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About Cigna TTK Health Insurance

Cigna TTK Health Insurance is a joint collaboration between TTK Group and the U.S. based Cigna Corporation, which is a global leader in health services. Cigna TTK Health Insurance started its operations in February 2014. Headquartered in Mumbai, the health insurance company is a stand-alone company spread across 15 cities in India. Its flagship health insurance product is the ProHealth Cigna TTK Health Insurance. Cigna TTK is the first health insurance company to introduce a group health insurance product – CGHP (Cigna Global Health Product), which offers international health insurance to employees travelling all around the world. The company offers state-of-the-art technology, personalised service experience, and hassle-free settlement claims.

Cigna TTK offers the following health insurance plans:

  1. Cigna TTK ProHealth Insurance Protect Plan: The ProHealth Protect plan is a comprehensive insurance plan offering a cover of up to Rs.10 lakh for individuals and families. This plan covers for treatment of diseases during hospitalisation or leading to hospitalisation. Up to 30% discounts can be availed under this plan on premium. Additional features such as coverage for OPD and 100% restoration of Sum Insured. Additionally, non-reducing cumulative bonus and Healthy Rewards are some of the highlight features.
  2. Cigna TTK ProHealth Insurance Plus Plan: The ProHealth Plus plan is a health insurance plan that offers financial assistance in times of critical requirements, allowing you to use services of quality hospitals all over the world. Renewal premiums can be reduced by up to 10% using Healthy Rewards.
  3. Cigna TTK ProHealth Insurance Preferred Plan: Cigna TTK offers this unique plan packed with benefits and sum insured option ranging from Rs.15 lakh to Rs.50 lakh. The ProHealth Insurance Preferred plan comes with a worldwide emergency coverage of up to the complete sum insured even when you are away from home. Smart restoration benefits along with coverage of maternity expenses are the highlight features of the plan.
  4. Cigna TTK ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan: The Cigna TTK ProHealth Insurance Premier Plan offers a high cover worth Rs.100 lakhs and top-notch in-hospital as well as home care benefits. It is a comprehensive plan with worldwide emergency providing a coverage of full sum assured. Additional benefits of maternity and newborn baby expenses of up to Rs.1,00,000 can be availed under the ProHealth Premier plan.
  5. Cigna TTK Lifestyle Protection – Critical Care Plan: Cigna TTK Lifestyle Protection – Critical Care Plan covers up to 15 critical illnesses under the basic plan and up to 30 critical illnesses under the enhanced plan. Under this plan, the life insured can seek second opinion from specialists as well as customise online wellness programs based on your requirements. This plan allows you to choose the option of receiving the payout as a lump sum amount or in the form of a staggered claim.
  6. Cigna TTK Global Health Group Policy: Designed to cater to today’s mobile workforce who travel on a regular basis, the Global Health Group Policy offers health insurance cover to individuals working abroad. Clients include Indians working abroad or travelling abroad on a regular basis for work. The cover includes the employee as well as their dependants, however it does not include parents. There are two plan options under this policy namely – Ruby and Diamond. Provides coverage for AIDS and HIV as well as ‘Out of Area Emergency Treatment’ cover.
  7. Cigna TTK Lifestyle Protection – Accidental Care Plan: The Cigna TTK Accidental Care Plan offers coverage for unfortunate incidents like accidents. This plan offers financial security to your family in your absence. This plan serves as a worldwide coverage with multiple choice of optional covers. Under the Cigna TTK Lifestyle Protection – Accidental Care Plan, you are covered for accidental death and disablement, loss of employment, education fund, and orphan benefit for child.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Cashless Network Hospitals

An insured individual under a Cigna TTK Health Insurance Policy can avail cashless medical treatment facility based on the type of plan or policy chosen. This involves access to high quality of hospitals without having to pay any cash up front. In case of cashless hospitalisation, you are required to inform the insurer three days in advance so that the health relationship managers assist you in the next steps. In case of an emergency, you can contact Cigna TTK within 48 hours of admission to the hospital. After proper identification needed for cashless hospitalisation, the hospital sends a pre-authorisation request form with details of the patient such as his or her medical history, treatment costs, etc. Once authorised, a claims service associate will help you with paperwork and forms. The final request is sent to Cigna TTK by the hospital, after which it is assessed and settled.

What are the types of claims that can be done at Cigna TTK Health Insurance network hospitals?

The following types of claims can be made at Cigna TTK network hospitals:

  • Cashless claims: In these type of claims, the insured must inform Cigna TTK in order to avail the cashless benefit. Once authorised, Cigna TTK makes a direct settlement with the network hospital listed under its cashless network. The insured does not have make any payments except for the non-medical expenses and other miscellaneous costs not covered under the policy.
  • Reimbursement claims: In case of reimbursement claim, the insured must make the payment for medical treatments directly to the hospital. The insured has to then seek reimbursement from the insurer for the services covered under the policy.

How do you file claims at Cigna TTK Health Insurance network hospitals?

