrip rose to stand at Rs.792.60; however, the stock dropped significantly to close at Rs.766.20 on the last day of trading for the month.

Why should you invest in Sun TV network?

  • Although the company has fared badly this quarter when compared to the previous one, the prices of its stock has more than doubled in the last few years
  • Being Asia’s largest TV network makes Sun TV network a safe option to invest in
  • It’s quick and rapid growth also makes it a good company to invest in

Company Information

Sun TV network, also known by the name Sun Group is a mass media corporation headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Founded in 1991, the company is the largest TV network in Asia. The company owns 33 TV channels between four south Indian channels, namely, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Apart from this, Sun Group also owns several magazines and a couple of daily newspapers. One of its newspapers, Dinakaran, is the most circulated newspaper in Tamil Nadu after another daily in Tamil Nadu, Dina Thanthi. The organisation also owns over 45 radio stations as well across the nation. These stations broadcast under the names Red FM and Suryan FM. Some of the popular TV channels that Sun Network owns are Sun TV, Gemini TV, Surya TV, Udaya TV, K TV, etc. Its 33 channels have reached over 95 million homes in India. The channels are available in foreign countries like Europe, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, etc.

Mentioned below are the channels that Sun TV network owns

SD channels
Category Malayalam Kannada Tamil Telugu
News   Udaya News Sun News Gemini News
Kids Kochu Tv Chintu TV Chutti TV Kushi TV
Comedy Surya Comedy Udaya Comedy Adithya TV Gemini Comedy
Music Surya Music Udaya Music Sun Music Gemini Music
Entertainment Surya TV Udaya TV Sun TV Gemini TV
Movie Surya Movies Udaya Movies K TV Gemini Movies
Classic (old films)     Sun Life[7] Gemini Life
HD channels
Category Malayalam Kannada Tamil Telugu
Entertainment Surya TV HD Udaya TV HD Sun TV HD Gemini TV HD
Music     Sun Music HD Gemini Music HD
Movie     K TV HD Gemini Movies HD


K Vijaykumar - Managing Director and CEO

Nicholas Martin Paul - Independent Director

S Selvam - Director

J Ravindran - Independent Director

Sun TV stock and Indices

Sun TV network forms a part of the indices such as BSE, NSE, S&P CNX 500, CNX Midcap, etc.

BSE code - 532733

NSE code - SUNTV

ISIN - INE424H01027



Murasoli Maran Towers, 73,

MRC Nagar Main Road, MRC Nagar,

Chennai (Madras) - 600028

Tamil Nadu - India

Phone : 44676767

Email :

Fax : 40676161

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