The claim process for a cashless hospitalisation is as follows:

  • Before getting admitted for any medical treatment, Cigna TTK must be contacted three days prior to the hospitalisation. After which, the company’s health relationship managers will offer assistance. In emergency cases, the insurer can be contacted within 48 hours of admission to the hospital.
  • All the network hospitals require an identification such as the health card issued by Cigna TTK and a valid photo ID.
  • The hospital then sends a pre-authorisation request form to the insurer to notify them about the medical history, further treatment, its costs, etc.
  • The insurer then contacts the hospital to receive all necessary information and documents, after which the authorisation is issued.
  • There is an option of requesting for a claims service associate, who will help you with your paperwork and forms.
  • After treatment, the hospital sends the insurer the final authorisation request with any residual payment, if any along with the hospital bill and discharge summary. Any additional deductions and inadmissible expenses need to be paid by the insured.
  • The payment to the hospital is made by Cigna TTK after a proper assessment.

The claim process for reimbursement hospitalisation is as follows:

  • Before getting admitted for any medical treatment, Cigna TTK must be contacted three days prior to the hospitalisation. After which, the company’s health relationship managers will offer assistance. In emergency cases, the insurer can be contacted within 48 hours of admission to the hospital.
  • You can avail treatment at the hospital and settle all expenses, however you are required to keep all the original hospital bills, discharge summary, receipts, reports, pharmacy bills, and other documents related to the hospital expenses.
  • Download the claim form from the company website or contact the nearest branch or your health advisor to obtain the form. Submit the duly filled form along with claim documents. It should be done within 15 days from discharge from the hospital.
  • Cigna TTK assesses the claim and then approves it based on the documents submitted.
  • There is an option of requesting for a claims service associate, who will help you with your paperwork and forms.
  • Once the insured approves the claim, reimbursement is paid to the policyholder through cheque/DD or EFT.

Procedures offered/covered in Cigna TTK Health Insurance network hospitals across India

Some of the common procedures covered under the Cigna TTK Health Insurance are in-patient treatments, day-care procedures, worldwide emergency cover, first year vaccinations, maternity expenses, pre- and post-hospitalisation procedures, ambulance cover, domiciliary treatments, donor expenses, etc. However, the specific coverage is based on the policy chosen, and this information will be available under the terms and conditions of the policy documentation.

Exclusions under Cigna TTK Health Insurance network hospital services

Some of the basic exclusions under the policies offered by Cigna TTK Health Insurance network hospitals are as follows:

  • Stem cell related surgeries or genetic disorder related treatments.
  • Dental procedures or surgeries unless caused by an accident and requiring hospitalisation.
  • Circumcision unless as a requirement for treatment of disease.
  • Birth control procedures.
  • Routine eye examinations or laser surgery for focal error correction higher than +/- 7.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Treatment for developmental problems.
  • Mental illness.
  • Any non-allopathic treatment.

There are some more exclusions based on the policy chosen and can be found on the terms and conditions of the policy document.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where can I get the reimbursement claim form for Cigna TTK Health Insurance?

    You can download the claim form from the website or contact the nearest branch or your health advisor for the same.

  2. How can I avail pre- and post-hospitalisation claims under Cigna TTK Cashless facility?

    You are required to submit the post-hospitalisation claim documents within 15 days of completion of post-hospitalisation. After receiving the documents for pre- and post-hospitalisation, the same are processed on merit of the claim based on the documents received.

  3. What is the time taken for settlement of claims by Cigna TTK?

    The company usually takes five working days to settle or reject the claim. The time period is considered from the last day of receipt of the necessary documents, not later than 30 days.

  4. Is there an option of an annual health check-up under the plans offered by Cigna TTK?

    Yes, if the insured is above 18 years of age, a comprehensive health check-up may be availed based on the eligibility conditions under the chosen plan. The check-ups are arranged by the company and network providers.

  5. What does worldwide emergency cover mean?

    Cigna TTK offers cover to the insured even outside of India, up to a certain limit as specified in the schedule, provided all the conditions as per the company are met.

  6. What happens in case the hospital expenses are higher than the authorised limit under cashless facility?

    In case of exceeded expenses, the hospital requests Cigna TTK for an enhancement of authorisation limit explaining the circumstances leading to the increase in the authorised expenses limit. The company then verifies the eligibility and evaluates the request on it sole discretion based on the availability of further limits.

  7. What happens in case of change in treatment during the hospitalisation of the insured?

    In case, the treatment of the insured is change mid-way, the network hospital requests for a fresh authorisation letter from the insurer.

  8. What is the procedure to be followed at discharge from the hospital?

    During discharge, the network provider sends a final authorisation request for any remainder amount along with a discharge summary. Once the final authorisation is sent by Cigna TTK, the network provider is free to discharge you.

  9. Will I have to make any co-payments or pay any deductibles by myself?

    Yes, you are required to pay all non-admissible expenses, deductibles, if any, or any co-payments, directly to the hospital.

  10. Is there any chance for the list of hospitals under the network to be modified or changed?

    Yes, Cigna TTK under its sole discretion has the right to add or delete any network hospital or modify the list, for cashless services under the policy. It is advised to check the updated list of network hospital on the company website.

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